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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 11AM  FOX  September 23, 2016 11:00am-11:30am MDT

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an arrest just made a connection with a note to protest that turn deadly we have the newest on the unrest and charlotte what the city is planning for tonight and what the mayor has to say of releasing video of the shooting of keith scott to the plus a controversial new and release by hillary clinton jenny a social media's money how she's using donald trump's own words against him plus were spending some time with the new iphone seven if you've been thinking about buying it i tested it out for a week what you should know before you swipe that card. there is something to be on the lookout for when condition
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this afternoon just starting to pick up let's great dutra's out on the patio so far so good right greg i am fine now here there is barely a breath of wind down on the patio but the win blocked by the studio as you look up a little bit and passed me over my shoulder you can already see it at flapping around in the building under construction they got the rug covered it winds are getting up to about 30 or so miles per hour in some spots already the winds are arriving just a few upper-level class here the wind speeds 24 miles per hour from the south in denver it is being recorded at the airport but not quite in downtown just yet at street level there is a fire weather warning because of those high winds and very dry condition which of course are left over from the summer when we did not nearly as much rain as we normally do so at the fire starts as can the spread very quickly it will get wendy to
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temperature right about now 82's are high 82 zucker to get a go down from here 69 degrees are high on saturday and way down to 62 on sunday we just learned that police and charlotte have made an arrest in connection with the men shot and killed during a protest the mayor saying a curfew will continue to deny in that city mayor jennifer roberts think a lot of people did observe the 9:00 p.m. curfew last night of violent protests following the shooting of keith scott mayor robert says she thinks of her plays videos are discussion it will be released eventually to the public soon she says the scott family attorney speaking out today about the release of that video take a listen it's the transparency that family deserves to know why their loved one was shot and killed and we need to know all of the fax paid the family's attorney also saying video that he and the
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can be up to evidence a show for gun was recovered at that scene and oklahoma the meantime there is a preliminary cause of death for terrence crutcher the men shot and killed by that he shall be she's out on bond this morning she is facing charges of first-degree manslaughter for attorney says she has received death threats today according to the men of examiner the preliminary cause of death is a gunshot wound to the jet was ruled a homicide was caught on camera and sparked outrage it showed 40 -year-old terrance grudge with his hands in the air and best now say they think they know what the suspect and what the suspect edges were bombings in new york and new jersey new surveillance video has been released here does take a look appeared and appears to caps off almond leaving a bag near the curb vomits later to man to remove watch and allegedly the explosive device
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was cnn's john berman talking about the new videotape by nbc news appearing to show amaud rahami and the video you can actually see a passerby kick the bag. just one more piece of evidence and what is going to be a long investigation back year weld county authorities are searching for suspect in a robbery that happened yesterday they believe this man came into the little store and hell on park on yellowstone drive and demanded money cities on the butt of a gun and the suspects in the suspect left and came back and until the employee to stay in the restroom investigators say he got away with money and a red dodge pickup truck there is a picture they think a second suspect that there is a getaway driver that truck described having a right front wheel that was common a right rear spare tire if you have any idea who owns that call police. right now there's a blood drive going on and on of a detective
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a be the second detective dan bright replenishment drive organized by bonfield's blood center by was shot on duty the douglas county sheriff's office he is bringing axis after comedy walk-ins the drive continues its up to at the douglas county sheriff's office in highlands ranch on soto's drive. get ready tonight a big change for drivers on the south side of the metro seed at closing all lanes below i 25 on arapahoe road as can be quite a mess generally is live right now with more on what you should know it's definitely designed for the weekend on purpose or does it affect the commute but it's going to affect a lot of people no matter when it's can affect a lot of people and in fact in the springtime you might recall we have faced to as can be a bit of a nightmare is hindering some of the prep down here arapahoe going east and west and north
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$66 million job the entire project include the placing of that bridge i 25 over arapahoe road turn lanes in both direction for traffic safety and traffic flow so keep in mind the north and southbound i25 off wrestler made open all week in law eastbound and rep of the road i 25 and the westbound ramp to i25 is also going to stay open but those lanes underneath i 25 those will be shut down begin to get into card tonight there are alternatives getting around this up to the north and probably dried to the south those are east and west spent to get around it but it will be a bit of a nightmare and we can only stress beginning at 8:00 o'clock tonight until 5:00 o'clock on monday morning
