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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  October 6, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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as the storm just now in the next 12-24 hours is expected to cause a real impact. >> the governor calling it a monster storm. and further up the florida coast in jacksonville where a pickup truck runs into a ditch per the water pretty deep. people were there to help get the truck out in these pictures give you an idea of what people are dealing with already. just a little taste of what hurricane matthew may bring over the next several hours. >> parts of florida without some 80,000 customers in the dark as we speak. >> the storm moving parallel to before the coast could make landfall in a matter of hours. conditions already deteriorating. >> we take you to jan pomerantz who joins us from daytona beach, florida. >> this is an attempt to keep people off of the street. the rain and winds continue and
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it's absolutely here. >> high winds and heavy rain. hurricane matthew is battling florida's coast. >> we already start to see the impacts and it's a monster. again, our number one priority is it -- is protecting every life in the state. >> the worst hasn't hit yet. the storm is predicted to spawn tornadoes. >> the storm will call you. 2 million people in matthew's path are told to get out of the way. it's the largest mandatory evacuations and pe sandy in 2012. officials are warning people to hurricane could destroy homes and cut power to millions, possibly for days. first responders may not be there to help. >> this is really a serious storm. we of in every way try to prepare as much as possible to keep you safe as possible. >> reporting in daytona. >> as you can see in daytona beach, the wind is picking up. you see the rain is worsening and this is why they want to keep people safe.
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throughout the state. they are telling people there is still room in the shelters. good to them if you can because as the night goes on this weather system is supposed to get worse with the worst potential destruction coming tomorrow morning. live in didn't put a beach, back to you. >> look at that. it does look that bad but it just looks like rain. >> it's the duration. this isn't a quick that comes through with the finite buzz saw. you can see the size of it and it is the duration that continuous rain flooding in the swelling of the ocean the creeps inland. the structure battered by 150 mile-per-hour winds. the power is definitely going to go out. it will take a long time to get it back. if the totality of what will be a two-day event for these people. they won't pick up tomorrow morning and it's done. this'll have to deal with this. >> on the radar it looks massive.
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>> since 2005 the lesson for you had to deal with this. we bring you up-to-date on matthew right now. the color intensity in the bands you can see the rain get deeper and you heard him talking about the possibility of tornadoes. that is always a threat. the wind picks up as the center of the storm gets closer. the reaper you closer to that. we have been talking about this getting close to fort pierce and now the right is wobbly a little bit. it may be getting closer to melbourne. spinning on the table, if you spin it fast it maintains its position. but as a topsail sound they can wobble a little bit. that is what we are seeing here. as a gets closer to land you get more friction and it tends to cause the center to slow down a little bit. i want to show you our future cast model. this is just the next 12 hours overnight. focus on the i and here comes right there getting close to melbourne. comes up i 95 and goes right over cape canaveral and
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notice these bands and this is all flooding heavy rain with wind and possible tornadoes. that wind speed could be very very high. here is a closer view. that is the eye of the storm. look at it churn rate of the eastern seaboard. i can put wind speed numbers on it and that is the height of matthew there is a goes by. you can see melbourne beach and down with the eye. but it does come inland and hugged the coast to runs up interstate 95. look at these wind speeds all the way back towards orlando. they will feel it. they will feel it in daytona and they will feel it in jacksonville. like you work there and i can tell you this will be a strong storm. it will take that couple of days before we can get in and see what kind of damages and hopefully no loss of life or
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>> they haven't seen that since the 60s. many worried about loved ones were stranded in florida. >> fox 31 joins us with the reaction at home in the storm zone. michael? >> strong winds and heavy rains. flooding and power outages likely. that is the reality for a young woman from fortin on her first trip to disney world. >> 25 -year-old jessica pella koski has never seen anything like this. a storm much different anything she is experienced in colorado. >> everyone is racing to their rooms. we are fully booked at the hotel. there are no real available. -- she's preparing that she can suck up on food and water. >> brad, chips, we have pack snacks, fruit, peter better. >> she is staying at a disney hotel for her work conference, taking time thursday to talk to her mom, barbara mcfarland, more
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>> have a set anything else to you? >> they are passing out flashlights right now and they are stating that if the power goes out, which it has been in 12 years, they will be on generators six over the last 24 hours barbara has been glued to the tv and can pewter wishing her daughter was back home. >> it's really hard being a. and your whole world the somewhere else. >> just as hotel has been put on lockdown status. gusts told to stay in >> we are not allowed to leave the room until 7:00 a.m. on saturday morning. >> have they given you an evacuation plan by any chance? >> not yet pay the roads are closed and we can't go anywhere. >> both are hoping matthews punch will not knockout cell service, allowing mom to know
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the hotel. we're told disney employees have been giving out boxes of food to hotel guests and some refunds. >> hurricane matthew is not the first major hurricane on track to make landfall in the us. >> but for florida it certainly the first to come close in quite some time. meteorologist matt mickens joins us in a bit for the history of these powerful storms. >> a few people dared to venture outside, tall apartment buildings were blasted by winds. child's wading pool became a giant frisbee. >> as you can see from the video, florida is no stranger to ranger hurricanes but the less significant impact was ten years ago with wilma in charlie, that is until now. october isn't known for long-lasting storms but it developed a week ago and continues to defy odds.
