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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  September 25, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm MDT

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breaking news into the news raoplt. within the last couple hours. arnold palmer has died. one of the sports biggest icons. he won the 1960 u.s. open. seen here in denver. erasing a 7 stroke deficit in the final round. he was wubdz one of the greatest in the game. known as the king. first person to win 4 times at the masters.
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we'll have much more reaction coming up in sports. >> . now to the other top story. a woman saved by her neighbor. after she is nearly stabbed to death. >> this happening weld county. the neighbors used garden tools to keep her safe. until deputies arrived. >> .
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a.m. we're told it was a chaotic scene. and that woman was air lifted to denver health. as you can see. the weld county mobile command center is still here. on scene. deputies still collecting evidence of this hour. >> . sunday morning in rural weld county. a quiet turns into a bloody crime scene. >> emergency vehicles running up and down the road. for 30 minutes to an hour. >> deputies found a woman stabbed multiple neighbors describe it as an
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it's between two homes. both of those neighbors did not want to go on camera. people in the area say this is not the first time the campers have caused a problem. >> . deputies say they plan to release more information. from their investigation. tomorrow. the suspects has been identified as 41 year-old joh both the victim and are expected to survive. and he will be heading to jail. right after he's released from denver health. >> turning now to the denver pwrob koes. the defending super-bowl champs are off to a 3 and 0 start. >> . nice ring to it. broncos kpwot got it done today in cincinnati. behind the talents of trevor
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4 touch downs. 0 interceptions. which by the way is a record. for player making his first career road trip. to put up those numbers. the team he did it against. no slouch either. going into play the ben gals hadn't lost a home game in the month of september in five straight seasons. touch down trevor siemian about to change that. >> . >> trailing now 17 to 16. engineers a drive in which he was 8 23-r 8 for -l 8 pass. capped off by this. a red zone touch down. back in front 22 to 17. and now the next possession same
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going up top to demaryious thomas. and he's got him. both dt and sanders. over a hundred yards receiving on the day. >> . the broncos weren't perfect tonight. that i found a way to win. more po*rpbtly they got their groove back in the red zone. with trevor siemian leading the way. >> the broncos were sweating in cincinnati >> they came out and hit us in the mouth a bit. it was a dog fight. >> in his first road test. trevor siemian took control. finishing with a record performance. >> .
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for. and they finished it today. and that's a huge step for the team. >> . he has a misdemeanor. he's calm. under control. >> . without ware. ray took quarter back down 3 times a career night for ray. showcasing the depth on this denver defense. >> . they are on the road next week against the tampa bay buccaneers. >> . looking to go 4 1k3 4 and 0 against the bucks.
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all right. thanks. >> . happening now. arapahoe road is back open. under i 25. after c-dot had the close it because of a bridge demolition. scheduled to stay close until tomorrow morning. it reopened at 9:30. last night. right now c-dot crews are in the middle of a large scale construction project in the area. the b line is till out of service. that line runs from union station. to west minister. rtd suspended is was this waoepbgd because c-dot is doing construction on federal boulevard. in west minister. buss will continue to shuttle b line riders at union station. and the west minister station. >> . across america tonight. the suspect in a deadly washington state mall shooting is behind bars. arrested last night. almost 24 hours after police say he opened fire. inside of a macy's department store. an hour north of seattle. hundreds of officers from 27 agencies were looking for the suspect. investigators tracked him down. after identifying his car
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they say he acted quote zombie like during the arrest. his first court appearance will be tomorrow. >> . we turn to iowa now. thousands of people are working together to prepare for rising flood waters there. the water level pressed to 98 feet on the cedar river. drew due to heavy rains recently. >> people are putting up sandbags. some cars were completely ruined. utilities are shut off for two hundred homes. city officials are working on getting people out of damaged areas. as they move into the recovery faze.
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>> lies so much. that clinton won't have enough time to keep calling him out. instead he says fact checking trump should be the moderators job. >> all we're asking. if he lies. that it's pointed out. it's unfair to ask for hilary to play traffic cop. with trump. and make sure his lies are corrected. and also to present her vision. >> both are taking very different approaches. to prepare for tomorrow night.
