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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 11AM  FOX  September 30, 2016 11:00am-11:30am MDT

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a douglas county case is going to the u.s. supreme court. why a local couple says their children wasn't given the right education and how the school district has just responded. and some parents in missouri making their children work in the family business as a punishment. the business for this family growing and selling marijuana. plus imagine if your workplace didn't just pay you for your vacation days they paid for your vacation. and, if you're heading to dia there's something there today to help pass the time in the terminal. we'll be checking in on the airport beer garden. welcome. i'm shaul turner. i'm ken clark. thank you for joining us.
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incident that closed down interstate 70 this morning. this is a look at the highway right now. the lanes are open and everything is moving along smoothly. but take a look at the scene just a few hours ago. we broke this live for you on good day colorado. the highway shut down completely westbound from quebec to monaco. it was caused by a serious injury accident. a motorcyclist was hit by a car. we're still waiting to hear on that motorcyclist condition all we know is there were serious injuries. right now transit service is suspended indefinitely in new jersey, following yesterday's deadly train crash. the national transportation safety board will spend the next 7 to 10 days in hoboken, looking into the incident. investigators know the train didn't slow down before hitting the station, but they have no idea why. one woman on the platform was killed, and dozens of others injured. the ntsb is hoping two event records on board the train will give them some clue about what happened. the train engineer has been
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gallagher an employee of the transit system for 29 years. there were a total of 3 crew members on board, all will be questioned. a teenager is expected in court today accused of opening fire at a south carolina elementary school. the 14 year old is accused of shooting two students and a teacher in the playground of townville elementary. one of the kids is still on life support. the first grade teacher and the other student have been released from the hospital. still unclear if the suspect knew any of the students at the school because he was homeschooled. his father was found dead in their home. today a funeral was held to remember four children who were killed in their own home in michigan. their mother was the only survivor. i'm just praying that god be to glory, give me understanding. i miss you chad, i love you man. according to wdiv in detroit,
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family. officials say the children were two girls ages 4 and 6. and two teenagers. they say green manipulated a tailpipe from a car so that the fumes reached the rooms of the little girls. and shot the teenagers. their mother was tied up and witnessed all of that. green faces life in prison. a horrible story. according to a news agency in africa two american woman, one with ties to denver, were found dead with excess water in their lungs and brains. they were found last week in a luxury resort in the country of seychelles. annie and robin korkki were from minnesota but annie worked in denver, at jp morgan chase. according to the seychelles news agency the police have told them both died from having water in their tissues. a seychelles newspaper said hotel staff helped the women to their room at night after they had been drinking.
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underway into how they died. we're now hearing from the douglas county school district about a case that is going all the way to the us supreme court. according to the denver post the nation's highest court will hear a case by a couple that says their autistic son was not given an adequate education in the public school system. and they say that education is required by law. a ruling could have effects on students across the country. this morning the douglas county school district released this statement saying ipa court's decision on thursday is not a decision on the merits, and we look forward to addressing the issues before the court. the state of emergency in charlotte is officially lifted today after a serious of protests and some violence broke out in the city. the governor declared the state of emergency a week ago after the death of keith scott at the hands of a police officer. the state of emergency allowed the national guard and highway patrol officers to be sent in to help control crowds.
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city but they have been peaceful. a touching moment of peace at the funeral for former israeli president and prime minister shimon peres. the current isreali prime minister benjamin netanyahu and the palestinian president, mahmud abbas were photographed, shaking hands. netanuahu and abbas have rarely spoken since they've both been in office. abbas worked with shimon peres, on the 1993 peace accords. today, leaders from around the world gathered in jerusalem to pay their respects to shimon peres. among them were england's prince charles, secretary of state john kerry, and president obama and former president bill clinton. he knew better than the cynic that if you look out over the arc of history, human beings should be filled not with fear but with hope. he started off life as israel's
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biggest dreamer. peres was considered one of the founders of israel and a longtime promoter of peace in the region. he was buried next to many of the country's former leaders. meantime the pope arrived in the country of georgia this morning. it was previously thought that pope francis would attend peres' funeral. while in georgia, the pope will have meetings with catholic, muslim, orthodox and jewish leaders. in the race for the white house clinton is very narrowly wining in florida. every day these polls are showing something kind of different. the new poll by mason dixon polls says that clinton has 46 percent of likely voters, while donald trump has 42 percent. the poll was taken after the debate on monday night. and this morning, the two having a bitter war on twitter. donald trump tweeted this morning in regards to papers that say they have gotten
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people are really smart cancelling subscriptions to the dallas and arizona papers. and now usa today will lose readers. the people get it. that was just one of the tweets he went out today. then clinton tweeted out this is unhinged, even for trump. and an apparent correction to another tweet trump had written. closer to home some more happy news. loveland ski area is going to start making snow tomorrow. there you go. these are some pictures of the ski area testing out the snow guns this week. the ski area is expected to open in late october. for halloween we could be skiing? absolutely. yes. you know that. october full of all kinds of great things including our first snow they get a fair amount of snow up at the ski areas loveland going at it and thus
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it's actually really good timing because next week looks a lot more like winter up in our mountains with no on the way. out here right now on the weather deck some cloud cover and it is cooler. take a look at the camera right no fold up of our denver and you see the one thing we haven't seen all week. cloud cover. it's with us today i think the good thing about the forecast here on this friday is that were going to get a lot of the cloud cover and a fairly good chance of rain and storms out on the lake today before we actually sunday. were in the 60s right now up and down the front range for comment still hanging in the 50s right now. and our radar showing just a few rain showers crossing the northern front range. a better chance of seeing wet weather in denver later today talk more about that and our weekend forecast and some of the winter weather coming in next week. back to you guys. all right. thanks a lot chris. coming up if you're flying frontier airlines in the near future may be able to get to the
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an update on the frontier pre- check situation at dia. another reason your trip to dia will be better this weekend a
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i first met mike on a fundraising event to help the hunger in ethiopia. i was an aurora scholar this year. at his birthday party. mike is a very nice guy. he's a really nice guy. he can do 62 pushups. mike is a great friend to the ethiopian community. mike's not like other politicians.