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i spoke with him via phone regarding how unusual the situation is. >> a lot of records already broken, the first category five hurricane we had in the atlantic since 2007 back with hurricane felix it had his third festus -- showing only hurricane wilma well-known back in 2005. >> wilma is a familiar name as his andrew in charlie. never have we seen a hurricane make landfall on the east coast of florida. if he does make landfall, it will end in very long streak for the united states. >> we have a record straight. today is the 4,000 day with no hurricane landfall along the west coast. that streak may be ending. >> regardless of its track we are certain flooding, coastal storm surge and winds well over
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most of florida's east coast. the potential for hurricane damage spreads across the entire state and could displace residents for weeks, if not months. >> stay with fox 31 for continuing coverage of hurricane matthew. on you can find an interactive trapping map that shows where hurricane is headed. >> the link on the homepage and we have a tab for the kdvr app as well. >> other news tonight, we now know the man name who was shot and killed at cu boulder. he was 28 -year-old brandon simmons of thorton. of the skitter say he was threatening people with a machete near the athletic center yesterday morning for the university sent an emergency alert to students and staff. things got back to normal today. >> new to moments regarding -- check this out. this is detective dan -- earlier escorted by fellow
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he was shot last week in particle beulah is about 25 miles southwest of pueblo. today more in factories were allowed to return home. the fire has destroyed eight homes and 16 buildings. investigators think ac dot excavator started the fire.
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i first met mike on a fundraising event to help the hunger in ethiopia. i was an aurora scholar this year. at his birthday party. mike is a very nice guy. he's a really nice guy. he can do 62 pushups. mike is a great friend to the ethiopian community. mike's not like other politicians. he's not like other republicans. i think he's better. mike's one of us. he's one of us. mike coffman es uno de nosotros. mike is one of us. i'm mike coffman,
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festival is now in its 35th here in the event is still drawing huge crowds.
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or give us an inside look of how the brewers players prepare for the big event. >> i hope you brought your comfortable shoes. we have 400 square feet of festival hall space. that is 3,000 square feet where the monster. today we are in the midst of setup and you can see in here behind me we are bringing out kegs of beer and setting up tap lines. we are getting the ice ready. did you know there are 4 miles of topline in the festival hall? it's amazing. it's a 35th american beer festival and we are here to celebrate everything that is beer in the united states. >> first time here again the brewery sponsor. i'm super excited and i'm hoping a nice turnout. >> more breweries, more tap beer, we got additional hall
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small and independent breweries from all over. >> i'm in charge of making sure all of the ice and beer are delivered to the hall, process and sorted and put back into the trailers and kept cold for the festival. >> careful. really careful here. don't harm the beer. >> a small army of volunteers. 3600 people who take their vacation time and work sometimes year round to help us put this event on. we cannot do it without them. we have 780 different breweries from all over the country from 49 states in washington dc. six excited to bring beer from california to colorado. >> they will be pouring 3800 different beers for the rest of the for everybody should try. it is a lot of beer on hand. we have 7,000 kegs and some 3,000 cases of fear. >> we we're excited for the fact
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>> what a great weekend if you have a ticket. >> the tickets sell out like that. >> we saw video earlier but it was completely packed. >> can you imagine what the place looks like tomorrow afternoon? -- -- speaking of the great have one coming up. we have started to clear the board with rain in the snow showers. still a few out there. very small pockets in a little bit of snow here and rain here and towards pueblo. as a zoom into denver you can see we had a few rain showers early this evening and faithful apart. what is left over for rain is again down here. it's just a thin band of rain showers which are's shrinking in coverage. as far as high temperatures today not all that high. warm
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and east. of course the 70s in springfield. we had 60s in the northeast and a mix of 40s, 50s and the 60 in grand junction. for denver, 55 degrees to those 14 below normal and we will get back into 60s in former 70s by the weekend. outside right now we of the watching humidity stay up. in the wake of the storm system there is moisture in the air. there could be a patchy fog. look at these temperatures. denver international airport station is already down to 37 degrees. matching that in aurora. in broomfield the same number. close to the 30s. in lakewood sitting at 41 degrees. as we will -- getting close into the fort morgan area. in pointing out the 30s because we have a freeze warning in place today per this will be the first night in a long time we dip below freezing in a lot
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clears out. there is a little fog that last through seven or 8:00 in the morning but after that it burns off and left with mostly sunny skies as we head into the afternoon. here's a wider view across the state and there are the showers to the south dining out. a little bit of pushback with clouds and fog here north and east of denver. watch how quickly we burn it off. a few high clouds over the mountains otherwise friday is looking fantastic. lows tonight 20s and 30s in the i'm going 30 officially at the airport. i can see downtown denver at 32 degrees. we do have a freeze warning in effect. as a look at the low temperatures, understand a lot of the sensors that report into us are about 4-5 feet off the ground. it is conceivable that the coldest air, which is dense, sinks to the ground to gets down to the plants and that can cause the damage. if you get to 27-28 degrees for a three-hour period or longer that kills the cells in the
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cover the plants. if you haven't done it, they won't make it. you will start to see dwindling as early as tomorrow. sunshine back in in the 60s. we have 50s and warmer 60s for the mountains and points west. a closer view into denver and we talk about friday and the timing of everything. you can see the early commute tomorrow has people getting ready for a great weekend as you enjoy 60s tomorrow. we will be on her 65 degrees with one or two high clouds around. from there we go to the 70s. saturday 73 degrees, sunday 76 degrees. 77 degrees on monday and a week cold front of a 71 degrees. seventy-two and sony 4 degrees paired once we get past tomorrow morning's freeze, even the overnight low temperatures get better as we head back to the low 40s. >> work on the al dora known resorts expansion project is underway.