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in new york. as she holds practice sessions. >> last night trump was still campaigning. he made a stop in virginia. for a rally. he also met privately today with israel prime minister. >> we're hearing he has rehearsed answers to some questions he could face. also spent time brushing up his policy ideas. >> tomorrow night could be the most watched political event in tv history. more than a hundred million along at home. >> under 22 hours. remember you can watch the debate right here on fox 31. we will have full coverage starting at 7 p.m. and analysis on news at nine. you can get your election coverage right now on >> . interesting. a lot of people want to be informed on the issues. so many people turning in for the entertainment value.
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washington is broken. a blatant case of special interests buying influence in washington. a draft bill by scott tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado.
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>> 135 year-old church. statue was over a hundred years old. it's been a family. this is our family. it breaks my heart. >> sad to see. this. 4 broken stain glass windows. surrounding the sanctuary. >> we always look up at her. she's no longer there. >> along with 3 large statues. shattered. including our lady of.
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wall. >> we always tend to the lady. and kneel and pray. and for her not to be here today is something very uncomfortable for us. >> . she has been coming here since she was 8. this is not supposed to happen. here. >> you would believe it's peaceful. and safe. >> i wouldn't know what kind of person would want to do this. in a church. >> it's unknown if this camera caught the suspect devils work. members say someone saw the man. but he got away. >> it was a male. started grabbing things and throwing them. in the window and statues. >> . they're left wondering how they'll repair damage to statues that are irreplaceable. and stain glass that has with stood decades of time. >> sick people in the world. i don't understand. >> it's tough to understand how someone has the heart. to do this.
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a church that serves both english and spanish speakers. but whose good words fell upon deaf ears. >> i don't understand. >> kh*rpblg members say they are in the process of setting up a funds raiser page. we'll bring that to you as soon as possible. we hope to have more details on a possible suspect, tor >> the coldest night of the season so far is going to be tonight. if you have plants outside. there will be frosty conditions. all the highlighted counties all of the eastern plains. certainly west of i 25. into the high country. temperatures will be close to if not below freezing. those plants have already suffered the first frost. >> when we have the chance of
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around greeley. pine reu. castle rock castle pines. cover up your plants for tonight. i set up future cast to show skwrou the frosty vs. frozen conditions. the lighter blue that's where the frost will creep in. any time after 3 a.m. notice it growing in the plat river valley. also throughout douglas county. mostly southern douglas county. some of the valleys near green land. even castle rock. down into the frosty temperatures as well. denver right now is and with the city. and the concrete jungle we have. most of us will stay warm enough tonight to prevent frost. if you live on the out skirts right now you're cooler than this. 53 downtown. 51 at the airport. good idea to protect the plants. just in case. 38 degrees tomorrow morning. at seven o'clock. with a clear sky and a light wind. dress the kids in layers. and yourself too. >> . afternoon 74 and sunshine.
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humidity. not even enough for cloud cover. we have a clear sky. future cast already rolling through tonight. into tomorrow. only seeing a few clouds. every once in a while. next 24 hours the sky stays mostly clear. the exception of a brief shower. down between telluride. high country temperatures tonight in the 20s to 30s. plain mostly 30s to low 40s. certainly a chill in the air. 74 for denver tomorrow afternoon. 70s into the high countrys well. except aspen. steam boat springs. mostly in the 60s there. telluride and the southwest corner. upper 50s to low 60s. but comfortable. down into the southeast plains. with nearly 80. we will all be much warmer by tuesday wednesday and thursday.
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it doesn't really do much to the temperatures. friday saturday and sunday. the next half hour, got the dog looking at the aspen colors. >> . looking forward to that.
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this week they got some help. >> . a question anyone who has ever visited fort logan has likely ponders. howcould you every paid back those who paid such a price for their country. today a few dozen volunteers finally found a small way. >> this is the best way we can give back. >> at fort logan and 35 other
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given their talent sp time. to make the pristine places *efp more so. >> . even more so. >> . we're filling that gap. >> . it is personal for him. one of the stones belongs to his grandfather. served in the aefrpl and was buried here in 1989. when he was just a bib by.
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on one day in one small way. they're giving back the few hours work to honor those who sack sacrificed so much. >> . glad to give back. >> this was part of a national effort around the country. >> . we have more information on
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