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f us. he's one of us. mike coffman es uno de nosotros. mike is one of us. i'm mike coffman, and i approve this message. a sad story out of missouri some parents forced their children to help grow and sell marijuana, as a punishment. the couple had a grow operation hidden away. and allegedly forced their children ages 8 to 13, to help with it. the children told investigators, support the family. and even had a sign in their dining room that read unruly children will be forced to pick weed. the parents are facing an number of criminal charges, including child endangerment. starting tomorrow, a new colorado goes into place that puts extra restrictions on how pot products are packaged. the idea is to make them less appealing to children.
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must feature the new universal symbol on the front the diamond with the word thc. you can see it there on the bottom of the package. and every serving must also be individually marked with that symbol. the words candy and candies are no longer allowed on pot products. wells fargo facing new problems today. they will pay 24 million dollars to settle allegations that they mistreated members of the military. they're accused of, among other things, illegally repossessing military members' cars. the justice department charged the bank with seizing more than 400 service members' cars without a court order. they're also accused of denying military members certain banking protections. more problems for wells fargo. a change for frontier passengers at dia. you can get through the airport a lot faster. that some good news. frontier fliers can now use tsa pre-check. the denver based carrier in june announced it had applied to join the program.
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administration said the airline had been accepted. ten other carriers flying from denver international airport also participate in the program that allows travelers to pass through security with their shoes and belts on and their liquids and laptops still in their bags. quite a nice feature if you're a business traveler. don't want to have to unpack it. everything helps. every little bit helps. the pumpkin spice latte is back but you might not want to get one every single day. in case you didn't know they aren't that good for you. they make us happy. and they taste good. will tell you the good ones and the bad ones we take a look at the least healthy psl's.
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right now at dia you can enjoy some beer flights before your flight. the beer flights beer garden is now open. can you imagine that. okay have a little fun at dia. fox31's julie leonardi is there how does this all work? it's great. you can even enjoy some of these beers even if you're not flying anywhere. this just open at 11:00 this morning goes until 7:00 this evening. several people here enjoying and taking part in what they got going on here. this garden opened like i said
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october 10. tickets are just $10 each you can sample some of these beers. there's 10 different breweries that are each sampling to different beers. this oscar blues brewery renegade brewing. kelly ride. look at that one. we might have to try some of these later. this is just one of the many events celebrating beer this week. the real october festival continuing in munich germany. thousands will also be traveling to denver next week and for the american beer festival being held at the convention center tickets for that sold out in just under an hour. don't worry if you're not one of the lucky ones i got a ticket you can also visit denver version of october festival today and for the rest of the weekend downtown near course field. at dia officials say this event will offer bruise from 10 colorado breweries like i
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samples we got folks here checking it out i'm not sure if they're waiting for their flight but either way you can come down here and check it out. the other class of coming to the event when you buy these tickets you're entered to win two tickets from united airlines i was just told by dia officials you can go anywhere in the country here including mexico the caribbean. may be these folks might be the lucky ones might when the ticket. i guess we'll see come down here if you wan10 i don't like anybody will care about the long security wait times after all of that. julie reporting. happening now denver firefighters are cooking up some chili. you got chilly and beer. this could be the perfect weekend for it. denver firefighters will represent dozens of local and national firehouses in a faceoff. they'll be cooking their best three alarm red and green chili
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2p.m. to try out those chili varieties. it's in larimer square. and the proceeds benefit the muscular dystrophy association. you can also get your copy of the 2016 colorado firefighter calendar. speaking of hot. not a bad calendar. you can get it signed by the firefighters who are there. that could be good to. an excellent cause. vacations are the best medicine. that's according to a new study. researchers in london say vacationing is good for our for sick people. according to the study, being in an environment that stimulates curiosity could super charge the immune system such as an adventurous vacation to a place different than where you live. do some exploring. researchers say prescribing vacations instead of pills could be a promising new approach for treating chronic diseases. imagine that. that would change things. i'm ready for my prescription. a utah company may have already heard about that study because
