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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  September 29, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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lobby. claiming he was actually a part owner of the broncos. where he was confronted by security. security then obviously tried to get him to go out. and according to to the sheriff office, he says to them i'm going to get you. and i'm going to get elway. he was arrested. broncos country is reacting. >> . they say it's a good headline. but in reality this was just a minor disturbance. >> . he'll be in court in a couple weeks. >> . >> thanks greg.
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looking for two bank robbers. just hours after a perimeter search didn't find them. >> . two men wearing black hoods and gloves robbed a bank on east colfax. near colorado. sky fox flew over the bank. rights after it happened. and we don't know if the robbers got away with anything. earlier this evening officers set up a prim perimeter to make sure the two hours ago. they told us they didn't find anything. >> . right now deputies in jefferson county. searching for this bank robbery suspect. jefferson county sheriff office believes this man key west bank. and passed a note saying he had a gun. he got away with about 15 hundred dollars. if you spot the man or know who he is. investigate t-res would like to hear from you. >> . a developing story out of new jersey. a woman was killed after a crowded commute train crashed into the station. some passengers took out windowed to escape. others crawled out. more than one hundred injured. right now it's investigating.
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least 7 days. trying to fine out exactly what happened. >> . crash killed a 34 year-old woman. standing at the platform at the time. more than one hundred o*eurs were taken to the hospital to be treated. none of the injuries are thought to be life threatening. the wreck demolished the front car. and described helping bloody passengers from inside the train car. >> .
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corporating. the 48 year-old was injured. but has now been released from the hospital. >> . human error is considered similarities between this crash. and one at the same station. back in may 2011. that injured more than 30 people. >> . new jersey transit train service will be suspended. until the damage can be assessed. and repaired. >> . turning to the presidential election. democratic nominee clinton stopping in iowa. today. urging voters to hit the polls early. a word for those effected by the train crash. >> . i just want to send our thoughts and prayers. to them. because it's a horrible accident. that ran into the depot. and caused all kind of damage. so. i want to lift up the people of new jersey. and new york. today. >> . meantime. today trump made an appearance
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just a day after his rival clinton was in the state. to talk about college affordability. >> . next monday trump scheduled to hold two events here in colorado. one will be in love land.
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this forum only the second nationwide. exploring issues many here say go back a hundred years. >> everybody knows that's we're here. >> becoming a national crisis. >> . need more openness. and more finding out what the problem is. >> . let our young people get the see the men and women who wear the badge every day. as human beings. so also those who wear the badge can see these young people. as human beings.
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>> new developments in the mine spill. today. senator announced the epa has awarded over two hundred thousand dollars in reimbursement for response cost. following the mine spill.
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donations continue to pour in for a historic denver church. that was vandalized this weekend. >> . >> all new at ten. they are too young to understand what happened when a douglas county sheriff detective was critically injured in a shoot out. but today a group of local second graders proved they are not too young. to make a difference.
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this community coming together. once again. even as young as second graders.
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in one door - a member of congress. out another - a high-paid lobbyist. 131 former members of congress are now lobbyists in washington, dc. it's just considered business as usual. i consider it wrong. that's why i'm fighting for a new law to permanently ban former members of congress from ever becoming lobbyists. i'm michael bennet
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they had no choice. but to rely on ivf. they learned that a two decade old ban prevented the va tpr-rbgs paying for the treatment. the couple has spent months advocating fir change. and say last nights vote is a but not a permanent fix. >> . they will continue to visit lawmakers in washington. and advocate for change. until the couple just like them get the coverage they deserve. and also say last nights approval means baby wilson may one day have a brother or sister.
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a positive influence. >> po*et single. and with adultid house. >> for them. choosing to house share. was a no brainer. >> we get older it helps to have someone to talk to. >> finding a roommate over 50. isn't typical. >> i used craigs list once. >> . they both turned to a new boulder base start up. called silver nest. a roommate matching service for boomers and empty nesters. >> in denver there is a housing
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continue to stay in their home financially. >> . live in u.s. households with a roommate. that number doesn't include the
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choosing to lease out a room if their house. that is a stat that continues to rise. >> . i know a lot of folks backlog -td. wauz of let's hope nothing else will happen. tomorrow. the last day of september. there are storms coming in. 64 degrees in denver.
