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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  September 22, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm MDT

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>> we're talking about these kids playing in college. before they even gone into high school. and if that's not a broken system i don't know what is. >> really. it's a largely hidden practice. becoming a bigger problem. every single year. we're talking recruitment. really early. believe it tphort kid in colorado being asked to commit to college sports as young as 13 years old. >> . we have a closer look at problem. and the toll it's taking on our kids. >> . if you're a parent. you probably said it. sports are just the game. >> . a chance to burn some energy. get some exercise.
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but for many kids. this is no longer just the game. >> >> colorado students as young as middle school. are now being asked to commit. to college sports programs. >> . we're talking about these kids playing in college. school. and if that's not a broken system i don't know what it is. >> . lacrosse isn't the only sport with this problem. basketball, soccer. football. say they feel trapped by decisions they were forced to make. >> . let's have leader ship out there. >> . she coached most of them when they were second graders. >> she says early recruiting has become more than a trend. it's a tradition. colleges have once targeted high school jr.s.
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commit. then freshmen. some programs are even evaluating seventh graders. >> it takes the fun out of it. >> . early recruiting creates depression and anxiety. and results in more injuries. >> the levels are required to put in certain days per week. and hours. and that's leading to over use injury. injuries that we didn't use to see. in kids. >> . there are recruiting rules to
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the bars coaches from directly contacting kids. before their jr. year. the problem is. there are loopholes. >> . let's make something creative. >> . coaches like sam. >> . you have skoer >> for many that pressure is too much. according to to the american
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out of organized sports. by the time they turn 13. >> right around the time the recruiters start showing up. in droves. >> one game there was like 50. the whole sideline was covered. >> . it makes the game stressful. than fun. >> . knowing you have to do good. you can't just play. >> that is what worries coaches. the mos on their players faces. is now a source of stress. >> whether they will get pwurbt burnt out. injured. maintain grades. >> turning kids into adults. before they're ready. >> . it's broken. the pressure. not not be able to develop as they are. and take the time to enjoy the things that are right in front
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to not be in middle school. but high school. >> a game that's no long ere just a game. >> . think about expensive college. >> . the power of the sun and the wind.
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over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats to pass the new laws we needed to help renewable energy grow. protecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's why i approve this message. washington is broken.
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a draft bill by scott tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible
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the voluntary recall is in place for the chock hral the kpaeb the company says some from a third party supplier could contain listeria. >> . both companies say no illnesses have been reported. in this is a precaution. >> . consumers are going to love this. they are serving bacon. made with 6 ingredients. pork. water. sea assault. sugar. celery. and time extract. >> . >> just bacon. that's right. stkwhr. happening today. new poll says americans will spend 8.4 billion thrars on hol wean. that includes the treats. more than they have in at least the last eleven years.
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3 million dollars. two and a half million on candy. >> . on loin and in store remain the most popular ways to pick out your costume. >> . mcdonalds taking that pumpkin craze to a new level. come to your screen. look at this. this is what the japan restaurants are going to be selling. called pumpkin chocolate french fries. >> . no word if u.s. locations will give it a try. if we start the petition now. >> there's a direct flight from denver to tokyo. >> .
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kpwepb tkpweb the again the curfew kicking in. about 6 minutes from now. >> . >> wildlife encounter this morning. tweeting out this photograph. of young bull moose. seen lounging right around outside a house. the moose was moved back to moose habitat. also thanked police for all their help. >> . tall fall colors and colorado. join big crowds in the high can you be country. >> . re-mining people to use the bus from ruby park to visit the maroon bells scenic area.
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no phaeurt how no matter how long it's been. there are places that pour through our hearts. >> and linger like lost loves. we have never forgotten. >> the two just clicked. >> clicked clicked. >> . something he discovered after he retiring as a government employee. work on top secret things like satellites and missiles. >> i retired in 95.
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he shot up here. attracted by a bright sight. >> . and never looked back. >> something beautiful about the way life turns us. >> . life seemed mapped out. after that is all. they spent 30 years planning sp pointing places out for c-dot. traveling most of the states highways. >> . which total about between nine and 9 thousand and 95 hundred miles. >> . these days. they stick to the more colorful route. >> . you can see the mountains. it's great. and that's where you want to be.
