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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  September 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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debate night is here. clinton entrance squaring off for 90 minutes in new york. >> the bar is very high for her and very low for donald trump. >> she is a top service for clinton and colorado. she's been prepping for days an that will playoff. the clinton campaign has organized a watch party. >> i suspect that donald trump will be an entertainer tonight as it really is. he's turn the presidential race into a bad reality.
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candidate shows up. does he keep his cool? his recent business in colorado pretty helpful. it shows the race virtually tied. >> allie is with the rnc here i denver and she tells me that trump will look to emphasize clinton's fault second e-mail scandal. colorado republican supposed to watch party at their adams county field office. >> -- hillary clinton experienced veteran to be there. also in the hot seat tonight, nbc lester holt who will moderate much debate over whether he should call it a candidate if they live. some say that is not his job. we need to make sure that there is fact checking with everythin that is said. i think the moderators job is t lead the discussion. >> people watch with moderator will do tonight as well. of your women with the highest
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break in and carter and we will see if that is broken. >> we will be watching. thank you. fox 31 will be lifestream in th debate on our website and also on our facebook page. after you watch guard tune into fox 31 is for them to wrap up that debate including the highs and lows and the reaction. our 9:00 p.m. easiest will begi one hour after the debate ends. >> and tension between denver and federal investigators over the way this was handled. julie hayden is live at the denver jail to explain. >> sources tell us it's a very very serious situation. the federal agency takes -- local just for hearings on a regular basis. they say this time the denver sheriff's department been project were let the prisoner
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agreement. >> amid growing concern over skyrocketing here when used, us immigration and customs enforcement recently launched a crackdown, targeting what -- refers to as feeling traffickers. one of the alleged -- it is this man, and according t denver police reports he was tricked multiple packets of heroin in his jacket. he does to this address as a ca or hotel. becker prosecutors also launche discovering he had been deporte then the illegally preempt. that usb sixth time since 2006. the odds -- a federal judge called the flight risk and refused to release my bond. he pled guilty to illegal reentry after deportation and the stays way from being deported to mexico when the district attorney's office request to transfer the time to come to jail for him on to denver for charges.
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government required denver shif keeping custody, denver set him free. could change robbins told to release the suspect under the personal conferences bond. he did not show first's seventh court hearing today and is now fugitive. >> this were told could have significant consequences. natalie is a suspect on the loose but we're told there a lo of similar cases and the federa government is now reluctant to work on similar cases. . share spartans of the kick, because of the internal affairs investigation. actually, thank you. colorado will implement new rules regarding pot products. all medical and retail must feature the universal symbol on the front with a diamond and th word phc. and the boards can be cannot
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at the street northeast denver. a suspect is now under arrest after a deadly shooting yesterday evening. happened just before seven near east reynolds and taylor. that's not far from the rocky pound mountain wildlife refuge. they've not released any information yet on the victim. they say that the shooting is being treated as a homicide. the feed mill suspect is also custody. they respect and over the equipment. it happened yesterday morning a a hold on wells county road 47. was rushed to the hospital and the suspect was also injured. he's been charged with assault and the owner of the home facin charges for drugs and stolen vehicles, the property. a woman bites off her attacker and now they're trying to track that man down.
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the man walking behind her. the victim bottom of the ran towards the auditorium. extra ice on boulder intercessions this week. another hits traffic safety campaign. officers at five interceptions all around town and finding testing still follow the rules. making sure that people use crosswalks the people who trave across need to -- for 6 percent serious injuries. and even for the most orange broncos fans. here is bruce myrtle. >> the broncos have been underdogs in two of the three gates they played so far. 's will be 3-01-point with the rookie quarterback and an offense of line that is sent with injuries.
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football players can be pragmatic. and the players chosen to execute it, there's always a little light time with confidence. if there was any doubt, no one is admitting it. >> that is why we are here. we're undefeated and we can tak it one game at a time. this is where we expected to be. we have so many areas where we can improve and confronted. we are trying to improve and ge that every game. we're nowhere near where we should be on week 16. plenty of leaked out as the broncos get ready to hit tap on sunday looking for a 4-0 start. not putting the cart before the bronco. denver should be favorite in their next ten games. how is that for let me. >> we were looking at the
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the bye week is a good chance that we could win. a restaurant customer in cash can find the unexpected charge of her credit card. it's an ethical. fox 31 problem solvers making these accusations. what a manager had to say when we confronted her. after very close start, plenty of sunshine. take a live look outside as temperatures soar. we've got warm reading.
