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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  September 26, 2016 9:30pm-10:01pm MDT

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because i can get you out of here. and exactly how do you plan to do that, considering this whole place is surrounded? that's my problem. i get you out of here, you give me bullock. that's the deal. i get this one. wait a second... deal. you have two minutes. (indistinct shouting) (phone rings) jim, you just keep surprising me. shut up. how'd you like to have fish all to yourself? don't tease. she'll be in the woods behind the mansion in five minutes. all you have to do is one thing.
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cobblepot, get this crowd to disperse, or i'll make them disperse. and there will be bloodshed. promise?! people of gotham! the time for action is now! kill the monsters! kill them now! (shouting) we need all units to the front of the house immediately! (shouting) (grunting) the mob's broken through the front, but the back is clear. we can make it to the woods. time to go. you two hold 'em off as long as you can. and, harvey, no hard feelings. fish, screw you. fair enough. jim, you can't let her take me. good-bye, professor. she's going to kill me. she's gonna kill me! (grunts) stop! (groaning)
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(crickets chirping) go! that's better. just old friends. oswald... don't call me that! my name is penguin. do you know how long i've been looking for you? how long i've waited for this very moment? mr. cobblepot... quiet! so this is it? i spare your life, and you shoot me dead in the woods like an animal?
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but i will admit, that night under the bridge stayed with me. why? why what? why didn't you kill me? i have gone over that night 1,000 times, and it doesn't make any sense. why didn't you kill me? i would've killed you in an instant. answer me! because you're mine. umbrella boy, remember? you rubbed my feet when they were tired. and now look at you, the terror of gotham. everything i've done in my life, possibly the best thing was turning oswald cobblepot into...
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dn't destroy that. ask him. he understands what it is to bring something into being. it is a part of you. forever. good-bye, fish. don't come back. ?? what if an insurance company wasn't only there when things went wrong? because for every tornado... there's a twister.
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and for every tailspin... well, tailspins. state farm understands that getting the most out of life doesn't just mean being there when things go wrong. it's about being here... in all of life's moments. when things go perfectly... right. ?? when wendy's remodeled their grilled chicken sandwich, marinating the chicken lead to overhauling the bun with 7 grains and so on. and so on. because wendy's wouldn't stop improving
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(indistinct shouting) got some more fuel for the fire! (cheering) mob (chanting): penguin! penguin!
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penguin! penguin! penguin! penguin! penguin! (cheering) tell barnes something, would you? i'm going home. (cheering continues) (crickets chirping) next time, remember to water. (crickets chirping) alfred: well, i, for one,
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n board, tramping down those stairs to that dank cave. it does leave one question unanswered though, doesn't it, master bruce? what's that? well, you know, with all this spare time on your hands, how are you gonna fill it? well, i imagine you have some ideas. i do. dancing lessons. dancing lessons. that's right. i mean, a man of your station should be able to guide gracefully a beautiful young girl across a dance floor, don't you think? and i suppose that you're gonna be teaching me these lessons. why, i certainly could. you know, i was quite well regarded as a... bit of a dancer in my day, actually. were you? but i think i'll leave that particular ordeal to someone more qualified.
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alfred: right. step out. slowly. who are you? d. please don't hurt me. you don't quit, do you? i came by to let you know that tomorrow's paper is gonna lay out bullock's story of how fish got away. how she just... vanished while you two were escaping. great. can't wait to read about it.
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you want to know what i think? i got the feeling you're gonna tell me either way. i think you made a deal with fish. you let her escape with strange in exchange for bullock's life. and how would i manage that? i saw penguin get a call before the riot started. when the mob attacked, barnes ordered all the cops to the front. and that's when fish slipped into the woods with strange. by that logic, penguin helped fish escape. why would he do that? 'cause he wanted fish all to himself. i mean, that is what you offered him, wasn't it? you promised to help fish escape, but you did it by double-crossing her and delivering her to penguin. if that were so, i'd be a millionaire by now. except fish isn't dead. penguin would've dragged her in front of the mob if she was.
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i don't know. i do know that you're gonna have a hard time collecting all that cash. 'course, that wasn't why you did any of this, was it? who the hell are you, jim gordon? wait... shut up for once.
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(train hissing) captioning sponsored by warner bros. television and ford. we go further, so you can.
