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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  September 27, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm MDT

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>> breaking news. right now. of a double shooting. here's a live picture. denver police tell us they are on the scene. in the 25 hundred block of south federal. two people have been shot. they were taken to the hospital. police say they're injuries are not life threatening. police have no information ob on a suspect. we will of course stay on top of this story. and bring you the late latest.
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coming forward alleging the church has a history of abuse. and covering it up. a story you'll see only here. >> . the news last week. that former pastor was arrested. for allegedly having sex with a 12 year-old church goer. left the community. in shock. >> . but some former church members tell us they aren't surprised. >> .
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my daughter. is>> they were all under 18. at first she says the texts to her 16 year-old daughter was innocent. >> . but. checked with the boys father. the head of the church. pastor daryl ferguson son. to make sure. >> . he said his son often likes to text the girls. or the kids in the youth group. encouragement and bible verses. >> . according to to a police report. the texting also included pornographic images. sent back and forth. between the minors. >> . it was abusive. in nature. manipulative. >> she believes her daughter was a victim. and there were others. >> . i felt special. that was the thing. i thought i was the only one. >> this girl says the pastors son harassed her through text. for months. >> i was crying all the time. shaking. i couldn't sleep. >> . she was part of the youth group
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church leaders found out what the boy was accused of. they swept it under the rug. >> we knew the leader ship of the church the youth pastor knew. the elders knew. and the pastor himself knew. >> . she filed a police report herself. but key evidence was no l available. >> . but later in a recorded meeting between the church leaders. to discuss the sexting allegations. another story seems to surface. >> . the woman you hear on that tape. is this woman. who says she left because the church wouldn't go to police. >> the pattern of hiding things that should be made public. and should be dealt with. is long term with daryl.
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to go to police. back then. and worries this the suspected pattern is still going on today. >> do you any it's safe. for children. to be around this church group. >> no. >> also in the recordings. the church leaders deny any kind of cover up from the alleged sexting. you can hear tr that part of the story tonight at ten. >> then stole her car. he's held on million dollar bond. and is expected to be formally charged with attempted first degree murder. and assault. on an at risk person. tomorrow. >> . u.s. justice department. getting 20 million dollars to law enforcement. aross the country.
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it's all to supplement the agencies body camera program. >> . large panel of glass plummeted from fifth floor of the courthouse. and inspectors are trying to figure out why. this happened last waoepbg. week -fpt the main entrance and screening area are close
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happening tomorrow. a high school football coach. crashed near the airport. will be back on the field. legacy haoe head coach two other coaches and 15 students injured when the bus drove off the road. driver was killed. investigators still working to determine why that bus crashed. we'll hear from coach. about his return to work. tomorrow evening. on fox 31. >> breaking news. within the last hour. former israel president and nobel peace prize winner. died. the 93 year-old was hospitalized
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>> . last nights debate was the most watched in history. more than 80 people tuning in 80 million people tuning in.
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election officials believe a social media push is mind behind the success. >> . tha*pgs to the power of thanks to the power of facebook. anybody has noticed that banner. encouraging users to register to vote. on this national registration day. we're learning just how much of an impact it has had. right here in defer denver. >> . in just one day. following the online campaign launch. this yore. nearly 27 hundred people. in denver county. registered or updated their comparing that to the same time frame in the last presidential election. without facebook help. there were just 50. a sign of major interest. in a polarizing and competitive election -fplts. >> last night debate has sparked more interest. people we spoke with and downtown denver today. told us it didn't change their minds.
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it's like the lesser of two evils. >> . denver elections received about 3 hundred registration forms. all while people weighed in online. >> . no matter what was said last night. true false whatever. nobody changed their mind. >> . with more debates left to go. anything could happen. this is the first presidential election. all repbl stered voters will receive a ballot in the mail. from denver election. also reminder you can register up to and on election day.
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now have to approve the appointment. but the move has been met with opposition. cuban american citizens. have been critical of the u.s. new stance towards cuba. and accused the communist state of continuing to violate basic human rights there. the two senators previously vowed to block any cuba ambassador appointments. meanwhile. opening travel to cuba has been part of a normal shaeugs process. starting in december. frontier airlines will offer flights from denver to havana.
