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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  September 22, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm MDT

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following story since it proebg broke. and joins us live. >> . here in the residential neighborhood. where a victim back window was shot out. you can see the glass still littering the street. now a two year-old girl was in the backseat. tonight. that two year-old is startled but not injured. >> it started mid afternoon. in longmont. a group of 4 a car stolen from denver. started damaging property. and opening fire. police pursuits failed the suspects set their sights on the town. where the group decided to split up and steal a van too. >> both vehicles speeding passed. and her two year-old daughter. >> heard a pop. and a crash. and she screamed. and i stopped and called 911 and checked on her. skpwhr officers searched. but couldn't find a bullet.
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they don't know. could have hit her. >> . eventually police find the stolen car. at a nearby park. by early evening the van is spotted. where police say a pellet gun was thrown from the window. officers were unable to stop the van. >> scary because they are were inside our house. inside the garage. >> . he went serging for his van. at one point spotting it on i 25. going a hundred miles per hour. as he reported it its location to dispatch. >> . the guy was on the curb. in a construction zone. got away from me. and i had to pull over. >> again police are still looking for that van. it is a 2014 town and country van. blue in color. license plate number of 452uij. if you see that van.
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>> . ahead of the storm. we have seen some showers. we really see the wind flaring up. that's the one thing you'll notice tomorrow. as the storm approaches. right now winds speeds in spots are still 20 to close to 30 miles per hour. let me show you the future cast. wind speeds. i'll start at nine o'clock tomorrow morning. wind is up and out of the south. ahead of the storm system. as we approach the lunch hour.
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stronger. out here. again these are the winds speeds. the gusts could push 30 to 35 miles per hour. look at the winds. just roaring on the eastern plains. storm system you can see the center of circulation. lifts north and east. it will push the strongest winds away from us. even late tomorrow night we're dealing with wind. up and over the terrain. windy friday. as the storm system comes into play. get ready for the wind. with it comes rain. i'll walk you through future cast. you can see what time to expect it. that the temperatures really turn fall like. and i have the cooler details in your forecast. >> . brace ourselves. >> . happening today. a traffic stop led investigators in garfield county to an illegal marijuana grow site. the sheriff office says the deputy pulled over a truck for speeding. earlier this week. and from several mature marijuana plants inside. they traced the truck to the illegal grow operation. rifle. the will 14 chinese nationals we
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deadly last night. first reporting on the news last night. you may remember the pictures we brought you live. people marched in the streets there. we confirm the man who was shot during the protests has died. at a charlotte hospital. this is the wrong video. the family of the man who was shot weu an officer has skad for calm. while the case is handle by the state. the police department hasn't released the video of the shooting. but is allowing the family of the victim to view. >> . also happening tonight.
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the shooting happened at a plant. that makes components for electrical and communication companies. the shooter was killed along with two employees. that shooting does remain under investigation. >> . right now yahoo says at least five hundred million user accounts hacked sometime in late 2014. stolen information may include names. e-mail addresses. phone numbers. dates of birth. pass words and security questions and answers. yahoo users early urge t pass words and security questions. and review accounts for suspicious activity. >> . why a new sub subcontractor kept passengers stranded on the tarmac. >> . passengers on frontier airlines flight 778. tell the problem solvers they felt like prisoners on a phrepb.
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early. >> we landed at 7:56. and didn't get into the gate until 9:30. we were on the tar tarmac. about the same length of the whole flight. >> the flight from las vegas. the pilot told passengers there wasn't an available gate. then. later fessed up to just weren'tenough ground crews to unload the plane. >> . there was not enough staff. or ramp people. they were running back and forth. to ramps. from ramp ramp to try and in. ! to save money. they got rid of the union workers 18 months ago. and out sourced the ramp baggage gate and ticket counter jobs to swiss port usa. and last friday. front tier tells us it fired swiss port. because of staffing issues. only to go with the new contractor. called simplicity ground. >> . they made news for major baggage delays. at di, a. when it took over operations for united express.
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they aren't performing any better for frontier. >> we paid for the tickets and expect to get in and out of the airport. without complications of this. sitting on the tarmac. >> in an e-mail they say. >> . as far as the delays go. while they took over the past week. they still have on the job training. for some of the new hires andwe are sebding up temporary help. as they get up toul >> . they need to hire people. >> . did they offer any free drink or food. >> nothing. they said we could get up to go to the bathroom. >> a flight she'll always remember. the time she spent on the ground. >> . frontier employee tells us the airline upgrading reservation system and half of the new vendor employees quit after the first weekend. frontier would only say many of the employees didn't transfer to simplicity. employees from headquarters are
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loading bags. because they are under staffed. >> . this ed line we like to report. a victory tonight if had our fight for your right. when it comes to who is driving your kids to school. a judge ruled this week the cherry creek school district must hand over disciplinary action taken against school bus drivers. >> . all right now to the presidential lex. and. this morning. held a breakfast with the women's business alliance in denver. before touring a school in fort collins. in the afternoon. vice president nominee held a town hall in colorado springs. and tonight over on the western slope. donald trump jr. speaking to a crowd of avid sportsman in grand junction. why the sud -b sudden interest in colorado. even if trump wins ohio and florida.
