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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  KDVR  September 28, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm MDT

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ao >> a locally owned restaurant closing its door next month. tell us it's because of a lawsuit. >> . florida man suing them. saying the restaurant is not up to code. with the americans with disability act. the restaurant owner says it's a bogus and he'd rather close than pay the legal fees. >> . >> along highway 285. sits one of baylies biggest employers. and business busiest restaurants. >> . wednesday afternoon. >> but after a year and a half in business. river bend is getting ready to close. >> you can't run a business with that kind of a thing over your
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a lawsuit that alleges his restaurant denied full and equal access. of the facility. to a customer. with disability. >> . the river bend has accessible parking. a ramp. and the owner says the billion t building meets county standards. >> . cane. walkers. no problem. >> the lawsuit says that he have 14 violations. including handrails that aren't long enough. and urinal that's 3 inches too high. and says the toilet paper holder. is in the wron >> . no one would sue someone over that. >> . the guy who is suing them isn't just a customer. according to to the lawsuit. he's a tester. who goes to restaurants for the purpose of discovering discrimination. against the disabled. >> . it wouldn't cost much to fix the complaints. but the suit comes with big legal fees. >> . 15, 20ish thousand range. >> his restaurant just can't sell that much food. so. they're closing. in a statement to fox 31. >> .
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>> it's very it's a lie. we know it. they know it. >> . reporting there. get this. almost 70 other colorado restaurants have been handed similar lawsuits. there's a bill in washington right now. that would give the places time to fix the violations. before they could be sued. >> if that passes. th for now. the restaurant last day is october 30. >> . some new details tonight. federal report finds evidence of a abuse. at a facility for people with severe spwel khul
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state officials say staff members have been retrained. >> . dea and several other law enforcement algt agencies seizing more than 22 thousand pounds of illegal marijuana. in southeast colorado. they carried out 13 warrants of illegal marijuana grows in 5 counties. the dea says people involved in the illegal grows are from southeast asia. >> . the marijuana that was seized. will be disposed.
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a missing hiker from new mexico. failed to turn out any sign of the man. 49 year-old dave cook has been missing for a week. after heading out to summit 14ers in the area. >> . >> cook is a former marine. also described as an expert mountain near. >> . new tonight the head football coach at legacy high school is out the hospital. and back on the field. following a deadly school bus crash earlier this month. >> good evening. coach was sitting toward the front of the school bus. an area where people received more serious skwraourpblg injuries. he was knocked unconscious. and has more recovery to go. today he was back on the field financial football football field. >> . >> their leader has returned. >> . that i were excited to see me. which was a good thing. >> . he's been the football coach at
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also a pe teacher. >> most are teachers and coaches. is about the kids. and it's been great to tkpweuf the coach suffered facial fractures and a concussion. >> . he was in the hospital for 3 days after this bus unexpectedly veered towards a support pillar
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and a teacher. at an elementary school. this afternoon. mother of one elementary student says her daughter and classmates huddled in the bathroom. during the attack. the tph*flgt tors say the suspect is in custody. the death of a man at a home a few miles away is directly connected to the shooting. >> . another deadly police shooting. sparking protest in southern california. today. onlooker posted live video of the incident. to facebook. 30 year-old sister says she called the police rao*eufed because her brother was mentally ill. >>. >> >> witnesses say that he pleaded with police not to shoot. family members say he was a father. a restaurant cook. who came to california from a
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police didn't find a weapon at the scene. >> . they believe these men have since left the country. for the middle east. >> . roller coasters used to treat kidney stones.
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i first met mike on a fundraising event to help the hunger in ethiopia. i was an aurora scholar this year. y. mike is a very nice guy. he's a really nice guy. he can do 62 pushups. mike is a great friend to the ethiopian community. mike's not like other politicians. he's not like other republicans. i think he's better. mike's one of us. he's one of us. mike coffman es uno de nosotros. mike is one of us. i'm mike coffman,
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>> r*erpblgs say for years it's been known being around happy people can make one happy. they just proved it. it makes you healthier. >> riding a roller coaster. may help dislodge a kidney stone. amaze. michigan state university looked into the possibility after several patients said they were able to painlessly pass a stone. by riding a coaster. even this video is making he nervous. >> . they made a 3 d printed model of a patients kidney. put it in a backpack. road dis-disneys big thunder. 20 times. in different seats and
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when sitting in the back of the roller coaster. this therapy maybe a good prevent *ef treatment for people who are at high risk of developing stones.
