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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  September 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MDT

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washin . a blatant case of special interests buying influence in washington. a draft bill by scott tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible
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kleenex for this story. they thought she would never come home. after five long years. mis-seu is back with her family. in pueblo. >> . she was found more than 8 hundred miles away. in missouri. with little investigative work and the power of social media. she's finally home. >> . after being separated for five
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dog. >> she went missing from the home five years ago. found just about a week ago. more than 8 hundred miles away. in missouri. >> we looked for at least a year and a half. >> with the help of a micro chip. careful digging and the worltd of social media. the family got the call that she was f >> . >> she saw the original post on facebook. and knew she had to get involved. >> . >> we laughed so hard.
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crazy adventures on that trip. >> a reunion. they will never forget. >> . the family is going to train her to become a service dog.
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>> a place we go to pray and worship. a vandal went to denvers oldest active church to break the law. now denver police are trying to figure out who made this mess. >> . good evening. thank you for staying with us. >> . police were called out to sacred heart catholic church. in the five points neighborhood. >> parishioners walked in to find damage to the beautiful and historic
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and kneel and pray. and for her not to be here today is something very uncomfortable for us. >> . she has been coming here since she was 8. this is not supposed to happen. here. >> you would believe it's peaceful. and very safe. i wouldn't know what kaoeubd kind of person would want to do this. in a church. >> it's unknown if the surveillance camera caught the suspect doing the devils work.
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but he got away. >> it was a male. started grabbing things and throwing them towards the window. and stau chews. >> . statues. >> . they're left wondering thousand they'll repair damage to the statues. >> . there's sick people in the world. i don't understand. >> it's tough to understand how someone has the heart to do this. >> to hurt people trying to help. a church that english and spanish speakers. but whose good waordz fell upon deaf ears. >> . i don't understand. >> . we hope to bring you new details on a possible suspect tomorrow.
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this is the third time the university hosting a presidential debate. nbc >> . a great day for football. especially here in broncos can you be the country. >> more of the coming op age for trevor siemian. as he leads the broncos to a 3
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washington is broken. a blatant case of special interests a draft bill by scott tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible
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>> i hope you had a nice weekend. what's left will be getting on the chilly side. frost advisories. sometimes this time of year you get these. they aren't going to blanket everybody. kind of the first frost or two. the weather service issues these. in case you have plants or something you'd like to and certainly the agriculture interest over the eastern plains. around douglas county. castle rock and parker. highlands ranch will be frosty by the morning. i colored the areas you need to watch out for. >> . no freeze for denver tonight. it doesn't appear. but around 76. this is the plat river valley. that could frost tonight. sections of douglas county. again. any where from parker to castle rock.
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could frost over tonight. what changes beyond here. is we'll warm up nicely. see how blanked outd the western u.s. is. no storm system will really of h interest comes through. there's one thursday. it doesn't look that interesting -fpl we'll keep a clear sky. with this ridge of quiet weather. it will warm up nicely. we'll be back in the mid 70s by tomorrow. 50s and 60s currently. we hit 68 for the airport. which is obviously a cool day. normal of 75. 90. for several days. obviously this was a very good cold front. that came through. cooled us down. on the tail end of it. beyond tonight we'll warm up. 76 by tomorrow at three o'clock. six o'clock 74. and 59 by nine o'clock. so. the kids probably dress them in layers. cold in the morning. by the afternoon. really very nice. with sunshine. future cast already started. rolled through your day tomorrow. clear skies statewide. maybe a slight chance for a shower over the southwest
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central and northern mountains. beyond that. maybe wednesday into thursday. for denver for a very slight chance for rain. really that next system is like a wind produceer than anything else. >> . 30s on the plains. that frost advisory for douglas. into the eastern plains. once we warm up tomorrow. a nice warm up. 74 to 75. for the front range. 60s 70s in the mountains, 80 for the western slope. >> fort lupton around 77. these are a*frplg average temperatures for the time of
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depending on the wind. that comes through next weekend you can hit along i 70. independence pass. the following weekend as you get into the middle part of october. you have to go far south. trinidad. perg toeur. purgatory. wolf creek pass.
