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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 11AM  FOX  September 29, 2016 11:00am-11:30am MDT

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i'm shaul turner. i'm ken clark. we're watching the latest developments out of hoboken, new jersey today after a commuter train crashed right into a station. the national transportation safety board launching an investigation. they just held a press conferce sunday team to hoboken and expect to arrive later today. all the passengers that were trapped inside, are now out. they were taken to two local hospitals according new jersey governor chris christie. we're now hearing from several officials that 75 people were injured previously there were reports of more than 100. that train normally carries about 250 people total. they saying the train didn't even appear to be trying to stop. it was going considerably faster
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terminal, that's where it comes to a complete stop, it usually comes to a complete stop 10 to 20 feet before the bumper block. he went through the bumper block, through the depot. amazing looking at these pictures. some of the victims taken to local hospitals have already been treated and released. others are in the emergency room. this just in today a man accused of killing his wife, while on marijuana edibles will stand trial. today a judge decided richard kirk is mentally stable enough to stand trial. kirk pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, to the shooting death of his wife 44 year old kristine kirk in her observatory park home in april of 2014. kirk says the edibles caused him delirium and psychotic like
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also we have been keeping an eye on what's been going on in the 16th street mall a gc by this picture so much violence of our the summer. the problem solvers pressing police to get a hold on this problem and now time for a check on that report card. let's go to jim. they covered all kinds of issues everything from panhandling aggressive panhandling to transportation some of the mall buses as well as s the videos we have seen all summer long about violence on the mall. the latest one this week coming out this type police moving in quickly with a fight broke out in able to make an arrest. a man attacked several people on the mall swinging a piece of pipe acting crazy. the video went viral around the country giving denver a bad name. added more police patrolled a private security firm some of the people this morning say they think things have gotten better
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five years i have seen improvement the last few months definitely a lot more presence. feeling a little safer than i was. i will say probably a few months ago i wouldn't have said that. denver police say they believe more patrols will work they also think walking the beat with mental health professionals will be an added plus. that's a possibility for the mall in the future. on the mall, jim ho the denver police department has some sad new today. they had to put down one of their mounted patrol unit horses. they say, the horse named mc hammer had symptoms of colic after being tied up after an assignment. he was ten years old and had been with dpd since november of 2015. they are investigating to make sure there wasn't any negligence. we're learning today that palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas is planning to attend the funeral for shimon peres. peres was a former prime minister and president. he died yesterday at the age of
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according to the times of israel a senior palestinian official says abbas wants to send a strong message of peace, and to appreciate the actions of peaceful men like peres. peres was considered one of israel's founding fathers and spent his life dedicated to public service. abbas is just one of the many world leaders expected to be at the funeral tomorrow including president obama and former president bill clinton. today, thousands of people, including leaders from across the world are mourning the death of israeli statesman shimon peres. today, bill clinton paid his respects in jerusalem. and israeli pr benjamin netanyahu visited this morning, to lay a wreath at peres' casket. thousands waited in line to mourn the former prime minister and president. his funeral tomorrow begins at 12:30 am denver time but we'll have full coverage of the ceremony throughout good day colorado starting at 4:30. the editors of an arizona newspaper say they've gotten a death threat after endorsing hillary clinton for president. it's the first time the arizona republic has endorsed a democrat over a republican in a
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founding in 1890. the paper has also faced a steady stream of subscription cancellations since its endorsement ran. the us army is apologizing for a tweet about donald trump. they wrote that trump lies once every three minutes and 15 seconds. it was posted tuesday but then removed right away. the army says, the manager who posted it meant to post it to her own personal account. and they say, she has since had her army social media account suspended. speaking of donald trump he will be making another stop in colorado next week. we've learned he will hold a rally next monday, at the budweiser events center in loveland. the event begins at 6 p.m. this will mark trump's second visit to colorado in a matter of weeks. clinton's last event in colorado, was in august. it is time to check on the weather come to one of the situations where enjoy it now because you're always telling us
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we're going to get the rug pulled out from under us. a nice temperature rug right out. temperatures go from the upper 70s lower 80s to the upper 50s over the course of one day for high temperatures. quite a change good news is a few days out. don't have to worry about this weekend. better news let's look at what were dealing with the rest of today. headed out to do errands or grab the kids from the bus stop later 84 degrees. look outside right now we see just a few mid and upper level clouds during the afternoon. thicken up a little bit by later on tonight. should provide a good sense that. scattered storms and friday saturday forecast on the website as we head into sunday. normal high lower 70s. mid to upper 70s as we get into the weekend. as we start next week there is a huge temperature change. we'll talk about exactly how many degrees we lose and how long we stay they're coming up. greg thank you very much. coming up a new law in
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assault and rape. women from denver part of the effort to help make it happen. if you're getting ready to wear those leggings russian experts say you should think again. there's a brand-new trend this
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welcome back. we have some great news. the food and drug administration has approved the sale of the world's first automated insulin pump for type one diabetes patients. according to the wall street journal the product is made by medtronic. it has two devices that attach to the outside of the body one delivers insulin through a tiny tube, and the other monitors blood glucose levels. users still need to enter their
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mealtime and adjust the sensor twice a day, through a finger prick test. a new law in california was put into place, thanks in part to a woman from denver. california has now eliminated the statue of limitations, on rape and sexual assault cases. denver native beth ferrier got colorado to change the limitation from 10 to 20 years and worked on getting rid of the deadline in california. she remember is one of the women accusing bill cosby of sexual assault. california's new law will apply to crimes that happen after january first of next year. in sacramento, a new arena built for the sacramento kings nba team, is the first to include gender inclusive bathrooms. the golden one center has 23 single use all gender nonconforming restrooms, located throughout the arena. they have signs showing a woman, a man and a person in a wheelchair. the team's owner says, they were setting out to build the most forward thinking area in the world.
