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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  October 5, 2016 1:05am-1:35am MDT

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>> it's a full pwhroupb new complaints about the a line about its horn. leading them to the problem solvers. to fine out what is going on. train to the plane causing staple ton residents to lose sleep. >> . they want to know why the train has to blow their horns every few minutes. >> . getting answers for us tonight. >> . it seems like every few minutes for sure. we heard one 30 seconds ago. it runs 22 hours out of the day. and the iowa line is blocks from
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problem. in the short term. the horns have to keep blowing. >> . it's a problem. >> . his house is only a few blocks to the central parks station. train horns sound off. in his neighborhood. >> . he says twice every 15 minutes. >> . it's a full blown horn.
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hasn't had a response. he likes yet. >> it's a software issue. of all things. >> . the software has a timing problem. with when is how long the arms come down. meaning horns are necessary. until the system is working properly. >> it's a safety issue. we're just in the final stages of fine tuning the gates. >> . eventually the horns he just doesn't know when. >> . the problem solvers pressed him for an estimate. he said hopefully by the end of the yearment maybe not good enough for bruce. >> . they shouldn't blow the horn. there's no reason. they have a flashing light and
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if you sometimes skip the sunscreen. because it takes too long. a california woman may have just the solution. she developed this snap approximate peu
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button. and spinning. to protect yo u from the suns rays. >> . let's you select spf. and already being used by
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problem solvers consumer alert. warning inhreupbs pump customers about security vulnerability in one of the pumps that could be exploited by hackers. to over dose diabetics with
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america's best selling vehicle under investigation tonight. for brake problems. complaints about thousands of ford f 50 pickup trucks include a sudden and complete loss of
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good deed. making a real difference.
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>> there's an app for everything. even when that tells you if you had too much to drink. now that app is called backtrack. c-dot is using it to make all roads safer. over the summer 225 denver metro residents participated in c-dot smart phone breathalyzer program. each person was given the breathalyzer in exchange for feed back.
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experience. and 84 percent agreed that using the breathalyzer lowered their risk of driving over the legal limit. >> . now before getting the breathalyzer. 79 percent of those participants believe they might have previously driven above the dui limit. after receiving the device. only 12 percent said they might have driven impaired. >> . dealership steps in to help. we have an update on how a good deed can make a difference. >> . everybody else seemed to be driving. while jay was walking.
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the staff wouldn't discuss jays personal case with us. >> . so. we headed to best car buys. where jay bought his car. sales manager becoming a problem solver himself. stepped in. and made it right. >> . looks like they have already done maybe some loss of communication. >> . great news. no more walking. it was time to pick up his ride.
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>> i like happy endings. >> . trending tonight. stpho hitting i 70. near the tunnels this morning. people are starting to get excited about hitting the slopes -fpt even though it's early on in the season. >> . folks at love land feeling same way. they started make -lg snow last night. preparing for skiers and snow borders to start shredding as soon as possible. >> . beyond this week. we get warm towards the middle two weeks of october. tail end a little signal that something colder maybe brewing. we'll see how it pans out. tonight. very cold. you can see exactly where the river valley is.
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here. that's freezing temperatures. by tomorrow morning. that's the low lying areas against the river. >> . purple color. that covers everyone else. that's a frost. you have to protect your plants whether or not you freeze. and pipes doesn't hurt. probably won't be that long lasting of a freeze. but it doesn't hurt. >> . over the city clear skies. beautiful stars up above. 44 now dve dia48. our winds are starting to calm. and hardly any humidity. >> .
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up in wyoming. and nebraska. that's where most of the storms system is impacting. we'll have another ripple try to slide through. on thursday. today 65 the normal of 70 the record is 87. we are just shy of the average. closer tomorrow. as we climb with sunshine up to 6. after that 68. after that cold start to the day. >> . with that a slight chance for some moisture to fall. most of tkh will which will be e high country in the form of snow. tonight clear sky. light breeze from time to time. pockets of central mountains: tomorrow morning at 7. >> . you can feel it. >> . ahead in sports. walk off home run in the wild card game today. which rockies players was involved in this game winner.
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>> it feels great to be ranked but as a team we want to be lower. and that only comes with winning more games. along the road.