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this evening. downtown 62. the aeufrpt is 64. airport 64. winds have been all directions throughout the day. dusty from time to time. and will continue that trend tomorrow. as well. 87 the official high. today. normally we are 73. the record is 92. >> late -frpb and early evening tp-frt state. most of the rain stays in the high country. you can see it on future cast. going through the night. don't be surprised if you hear a little bit of thunder over night. especially on the western slope
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maybe light snow at the highest peeks. we're talking about rain at this point. very warm system. so far. things will change by monday and tuesday. however. lows tonight 30s and 40s. very warm. even in the high country. 40s to 50s on the plains. highs tomorrow we're back in the 80s for the southeast. warmest spot there. middle 70s across the northeast. 60s in most cases throughout the high country. kind of cool rain showers. possible. with that cloud cover. >> first minor change.
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tuesday stronger wind kicks in. and drops our temperatures into the middle and lower 60s for highs. rain downtown. but maybe a rain snow mix. just outside of the city. >> . certainly heavy snow in the high country. things are changing. >> . the massive trend. of all the casinos. and providers look at how to create new compelling content for an audience. used to having all the con
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>> . >> . my son would love that. >> . the company behind the game has a deal with. so you can bet on seeing more of the games popping up. around casinos. in 2017. >> . wow. >> . get ready all you monsters. lady gaga is performing at the super-bowl. >> . she made the announcement a couple hours ago. tweeting out this picture. >> you can watch in february. right here on fox. >> . hopefully the broncos will be with her. >> . they're on the way.
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broncos should win. buccaneers are not very good. they are struggling this season. don't expect the broncos to go into the game with that attitude. every game matters. but the idea this is a trap game. is just silly according to to the coach. >> there are 16 traps. if you don't play good. you get trapped. it's week 4. we're focused on playing good again. >> . whether it's tapl baa bay. or the cleveland browns. or the tigers. or bell ville. my high school. not taking anybody lightly. >> . broncos also have ron sropb. the the defensive player of the month.
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>> . a league leading five sacks through 3 games. >> . i said it earlier. i thought he was a lot better at this point. this year. than he was last year. and he's proven so. >> . wade added what makes von miller so great. is all the attention that he draws. the double and triple teams. which then frees up a lot of teammates to make plays.
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as ray had 3 sacks in the game. >> . all right. a little high school football. >> this did not go well. until. the youngest of the football family. returns this kick off. about 90 yards. made it 28 to 19. that busted open the game. sra hror goes onto 42 to 26. now there's proud papa. and big brother. max in the stands. a good night. >> . that's the youngest. he's a sophomore. >> . he coaches creek.
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grand opening day. for a new tkhro*et clothe clothing clothing store from japan. unique glow. clothing. opens tomorrow on the 16 street mall. the store is taking over the space where barns and noble used to be. the brand already owns does -bs of stores around the country. this will be the tpeurs first location in colorado. >> . i'm 16 again. >> getting many license >> >> nevada man is making history. becoming the first quad ra pa lee skwreubg 17 years ago his racing career was cut short. after an accident. but he did not let it stop him. now with the help of his custom fitted corvette. he can drive again. also kept a good sense of humor. he says through the entire process. >> .
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>> . what happens when the officer says can i see your hands. >> . he can control the vehicle with his head movement. and voice command. >> . what a good sport.
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good shave today. don't worry, jer, i can manage these bags. really, i'm fine. i'm letting my sideburns grow in a little. can we rest here a second? yeah, i guess. so, how's noreen? she's got a new boyfriend, paul. already? that was fast. i assume he's not a high talker. no, but he has the worst habit. whenever he answers the phone, he won't put noreen right on. you have to go through 10 minutes of chitchat. a long talker. yeah. he is so boring. but now, whenever he answers the phone, i just hang up. all right, let's move it out. hey, isn't that george's father? oh, yeah, it is. should we say hello? i've never seen him in manhattan before. it's weird. it's so out of context. that man he's with,


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