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to open at the end of the year. also included is a replacement of two lifts with a single high-speed left. the new runs well and 15 acres of species there. mother nature helping at the high country with a new dusting of snow. some areas like loveland ski area in winter park posted 5 inches of fresh snow. >> loveland hopes to be one of the first resorts to open for the season in mid to late october. keystone and fail expects to open in early november in winter park by mid-november. >> coming up next in sports, banged up broncos quarterback trevor siemian taken a big step toward starting on sunday. >> plus, how the denver defense
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in colorado, we stand together, but congressman coffman stands with donald trump and will support trump for president. they've spread falsehoods about president obama. trump: oh, no. coffman: i don't know whether barack obama was born in the united states or not.
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how should be more comfortable in the coaches will make the decision and if he's in the game he will be fine ago.
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quarterback but today trevor siemian taken another step forward. he actually threw passes. turns out practicing football is helpful. he was limited at practice today. rookie packed of lynch put took some seven on seven and some of that stuff that we deal in he did some entry practice. he threw and i think we took a big step forward today and probably see how he comes out today and how he feels tomorrow. >> the best part of the unanswered questions at quarterback at a size of the defense is ready to roll. matt ryan and the falcons are good. best offense in the league but the falcons lost to the buffs. the broncos dominated the books
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problem. as nick griffith explains the defense goes for that. >> we're sitting down with pj were to talk about the big matchup. how do you go about softly skies? after limit the big plays and stop the run. this is to think they are successful with. >> chemistry, attitude, swagger and a win streak that runs back to nine straight wins for this broncos team. what's the chemistry special? it's too special, i can't pointed out. it's too hard to define. it's a bunch of great players with great attitudes and great coaches going through the same goal. >> broncos looking to improve to 5-so. he can catch the shell every friday as well as caramels on channel to its own.
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coach kubiak was not too happy. >> he was mad at me about that. i was like i didn't know. denny picked out the penalty yards and -- but it's all good. the cart cartwheel, i don't know. maybe i can bring it back. >> not a ten. needs a little work. >> better than working. -- cartwheels, whatever. >> 1400 miles in the name of raising health awareness for men. >> after the break, how one
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creating a bigger conversation
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awareness for prostate cancer. using bikes, craft beer in a bit of humor, they made it from austin, texas to help eliminate the discomfort and get men checked out. the points for prostate stephen -- they do this yearly as part of their grassroots campaign. >> perfect partnership. >> a lot of guys out there. >> you are here the seven-day forecast? because it looks so good. 65 degrees tomorrow. the sun will me that. we are in the warm 70s saturday, sunday and the broncos game will be another very warm one at mile high. stay warm monday in even though the temperatures come down just a little bit tuesday, wednesday, thursday still in the 70s. i think we wake up to frost in freezing temperatures. got the window open and i'm ready to sleep in the cold tonight. >> than it started raining and
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news at 11:00 p.m. when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me.
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you sure you don't want the tickets? i can't believe i'm having trouble dumping super bowl tickets. skip the drake's wedding. go to the game. i'm in the wedding party. who schedules his wedding on super bowl sunday? maybe he didn't know. let me see. i can't believe you got these for free. row "f"? in front of the "g"s, hobnobbing with the "d"s and "e"s. kramer or elaine don't want them? kramer's only interested in canadian football. wish i could help you. you can take bonnie. you paying my hotel and airfare to miami? what do you think? in order to use these, i got to spend, like, 1,500 bucks. this is a bill for $1,500. she'd ask about the sleeping arrangements. those sleeping arrangement conversations are depressing. yeah, sleeping arrangements. so you haven't, uh... i haven't even seen her apartment.


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