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61 kwhers city. aurora. centennial. denver tech center. all in the 60. 64 degrees. the rest of the eastern plains pretty much uniform. until you get up i 76. you have 50s there. couple 50s down in castle rock. and a few 50s as you make your way passed fort collins. towards cheyenne. here's ou future cast. earlier today we did have a few sprinkles. light showers here in the san juans. now we're beyond sunset. those clouds are going tpo move out. we'll keep it clear o and that same little fetch of moisture tomorrow. will go a little further. into the central and northern mountains. we'll wake up with sunshine. we'll go through the lunch hour. quiet. and we kpwet later into the day. grazing of high clouds. maybe one or two showers -fpls
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highings tomorrow. not highs tomorrow. not much changes. a same in the southeast. and i actually think you'll see slightly warmer readings. eagle at 80. craig and meeker at 89. and 80 towards montrose. i'll fly you up and down the front range. foca into the middle of the week. 82 mill kin. and little refreshing. as you go into the 60s and low 70s up towards estes park. downtown denver. again we were at 83. today. we're 82. 83 degrees most places tomorrow. south side of town. looking good. temperatures in the mid upper 70s. and even 80s towards high highlands ranch and parker. my forecast. clear skies 49 tonight. tomorrow we'll take that right back into the 80s. as we stay on the very warm
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7-day forecast. from 82 to 83. you'll notice a little more wind on the thursday. then a cold front comes in. down to 77. we may squeeze out a few showers. with that cold front. it's not a great chance. saturday doesn't change much. ten percent chance. a shower or two. then sunday just a slightly better chance. to see a couple showers. we'll bump to 20 percent. and we're onto monday and tuesday. monday we're at 76. and dry. >> there is now an app for that. >> . the pet app world has exploded in recent years. a new app launching in denver. this week. is the first to provide dog owners immediate access to dog
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of the month. >> . she was one of wags first denver dog walkers. >> you can't go wrong. with getting paid to hang out with dogs all day. >> . she made 3 hundred dollars. in just the one month. she's been doing it. >> . i add my tip. >> the service costs 20 bucks for a half hour walk. 30 for an hour. and when the walk is over. >> . you get to rate. >> you get a report card. including a map of where the dog walked. >> . plus a picture from the walk. an >> . the perfect out for mans best
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washington is broken. a blatant case of special interests buying influence in washington. a draft bill by scott tipton even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible
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new york fire department mourning the loss of one of their own. >> investigator say the chief and his team were called out to because of a gas odor. he was evacuating nearby homes. when the home exploded. tphaoepb other firefighters nine other firefighters. 6 police officers. 3 utility workers and two civilians were injured in the explosion. >> texas police officer out of job. of a violent encounter caught on camera. video shows warren and another officer. approach gills. before warren draws his baton and hits him repeat threu. police say gills had become combative after being asked to leave the platform. warren resigned yesterday. after an internal investigation found he did use excessive force. >> . a county sheriff in georgia apologizing after one of his deputies threatened to arrest a woman. for breast-feeding in public. she says she stopped he stopped her. as she was leaving and asked her to cover up.
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law allowed her to nurse in public. he told her if the son unlatched it would be considered indecent exposure. >> . it was horrifying. >> . much needed apology there for sure. >> . it happens time and time again. >> .
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>> >> you watch us every night. you'll learn something new. did now you know colfax is the longest main street in america. cool fact for denver. >> . it is long.
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east by the airport. to the west side. what's not cool though is how much the street has seen an increase in crime. in the drop in business development over the years. now a group trying to do something about it. it has 0ed into a ten mile stretch. to the west. monaco to the east. >> . live with the story. >> . colfax has certainly seen its fair share of better days. improvements to the ten mile stretch of the colfax corridor. was under consideration. for however. it was not selected. a group of business districts along the stretch. is not giving up. >> . >> colfax is our favorite street in denver. >> denver is thriving. >> colfax is the main street. our history. >> . it's most famous street. is being left behind. >> crumbling sidewalks. abandoned buildings. and a lack of crosswalks.


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