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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  September 22, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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understand. are now in custody. i'm joined with an i official fm the sheriff office. can you tell us what happened. >> . someone saw the car and called us. about nine o'clock. someone at wal-mart saw the vehicle. that had been stolen earlier in the day. and been involved in some criminal mischief. to vehicles. police department surrounded the vehicle. put stop sticks under the vehicle tires. to deflate. the people came out of wal-mart. got in. started to drive away. they tried to they did hit one of the police department cars. and then other vehicles pursued them. they were involved in trying in hitting another vehicle. from the police department. about 5 times. and then they were able to push the car off the road. the 3 suspects then ran. and were taken into k*usty. >> were any officers injured. >> no. >> they resisted. and i understand a taser was deployed. >> . correct.
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deployed. >> can you recap. ha what they are a*bgzed of doing. accused of doing. it was a long day. >> initial vehicle was reported shooting out windows. started on longmont. in boulder county. in eerie. and laugh yet. approximately 12 vehicles that we're aware of. windows were shot out.
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if you can push just on the other side of the tree. where the van is. it's dark. so go ahead and bear with us. you can see there. wher police officers are located. where the tow truck is. that's the srap. >> van. at the center of so much drama. >> that is the very latest here. boulder county. >> .
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and violence in charlotte north carolina. >> . within the last five minutes a city wide curfew went into place in the city. it will stay in place for 6 hours. police try to prevent the violence that happened last night. live pictures. large crowds gather. protests and violence sparked by keith scots death. >> . shot and killed by police earlier this week. the shooting was captured on camera. scots family watched the video today and want police to release it. >> >> >> meanwhile. police say the man who was shot during last nights protest. has died. >> new informs information tonight about two police shootings. in tulsa oklahoma. where a warrant is out for the arrest of a police officer.
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officer shelby fatally shot 40 year-old crutcher. before his suv after his suv broke down. her attorney says she believed he was acting pe cue hrar. and ignored commands. and was afraid he was reaching for a weapon. when she fired the tpaeu tpaeu fall shot. >> . >> fatal shot. >> . breaking new developments in the attack on a 71 year-old woman in boulder county. just within the last the u.s. marshall service took the hitchhiker accuseed of attempted phur into custody. >> . now in police custody. we're hearing from the family of the woman. beaten in the attack. the son of 71 year-old says his mother has broken bones and cuts. all over her body. her condition is slowly improving. skpwhr. >> >> . a good old mountain mom. with a heart of gold.
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describes her. >> . loves people. trusts people. that's always back to her. >> . until this time. monday night. 16 year-old attacked her. inside her home. remote left hapb canyon home. >> he hit her so hard it broke. >> a fireplace poker. he struck her in the head. >> . a skull fracture. broken sinus. >> . according to to police the teenage hitchhiker planned to steal her after invited him. and his two friends. into her home. >> for this to happen to her. especially like a 16 year-old. it's going to i guess make her think about the choices he it seems to she makes. farce being as far as being open with people. >> . she probably be alive. if the two friends hadn't run for help. >> thank you. whether they know it or not. they saved her life. >>.
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there's no really. no need for it. >> waiverring between hurt and anger. the actions of a s-f year-old kid 16 year-old kid. caused a lot more than blood loss. >> her fran quillty. >> thr*ts there's a go fund me page to help with her recovery. ob on kdvr.m. community in longmont gathering tonight to celebrate the life of. they were not there was not an empty seat in the rocky mountain christian church. we heard from family and friends. who talked about what made the couple so special.
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students were able to present the check to legacy high school. yesterday. >> . scary moments for customers and employees at a highlands ranch fed ex-store. after a car crashed through the front entrance. the crash took out an entire section of the door. and front window. douglas county sheriff say 63 year-old woman driving the red car there. accidently hit the gas. and instead of the brake. about a half dozen people were inside. no one was hurt.
