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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  September 29, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm MDT

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many of the trains including the b line. >> . i talked to a spoke today. told me all about positive train control. here's what we know. it's a warning system that can control the speed of a train. and even brake for it. for example. a train is stopped at a construction site. on the tracks ahead. the system can send a signal to an approach train. indicating the operator to slow down or stop. if that train doesn't. in the next few seconds. the system will stop the train itself. >> . all the commuter rail has it. including a line to the airport. i found some people who road
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it. >> checking tickets. >> i would say making sure nobody is on the tracks. >> . with a brief ex-phra explanation. they're on pworbd. >> board. >> it's safer yeah. >> . i'm a little skeptical. >> . because i don't know how that could work. if it works so well. why isn't it everywhere. >> here's the thing. it's supposed to be everywhere. the federal train administration says that it's supposed to be on all railroads by 2018. there's a deadline set. however that deadline has been extended twice before. >> . thank you. right now you can head over to or open your mobile app. for more on today's deadly train headlines. >> .
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o'clock. a man enters a secure area at pwropb kes headquarters and makes threat to john elway. >> greg nieto has been getting new details this evening on the suspect. >> . >> late word. he's in the process of bonding out of the arapahoe county justice center. accused of entering the main entrance here at dove valley. earlier. in the week. and applying a lot of pressure. once he got behind the line of scrimmag in this small section of broncos country. history stands still. >> . it's the spoken word. sprinting faster. than von miller.
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he said he was 20 percent owner and was owed money. and told the security guard i'm going to get elway. he was air forced shortly he was arrested shortly there after. >> . he has a long kr-pl history criminal history. minor stuff. but does include prior trespassing. >> . again. back in court next month.
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the edibles kaudzed charged consumers tp-rs repairs. he never did. under the settlement. he's barred from performing repairs. and required today pay 4 hundred
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and surrender 3 company vans. worth about 90 grand. >> . caught on camera. police in jefferson county say this man robbed a local bank this afternoon. authorities say he entered the key bank. on west chat field and passed the teller a note. saying he had a gun. he got away with sa 15 hundred dollars. if you spot the suspect or know who he is. call 911. >> . parker now. police are trying to identify the man in this surveillance photograph. he's wanted for stealing from kro*s cost he cut the steel cable holding a one thousand dollar laptop. put it under his jacket and
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her brother suffered from mental illness. >> followed by violence across the country. denver plays host to a imforum on race and mist trus mistrust of police today. >> . shared ideas. and experiences. the deputy u.s. attorney general on how to get at the root cause of the issue. to help law enforcement. and minority communities bridge
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washington is broken. a blatant case of special interests buying influence in washington. a draft bill by scott tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs.
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gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible
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all new tonight at nine. a local waoupded vet and his wife. fighting for couples like them everywhere. the opportunity to start a family. >> a ban has kept the va have covering fertility for soldiers injured in service. thanks to pressure. and an act by congress. that's about to change. >> . they want to start a family. and almost lost all hope when they learned ivf was the only option. and the va wasn't going to cover a penny of the cost. they knew they had to do something. >> they have been inseparable for years. friends then as a couple and now. as husband and wife.
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next step. >> . family was an immediate conversation. >> they knew it wouldn't be easy. he was shot 4 times and left his paralyzed. unable to have a baby. naturally. they looked into fertility treatment. >> found out that ivf was the only option. and that along with that came a 40 thousand dollar cost. >> they were they completely banded him and every vet in his shoes and his seat. and said well thanks for your service. figure it out. >> . they were about to. the wilsons decided to pay out of pocket. and give ivf a try. meanwhile. they were on a separate mission to get the coverage they say they deserve. for the hundreds of other couples in their shoes. they encourage everyone they knew and met. to reach out to senators and representatives. and last may they met with lawmakers in washington. >> .
