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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  September 26, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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>> this unidentified woman denies it happens. she called the online reviews make the same making the same claims disgruntled customers. >> had at the tip amount and altered there is little that you can do to detect that until you get a credit card or bank statements. >> the bbb says that his voice should always is what should always reconcile your receipts and use a credit card when in doubt. >> if you are actually going back and putting in tips that they were not entitled not correct the situation with your wait staff? it's unethical, it's bad business practice, and it's theft. >> again sports bar denied the allegations. we reached out to be honor and got no response. if you think your payment receipt has been altered you should definitely take it up at the business and your bank and if you use a credit card you can challenge any questionable charges. >> day dave mentioned that there would did reach out to the
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called us back a few hours ago thing he refutes saying he refutes nicole's claim. >> we will of course wallow up on the story with you tomorrow. >> just like over the weekend, the start of the work weekend the sunshine rolling on over the mile high city, just a few clouds often off in the distance and the temperatures got warmer. as a get closer to 80 degrees in south's color envelope though seventies from fort hood and de bad. sixties and comfortable seventies through the mountains and all the way out west of denver actually coming at 76 degrees starting at 42, both of those just off our normal averages of 74 and 44. it is fantastic outside. skies are clear down to the mid- fifties, and nice southerly wind at 10 to 12 miles per hour. 16 centennial 56, city, nine to brighten in the west side of town, 62 in the wheat ridge
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colorado mainly in the fifties. alignment is always quick to fall off. 45. monument hill is at 4615 castle rock and mid- fifties and upper fifties in and around boulder and broomfield and superior. the school good future cast will be keep it quiet sigh night clear skies. i don't think anything changes across the state with one exception. here in the san juan mountains in the afternoon there may be a shell or t heating of the day the sun sets and it's gone. the rest of us nothing but sunshine. lows tonight lymon and wyman in the lower forties everyone used of east of the mountains will be in the upper forties highs tomorrow bringing it up just a little bit going into the low eighties here in the northeast, mid and upper eighties in the southeast and even the mountains and points west numbers will rise at most places will check in in the seventies out there. when we fly up to did on the
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good-looking numbers. we should be in the mid- seventies. upper seventies like an eerie 82 and firestone and evan 86 north planet 80 edgewater at 80 downtown denver 83 degrees. cooler by a few degrees up of the seventies and lower eighties on the west side of town. and if you decline in elevation and had down toward monument hill uk castle rock castle pines 81 in highlands ranch and parker. , 82 degrees tomorrow with more sunshine. we hold onto the 80's right to thursday from 82 to 80 and back to 80 two a little bit of a breeze. then friday saturday and sunday those days will all have a 10 percent chance for a light shower out their there and each day we will watch those temperatures go down into the 70's. 74 by this time next week and we
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monday night but i think that's our next best chance for rain and it is beyond the seven-day forecast. >> how fall. >> how fall -ish. >> i think well of will look at well of net temperatures of the middle of next week highs in the fifties. >> don't mention love. let us leave it to our imagination. coming home tonight given home safe after a getting home safe after a night out on the town he would keep you the simple solution that makes you leave your car >> plus problem solvers continue our investigation into a local church. details we found out up after one pastor was accused of sexual abuse. and the legacy arnold
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with all the ride apps available there is no reason to drink and drive of course. >> sometimes the downside is living a car behind. we found a solution to macbook, lift, sidecar and of course all dll. all ride services to drive you around when you can't or shouldn't. the only problem is you get home safely but you're a second most to a second most valuable possession gets left behind. what you need is a designated driver even if you have to pay for it. enter bemydd .com. >> even have a show for
