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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  September 24, 2016 1:05am-1:35am MDT

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snow coming down pretty good first time a year to check out to be from nearby and la plata county sheriff's office snow covering the rotor produces several drivers we're stranded along this slick road on highway side 50. endeavor strong wind gusts route the day more on the way check of meteorologist matt. ring is about to move and what the wednesday been talking point size when is over eastern point gusting to pueblo and also an burlington. strong winds anywhere from 40 to 50 miles per hour but topped the
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a couple e-mails with craig down and perry part his wind report may come here just outside not too far from castle rock is estimated 70-mile par wends potential when damage that when continues tonight and starting to see some rain arrives here's a live camera from lug out that clouds starting to drop now as that moisture increases the next several hours. you can see it starting to show up on the radar picture and plains continue trying to fill in with lighter rain and it continues throughout the high country anywhere from i 70 northward heavier snowfall and right now at least a short time ago things on this photo a smell of committing there and grand night. that's the same pocket of snow that jurors been in throughout the day right now he's close to the eisenhower tunnels. forever one down in the city can playing it doesn't feel like
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i 70 because it certainly feels like fall up here in the high country temperature in the 20s is been snowing all evening is just a light snowfall at this point lead show you some video from when we first got appear into the high country about 5:0e heavy snowfall. intel 7:00 o'clock this evening and since then as been heavy and sometimes and light at other times and give you look at i 70 at the west entrance of the eisenhower tunnel the roads are wet snow not sticking to the roads at this point in traffic is flowing smoothly off to the side of the road how much accumulation 20 degrees and snowfall fall is officially here and i'll tell you what it's pretty chilly out here in the high country live at the pinpoint weather at the
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start with the 40 niners cornerback first sitting in the end of the national anthem to protest racial inequality then broncos linebacker brandon marceau join the protest and athletes across the country proud members of a local high school football team taking a knee kyle joins is live from central high school in aurora with their protest. the public school system is not trying to control the kids in any way this is a a teaching moment for the kids. this game is important for the trojans high school football season. also over for a. plus this. homecoming. for some players actually a lot of players it's is important for one more reason that there stage
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live in fear game with 300 and the fans that does spark some controversy. my family during the second world war. i had a lot of family in the second world war and i lost an uncle. they don't really understand what to a football game. post sides represented. let the world know this is something we need to handle as people. how does the school field they
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respect the rights of our students to protest at a peaceful manner for using this opportunity as a teachable moment in a a catalyst for meaningful dialogue. thank you charlotte north carolina under curfew from midnight to six after three nights a protest over the plea shooting developments at a and key scott's family release cell phone video he was not armed police say panic at the scene he had not made there ? cam protesters march peacefully before they curfew alleys five long force officers and nine civilians we're injured earlier this week. new information improvements for the douglas county detectives shot and critically wounded in the line of duty their shares office says detective dan bright is awake and alert he's also communicating with his family bright we're shot earlier this month and parker by suicidal man who died in a shootout by police happening tomorrow crossfit loop
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taking work off at 10:00 a.m. and will collect donations from athletes for the bright family hundred percent street tacos will also bring their food trucks and donate a portion of their proceeds the event runs from intel 112 afternoon. from union station up to westminster will be unavailable during construction on federal boulevard between 67th and 70th avenue a bus the line run his id and station and the westminster station passengers should a lecture travel time to reach their destination tomorrow and again on sunday. backus beginning on arapahoe road as crews close some lanes of i 25 post closure started tonight about an hour ago they run through monday morning between day and in greenwood plaza boulevard at 10:00 o'clock tonight crews close all lanes arapahoe road and stay close intel five monday morning the i 25 on offramp will stay open
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accident and a big traffic backup on i 25 in northglenn it happened about 315 s. of the 100 and fourth avenue into the northbound lane a man tried to run across the interstate and a driver and a joby lane hit and killed him interstate was shut down for three hours slowing down the evening rush but all lanes are back open ten night. health insurance company cancel the woman policy which are tries to get it back onto back on should give the hitoshi called us. a look at what happened and what it could have meant for her. a simple phone call. simple turned into a 53 day ordeal. 53 days without health insurance. i'm lucky i i didn't have a heart attack. her provider through the connect to the connect for help colorado marketplace.