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just for the vacation time they use but the money is costs them for hotels, transportation and meals. bamboo hr is giving employees up to 2,000 dollars. they say, they feel strongly that personal life doesn't exist to support work life. okay. there you go. over in the grocery stores convenience stores ready to drink coffee at the store shelves in 2017. so if you're addicted to pumpkin spice lattes you might want to listen to this. there are some healthier options okay. the most unhealthy ones out there. the psl from caribou coffee has 80 grams of sugar, two percent milk, and 8 grams of fat. all right. the 7 eleven version, is 380 calories, 54 grams of sugar, and
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390 calories. and dunkin donuts 340 calories, with whole milk and 52 grams of sugar. the healthiest one we found was from peet's coffee. it's only 300 calories. these days there really you have a choice when i go i will order the skinny version and usually you can get that with skim milk and you have the sugarfree flavoring and no whip. absolutely. cream onop sugar. it's like drinking a mountain dew. every weekend. see what, i mean. 80 grams of sugar. that's a lot. my word. eventually it does sound good in some sense something like that but it's kind of taking a turn towards that whether a little
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cloudy out there right now. it will be turning cooler next week. you guys know the producer on good day day name jamie in the morning. she called and said she is up on top of horse tooth right now. really cracks he is right now. right there see those little people. are you serious cracks yes. like five in the morning. i'll give you a little lay of the land this is horse tooth and you can see those little black dots of their those are the people. and that w called in. that is cool. good day for that. take you a little tour across the mountains and a lot of cloud cover over colorado right now. this is the view from bridgeway looking south you can on a clear day see the san juan mountains completely covered the ceiling is fairly low right there. in grand junction you've got some of the clouds bubbling up over the top of the grand valley. we are in the 60s right now in the denver area. 60s and parker fort collins in
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moving away bad as the afternoon wears on there is more moisture coming up from the south and that will feed this little plume of moisture that is kind of snaking its way over the mountains. all you have to do is that a little bit of heating to that a little bit and you'll start to see showers and storms developed like right here 5:00 up and on the front range this will be our best chance of showers storms coming across i 25 and then sinking to the south and away. the good news is that will help to improve our weekend forecast. saturday start a little bit of cloudiness but it's dry all over colorado to start the chance of storms tomorrow much lower. at about 10 percent and more isolated. across the mountains. 77 is my forecast high today at denver. 70s in northern colorado for highs. 50s and 60s for highs in the mountain towns. your forecast here today high of 77. cloudy skies a chance of rain and storms this afternoon. that would be light rain and
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over the next seven days here's how this looks. saturday the chance drops to 10 percent in the afternoon. 79. sunday the chance drops to 5 percent. monday it's a windy day of transition because strong cold front moves in on tuesday are temperature goes down some 20 degrees. mountain snow and wednesday kind of similar. i think that could end up being the winter day around here to seven both days you know love land this cooler weather been able to continue that snowmaking. can't believe will be able to go skiing and our halloween costumes if you want to. if you want to. that's the way it is in colorado. coming up do you remember when you use to put the costumes on the pets. people still do that if a booming business now. sometimes all you need is that pat and we have the perfect one for you. that dumb friends league here take a look at that. a furry friend looking for a
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it is time to visit with one of our furry friends here from that dumb friends league with the cutest little girl i've ever seen. so cute. went a great name. pickles. a 10 month old german shepherd mix. and shy side but warms up real quick as you see. really loves to run around and play. and she is so calm, i mean, she said she is shy but a new studio a lot of big things moving around she is very aware of what's going on around her but she is sitting on your left like a big cat. absorbing the situation letting it all come in. what i love about her i walked up to her and she was so sweet and loving and kind and gentle.
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children cracks she can be. she is had been around kids before been already did a little bit of high-energy. you have to she still a puppy getting a 10 month old when you get a 10 month old. high-energy around the kids. adoption fees for her cracks $250. not bad. this weekend were also running a special on adult dogs $10 off all adult dogs this weekend because october 1 starts a dot a shelter dog month ago i tell you forever homes and they make such wonderful members of the family and to teach the kids about responsibility. very true. can't get better. absolutely. something they have their little buddy of their own. thank you so much for coming in today. you said you have one dog at home. 80 pounds. he's a big one. keep in mind the shelter where you can find pickles.
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- a phd candidate in epidemiology from detroit, michigan... a software engineer from roswell, georgia... and our returning champion, a paralegal from washington, d.c.... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" --


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