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>> the driver will probably get a ticket for careless driving. no word on how long it will take to repair the store. >> . traffic is back to the normal on i 70 and georgetown. after a semi-filled with ice cream burst into flames. shutting down the road. the accident happened around 4 p.m. and in the eastbound lanes. investigators believe hot brakes sparketh up traffic for several hours. >> . latest in the presidential election. new poll numbers show donald trump closing the gap here in colorado. new poll on swing states. just came out. in a 4 way race -fpt clinton and trump are neck in neck in the state. >> . >> head to head race. they are tied among likely vote voters here. each with 47 percent. >> .
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and the campaign on a big pwhreuts across colorado. this week. 3 high profile surrogates across the state today. >> . why colorado is a must win state. for the gop nominee. >> . >> the trump campaign of colorado. under way. >> my father will be an unbelievable jobs president. >> . speaking to the colorado women's alliance. and getting broncos gear this morning. in the springs this afternoon. >> . tonight. trump jr. addresses sportsman. out on the western slope. >> . if you're wondering where they're spending so much time in colorado. it's simple math. even if trump wins ohio. and north carolina. and even if he wins florida. clinton still wins the presidency. so he's trying to turn some currently blue states like colorado.
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any path to 270. comes right through colorado. >> . we'll post a full link to the interview. on our web site. actually a pretty funny interview. as for the clinton campaign. it will be interesting to see if they start campaigning more. in colorado. haven't seen a lot of secretary clinton lately. although everyone is focused on upcoming presidential debate. coverage starts monday.
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tp*ers first can be first debate is monday night. in new york.
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senate banks committee. blaming him after some of the companies employees were caught
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accounts. and credit card in customers names. >> . how is the scandal effects us in colorado. all new. we search the answer out tonight. >> . >> it's business as usual. at the downtown wells far go. even within days of the banks ceo being blasted by the senate banking committee. an event highly published in the media. >> you squeezed your employees to the breaking point. >> >> hearing the news rattles their confidence. >> . you would think they are one of the topnotch banks out there. and for you to hear that. it's like who do you trust now. >> it leaves a bad taste in in my mouth. >> maybe fear is the natural reaction. but should customers actually be
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uncovered 3 years ago. >> it's not appropriate to say that wells far go is a corrupt organization. >> . dan is the director of du institute for enterprise a*tics -fplts. >> ethics. >> . they have been working hard to correct things. >> . firing over five thousand people. >> he says it's unlikely stopped new employees from opening fake accounts. and it's unlikely anything like this is happening here. >> . if it was a problem in any other it would have surfaced by now. >> . finance professor says be careful with your bank anyway. and he thinks the ceo is just as responsible as warren suggested. >> . he's responsible for what goes on. and he's not the person down there creating the accounts. but he's creating a culture. in that bank. and if the culture is create revenue. at any ph*eftd.
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that's his responsibility. >> . take away. both professors agree. those employees should have never been put under that level of pressure. >> . she amazing. get this. enterprise rent a car providing the car. for just ten dollars a day. un-phreuplted miles to bring her back to colorado.
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tomorrow. >> . pretty cool. after five years. >> we have a few rain showers. down here in southern colorado. here's denver. going down i 25. down to the southern border. there has been lightening. but the lightening has been fading away. with the exception of in and around trinidad. as we zoom in. denver has been quiet. you make your way out east. along i 70. take the bend towards limon. travel down south along i 25. couple sprinkles in colorado springs. and a band of rain just east of i 25. out on the plains. running back towards trinidad. and the westen area over the san juan. the wet mountains. heat was on down there. in southern colorado. temperatures in the 90s. -p 80s from the northwest corner. to the western slope. 72 down in durango. and clearly you can see the much cooler 60s and 70s hoar.
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area. a long time to burn off. once we did get the sunshine. we made it to 76. thinking we'd get into the low to mid 80s. that low cloud deck prevented that from happening today. >> . future cast. again. there's a few sprinkles and showers on the ao*epb plains. we'll go sunshine in the morning. again i can't rule out here in the area. a little more of the low clouds. it doesn't look like it will stick arpb. as long as it did today.