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and putting faces in front of them. >> . wednesday night the first phaeurpbl victory in the fight. cock approved coverage for wound vets and families. >> . the measure is only temporary. and they won't stop pushing for change. until there's a permanent fix. and as they continue on the journey. they'll have one more person fighting in their corner. crystal. is now five months pregnant. >> thanks to grants kp stpaepl and friends. and a discount from the khreupb. they they only had to pay portion. and they say thanks to last nights approval. they think baby wilson could one day have a baby brother or
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maybe a light jacket or something. we'll warm up fast tomorrow. climb into the 70s for lunch. and top at 77. by three o'clock. bit of cloud. and those clouds do increase. late tomorrow. watch with me. a change rather than just adding the clouds. we'll add in a rain chance. future cast tonight. at ten o'clock. partly cloudy over the metro
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morning. showers over the foothills and mountains. west of fort collins. maybe very light sprinkles and around boulder. mid midday. clouds increase. a line of showers and thunder storms. to slide on over. so we have a rain chance. to add in to the forecast. for tomorrow. same will play out saturday. sadly the rain chance is small. unless you're in the mountains. where the primary bulk of the moisture is. the best chance for rain w over night tonight.
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80s over the southeast. northeast and around the metro area. we are back in the mid 70s. which is still higher than average. just quite a bit cooler than we have been for the last couple days. 76 tpofrt fort collins. greeley 7. same down into north glen. about 75. metro area. on the east side. 77 or so. staple ton 76. as you head to the west. similar temperatures. until you hit genesee. evergreen. slide over floyd hill. te down to douglas county the breeze could be gusty. from time to time. that will continue tomorrow. >> . castle rock 74. notice a change by next week. this first push comes in tomorrow. stays with us through monday. status quo. breezy. on and off shower chances. on and off clouds. but. late monday. into tuesday. based on current timing. we'll get walloped by a strong wind.
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early mornings in the 30s -fpt chances if -r rain in the denver metro. and there's going to be. i'm sorry: steam boat. >> aspen. telluride. >> beautiful. i feel a feeling the high country will be busy this weekend. >> . is this a peek weekend. would kwroeu you say. >> . for folks leaving denver or fort
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in one door - a member of congress. out another - a high-paid lobbyist. 131 former members of congress are now lobbyists in washington, dc. it's just considered business as usual. i consider it wrong. that's why i'm fighting for a new law to permanently ban former members of congress from ever becoming lobbyists.
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is message because congress should only work for you. colorado start up now connecting older people who want to share a home. silver nest. a roommate matching service. matching boomers and empty nesters together. they already connected thousand of people looking to share a living space. helping people monetarily. and fitting a lifestyle they
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i'm gone half a year. it's nice to have somebody in the house. >> . when you're a single person. and limited income. and all that. yeah. it was a tough deal trying to find a place. >> . what a great way to make money. 4 million women age 50 and over live with a roommate. and that number doesn't include the number of men and women. leasing out a room in their home. >> a statistic that continues to rise. obviously. there's a need for it. >> . all new tonight. a fundraiser to support the legacy high sch were injured when the school bus crashed near di, a. 3 coaches were seriously injured. in that crash. living stone church held the fundraiser at blaze pizza in broom field. 20 percent of the proceeds will go to the recovery. >> . take a look. second graders at prairie crossing elementary. held a bake sale. this afternoon. to raise funds for a douglas county deputy. critically injured in the line of duty.
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to help out detective bright. shot earlier this month by a suicidal man. he's awake. and alert. >> . start early with the tkpwaotd deeds. >> . superman.
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closed all 79 locations. >> . live at the west minister location. after talking with students. >> . it was a total surprise to everyone in this building. first the co-computer system webt webt two hours later. a conference call. breaking the news. >> . there were plenty of hug thursday. outside west minister regency beauty institute. >> . it feels really like a stab to the heart. >> students returning to pick up belongings. after learning their tuition payments and hard work. will not end in graduation here. >> . they robbed. i feel robbed and shorted. >> five thousand dollars. that's how much charged to her credit card in may. for her first tuition payment. now she and many others aren't sure if their hours will transfer to other schools. >> . i can't afford to kpwo any where
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>> now she doesn't know what's next. >> . it's up in the air. trying to figure out what's going on. >> . >> more than anything. students and teachers say. they feel betrayed. >> . they just stop like it's nothing. >> they just want money.


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