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by using your own vehicle. >> bemydd's main selling point as he don't leave your link and in the lurch. >> let me get this straight. you are driving me home in my car. >> yes sir. i'll toward? >> do i need it? >> if you're worried about vandalism damage or parking if to wake up in the morning feeling groggy and you have to figure out how you're going to get the car >> a 15-mile trip with google cost around 56 bucks. the same trip with bemydd will be around $77 but unlike huber, you your beloved buick is home with you. >> we can it assure customers and drivers have insurance and bemydd carries a $1 million commercial auto policy. >> 56 he even $70 may seem like a lot of extra money to spend on
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road to travel them this one. >> is a great concept for sure. >> if you have a point outlived that by the way. >> is stan. >> is never know what to expect. >> only thing worse than one damage to or better. >> or three or four. tonight with telling the truth. >> our local body language expert will let you know if the candidates are being honest. she is fascinating. solvers uncovered about a local church where some leaders have
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numeric need details tonight thorton churches assistant pastor turned himself police accused of sexually assaulting a 12 -year-old girl. >> now a copy by votes copy bible searching burton has canceled all bible service for this week as a into allegations of whether there had pastor tried to cover up that sexual abuse case. documents show that the head pastor knew about it in july but when we pressed among him on the issue he told us he didn't find out until last week. ashley michaels has been following this and has this problem solvers updates. >> is important to know when a
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suspected child abuse because of the pastor knew about attended and reported, it could be a crime so we wanted to know when was the first time and a copy leader knew about these allegations. >> last week we aired a story alleging the head pastor at a copy bible church in this former associate pastor bob wyatt pastor bob wyatt was accused of having sex with a 12 field churchgoer. he told us he didn't know even the police documents say he did. after it aired, ferguson wrote a memo t in the mama we have obtained he said it a microphone conversation with a reporter from fox 31 when he answered her question about when the leadership knew i said it was when the arrest was made. i began my sentence with quote the other elders but that part was edited out. who we do have the edit for adequate time for tonight's who want to will additionally who want to show you the unedited version of that portion of the phone conversation. >> you are saying that us church leaders did not know that it was a sexual assault against a child.
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the lengthy i'm just now on the highway here and that's kind of the elders estimate that won the elders when the leadership of the church discovered that he was that it was sexual assault on a child that happened the day of the arrest. that's when that came out. >> so yesterday? >> yes yesterday he could since ferguson is the head of agape church it was our understanding that when we asked wh church leaders know, his answer was referring to himself to. the rest of ferguson's letter to the congregation this weekend goes on to support that. he wrote i knew she wanted to know when i found out and i had been advised by our lawyer not to discuss that in the press so i just got flustered and tried to divert the something i did want to talk about rather than answer her question. ferguson apologized to his church for the misleading statement but still never answered the question when did
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abuse. >> bergeson sent us a separate statement over the weekend clarifying that he knew about the accusations of abuse before the other church leaders knew and that under colorado law he believed he was not legally obligated to report the crime. >> much more that story still to come. police say a suspect is now under arrest after a deadly shooting over the weekend. it happens sunday just before 7 p.m. near east randolph place place in chambers not far from rocky mount national wildlife re investigators have not released information on the victim but they said this morning it is being treated as a homicide of the female suspect is in custody. a woman fights off an attacker on boulder campus. investigators say the victim told them she was walking along university avenue around 1 a.m. yesterday when she noticed a man walking behind her. she says he put his arm around her, grabbed her shirt, pulled the right to the ground. the victim for him off and he ran toward mac. >> reporter: editorial.
