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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 11AM  FOX  September 26, 2016 11:00am-11:30am MDT

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new information on our deadly drive-by shooting that happened at green valley ranch what police are saying about it this morning plus hours away from the presidential debate how the candidates are striking each other out by inviting people to the event. >> i'm answering this picture of his father on his wedding day. right people are finding it so incredible it is being shared. i think it's a ticket while driving he says he's not going to stand for it what he says it was so important to fight the ticket when he spent more money them a than the ticket himself. >> let's get to it at
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>> we are learning about a shooting that injured nine in houston this morning police chiefs in the suspect in shooting spree is now dead after he says he fired at officers that puts one in critical condition they do say he was a lawyer and there were issues concerning his law firm. the fbi is at the crime scene three people that were hurt have been treated and released six others remain in the hospital right now. new deadly drive-by backyard in colorado. >> denver police are just printing out we are live in green valley ranch they have a suspect in custody it is a woman am tracking of that this may have been a drive-by shooting. no idea of the woman in that she
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idea on the victim as well here is what we have this was a scene in the scene in front of this home as the denver coroner was in place in your denver police say the victim we do know is a man at this.we don't know if there's any kind of relationship between the member was killed in the victims from neighbors reported hearing a lot of noise coming from the home here in green valley ranch. possible arguing before the shooting as well. they said arrived they had to break down the door neighbors are saying they sell police can win site and remove some of the children from inside the home. again one person is in custody. a woman arrested for this shooting here at green burial valley ranch. we understand he may have an ongoing investigation. >> thank you, jim. the key to breaking news happening right now in southern california. a
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out as a police chase about 45 minutes ago where you could see him on the screen at the top he appears to be holding some sort of object not sure what of that is what police are streamed back ten or 20 feet appeared to be talking to him, but it started as a 45 minute police chase at this.some sort of between the sky and police. >> police were after this guy because of the stolen vehicle. he had in fact more than one freeway. he was seen throwing things out of the car. he was the only person involved no one else in the car with him. police and their first priority was getting it quarantined off. no other cars there it looks
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is pointing out police think something to him. they had a closer shot of him and they object we see it on the ground. we will watch that with ktla in la. we will check back in at just 11:00 o'clock. >> we are learning a 15 -yr- -month-old son have been found safe. we showed you the picture earlier. we started coming this at 430 this morning. we are not going to show you now because they are minors. they were considered endangered. they are now again doing just fine the child suffered seizures and needed medication. everyone was very worried about the situation. >> the search continues for a
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returned. the county sheriff says the search for dave kirk is continuing you are supposed he was supposed to return glassmakers on his car at the entrance. he is a former marine and mountain climber. jason jones a good day colorado he sent these pictures over. i was e-mailing back. what are some photos the colors are so
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it's turning out to be a beautiful morning. >> i just said to my camera guy, time, that i feel pretty warm standing here in the sunshine wyman was done to 30 degrees. i just checked on them a couple of minutes ago. they are already in the 50s they have tapped on the 20 or 30 degrees. we're on our way this afternoon here is the 3:00 p.m. temperature think you should have to go out will be our daytime high well aware of is that hmos. we do it again for tuesday only warmer. eighty-two by wednesday. we do get more with a layup clouds on thursday maybe a couple of storms that will not be temperatures down. how far do they go? i will have that coming up at ten. >> we are getting closer to tonight's first pores presidential debate they count
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held held in new york. this is what it looks like his crews set up for hillary clinton and donald trump to battle it out. >> the night's debate will be 90 minutes 66 minute segments with no commercial breaks. the topics the candidates will be discussing have been released. they will be america's direction achieving securing america. all relatively broad topics. to make smaller will be lester holt. the debate is expected to bring a huge audience. around 100 million viewers to put that in perspective super bowl 50s with the broncos to 10011000000 viewers. as ours super super bowl like audiences expected. >> i've heard some even talk about tailgating before the
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tweeted that he would be front row for the debate meanwhile trump has threatened to invite a former mistress of bill clinton to the debate a new poll out this morning 42 percent colorado definitely sliding towards the trump trying i would say especially the last few months. i do have to say
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immediately following the debate you can get your election coverage right now. >> just don't sit at so simply spray flu season >> this post of the wedding back in 1961 going viral because of the way the groom looks to see
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washington is broken. a blatant case of special interests buying influence in washington. a draft bill by scott tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible
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? at village inn, a good meal is about more than just how it tastes. it's about how it makes you feel. ? come in to village inn every wednesday for free pie wednesday and enjoy a free slice of pie with purchase. ? we just lost the live feed of the standoff in southern
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on let you know they did ?- police did in fact tackle the guy he has been taken down as a result of the situation without anyone getting hurt it appears that even more of that ordeal. they took care of it pretty fast. 11:12 a.m. let's talk about flu shots you see a lot of promotion of our getting flu shots flu season doesn't usually break until midwinter it's not clear how long the lasts. medical experts they don't get a flu shot this really if you are over the age of 65. that the cdc says early vaccination is better than not getting one at all. if you want to wait, you can way, but make sure you get it because getting it really is better than nothing. >> that timing is important for that. >> also the white house chief of staff part of a first of its kind religion and diplomacy.