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meanwhile the khrepb clinton campaign hoping to pull in sroerts by appearing on the funny program between two ferns. >> . what happens if you become pregnant. are we stuck with tim cane for nine months. >> . really funny actually. >> . the entertains. she's in on the joke. >> . there's a lot of views.
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breaking news from boulder county. sheriff office just told us they arrested this teenage hitchhiker. on the screen. accused of beating up a 71 year-old woman. who helped him and his friends. he was arrested just less than an hour ago. saying he was booking a juvenile detention center on a warrant
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murder. his bond set at one million dollars. >> emotional good-bye for beloved couple killed in a wreck last week. tonight a community in longmont came together. to remember mr. and mrs. summer. >> . there for the service. and joins us with more. >> . there was not an empty seat inside the church. you can see the sudden loss of the couple has shaken this community. and tonight there were hugs. laughs. and a lot of tears. >> . a tearful farewell. to a couple gone too soon. >> last friday the beautiful family
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on i 25. only the daughter survived. >> . loved ones are struggle to make sense of the heartbreaking hrosdz. >> loss. >> . god must really need them for something special. because they had so much good left. >> this paeupful loss. painful loss. their memory will live on.
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also donated funds to raise a total of 24 hundred dollars. students with able to present the check to legacy high.
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you see the deeper green and yellow. those are showers. as you travel south of colorado springs. continue to pueblo and down to i 25. spao the southern border. toward trinidad. they'll take the moisture. for us today t-fts a very gray start to the day. >> .
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drop into some of the 50s out there. future cast again. moisture coming up from the south. having a really hard time. to do anything out there. so. couple sprinkles down south. you may get a sprinkle in denver. most places it's going to dry out. we look off to early tomorrow morning. here comes our approaching storm system. they'll get a good shot of wind and snow. and rain. in the mountains. it maybe tricky up there at times. through the early afternoon. a lot of the moisture will be held in the mountains. a storm system swing out across the area. we'll start to feel very strong wind out of the south. and squeeze out a few sho*ufr showers. not a great rain chance. i this you'll feel the wind. which at times could be up to 30 to 35 miles per hour. better chance of showers here to
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later on in the evening. i showed you this at the top of the newscast. these are your wind speeds. south wind storm system to the west. win comes up and out of the south ahead of it. and we'll get very strong as we head into the afternoon. and these are the wind speeds. that doesn't include the gusts which could go up to 35 miles per hour. >> . again i think that's a noticeable factor. here comes our storm. there it is there. over the mountains with the rain and snow. a lot of the moisture stays up there. wind onto th a couple late showers and rotates to the far eastern plains late in the day tomorrow. lows tonight. 40s and 50s. out west. 50s with some 60s here in the south. where you were in the 90s today.
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>> given all the leaves changing. 81 tomorrow. very windy. couple showers maybe a rumble of thunder. couple showers saturday. down to 70. the storm system lifts away. the cooler air pours in. that's the trend. going into the weekend. from 70 to 64. to 30s on monday morning. and a high in the upper 60s. >> . i'm looking at monday.
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this sunday will be the chance to catch a whereon koes new bar type restaurant will open in its place. >> . what's my dad going to talk about. when we drive by the corn e now. >> all the memories. >> . >> i made a few memories there myself. >> . fun place. >> . big changes coming to the zodiac
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>> what's your sign. >> simple enough. until this cat made thece welcome the 13 sign. >> . the name of the a constellation that looks like a snake. >> causing quite a stir on social media. as the implications are, your sign might not be what you think it is. >> which means for example.
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>> . nasa is correct. >> the national put out a blog on it. saying quite scientifically. that it in fact the 13 sign. and the as tro logical the dates are different. if you follow it. however tphoeupb of ten people nine out of ten people. their life experience still lines up with the tropical zodiac. that's why they still use the 12 sign. >> . you don't have to remove the cute little leo. tattooed on your dairy air. >> . >> dan just revealed something. >> . about him maybe. >> . if you want to see what the discovery could mane mean for you. we have the new dates on >> . just check both.
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choose the one you want.
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