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the beautiful colors of fall twinkle in the fading daylight and o'fallon park. that natural beauty is overcome by an unnatural act. >> we treasure our mountains an are parker for someone to go up there in spray paint on them must repent on mother nature in our backyard in colorado, it's not something we like. >> vandals sprayed their disregard. this public parks in the black paint. they take the least for trees and sidewalks. we found another place where graffiti artist used as a canvas.
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camera spray painting crock -- crop outlook things. and organ vandals have toppled rock formation that stood for thousands of years. >> instead to see that somebody would destroy nature. hikers say it said that they treat god's country like a run down inner-city la. >> we live in such a beautiful state. is the reason for it. investigators what you'd pay attention to this one take in particular. they hope to bring in big trouble. >> this not just a slap on the wrist. the cost bring back to its natural state were people and animals play freely in a playground that earth thousands of years to create. >> they don't even know if the spray paint can be removed from the trees and rocks.
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did this, the sheriff's office wants to hear from you. that means it ocean could be profound going through thousand of -- that is pretty it's key. mass is setting the record straight after astrological bends. we told you about this. the update the constellation an the 13th constellation. in a post last week, they explained that did not actually change anything. they just did the math and also reminded readers -- and there is a big difference i
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>> of why we were -- in the low 40s, i've got some warm days will tell you about warm weather. the coldness will return. time lapse will take you throug today. is nothing mile high city. you'll see in just a second jus a few clouds rate they are making their way down the mountain. temperatures are pleasantness pick up warmer today and mid 70s to the south and '60s and very, the 70s as we work all play out west. these numbers are close to wher we should be. seventy-six today and 76 is our
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seventy-fourth airport and 18 percent. seventy-five and akron. here is our future cast not much going on. clear skies overnight and plent of sunshine in the morning. the only place i think we're going to see anything different this right there over the top o the san juan mountains. a little bit more cloud cover through the seating of the day and may be one or two rain showers. anything that picks up once the sunset is gone. clear skies tonight and it will he be cool. you will be in the 30s and 40s self and there will be some colder 30s and the
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freezing. highs tomorrow and i should 24 hour temperature comparison. we jumped up and are going to add another 5-10 degrees and is going to put us in the low 80s and warmer 70s and that continues all the way out west. here's a closer view into denver. upper 70s to 80 degrees and from broomfield to arvada, we will bump a couple and 83. ladies on the east side of town plenty of sunshine. coal night tonight with the chance up went under clear skie and 44. we bring it up to 82 degrees. people keep it in the 80s for wednesday and thursday. a little bit of a breeze and thursday and temperatures are trending down. friday and saturday and sunday all three days have more cloud cover and we shape a couple of degrees of the highs and i can' rule out scattered showers. our focuses on monday. that is when we see a cold fron
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our next best chance at rain. >> workers going after former employer in court. it costs thousands their jobs. this a lot of absolutely to hom after night out. this will you and your car home.
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? ? ? jon batiste has mastered new ways to play old classics. with chase atms, he can master new ways to deposit checks too. easy to use chase technology o master. former workers at the bank safe they were fired for doing the
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and opening enough first counts. >> to america's hottest zip codes are bright here in the centennial state. realtor .com created the ranking all rights services to drive
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you don't need your lincoln and the lurch. >> you are driving me home. in yes, sir. if to wake up in the morning feeling groggy and to figure ou how you're going to get the car home. >> let's break it down. . a 50-mile trip with uber will cost around 56 books, the same trip will be around $87.
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>> fifty, 60, $70 they seem lik a lot of extra money to spend o a night out. it's a better road to travel then this one. dan daru, fox 31. >> who knew. >> you pay your bill on the restaurant and you make a cash tip. someone added another to her card. the fox 31 problem solvers are
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the power of the sun and the wind. it can fuel our lives and our economy, too. over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats to pass the new laws we needed to help renewable energy grow. protecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's
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we are counting down to a huge night in the presidential election. bright now you're looking live at the university in new york where in just one hour, 29 minutes, tell her clinton and donald trump go head-to-head in


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