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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  September 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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hours. before finally reaching their verdict this afternoon. >> . we were in the courtroom. when 28 year-old learned his fate. joining us live now. >> . >> it took a long time. the jury today did find him guilty of 14 counts including 3 counts of first degree murder. 3 count of attempted first degree murder. that first degree murder conviction carries a life in prison sentence. without parole. that means he will die in for killing 21 year-old cadet. >> . he was a brand new cadet. with colorado state patrol. a 21 year-old still in the academy. his whole career ahead of him. >> that career ended may 23. 20 15. his first day in the field. when this man. 28 year-old christopher led troopers on a high speed chase. he was high on meth. when he sped through a crash scene.
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trooper. on wednesday he paid for his actions. he was convicted of multiple counts of murder. >> his family fought back tears while surrounded by a sea of blue. >> he showed little emotion. >> rushing sur survived but was badly injured and has yet to return to full-time work.
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two, 6 year-old students shot. one in the leg. the other in the foot. the teacher listed in good condition. the other 6 year-old boy flown to south carolina. in critical condition.
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believe to have shot and killed his 47 year-old father. before going to a nearby elementary school. unclear if he knew any of the school victims or his motive. kids were outside on the play tkwroupbd. the ground. the gunman started firing. and never entered the school. if not for the quick actions of an aupb armed tpaof. >> more questions to be answered. tha*urpbg. >> . eleven year-old boy is hospitalized in critical but stable condition. after being hit by a car this morning. on the way to school.
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hitchhiker was formally charged with attempted murder. as an adult today. >> . he assaulted 71 year-old. in her home. in bould so he could steal her car. he's building being held on a million dollars pwopbld right now. ( we are waiting to learn more information about several drug busts. dea says they carried out search warrants in five counties that includes el paso. krouly and powers. >> . you can see the plants they discovered in the photographs.
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in fact. back on the field right now. he hasn't returned to class. just yet. as you can see they're off in the distance. the football team practicing here at legacy high school. the coach suffered 3 facial fractures. and a concussion. he was in the hospital for 3 days. sitting towards the tpropt of the bus. when it veered towards a ramp support pillar. on september eleven. all of the students and coaches
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hospitals. one coach is still in the hospital. >>
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missing hiker. failed to turn up any sign of the man. 49 year-old mis-ing for one week. after heading out to summit 14ers. in the area. about 20 people from search and rescue across the state headed out in serge serge of cook. a former ma lean. described a former marine. described as an expert mountain near. >> . according to to the denver post. incident at the pueblo regional center included a resident rf soda. and another burned with a blow-dryer. staffers question about word scratched into other residents skin. and blame the markings on paranormal activity.
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matter of weeks. while clinton hasn't held a rally since august. another sign trump is making colorado voters a priority. his campaign just spent two million dollars on a tv adhere in the state. >> really big inconvenience for drivers on the south end of town. mississippi shut down between broad way and santa fe. for storm suer improvement. and utility work. it will remain in effect through nec next tuesday. >> . trevor siemian isn't getting too excited about his record performance. >> . there's no question the broncos quarter back has earned player of the week honors. with over 3 hundred yard. 4 touch downs and no interceptions -fpt he's the first player to ever have those kaoeudz of numbers. in his first road game.
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he doesn't really want to talk about it. >> it's another day at the office for whereon broncos quarter back. who doesn't get too fired up over much. a few things that do get him revved up include a popular chicago based hot dog joint. baseball. and of course. >> winning football games. >> thankfully his teammates are willing to talk. giving us a little more insight into one of the best players in the leag >> . most people don't realize trevor siemian is. >> hilarious. he's such a good goof ball. >> . so. it takes pride. what we do and what we put out. >> .
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people outside of the broncos locker room. these guys have seen this type of player before. >> . it amazes me. how much he can remind you of peyton manning. >> . he's funny. who knew. . he doesn't seem it.
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in one door - a member of congress. out another - a high-paid lobbyist. 131 former members of congress are now lobbyists in washington, dc. it's just considered business as usual. i consider it wrong. that's why i'm fighting for a new law to permanently ban former members of congress from ever becoming lobbyists.