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cpap machine karen was told she was no longer injured. every other day over the past month and a half karen says she called cigna and the states insurance marketplace she says a got her nowhere. she called arcs the 31 31 problem solvers be contact for help colorado they told us that was in fact a simple mistake you can't husband was original count holder we've taken off the plan was accidentally canceled. as of today the insurance plan is back in place. had been for you guys make an
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i would still be sitting here 24 24r48 hours which turns into another month. we like those results. the first presidential debate less than three days away and won't just be what they candidates say that could change voters minds but what they do and how they move body language expert joins us to review perry clinton and donald trump performances and previous debates ey review a lot about what they truly thinking only in certain moments. that's when you can find the truth. you can watch that presidential
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member in 2000 out chords slide a lot and took a lot of heat for that people pay attention to the small things. happy homecoming for about five years after he disappeared for missy do st. bernard was found and windchill be reunited with her owner the broncos and bangles face off this miss our one-on-one and review ahead at they game in the zone by gary starts in less than 30 minutes. inspection you guys had the inspector is dropping or if you guys have done anything to correct the issues. of food truck shut down while its other rights restaurant they find road it dropping.
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following developing story right now a search for missing hikers underway and jefferson county through searching the area north of i 70 near the campground exit we're told a a woman went
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40 respo agencies on the scene a crew there and keep you updated with the weather cold and snowing and rainy. the chop house on the restaurant. music might be good health inspection might be not. fox 31 eric is gonzales. this restaurant is famous for his stakes for the health inspection might have the top them from your favorites. beta-1 c restaurant park are 11 violations at the health inspection. mistakes include numerous codes touching their hair in soiled items that watching their hands. three buckets of ?-cent-sign solution. the water at the hand sink was not hot enough the restaurant sent the following common reading in part all of the shots that are meeting regarding the steps taken order to be in compliance forget all the items
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violations on the inspection. at all this cold crush in denver our second half this week. the restaurant was serving other larimer street. opens saw it in a trailer and ordered us east and assist for the owner can prove the truck is license. rodent droppings an employee was taken to the garnishes and prepping drinks with their bare hands. no hot water and the restroom. our calls we're not returned so we stoby inspector found roy droppings. they passed its follow-up inspection. and find me. the egg goes to be machined for no violations to inspections in a row the transform band and
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different being on top of cleaning is a big deal. on erika told us all about keeping cold items cold enough and hot coffee hot. to see all the violations listed the link to the expressions posted click on the news tap and restaurant park are the restaurant you life are us to investigate sent us an e-mail. the robust system we have an a long time this same system produced a tornado in utah warnings in nebraska earlier today producing a a line of strong potentially severe storms to the light rain in the heavy snow we been talking about throughout the high country a good energetic system cold air with it obviously the wind you felt throughout the day increasing this evening talk
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as this line of thunderstorms is growing and stretching out a check the radar this system dove has so much entity no such activities year there activity here there is hail developing moving towards burlington they'll completely be shocked if your app goes off of the warning for severe thunderstorm. and around the denver area not likely to have severe weather you can see the lighting from those thunderstorms relatively the low clouds you head towards fort collins that's where we have most of the rain showers in the changes over to snowfall to get above in most cases you have to get above 9000 feet that snow level drop to 7500 feet in some areas including this highlighted area now. goes until tomorrow morning gravity is passed committee headed to see check out the cards that ends under this two to 5 inches of snowfall but
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all the rosa be okay isolated sections may be slick here and there. the clouds are in the right. though storms continue over the eastern plains this is at midnight into the early morning still chance for rain is leaving denver our sky will clear up. the mountains will hold on to that moisture you can see it. it .-period of rain and snowfall tomorrow mostly in the central elms. will wake up to a a mix of sun and clouds those clouds around the afternoon an isolated shower not out of the question don't plan on seeing much rainfall tomorrow. sixty-eight is all. today we're at 88 last couple of days are at 90. an incredibly warm stretch of whether this system is clearly impacting greatly knocking it down into the 60s. statewide view will be a little bit quiet there is that wraparound moisture.