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president obama minute bout them is that it may be a little awkward to talk to religious leaders. >> i am kind of sheepish at around about foreign policy a week after the president told the world when vanity fair he is disappointed he swears is disappointed he swears as much is he does but doesn't swear as much is this chief of staff. >> last week president obama said i find myself cursing more in this office than a have them a i have in my previous life and unfortunately both i chief of staff and national security racers a bigger potty party mountains they meet engaging religious leaders and assessing religious dynamic as part of the us situation. >> i can imagine but you never hear him swear in public, so for me it is just a the hottest the zip code to buy homes in that
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>> to our right here in colorado according to realtor .com number four colorado springs number for my quite a number ten pleasant hill, california and number one is in texas. the median price of home listings job growth etc. the employment and north bend is 3.4 percent and 4.4 percent in colorado springs. coming up, nasa about to make unannounced announcement about the >> they say they found surprising revelation about it. you don't know what they found, but we do know what they did not find. we are checking in on the week ahead and whether or not it will be a fall cold weather or
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>> the new california law is no longer allowed to publish the ages of actors and actresses who don't want it to be published going for all entertainment employees all in an effort to stop it discrimination. a statement saying it is disappointed with the new law because it is all out there any way but ?- that is the growing issue even in hollywood. >> age ?- you can spend a lot of
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>> and and they do out there. >> they do. you don't want anyone knowing your secrets. notice trip i won't tell your age. >> turning this morning just kidding ?- monitors during a game of name celebrity game critic cox appeared and it turns out that he is working together. >> wait a second, that is not fair. they got eight a questions and 45 seconds the two start on friends together for ten years, so answering questions about friends should be pretty easy. as it was. >> you sang a song about it. >> smelly cat. >> take a look at this picture who does that it look like? he says his dad looks just like
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photo from 1961 posted online and it went viral or maybe he is a time traveler. >> maybe. you never know. i know all the ladies are probably saying your dad is hot by the way. >> fifty years ago. >> it is a warm all you know that is exactly what it is just over half an hour nasa supposed not as horrible as this it is about surprising activity on the moon one of jupiter's moons. they tweeted out last week as spoiler alert. it is not aliens or warm all they are supposed to talk about new images. it could be aflac i did not cross them off the list. after sightings have come through these images.
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it is what they think there is an underground ocean on there. it could be they give away to activities with the ocean actually being there underneath the surface maybe they saw the car there is the mission going in 2020 that is why this is a big deal. >> they are setting it now in anticipation. if there is a taser or a jet that comes out of the planet or water they can fire probe through that it is basically like tell what the ocean is made up without of without having to drove through. space is a lot of work. if i had to put up a list pop a list of the top three mars would definitely be in there. that is the only thing i do in my free time and golf.
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week. >> great fall weather and observing whether if you want to take a peek out through the telescope which i also do in my free time he has a look of fall colors take a look at these. this is from our four seasons camera. it's like someone flipped a switch and brighten all pastries if those trees if you've not seen it make it as the a this is a year you see it because it is astonishing and pictures do not do it justice. leaves start falling off. talking about the seasons changing 29 degrees for the low denver seems warm by comparison 23 as the low temperature we have had clear skies putting it
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this morning already at 69 degrees lime and one from colder than where we were this morning to warmer than where we are right now just over the course of a few hours. warming up nicely of september summer which is not exactly week this time of year we drop down to mid 50s by 9:00 o'clock temperatures keep falling into the 40s a little warmer tomorrow morning that we this morning. that will help us out tomorrow afternoon as we get to the lower '80s. future cast as you can imagine from the satellite and radar there is nothing going on. one of the clearest employees scheduled fewer the course of the last month. leaves are picking the western slope still has a little time until they hit peak colors, but this is the weekend to get
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leaves not as much of the chance of rain friday, saturday, sunday. another home homestand from the rockies they play the brewers and are available again friday, saturday, sunday. coming up a man was a very expensive car.
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this may sound a little petty a guy who owns a lamborghini. over hurricane aside you pronounce it? you can buy it and pronounce it however you
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fought for $300 ticket according to the news in and australia the man was charged for unnecessary nice for revving his engine is an do not settle set a little and australia which why wouldn't you after having this current you have to do that. after a two-day tryout with multiple witnesses he won the race he won after spending four times the legal fees he says it is not about the money it's about the principal what do you think about that? i map here. $300 tickets for his car compared to a $20,000 car is like a $24 ticket think about it if you got a 24 jet or ticket would you prefer to go way would you go to court for its macbook like they were saying what are you going to do get it to get every time you go by there? >> if you have your engine the
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she reviews of her parents refused ever parents pull out a list loose to the parents got a little creative, and it is going viral. >> it is out. they have a family german shepherd public to thought they tried the tooth to a string and by the strength of the dog's collar they threw the ball in my tooth came right out big tip from the tooth fairy. >> that is nice. i don't know if i would do the. >> stephen colbert are colbert played a check on fans at wrigley field this week. he dressed up as just up as a hot
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northwest university in second city and said it was the big time cubs fans. how do you get a hot dog from stephen colbert and have no idea until now? let's check your weather one last time here. >> we are already warming up lower 70s today lower '80s midweek we will get it back in the normal territory before we get a few showers and thunderstorms from sunday and cool things back down as he two next week. all in all it was a great week wednesday i don't have much to really worry about it's raining and close down a bit. indigo back of their did you have your tooth tooth pulled out in a cooler? >> my dad did players it was already coming out obviously like that one but that still and
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?? this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- a law-school professor and administrator from brooklyn, new york... a technical writer from denver, colorado... and our returning champion, a paralegal from washington, d.c... [ applause ] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny.


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