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which is going to kick up the wind. and bring rain and snow showers to the mountains. as it cuts across denver. onto the eastern plains. it may give us a few showers out there. even a better chance late in the day. right there. of showers. a lot looks to skip by metro denver. what you'll notice tomorrow. a lot of this. new future cast win speeds numbers. and look at the numbers cranking up from nine to noon. to especially 3 in the afternoon. winds could go to 35 miles per hour. >> look at the driving into the mountains. rain and snow. wind out of the south. all day long on the eastern plains. we'll get a few showers out here. and then eventually tomorrow night the storms will swing. and cut out of the state. lows tonight. 40s. 50s. and very warm 60s here in the south and east. highs tomorrow. because of the south wind. you'll notice it. we're in the 80s here. back in the the 0s to the south.
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rain and snow. a cool wind up there. temperatures only going to be in the 50s and 60s. tomorrow here in metro denver. again a not anticipating the thick fog to stick around long. that will give us a spring board. into the upper 70s. across most of the metro. >> . 52 my forecast low. in the morning. 81 the high in the afternoon. and again it will be very windy tomorrow. one or two showers maybe a rumble of thunder. showers on saturday. afternoon. here we go. down into the 70s. just a stray shower sunday. sunday ends up dry. for most of us. >> . a chilly start to the workweek. tuesday wednesday thursday. all in a slow climb. back into the 70s. >> . we're looking good here. out of the weekend and into next week.
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>> all right coming up next in sports. which colorado rockies player is raising his own stock tonight. at least for the post season honors.
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in cincinnati on sunday. first road game of the season for denver. roster tkept will be tested. banged up. tight end hasn't practiced and line backer ware of course has the broken arm. receivers are still good to go. they like more passes thrown their way this week. the ground game is on point. through the air and in the red zone they are looking to find their groove. >> . he wants his top targets to be frustrated. >> the they're workers. you want guys that want the ball. >> . >> on the defensive side of the ball. one of the most critical players on the field. his pick 6 against the colts raising his career total to nine. putting him fourth in the league. this week he sits down with nick griffith on the coach show.
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you'll be locked up against aj green. you'll have your hands full. next question. what about the mind set of the defense. ca is that make the defense so good. >> . it's our preparation. and we find ways to stop guys. take away what you like to do. and coach wade does a great job of putting us in the right place to make plays. >> . be sure to catch in the zone.
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tonight. of course. no october for the boys in purr purple. dj hits this oufplt eleventh homer of the year: extending the lead 4 to one. of course chasing the nl league batting title. >> . great. >> . rockies still playing. >> . at least something to cheer for. >> . home run title. and. >> we'll continue to watch. >> you are wearing your purple tonight.
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pea back. pay back. >> . our producer leaving us to head back east. firing the parting shot. >> going out on top. >> . video of rob. who has been the producer for five years. playing kick ball. >> . he used to watch me. in south dakota. >> sue falls i worked t >> . congratulations rob. good luck to you. out east. and spend teem with your family.
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we'll miss you. >> . that cake is gone. that cake is gone. >> washington is broken. a blatant case of special interests buying influence in washington. a draft bill by scott tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- for colorado. house majority pac is responsible
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i was watching this world war ii movie. there was nazis in the movie. i noticed that the nazis in those movies always had two separate heils. they had the regular heil, and then when they were around the offices, they had this casual heil. they come in the office-- yeah, heil, how are you? is the kid back with coffee? finished with the copier? world domination, aryan race-- whose doughnuts are those? heil. nice to see you. can i have a doughnut? ? the candy man can ? ? 'cause he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good ? ? and it feels so good ? ? oh yeah ? ? and it feels so good ? (pained groaning) just gonna need one big push. congrats! i hear you're having a baby.


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