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sure. life is full of bumps and bends. >> it's not bad. >> but in the end. that's what makes it so colorful. >> weu want to see your pictures. down load the app. tips and photographs section. up load your pictures. it's that easy. >> .
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getting getting ready for winter. with the snowplow rodeo. >> . >> the city of aurora wants the employees to be ready. holding a two day refreshing course for teens.
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we have cooler 60s to the north. and eventually that's what's heading our way. today we were held down into the 60s and 70s. pwausz of fog because of fog and low clouds. heat to the south and east. lamar topped at 96 degrees. on the first day of fall. we had 70 and 80s for the hig in the west. outside right now. mostly cloudy. 63 downtown. and out at the airport. wind out of the northwest. at 14 miles per hour. you're in the 50s and parker. castle rock. 63 up in the fort collins area. greeley at 64. georgetown at 56. are you still warm here in southeast colorado. still in the 80s. where you were in the 90s today. we have 60s in the mountains. the current temperatures in the mountains in the 60s may not be any warmer than that.
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>> w-f we have a few showers. here comes storm system. delivering rain wind and snow. we'll feel the wind through the day on friday. late in the day. some of the moisture comes up i 25. and delivers a few showers. not looking at a great rain chance. we'll take every drop we can tkpw get. the rain is in the fore forecast. it's more about the wind. it warms us up. we'll be in the 80s tomorrow. still in the 90s to the south sp east. i mention the temperatures in are just about as warm as you will be tomorrow.
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>> a big challenge this week. it's first time going on the road. great football team. and a tough place to play. we'll have to work a lot of noise this week. >> it helped today. that speaker was right next to the our ear. >> all right. speak -rs rocking this week. standard procedure. when they are re-prepar road game. simulate the crowd noise. especially with a young quarter back. tr*euf semi-is trevor siemian is unflap -bl. >> . you'll remember the end of the game. exciting. here he was. >> stone cold. you joust just won. you just beat the colts. a little road noise. not a problem for this kid. >> . what could be a problem. are some of the injuries. ware.
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we know why. he had surgery on the broken arm. on tuesday. so he will be missed. the young guys know. he'll never be far away. >> . >> all right. when von miller was dancing his way through the off season. speculation he might be doing too much. missing too much preparation. and football field hours. today. miller said dancing actually helped his game. two games into the season he's leading the league with 4 sacks and nick explains. already in the conversation for some big time honors. >> . two weeks ago defensive coordinator said he would be
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in discussions to be the defensive player of the year. at the end of the season. today he took it a step further. using the all important 3 letters. mvp. >> . >> already 4 sacks through two games this year. including 3 on luck. including his patented strip sack. von miller is off to an mvp type start. which he said is expected. and unexpected. at the same >> if you're curious how dare the defensive mvp thing is. it only happened twice in the league. allen page in 1971. and lawrence taylor in 1986. >> . >> all right. thursday night football. texas visiting patriots. like all bad break ups -fpls
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on this guy. brock brock taken down in the brock osweiler taken down in the first series and it didn't get much better. >> . patriots do pwha what they do best. dismantle texas tonight. 27 to 0. >> . 30 minutes we learned that some of the suspects are actually in custody. now. deputies say they resisted arrest. >> . >> that's right.
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understand. are now in custody. i'm joined with an i official fm the sheriff office. can you tell us what happened. >> . someone saw the car and called us. about nine o'clock. someone at wal-mart saw the vehicle. that had been stolen earlier in the day. and been involved in some criminal mischief. to vehicles. police department surrounded the vehicle. put stop sticks under the vehicle tires. to deflate. the people came out of wal-mart. got in. started to drive away. they tried to they did hit one of the police department cars. and then other vehicles pursued them. they were involved in trying in hitting another vehicle. from the police department. about 5 times. and then they were able to push the car off the road. the 3 suspects then ran. and were taken into k*usty. >> were any officers injured. >> no. >> they resisted. and i understand a taser was deployed. >> . correct.


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