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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  September 28, 2016 1:35am-2:00am MDT

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along with wallet and other items from a locker inside the 24 hour fitness on county line road in highlands ranch. if you recognize them call the sheriff office. >> . police putting out another warning tonight. to never leave your valuables inside your car. they caught this thief. on the 12 hundred block of santa fe last week. breaking into someones vehicle. to steal bags right from inside.
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a cop sprints to break up the fight. within eleven seconds of the video. a second officer rao*eufs 6 seconds later. while most p police say this man continued fighting. and squared up to hit an officer. who pepper sprayed the suspect. >> problem solvers stroll ahroplg the 16 street mall today. >> . we put the walk the beat
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that we looked at. calls for service. >> problems along the mall. problem solvers first told you about. in june. when transients attacked a businessman. we saw another attack people with a plastic pipe. and against last month. this man was knocked unconscious. >> . but now that the city is more overtly beat visitors like the own -r of this food cart. say they a lot of police officers walking back and forth. it seems safe. >> . we are making progress. we have gone a long way. with that. with the extra patrol. >> in the new budget proposal. he'll add 16 extra officers to patrol the mall. with a tote ol of 48 down there.
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turned out to the national western complex to get involved in chair childrens education. annual superintendent parent forum. >> . for those ho can't -fpt the events also streamed live on you tube. as the parent of a new student. they do a good job of keep you informed. getting you involved.
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now prop solvers consumer alert. ty son foods recalling chicken nuggets. because they may have piece of plastic inside. >> . problem was found after they got customer complaints.
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from a round plastic rod that was on the production line. no illnesses have been reported. >> . kicking off your health headlines. high highlands ranch give yourself a pat on the back. ranked the healthiest town in america. >> . part of its best places to live report. saying they have the lowest adult obesity rate in the country. coming in second for the healthiest play lace place to live. hawaii. and third. green witch connecticut. >> . all right. also new tonight. a study claims that while morning sickness may make you miserable in the early months. it signals your babe baby is healthy and normal.
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at one time. they made us laugh. >> somewhere along the line. clowns became scary. and lately have become the vehicle for threats of violence. nationwide. >> .
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threat -fts a hoax. not credible. a reposting on facebook by a 15 year-old boy. >> immediately the police began working with us. on bumping up security. at the schools that were particularly mentioned. >> the clown has become a popular face to deliver the message of violence. >> it's the same dynamic as terrorism. >> clinical psychologist says hiding behind a mask like a clown. gives the feeling of power. and >> it's just that much easier. to spread the fear.
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expect cool new images from the hubl space telescope. this colorful photograph is showing the fiery demise of a
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i opened the box. >> instead. she found nearly five thousand dollars. in cash.
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restaurants misplaced deposit money. she held onto the loot. until she could get a hold of the office. and her honesty earned her a treasure of her own. a paid week of vacation. and free pizza. for a year. >> . she's got to go spend the money to work it off. >> . two storm systems. this one you can clearly see. over the great lakes. and spinning in arizona. we're caught in between the to two of them. >> . the sunshine we enjoyed today. will return tomorrow. and so will the warm temperatures speaking of which. look at the warm temperatures. not only through the midwest and across denver. running all the way 80 degree readings. into billings montana.
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air is very comfortable. at 53 castle rock. match that in georgetown. 55 up in the greeley area. 60 in fort morgan. southeast colorado. where it was warm today. still reporting the warmest temperature. 65 pueblo. same down towards getting close to 70. we're looking at 69. out in grand junction. future cast again because we're between two storm systems. not much changes. we'll see high clouds cover. through the central and northern mountains tomorrow. an area of green leer. a sprinkle or light shower. way up high. most places will stay dry. return the 80s to the eastern plain. mid 80s the warmest in the southeast. close if not warmer than where you were today. in the mountains and points
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>> 69 degrees. we'll drop that. in the morning. down to about 49 to 50 degrees. sun coming up. kw-bgly through the lunch hour. and afternoon. into the 80s. from denver we'll sao some of the high clouds off over the mountains. bus stop forecast. 58. mild start. warm day. the kids make their way home. break down the temperatures if you're heading out first thing. 54. 75 at lunch. forecast high at 82. >> . your 7-day forecast at ten o'clock. we'll get back into fall. as the temperatures start to cool off. >> . we're still talking about pizza.
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in their hearts. it is a signature statement. to them. we really can stand toe to toe with heavy weight programs. >> . >> delivered the huge knock out punch to oregon. at oregon. now they get a chance to knock off the other oregon pack team. oregon state comes to town. after the win against the ducks cu record is sitting pretty. 3 and one. 3 wins away from becoming bowl eligible -r already. getting votes for the top 25 poll. something they haven't been apart of since 2005. >> . finally throwing some punches with the big guys. the key is maintain the momentum. especially against a not so good oregon state team. almost a two touch down under dog to the buffs.
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kick off saturday from boulder. set for 12:30.
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this was all canada. >> . the nice goal. canada takes game one -fpl final score. 3 to one. >> there's the goal there. 3 to one canada. over europe. >> finally here. biggest error of the night. at the yankees game. in the stands. searching for. any idea. >> . foul ball. >> a diamond ring. the entire. look at the poor guy. devastated. guess what they found it. in his coat pocket -fpt the whole time. it had fallen out of the box. into the jacket pocket. an usher got the jacket and looked through it. and said it's right here. the whole time. she did say yes. >> . we have seen a lot of ballpark proposals. >> .
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judge lynn: today on "divorce court"... rice: today, what i would like to the judge to do is actually just kind of talk some sense into francine and help her understand that just because her friends and everybody around us is getting married, that we shouldn't just necessarily rush into that situation. monroy: i want to get married. i want to have kids, in that order, not just however it happens, when it happens. ating. so, in order for us to move forward with some stability, she has to get over it and get past it. monroy: i thought everything was great, and then he just cheated, and i found out about. it was a slap in the face. rice: we've come this far, and at this point, if it doesn't work, then we'll have to end the relationship. ? catalano: "divorce court" is now in session. judge lynn: good day, ladies and gentlemen. i'm here today with sandra monroy and cortes rice.


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