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happening tonight the candidates holding nothing back you have a plan to fight isis. >> know you're telling the enemy everything you want to do. >> know we're not we are not huge on the enemy everything you want t no wonder you've been you been fighting isis your entire adult life. >> from foreign policy to race relations job. >> donald i know you live in her living on reality, but that is not the fact. [all talking at once] >> is that president obama's fault where he you are kerry is's president obama president obama's fault? because he is pushing this. >> the candidates in the and the ringing tinnitus balls of the neck and neck. who came out on top?
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right now. >> what a debate it was wrapping up about an hour ago at hofstra university. >> covering a full range of topics from jobs to the nation's economy to gun violence, joe stn tonight's topic first on fox peaked the debate seem to go by like this. the question is will it impact those voters in the polls? one thing for sure donald trump and hillary clinton had no problem looking the other in the eye and telling them they were wrong. clinton, trump. gloves off in new york. >> donald, it's good to be with you pete petey is that okay quite good. i want to be very happy. >> the debate began with both candidates respectful, that did not last long. >> donald chait thinks that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the chinese. i think it's real. >> i did not i do not say that. >> you have been doing this for 30 years. why are you just thinking about
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for it and now you're just starting to think of solutions. >> in terms of policy, trump promised to bring back jobs by rejecting the obama years. >> we have to do much better job at keeping our jobs could. >> well clinton attempted to energize energized minority voters by claiming trumps trump's past both trumps passed both your comments are hurtful. >> he has a long record of engaging in racist behavior. and the birth of why was it >> the 90 minute showdown produced several back and forth moments. this one, memorable. >> i have a feeling that by the end of this evening i'm going to be blamed for everything that's ever happened. >> why not? >> the candidates divided on nearly every policy area like the economy and how to fight isis. >> i call a trumped up to the donkey to donkey you're telling the enemy everything you want to do. >> know where not. >> talk talk. >> know what
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your entire adult life. >> now the question is will any of this impact the polls? a new one out today shows colorado virtually tied. two more debates remain between clinton and trump. >> donald i know you live in your living on reality you have will have you have no plan. >> look good lets get right to what this means for colorado voters. our political analysts are here. ryan, want to begin with you. towards the end of the trump said his temperament was one of his greatest strengths. did his temperament, presidential tonight? >> i think throughout the debate tonight you saw a somewhat subdued donald trump of the but then you also saw the trumps that's gotten him here and quite frankly it's worked. i think he certainly looked presidential when he talked about keeping jobs in america, when he talked about hillary clinton being part of the problem that so many americans are concerned about in terms of
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he he was president of the people i know you think your candidate one part of that issue didn't have to explain a lot about her e-mails of the clinton foundation. it seems a lot of her biggest problems she didn't have too addressed to you women we've been talking about the e-mails and clinton foundation for months if not years now and i think people are tired of that and i think the one thing trump bidwell among a couple of other things as managed to really realize that is probably old news at this point. >> ryan is as you know the polls are tight here in >> did tonight change anything? >> as a look at the debate tonight and i do think to myself that america when? and when i look at what both candidates did, i think neither candidate available debate to a presidential level would worthy of bush ablution and how we unify our country in a direction in which we can all be proud of so i think there is much more to be desired. thankfully we have two more debates to hear their vision for america. >> >> and the last talk. >> i have to agree with that although a habit to experience
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substantively more than he does, and i think that really show tonight and it's going to go to the future. i think she's the one. >> guys thanks for giving your insight to colorado voters. this state right now matters peaked matter speak it certainly does. and remember you can get complete coverage of tonight's debate right now at on your mobile. also coming up later on your show the show we will have won the debate and the candidates up to the comments they made to millions of americans. definitely stay with us for that. if your car has been sold stolen could be sitting in weld county? >> is stabbing investigation turned up what police called a drug ring and car theft operation. it was south of hudson after a man repeatedly stabbed the woman there. we told you last night that man was arrested after neighbors attacked him with garden equipment. tonight the victims are still recovering at denver health and
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or mac deputies did not think that woman was going to live, but she is now expected to make a full recovery. meanwhile this to detectives have their hands full at that weld county and cam and where the woman kim and where the woman was found. >> lamb swarming with detectives to date yesterday much quieter today. >> after the initial investigation we did discover a lot of stuff there. >> investigators say they found multiple stolen vehicles and drugs inside various tents and >> i think the living situation out there was a little strange. >> deputies got more than they bargained for for responding to calls for help from members of this encampment protected on the cordova with garden equipment. >> this was a very serious situation we walked in on. >> less than 25 four hours later we found some of the campers. >> how you guys doing? what went to see if we can talk to some people about what happened yesterday. >> can you get off the property
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is under arrest and charged with aggravated motor vehicle theft and and unlawful possession. >> when you come out there and start investigating something like this you just look at everything you have taken the totality of our circumstances and that's what our guys did. >> detectives say more arrests could come. deputies confirmed so far three stolen vehicles and there could be more. >> the stabbing suspect johnny cargo but it john ricardo but it was facing first-degree assault and attempted murder charges. he is still recovering here at denver health but will be heading into to the weld county jail after his jail after his release. a vandal or vandals take their crimes the crimes into nature. just an county sheriff's office needs help tracking them down. they spray-painted at least five trees and for rocks hiker discovered this thursday. other hikers a bit hiker said the defacement of a crime against all of us.