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right now investigators searching for a missing climber who hasn't been seen since monday of this week they say david cook from albuquerque went to guide pyramid peak monday and was planning to claim a road and north american peaks on tuesday someone called the authorities would be and come back tuesday night cook is a former marine and described as a expert mountaineer and climber a search i'm started yesterday and continues today. a congressional committee is the best can appoint the last sexual harassment and bullying going on among national park system employees at least 18 employees at yosemite of comfort without years of harassment or other misconduct and earlier prevent at mount pleasant the grand canyon prayed other female colleagues and demanding sex and retaliated against women who refused. both the presidential candidate is a putting debate preparation at the forefront ahead of their schedule heading into this
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to study up for monday night's first big debate sources say she is prepping at a traditional is mock debates and a strategy session trumpet said he doesn't like using mock debates because they lead to an authentic performance you has a been taking much time off the campaign trail leading up to monday coming up helically leasing a new campaign ad that is creating a lot of buzz on social media organization clip of the new entity uses donald trump's words against him and later halloween c
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the competition starting today the goal is to find an app to help fight heroin overdoses the fda says i it wants an app that will connect people to spirit w overdoses with the closest supply of a drug that reverses overdoses called the locks own the compet november trending on social media p tablet that brand-new ad the clinton campaign is it female body image and uses jumps over words take a look and look a right regular value face of her she's a song she a like a paying a person's latch as it is very hard to be a 10 the end of the ad reads is this the present
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there's already a lot of controversy on social media about it i did post a leg to her on her facebook page i hate inside political hardwood and wanted to be up to send curious and this was what you're voting one way or the other so for a lot of people saying they're still get about for trump because this doesn't change her opinion so see what happens the debate is set for monday dallas mavericks owner mark cuban is going to be front and center this after cuban has slammed a donald trump numerous time during election season he tweeted just got a front row seats what shall a clinton overwhelmed donald trump at the humbling at hofstra the clinton aide later confirmed clinton campaign invited cuban saying he's the best seat in the house that they have access to the internet buzzing today about a big timer and silicon valley palmer at lucky is the founder
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facebook for $2 billion a pair of these using that money to back a group that makes a meme's to promote donald trump and to draw negative attention to hillary clinton the name palmer luckiest tourney today on twitter for that reason according to the daily beat lucky told them that he's worked with the group nimble america there at their unofficial part-time group they greatest is an anti- hillary means that are taking credit for a billboard outside of pittsburgh that of was a cartoon of hillary's face along with the words to be to go to jail coming up the new iphone seven it's right here at sun a lot of people's minds so i had a chance about a week to test this and i will type its it's worth it or not and said things you should know before you select that credit card plus windy conditions will bringing it to denver w right now, get the centurylink prism tv essential package
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welcome back quarter after 11 on your friday morning it is here the iphone seven it looks well looks like a lot like an iphone but is it worth the upgrade is spent the week with it to find out b hold the great iphone
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not really like that it's just another iphone it's exactly what you would expect from another iphone this seven is amazingly sleek the iphone seven bill solid it looks cool the home button on the bottom for the first time is a virtual button so it doesn't actually depressed but it feels lego uses feedback kind of a vibration motive to make it feel like a really pushing a button is contribute photos and videos areet than ever before here are a few i took of flowers in front of my house colors are vivid the picture is super clear easily what are the best camera phones on the market the big hubbub was the fact the apple remove the headphone jack from the bottom of the phone if you want a list of music the set of earbuds and now plug-ins will usually use as your charging port if you have existing air beds include this in the box tooth adapter you plug it into the lightning point
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remaining issue is you can't use your headphone and charge your iphone seven at the same time it simple this is the best iphone yet hands down but the lack of a headphone jack will be a big decision for some people because it is a big change i guess the question is can be can you live without the headphone jack they do include the adapter that's good to be empty the phone i tested was on verizon the nns speeds were great here and denver for my expand the processor on t s than ever before side zips along after that hissing new line the people are complaining about i was able to re-created on this phone it may be one of those things that differs from phone to phone nonetheless it's got accosted by a hundred bucks and your carrier or apple are more than happy to break up the price into smaller chunks over the course of two years the iphone