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choosing the wrong color for kwror house. can end up causing a big headache. when it comes to selling. even when painting a home is an easy fix. buyers still will turn up their noses at the unusual colors. >> . yellow. bright red. and still pink. best colors for home resale. neutral. beige. gray and slate. >> . boring.
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washington is broken. a blatant case of special interests a draft bill by scott tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible
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a busy little spot. >> .
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>> with business he says mistakes are going to happen. >> we do try and take care of the problems that are ours. >> . customers report charges. that didn't match their receipt. >> . i had a 20 dollar bill. >> . he called the problem solvers this week. after her 20 dollar bill. and 3 dollar tip nearly doubled on a credit card statement. >> . it says 20 dollars. i showed my bank statement. where it came out. >> earlier this week. she told us the same thing. >> challengers they go passed one credit card. this can happen. >> an issue in the point of sale system. >> it can happen be when a table splits the check. but the server tperlgts to forgets to over ride the system. >> . if they don't change the table
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>> . he says he rights the wrongs of the mistake. keys was already issued a refund. >> . she called i talked to her. and called her back the same day. and i wrote her a check for the 20 dollars. >> . everyone we spoke with says when splitting a check it's best to just use cash. so something like this can't happen. it makes it easier on you and
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all of fall colors popping out on the right hand side. >> . took this picture. sent it our way. thanks for getting that to us. it was a gorgeous. another gorgeous fall afternoon. today. across the city. we are quiet. as we have been. throughout the entire day. starry skies over head. temperatures this afternoon. underneath the sun. made it back to the upper 70s low 80s. 81 fort collins.
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upper 70s low 80s east of town. mid and upper 80s -fpt southeast corner. with plenty of 70s near upper 70s. in the mountains today. a warm day. in the higher terrain. still. a little mild this evening. steam boat at 62. look at 51. the case also east the winds are going to continue to whip on and off throughout the night. breezy but over all very settled evening. otherwise. we have other than a few high thin clouds. nothing pushing through the sky. rain in the southwest. and that may produce a few scattered showers and thunder storms tomorrow afternoon in the high country. clown sloping from that will kill everything off. before it comes into the city. we're expecting more sunshine. yes. more warmth. a big ridge over the rockies. it will weaken soon.
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come our way. a big trough will roll it from the northwest. that won't happen. until the middle of next week.
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getting comfortable. with coverage. those type of things i need to do. >> . so modest.
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hardware for the 24 year-old. trevor siemian named today the offensive player of the week. all that after his 4 touch down performance. in cincinnati. here it is again. to go along with the 4 touch downs he threw for 312 yards. quarter back rating of 13 2. obviously this mark the first time for him to win the award. he joins 7 other broncos quarter backs. since the award began in 1984. >> .
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these guys are used to it. >> . which is one reason why hetd head coach too took it simple t. shorts and hats during wednesday practice. more reps. less exhaustion. and hopefully keeping them fresh for sunday.
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tim tebow launching his baseball career. today. looking at his first at bat. of his instructional league career. first pitch he saw. high up in the zone. he takes advantage. drives out. center field. >> . his only hit of the game i add. he finished one of 6. hockey is back. almost. exhibition season. game two of the young preseason for the avs. cute right. fans love out there. hosting the stars. trailing in the third two to one. gets it to go for the equalizer. that tied the game at two a piece. now a 4 minutes to play.
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there. the assist. ben smith gets credit for the redirect goal. avs come back to get the win. and tacked on one more. victory final score. 4 to 2. >> . buffalo. today. always count on head coach of the bills to keep things interesting. and funny. today he rolled in on the media conference call. >> . he knew something was up. and a round about answer. >> . he's not giving away the game plan. >> . all right. >> . thanks for watching.
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we drove up to love land to find out where the odd taste and smell is coming from. >> . water treatment manager says an algae bloom caused this problem. and dates back to july. now they also said about 25 percent of the population. cannot smell or molecule from this algae. for me. i couldn't. but for many. it has become unbearable. >> . residents say for the most part. water is clear. but for many of them. they can't stand the smell or taste. any longer. >> it's like drinking lake water. now the city water treatment manager says the flood 3 years ago introduced a new specious of algae into the water supply. >> . that is much harder to kill than


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