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>> it's said i'm not sure if the phrase was coined by a visiting nfl player. watching a beaten home crowd shuffling through the gates. mid way through the fourth quarter. is there a better sound for a team on the road. biggest question tkpwoepbg in today. how was trevor siemian going to handle being on the road. for the first time. as far as flawlessly. he wasn't far away. certainly unflap -bl. especially realizing man to man
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41 yards down the field for a ten to 7 lead. both sanders and demaryious thomas were over a hundred yards receiving. down 14 to ten. just before the half. sanders reels in the second scoring catch of the game. extra point no good. broncos led 16 to 14 at half. scoreless now through the third. cincinnati retaken the lead on a field goal. tr*ef same taking over. 82 yards on 13 plays. 8 for 8 on the drive. the one yard toss for the lead. 22 to 17. 8 minutes left. then after a. sanders and demaryious thomas called for the ball more this week. i'll be it in a polite way. trevor siemian delivered. >> . 4 touch downs. and no interceptions. incredible effort.
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guys missing. counting on some young players. they came in played well. tough day to play. very warm. another grinder like last week. we were at our best late. very proud of the team. >> . tough place to play. against a tough team. the team is tougher than the environment. we expected that. hats off to our guys handling the noise. >> it was a good team win for us. >> . obviously very excited. yeah. if the broncos were defensively over the last game and a half. they were probably more sold today. forcing a couple turn overs and only allowing 17 points. >> . ray had a career night. 3 sacks. line backer said on his fantasy
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adjustments going into this one. >> . that pass caught. and the ball knocked 3. on a jarring hit. >> . i had aj green on my team. i benched him today. i knew he was going against the no fly zone. >> . we made our adjustments. everybody on the same page. and we came out and executed. >> another step on game 3. we have a long season left. >> >> it was a very happy locker room. the media room was adjacent. wewepbgd hear the cheers. yells. excited bunch after this one. the first road win. in a good test for the denver broncos. >> . all right. i'm sure trevor siemian was leading the cheers. checking the west. raiders at tennessee. >> . looking to wipe out a 3 to
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taking the rock home from 22 yards out. mid way through the first. oakland adding ten more in the second. car not as prolific through the air today. effective when he had today. >> . had to be. >> . raiders win with defense. on the road. they improve to two and one. with their both of their wins in fact coming away from oakland. >> chargers lost to the colts. today. 26 to 22. on a late touch down pass from andrew luck they fall to one and two. chiefs meanwhile hosting the jets. off to an awfully good start. >> . up ten after a field tkwoel in ensuing kick off. the jets will cough it up. the chiefs are up by 17. they. jets were picked twice in the end zone.
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head shaking 8 turn overs. that's 8. >> . daniel murphy of the gnats battles a leg injury. that ahrued him to only take 2 at bats in the last 6 games. dj keeps plugging. two hits today. hitting 350. 3 points clear of murphy. with a week to go in the race. rockies and dodgers playing into extra innings. >> . horrifying news. pitcher in baseball. died in a boat accident this morning. officials say excessive speed was to be blamed. the boat. he and two others were riding in. hit a. 16 game winner was about to become a father for the first time. >> . officials determined trama from the impact killed him. instead of drowning.
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>> from the you have to be kidding me files. right. comes word that lsu fired miles as their football coach. after a loss to auburn yesterday. and a two and two start. he went only 75 and 18 in the hr*efb eleven plus seasons. he'll be replaced by ed. >> can't imagine he'll be out of work foron work quickly. >> . he'll be in demand. >> . of course we'll continue to celebrate the broncos win. 3 and 0. we'll be back here for the news
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(groaning softly) okay, who'd like to start us off with show-and-tell? stewie? yes, today i brought in my mother's driver's license. now, if you look closely, she's clearly drunk. you could put a breathalyzer up to that photo and she'd get a dui. ha-ha, stewie's naked! what?! (laughter) oh, my god! don't look! don't look! cell phones down! cell phones down! (ominous music playing) (shouts) what the deuce?! stewie! run from the monster. you might have to drive.


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