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out apple's arty ligature at the next version they filed for two trademarks for the iphone a-z application that fund is expected out possibly next year and they may skip calling it the iphone a and call it the iphone tenant doesn't matter i don't know but was a a big outrage in the uk over a movie set that took over winston churchill's old home michael bay is using up our new transformers movie so what is a beta and picture the guardian says a homeless transfer the headquarters of adolf hitler for the movie some british citizens are up in arms about the disrespect that it shows the prime minister is now officially falls the halloween is on a lot of people's minor reduction coming up a company decided to cash in on all the political buzz they are selling these
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trump and the sexy dollar child is $70 not including the hat and the wig okay okay and they're also selling a sexy hillary clinton outfit as they call it okay will include a link to this anything like this definitely do not you're going make people google it at work i can't control what you do that's just ridiculous witch and whatever else its is where the halloween has become is a net i saw someone they were selling a slew of sexy halloween costume is that they've accumulated these over the years you're a connoisseur they get was something and they stick
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forecast is crazy because we go from 90 degrees is a daytime high on monday to next monday year after that the week and barely getting into the 60s for the next 24 hour so right now are looking for mile high the tennessee the cars become of that sin stars ever really ramped up le during the afternoon hours so as we headed to the afternoon cloud cover here october self and whistles cloud to start streaming more and more over i 25 mostly clear skies mostly cloudy during the second half at two temperatures are right with a daytime highs are a forecaster 82 degrees that is or was stand we have a grab 83 row quickly as an official high temperature but this is about where they stop another big push toward 90s on a 75 in parker right nasa
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everyone generally 70s around so why do our temperature slam the brakes why do we get so much high when it's the transition between the warm air that we were in the last couple days of the cooler air that sitting on her doorstep salt lake city's been down with rain and snow in the mounds over the last 24 hours it's all moving toward his person to get the wins and will get some rain on i 25 and in the mountains and some snow about 10,000 or so feet the colder moving otter northwest it's going to be our coolest a now why is that at the coldest heirs to the dakotas because we still keep that northwesterly wind at the surface at least the colder as get a continue to trickle in and really keep our temperatures limited were talking about barely cracking into the 60s on sunday let's take it from about now into the evening and see what happens temperature wise dinner plan 89:10 o'clock
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out tonight mid to upper 60s at that point but is not not feel quite that warm because of a dealer with those winds of a drop in to the mid 40s maybe some upper 30s and slower line spot down on the plate is saturday starts in a cold note and ends on a chilly no wheel and make it to 68 degrees that is about 15 degrees cooler than we are right now they'll be a daytime high on saturday the winds of arty come up s stopping the change and now the isn't going anywhere pretty much carved as a 24 miles per hour from the south that went out at the airport again around town dissing puffs of when bettman start picking up as the center of the storm moves on over us that's can i provide those high winds for the evening commute other they do start to subside but the call they will be in place much cooler on saturday as a rule and is sunday take us away from denver high temperature denver broncos are playing the bengals are in
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kickoff at 1110 they get our warm air we get the colder 62 degrees on sunday and next week it stays in the 60s big stiff glad to break out those like coats just in case were meeting a pet that need to know dumb friends league year with a loving animal that is looking for a forever home what a cutie
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welcome back up for a friend needs a home and you could have jonas here from the dumb friends league talk about who we got
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old and he has a really great here as who's dumber children in the past these dilettantes other cats he is a catch for sure looking for love in denver so you always tell is that cats one year and above its all the more difficult to adopt them out so he's on that cost pressure we have a fall in love campaign will waiting adoption of t you're an older so the file into that category and he such a sweet way he's just really see he has some kitten can to see so he wants to go and check everything out he is a playful guy as well pay gets along with other cats he wants to go explore and use of a lot of cats and that we do have several cats
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and some kittens were always looking for young counts of great dog small animals okay as usual business as usual i thank you so much and if you'd like to adopt parachute to go to the qu?bec street shelter when you could also give them a call piece pretty cool with being told where to go some catholic know don't tell me where to go to figure out that kata two and a so big changes this week and having sunday we better get the halloween costume now they're talking about early bless you kitty cat temperature of 82 degrees today but that is basically where were at right now were not getting anywhere over 68 degrees tomorrow the 62 on sunday though pelosi of the 30s so to go back on there at 430 monday morning we will be in
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- a paralegal from washington d.c... onsin... and our returning champion -- a student from slippery rock, pennsylvania... whose 3-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek!


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