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state and there is just no reason for it. >> i love the outdoors. i have lived here my whole life done tons of camping hiking all the biking and it's really sad to see that someone were destroyed nature like that. >> police say they hope someone recognizes this left behind a rock and uses little dude if you know who might have committed this misdemeanor crime you're asked to call the jeff go sheriff's office. this week in colorado will implement new rules regarding pop products. stated with the word thc. every standardized serving maps be individually marked in the words candy or candies cannot appear on pop products. search and rescue crews in the high country right now reviewing and revising the research plan for a hiker surge plan for hiker from albuquerque who had been missing for a week now. friends of david cook are putting cook up putting the
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not see him and when and where they were on the mountain in hopes of narrowing the search area. contact mountain rescue and asked them if you have any other information. eggo cyclist hit and killed your carter lake have started to go find me occasional this family with expenses. a car hit 43 office jason holder last holden last tuesday causing him to fall at his bike and then he was killed after being struck by another car. it is still searching for the driver of that vehicle. if you would like to pinch of the tobacco fund me page we ha a link at now. new information about a disgruntled lawyer who shot and injured at least nine people in houston this monkey could happen than us parking center in and top in southwest houston and then story tops the news across america tonight. police he was upset with the law firm because either it was breaking up or possibly they asked him to leave. one of the nine victims as in the hospital in critical condition, another in serious condition. police had no choice but to
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actively at the offices at which time the officers engaged to the individual. the suspect was pronounced dead soon after the bomb squad went through the suspect's car with a found where they found several weapons and devices. police also plan to search the suspect's house. the investigation is help and without. under the people in cedar rapids iowa evacuated from their homes and businesses to prepare the river could crest at 23 feet which is major flood stage. residents were told to take medications and other important documents with them. >> this is the second largest and most significant flood event in the history of the city of cedar rapids. >> authorities also say evacuation expect the downtown area to be closed off until saturday. there is a curfew in place for flood affected areas because they want to keep people a safe distance away from all of small about.
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a tip allegedly added to a check. >> investigators called in to investigate money at a per woman bill at a local restaurant. what the customer thing this evening and what the restaurant has told us in the past two hours. and a program that can get you and your car back home after a night on the town. and what we found out as police investigated former pastor for sexual abuse. ethical weekend and a nice warm start of the week and the roller coaster ride of pinpoint weather forecast. the power of the sun and the wind. it can fuel our lives
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over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats to pass the new laws we needed to help renewable energy grow. protecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's
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a metro woman claims someone out of added a $20 tip onto her credit card bill after she had already left cash on the table. >> she said she got nowhere at the sports bar what happens or should turn to fox 31 problem solvers. dave young has her story. >> they robbed me. that's the way that i felt because they did not leave a $20 tip on the table. >> nicole keyes called problem solvers. she got this notice from capital one. that's after happen having drinks here >> capital one sent me the e-mail saying hey this is a heads up did you mean to leave this generous tip because $20 on a $40 tab? >> she claims someone altered her receipt after she left a cash tip. >> i left the tip that i felt was necessary and you went and later charged me an additional $20? that's robbery. >> problem solvers prompt found several people making the same allegations at that restaurant on yelp and google reviews going
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>> this unidentified woman denies it happens. she called the online reviews make the same making the same claims disgruntled customers. >> had at the tip amount and altered there is little that you can do to detect that until you get a credit card or bank statements. >> the bbb says that his voice should always is what should always reconcile your receipts and use a credit card when in doubt. >> if you are actually going back and putting in tips that they were not entitled not correct the situation with your wait staff? it's unethical, it's bad business practice, and it's theft. >> again sports bar denied the allegations. we reached out to be honor and got no response. if you think your payment receipt has been altered you should definitely take it up at the business and your bank and if you use a credit card you can challenge any questionable charges. >> day dave mentioned that there would did reach out to the


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