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the accumulation will be ten night into early tomorrow morning. and in things will be relatively quieter. and turning colder 2016 night. on the planes are lows in the 40s 45 for denver certainly cooler but not as cold as we will be highs tomorrow no 90s or 80s will be in the 70s in the southeast southeast a mix of 60s and 70s the mountains mostly 50s only 46 tomro push coming into the state and a long time can a go back to made to find temperatures like this. still good colors up there there when do some damage on this cruise today. ford's mother is good colors and they can is that are close the
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maples temperatures in the mid 60s tomorrow. the wind is there but lighter sunday 64 and then where warming up from there on out monday morning is the coldest heads up to gardeners he may have to cover up the tomato plants once we hit monday afternoon the warm-up begins in the 70s not nearly 80 degrees. a good portion of next week. i woke up context from a friend she's like snowing and all the!'s. headaches today in the issues are over for a front to passengers what the company did today that mobile app is
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for people are dead after shooting near him mall this habit and burlington about our north of seattle please say the shooter or shooters left the scene before please got there investigators have not said they think there was more the one shooter will continue to follow the story an update you on the latest. consumer alert for you. passengers we're unable to use the airlines mobile app to check in or for their boarding passes online check-in also unavailable passengers had to do the old-fashioned way check in at the dick encounter a did cause
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the upgrade designed to improve technology for the airline is now to avoid the mobile app new details on investigation into brad pitt yet there are looking into they are looking into child abuse claims after angelita filed for divorce .2 different parenting styles people magazine reports an incident with one of the couple's children take place on their private plane a day before they separated the fbi says evaluating whether there needs to be an investor. colorado family will get their dog back five years after he disappeared the st. bernard was found last week in missouri she's been stolen from the family's backyard and pablo missy had a chip but the families last name last name was spelled wrong woman offered to care for missy into entire owners we're found.
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colorado. county missouri has with all the fees and that build enterprise when a car provided a car for ten hours a ten hours a day on the many miles to get missy back to colorado. couple of port porn takeaways make sure your information is correct and never give up.
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you see them here on fox 31. two games in into home-field wends at mild high time to hit the road where the broncos aren't underdog in cincinnati. racial defending super bowl champions are up to the challenge.
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we coach kubiak this of course is broncos head coach two games into went under your belt how confident is your team right now. we did get beat up last week. two that's part of the league of adjusted our schedule little bit to freshen as the tough game on the road very tough opponent things to work through but as part of the business. to fourth quarter defensive touchdowns seems to be a habit
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obviously we coach the work after the interception i work on all the time. is a guy like that case a return. that has shown. we came up big in their planet team those come in here didn't want to get off and ellen to start at a great quarterback and a really good football game at the end we hung in their. i really tough day to play. you like to effort and our character and the football game. let's put back of the game against the coach. will start with the lead nine nfl career pick sixes for the all-time take a look is really good once he gets the ball in his hands. he reminds me all the time i i think will pick our spots here but it's really special because
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at a lot of pride and making a play after he gets an interception redo good job of turning in helping him out of course von miller was almost like a refresher of what we saw him do against camden in the super bowl in a very have a critical point in the game. what happens next threat the course of the game they we're chipping him doubling him. all the suddenly got a position with had to throw they can do that. four sacks three in the game. we talked about being banked up four to five weeks had surgery to repair the fractured forearm what's the month of the team right now rally ball lined it. dakotas time to step up come
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do. think were really well of the things you go to as a team don't panic read is go back to work. often seems to be the talk this week people bringing it up. but right now there's anything perhaps it is that red zone offense. i was driving and the red zone on the bus on the ball defensively stop 70 bought offense petition drive. we move the ball well something we have to get better at finish drive. we've left out there i have to do a better job for players get them in better position though keep working nice problem have to get down there. trevor getting set to make his third career nfl start as hear from him but tried to punch it in for a touchdown. i think everyone has to do their part it starts with me for sure i think were very close.


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