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five seconds. maybe. and basically i said they earned the right to be acknowledged. but it means nothing saturday. >> . yeah. ranked. now what. the buffs currently sitting the 21 best team in the land. first national ra*rpbging since 2005. fair focus is to not let the momentum stop here. great way to keep it going. how about doing something they have never done in the history of the program. beat usc. >> . all time 0 and all blow outs except last year. 3 point win. that game was played in boulder. >> this year at the historic la
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according to to the dallas police department. they have released their findings. on the investigation. they have ruled that talib's wound was self- inflicted. that. >> the league is on record saying they are reviewing the new report. and information. still trying to decide if and when he will face discipline >> . certainly a key part of the dominant defensive unit. it's not just the talent on the field. it's the personality that go along be with it. stkwhr. >> . there's a reason the trophy resides here. in denver. that goes well beyond just the obvious physical talent. and the plan that it executes. it goes to lynch. making a bad first throw. in his unexpected debut. last weekend.
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>> >> every day. in a league often defined by quarter bang backs. consider this. only 3 remains unbeaten. carson wents at the helm in philadelphia. minnesota is despite losing bridge water. and the broncos are rolling serpbl essentially. with two rookies. >> . it's about the team. the chemistry. the locker room. >> . the sum is always more important than the one. >> .
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coaches put us in great positions -fpt we go out and do our job. >> the they do those jobs. without worrying who gets the credit. >> >> it shows how we rally behind each other. we care about each other. we're more than teammates we're brothers. >> . almost cliche. belief and trust are two powerful components in team building. and this team seems to be building it steadily. week to week. >> wild card game. win in lose you're home watching the play offs on the couch. blue jay hosting oeurls. extra innings in the eleventh. former rocky on in relief. tie game no longer. ball game. a walk off. a 3 run home run. jays advance. five to two the final. there's the.
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troy tulowitzki. heading on. where the blue jays face the rangers. and then there's that. always a good time. >> . i wonder how much they spend in champagne. >> .
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oh, for god's sake, just use a toothpick. done. sesame seed dislodged. i divorce you. you won. did i? okay, i bet jeff will know. it's not important. who's that actor who's in all those movies? a little early in the morning for this. no, he was in one of the speeds.
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yes. i told you he'd know. super, now we can move on with our lives. what about jeff daniels? oh i just saw a guy who kind of looked like him. for my time. hey jeff. brad. this is my wife audrey. hi. these are our friends adam and jennifer. i met brad at the gym. he had my back in a fight. it wasn't exactly a fight. we banded together against a pregnant woman who wanted to watch the view. all she got was a view of us watching sports. they should make a buddy cop show about us. it'd be like a lethal weapon. it's got a black guy, a white guy. i'll be the black guy. i never get to be the black guy. oh you know who'd be good on that show? who's that short guy? the one that's funny? maybe just look at a menu for a bit. hey, if you're interested, some pals and i are getting together at sports bar to watch the first play-off game. you're welcome to join.
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where's the word "wife" on that list? right between "refill" and "bacon". i'll text you the details. nice to have met you. see ya, jeffrey. i gotta say, i'm a little proud of myself. before you met me, you never would've had a friend like brad. what are you talking about? i got a bunch of black friends. the knicks are not your friends. not the way they're playing now. i meant a gay friend. what? o's gay? what do you mean gay? i think brad might be gay. yeah, i got that vibe too. why? was he checking me out? he was checking me out, wasn't he? no. no he was, you probably just didn't notice it. i mean i get that kind of heat all the time. yes, and it's not weird at all that you're proud of it. sorry to disappoint you, but brad's not gay. he just got married. really? yeah, up in boston.
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come on. well have you met his wife? no, she's out of town. what's her name? i think jackie. oh, like jackie gleason. jackie robinson. jackie chan. jackie--that's the short guy that i was thinking of. look, brad's not gay. i could tell. how? because we showered in a room full of guys and he didn't... react. oh, you checked? he did call you jeffrey. the only other person who calls you that is that guy who lives upstairs who puts the sweater on his poodle. and when he left, he did say, "nice to have met you." that's kind of gay. how do you figure? it's just so charming. well, well, well... if it isn't the table where happiness goes to die. this is me new special friend, amanda. hi. (all) hi. why don't you grab that booth over there, honey. i'll be there in two seconds.
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w straight people say it. take a good look at what she's wearing. hopefully she'll be wearing the same thing tomorrow morning when she stumbles out of my apartment. well you better set an alarm. you wouldn't want her to miss homeroom. what are you going to do all day? lay low, dodge the amber alert? seriously russell, she's young enough to be your daughter. well that wraps up another edition of "you think it's a shot, i take it as a compliment." ? how many ways to say that i'm not scared ? ? with you by my side ? ? there is no denying ? ? i can't wait for me and you ? ? ?? eat up, buddy. you'll get it this time. yeah ok not too quick don't let go until i say so.
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