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in style. first-class. know it's possible to travel through the skies with butler's in a four-star cuisine menu. plus we're checking on the weather for the weekend to see if that nice warm weather will
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i first met mike on a fundraising event to help the hunger in ethiopia. i was an aurora scholar this year. at his birthday party. mike is a very nice guy. he's a really nice guy. he can do 62 pushups. mike is a great friend to the ethiopian community. mike's not like other politicians. he's not like other republicans. i think he's better. mike's one of us. he's one of us. mike coffman es uno de nosotros. mike is one of us. i'm mike coffman,
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welcome back. what a beautiful day out there but greg says enjoy it while you can. a big surprise for some patients at children's hospital today in aurora. some superheroes repelled from the rooftops. they were all dressed up how awesome is that. i love that. imagine the kids seeing that outside their window. captain america and superheroes outside the window. we told you before that lifetime is making a movie about britney spears' life. making this movie. well now, they've found the actor they want to play justin timberlake. the actor nathan keyes will put on jt's suit and tie. according to the hollywood reporter the movie will be called britney and will come out next year. natasha bassett, the actress most recently seen in the coen brothers' hail, caesar, will play spears.
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biography which means it will be really really good. we have to say britney spears has nothing to do with this. probably going to nail quite a few things in her life story. i'm sure they will. if you think first class is cushy a new plane owned by the travel company crystal brings flying in style to a whole other level. the boeing 777 will have butlers that will wait on passengers. the food will be five-star cuisine. and there will be a fully stocked bar, and beds that lie flat. trips on the plane are part of vacation packages a 14 day vacation package starts at 50 thousand dollars. $50,000 which mean can't take it from here to estes park.
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voters in new hampshire will get a snap a selfie as they cast their ballots in november. yesterday a federal appeals court ruled it's unconstitutional for new hampshire to ban selfies in the voting booth. they'll also be allowed to share those selfies on social media. state lawmakers argued that pictures of ballots could be used to help in buying votes. but the court says there's no evidence of that. okay. interesting. you have to have some pizza. some of your favorite celebrities. you have a pizza party, with some of your favorite celebrities. tom brady, matt damon, and ben affleck are offering you a night of fun and pizza. that's right. for every donation you give to three nonprofits you get the chance to win to hang with them. you can win that chance. the three nonprofits are eastern congo initiative,, and tb twelve foundation. you also get a free flight to
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do you get to pick who you get to hang with cracks tom brady. that is something i would think sorry. it's time to start thinking about fall fashion. if you were pulling those leggings out of storage, think again. reports from the runways in milan, italy are that leggings have been replaced by biker shorts. they were all over in a recent fashion show. it's a little bit of an 80's throwback. remember in the college campuses a lot of high school campuses had a real problem with leggings last year. this year i guess when everybody is breaking out the biking shorts here the school administrators saying not again. all right. a father decided to be funny and embarrass his daughter at the same time. he was staying at a hotel where his daughter who had won a
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done her shoot. so he decided to do his own shoot. he took a series of pictures imitating the same locations and poses his daughter used, at the las vegas hotel. and it got a lot of attention online after his daughter posted his photo shoot. she wrote i'm a little upset my dad looked better than i did in most of them. i think that's a really sweet. way to go dad. his proud of her no doubt about that. if he's done it once he's probably done something like this. make those lasting memories. cherish it now. speaking of cherishing. enjoy the weather while we have it yet is going downhill real quick. not today not tomorrow. not even the next couple of days. a little hazy. the last couple of days has been like that.
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as we hit next week. instead of the cool weather unless you're looking forward to fall. the view from first to 7200 feet looking pretty good. see those clouds i was talking about was be upper-level months. sign number one things are about to change. high-pressure in control still been in control the last almost a week and is provided dry and warm conditions. 70 degrees about 3 degrees off normal high temperature bad as this thing slides used our wind wrapping around it will change to the southwest and tap into this. bunch of cloud cover bunch of wet air. that's all moving in western colorado today they'll see showers and they had seen showers in grand junction. scattered raindrops changeover to a rain snow mix and snowfall in the mountains the next 24 hours the rain will eventually move onto i 25. not a ton of it that the scattered nature you are seeing off to the west. that will arrive on friday.