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coming up with cu for a heads-up traffic safety campaign heads-up traffic safety campaign. offices are stranded at five intersections a station that should save five intersections around town to find drivers cyclists and pedestrians who don't follow the rules so they can be sure people using crosswalks activate the lights and people living across some them slow down and yield. >> pedestrians and cyclists involved. >> i can see you can see you doing that and least enhance the individual's ability to avoid the accident and where hoping to long term reduce the number of fatalities. >> pedestrians and cyclists involved in eight build a pedestrian traffic accidents that result in. >> tv ghost did not want you to get to that scripps. coming up this evening hottest zip code. >> wearing our state you can find some of the hottest real estate market in the country. >> and the discovery happening
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solar system. what scientists say they've they found. the power of the sun and the wind. it can fuel our lives and our economy, too. over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry,
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so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats to pass the new laws we needed to help renewable energy grow. protecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's
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we have no leadership and honestly that starts with secretary clinton. >> up to question two minutes on
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increases on the wealthiest american secretary clinton secretary clinton. >> happened if healing by the end of this evening i went to be blamed for everything that's ever happened. >> why not? ps why not. just join the debate by saying more crazy things. now let me say that. >> there is nothing crazy about not letting our company companies bring their money back into this country. >> hillary clinton and donald trump squaring off at the first presidential debate tonight after months of campaign impart candidates and an opportunity to make their case directly to the american people. they cut off copies of topic a few times has candidates went after each other. >> but this was all about you and tonight the candidate's message seemed to resonate with some of you. erika gonzalez kicks off our team coverage this half hour with their reaction began here in downtown denver where they normally play monday night football behind me but tonight
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matchup the presidential debates. people took an informal survey and in the room before it started. with an even split among clinton supporters trump supporters and those who were undecided. many of the view at your millennial's which are a key demographic in this election cycle. as far as moments at the loudest reaction here tonight there were merely moments of laughter over trumps one-liners and action. no one seemed either candidate's performance. many people here seem to be standing by the candidates they've already decided they're voting for. >> i think it comes down to who actually provided we are real statements but what they're going to do how they're going to do it the logistics of how it's going to work as opposed to someone standing there and yelling about you know making things great. >> i saw him fall into a couple of traps and i thought he got himself out of it pretty well so
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rise in the polls because people probably wouldn't know anything about of that is a little nuts and i think he's proved people wrong one on that. >> i also spoke with a handful of people who said the only reason they were watching tonight was for the entertainment value and i must tell you the bar was hot at the beginning of the of the departed the beginning of the debate was up all the without all the way until the end and now here's more on how the candidates did tonight in terms of body language. >> i asked expert tracey brown about the debate and she saw a few things that might miss the untrained eye about how they want wanted the debate to go and even some of the topics that might make both candidates of little uneasy. >> writes from the start donald trump made it clear he was here debate the dominates the debate based on his entrance. >> you see her in her power suit and you see how badly he wants to control her and control the situation in cuba. >> the historic debate had a lot
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double standard that she will go election wants to jump in but he was being seen more than polite. >> what trump continued to do was make continue to do is make himself big he keep big moments and he makes himself bit vague. >> but cowher's a bit when it comes down to breaking down the details. >> he doesn't have the grasp of the minutia. >> hillary clinton's comfort level decreased when it came to talking about race. >> she did one of these numbers which that she's nervous about everything regarding race. i don't think there is a way to white people can win the race game that were playing right now >> and the e-mail scandal that plate plate or campaign shrugged up. >> we saw her shrug around the e-mail question which says there's still a lot of uncertainty about that for her. >> one thing trump didn't like was when clinton attacked him on any business topics. >> as helical one-sided snow from him like this. it comes up when clinton tries to tell him something about