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12 horses in colorado. confirmed to be infected with the west nile virus. >> 4 in larimer county. 4 in weld.
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>> . the department of agriculture reminding horse owners the vaccines have proven to be effective. symptoms of infected horses may include head facility. muscle tremors. stumbling. a lack of coordination. weak limbs and partial pa ral paralysis. >> . her doctor aired live in ten second video sequences. through snap chat. >> . ask your teenagers. they are on it. >> it's where the doctor got the idea. to shoot the short lived video and picture. that disappear after 24 hours. >> . even one year ago. ii would have said this is a little uncomfortable.
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to see inside the body in an operating room. i have gotten over that quickly. >> . he couldn't be happier. that he did. that's how she found him. >> it was because i watched the snap chat. and each one he performed. the surgery i was interested in. just made my interest grow more and more. >> . doctor explains what's happening. lessons on what patients go through. to get a better butt. better breasts or slimmer stomach. >> former patient had her surgery snap chatted. >> it's going to help someone else. understand what they maybe getting themselves into. and where they're expectations need to lie. >> . the snaps can be graphic. when they first started this a couple months ago they had about two hundred daily views. now. they're up to nearly 15
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>> . a ground breaking study of a program awarded a grant to see how the preservation of the force and family program. effects lives of gorgeous out there today.
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two days in a row. 80s here. sunshine. and another day which we have a shock from the mountains. of some snow. coming down actually. natural snow yes came on a basin last evening. today is probably the perfect day to test the snow guns. >> winds kicked up a bit this evening. we'll hold on throughout the over night. today we split the difference. between the record and the average. our average high is 73. we did about nine better than
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82 the high yesterday. did it again here this afternoon. thornton 80 degrees. commerce city a nice comfortable 79. >> meanwhile. couple clouds filter through the high can you be country. we have seen it it's hard to see. right over the i 70 corridor. a few isolated showers. but it isn't amounting to very
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early tomorrow morning. so. in reality that's a mild night. for september. but the the kids probably will still need a light jacket. tomorrow morning. a touch of a chill in the air. we get off at 7 a.m. sunny skies up and down the urban corridor. a couple clouds early tomorrow morning. in the mountains and watch what happens tomorrow afternoon. the model aggressive. bringing in the rain quickly. as we go through the mid and late afternoon hours. higher terrain. couple thunder storms expected
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into the southwest corner. near telluride. and durango. >> 82 tomorrow. for the high. with mountain and potential thunder storms. >> really the changes come early next week. tuesday and wednesday. big trough digs in. highs dip down into the low 60s. >> . trough. >> it makes it sound like such a
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i first met mike on a fundraising event to help the hunger in ethiopia. i was an aurora scholar this year. at his birthday party. mike is a very nice guy. he's a really nice guy. he can do 62 pushups. mike is a great friend to the ethiopian community. mike's not like other politicians. he's better. mike's one of us. he's one of us. mike coffman es uno de nosotros. mike is one of us. i'm mike coffman,
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in colorado, we stand together, but congressman coffman stands with donald trump and will support trump for president. they've spread falsehoods about president obama. trump: oh, no. coffman: i don't know whether barack obama
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coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. discover the new university of
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far more late. than anyone realized. >> . i have not met our on time performance expectation. yes. we have concerns. >> >> join us tonight. at nine. for a fox 31 problem solvers investigation. the delay train to dia. we'll show you why rtd already fined denver transit partners. more than one million dollars.
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jon batiste has mastered new ways to play old classics. with chase atms, he can master new ways to deposit checks too. easy to use chase technology
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how that mistake can even happen. it's a follow up to a problem solvers story. we told you about monday. >> . what can happen and the thing to do to keep your hard earned money in the bank. >> challengers in auror received several complaints about credit card charges that don't match receipts. the owner said it's an honest mistake. that can happen at any restaurant in town. >> . open nearly nine years. challengers his aurora restaurant is a busy spot. >> on a typical weeknight. it's maybe 125 to 150 charges. >> . with business he says mistakes are going to happen. we try to take care of the problem. >> several times in the past


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