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dry although we are starting to see upper-level clouds a sign the wet air is not too far away. 70 in denver 77 and parker. temperatures keep on going after the early afternoon. the upper 70s lower 80s daytime highs today before we cool things back down to about the mid to upper 50s later on tonight. the reason temperatures are warmer tonight then they were early this morning cloud cover. clouds continue to thicken through friday and that will keep high tempe warmer on the low side. but on the high side don't get as much in the way of sunshine. mid to upper 70s for friday. speaking of friday speaking of those showers here they are. cruising over the mountain scattered raindrops and that friday afternoon and evening forecast very few and far in between. looking like our best chance of rain we sing the last week and a half. we'll get what we can get because we are running about 2 inches behind year to date in terms of rain fall.
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despite cooling down somewhat as we head to the weekend we are warmer than normal. look off to the west that's coming our way that big blob of cold air the blue in that picture here showing that cold air moving in western slope and i 25 as we hit tuesday afternoon and look what it does. pretty well through the next couple of days upper 70s all the way through the weekend. 80 on monday and over the course of 24 hours we go from feeling like summertime it's definitely fall. 57 degrees a high temperature on tuesday snowflakes mixed in with raindrops had about 70,000 feet. that's what it's like. one day it's hot out here i can't stand it. i'm freezing turn off the air conditioning. just like that. if you know someone who says they don't get enough sleep they only need a few hours but they're okay they can function they not be telling the whole truth. a new study says they may be sleeping more they think.
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today, some second graders in parker are holding a bake sale to help a douglas county deputy who was shot in the line of duty. this is wonderful what they're doing. according to a teacher with prarie crossing elementary school the second graders decided they wanted to raise money for detective dan brite. brite wa month in parker, and has been recovering ever since. we learned last week, brite is now awake and alert. today's bake sale will be at prarie crossing elementary from 3:30 to 4:30. that is wonderful news. that's great that he's awake and alert. the community continues to rally for him. today denver mayor michael hancock will be kicking off the eighth annual denver beer fest. denver has been named by cnn has america's best beer town so of course, this festival is a big
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it officials begins tomorrow and runs through october 8th, but tonight mayor hancock will hold a ceremony to start the festivities at tivoli brewing company. despite the christmas trees and stuff you see at the store we're still getting to halloween. if you're looking to get into the halloween spirit this weekend two denver area haunted houses were voted in the top 13 of haunted houses in the country. the 13th floor is the second scariest on the list, put together by haunted it's in lodo, on brithgton boulevard and it's open now until november 12th. and asylum on 39th and kearney was ranked number 7 in the country. it's open until halloween. i've been to the 13th floor. i ran through the whole thing. one of these you get to drive around in you shoot them with paintballs or something. the zombies with the pain guns. that sounds like fun. i don't know if i would want to go through a haunted house
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nightmare forever. before you decide to skip out on the workout be aware it could have an effect not just on your body but on your brain. that's right. according to the new york times a new study found that the benefits of exercise for your brain health, may go away if you stop being active for even just a week or so. people who exercise tend to have sturdier memories and cognitive skills. the new study out of the university of ma longtime, serous endurance athletes stopped exercising for a little while the impacts were more noticeable than people who worked out only lightly. kind of used to doing a lot of exercise you ease up on it you will show an even greater effect. that's interesting. we all know one person who says they don't need a full night's sleep. no problem a couple of hours will do you. they say they can survive and thrive on just a few hours a night. well, researchers at the university of utah say no way.
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tired than they realize, and that they may actually be falling asleep throughout the day and not even know it. they studied 900 people and of the people who reported they don't need as much sleep they saw more of them had brain waves during the day that typically seen during sleep. that makes sense. and a trance. dangerous if you're driving especially. sometimes you go over and talked to greg he is just staring at you. eyes wide open. an abnormal thing to do. moon walking through europe is a little bit more unusual. travis derose spent two months, moon walking through 13 countries. it's great he will play this backwards it will look like he is just walking. everybody else is going the other way. from iceland, to rome to paris and even istanbul. derose busted out michael jackson's iconic dance move in front of famous landmarks and
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his answer was why not. my 11 -year-old wondering how to moonwalk in the kitchen a few weeks ago it is hilarious. is harder than it looks. face is all contorted. speaking of contorted faces there will be a shocks. next week when the cold weather hits will be sleeping with our eyes open. if you sleep with the windows open like you have been able to the last few nights if you sleep with the windows open monday night because monday 80 everything will be fine and tuesday morning were in the 30s or 40s. that will be a little bit of a shock for you. they take a drop great weekend ahead let's enjoy that but it may be the last summary weekend that we have in the cards.
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- a student from durham, north carolina... a ranch hand from north platte, nebraska... and our returning champion, a paralegal from washington, d.c... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! alex: hey, johnny, thank you.


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