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moral superiority about his business dealings and doesn't want to hear any current anything from her about it at all. >> as for when trump would release his taxes that was answered one simple head gesture. >> when trump to says no i will my taxes. you've got to believe the body first because the body doesn't fly so we are never going to see his taxes. >> tracy said in future debates clinton needs to jump in more not show so much restraint when wanting to respond to trumps commentsnd the one thing she says made this debate somewhat exciting for her tonight. >> remember you can get complete coverage of tonight's debate at and on our mobile app. app at the app store you can download it. i'm just going to look squarely at the camera not tilt my head one way or the other. >> i might want i'm not going to shake my head either ever either way. tonight's new of the home fails off its time that it takes property to sell and how
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found eight oh 233 is right number three in the country at eight oh 916 in colorado springs was ranked number four. one site says northglenn has high home fails because it has a normal larger than normal nasa r discovery in one of jupiter's moons. >> scientists say there might be plumes of water vapor eruption out of the isotope of jupiter's moon europa which means its he that is an amazing feature. also setting record straight by the way after a surge of social media posts after saying they change our astrological sign could. the agency did release a statement of couple of months to couple of months ago updating with a constellation alignments based on a the 13th constellation of the babylonians left out when they originally
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do the math nasa studies as a strong astronomy not astrology and there's a big difference between the two. >> mrs. khalil cannot work for cleo cannot work for nasa medical pros endeavor who did on palmer best. and warm start tomorrow will have the bus stop forecast for kids and we will head to rain chances in the pinpoint
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investment came in at $36 million. it their decision comes as more and more grocery shoppers are straining the store and she had to hand deliver have the rivers like to their home. and independent bookstores do well again according to the association of american publishers but e-book sales they say are declining. however, sales ops by 30 plus percent in the first part of this year. >>is you're driving. what is the best beer in colorado? panel of tasters has a very difficult job of determining that. the top grill in the state according to them that love it's crazily complex sour ale which is acidic and vinegar but with an underlying cherry and green apple sweetness. the restaurant like a beer snob? >> baker. >> it's impressive for what some
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for near and and dear in the nation. best beer and the best state. always tonight. we where learning more about arnold palmer who shattered career who shattered records in his career but he only earned one here. >> it remains one of the greatest come-from-behind wins in golf history and we have more on that and the legacy he left behind. >> the 16th united states open golf championship on the cherry hill close course and >> it was a beautiful backdrop in one of the most beautiful rounds of golf ever played 1960 u.s. open. >> the final day is one of the most exciting ever in the u.s. open. >> thousands came out to watch including bob warren. >> i was 18 years old and i cured the campus for carried the campus for sports illustrated. >> arnold palmer did the unthinkable that sunday 56 years ago he. >> he entered the final round seven strokes behind the leader
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>> everybody was caught up in the excitement and there he goes again. >> cherry hill's oldest living lamb as a wash lamp also watched it happen. 98 -year-old homer mcclintock mount olive lived next to the course. >> this is a home. >> he was also on the tournament's medical team. he said no one thought palmer had a shot to win. >> seven shots behind. but i followed him and then saw him make a series of birdies. seven birdies when all was said and done. the spectacular finish to give her place. >> the whole place erupted and palmer picked up his ball and twirled around and kind of ran around over there, took us his hat off and true threw it into the crowd. >> a fee to be remembered but these men say they will miss arnold palmer more for who he was off the course. >> he was so down to earth new paragraph and world is going to miss him. >> and even if you are not a
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out the memorabilia they have in the courthouse's driver his scorecard from that historic round are actually on actually on display here. a piece of golf history right here in colorado. >> am never going to drink a half iced tea half lemonade again. >> or i thought you're thought you are going never going to drink a geek as in and at it will never trick of the sleep of arnold palmer you should be asked of. golf. >> lets go to our resident golfer now an expert in his own right, dave david fraser. >> on the golf course and for a lot to you know what i like rome all but inevitable attire. with higher back then was so classy. here's ears denver here's denver here's colorado. we have a disturbance here and you can see the clouds coming our way. i will show you where you can see few shows a few shows few shows coming our way. temperatures today today across the rocky mountains pretty
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sixties and a lot of seventies out there. heat in los angeles 99 degrees for a high today that but we had a lot of seventies of the eastern plains in the mountains and points west sixties and seventies there. by now 55 downtown and at the airport. when the head of the south out of the south at 12 5017 food query 655-6561 boulder and notices sent to notice the center of the who would fill some temperatures. in the hunted 65 and a mix of thirties and fifties over the mountain so the rest of tonight is pretty quiet. watch the rest of the clock in motion. a little bit of the moisture bumps into the san juan mountains and way web where pious sprinkler shower as we look it from the setting sun. they're going to bring more heat


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