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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  October 11, 2016 1:05am-1:35am MDT

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the game right now fitting the bill of metro man's car found by police, now he's being charged thieves are responsible for. plus a reality check. 531 body expert brings down the that topic she says the candidates lied about. >> trash troubles one neighborhood calls on the box 31 problem solvers to help keep cleanup and annoying mess. fox 31 denver, news at 9:00 p.m. >> breaking news just into fox 31. police need your help finding
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this is arena hernandes was last seen around 4:00 p.m. near 18th avenue n meade street wearing a blue sweater, blue pants, and has a pink and brown backpack. her parents to police she does suffer from developmental disabilities. if you have seen her or know where she is, contact police at 7,209,132,000. we'll bring you an update if we get any information on that. imagine your car being stolen, but you have to foot the bill, notus metro area man and he turned to the problem solvers because he says he can't afford it. >> i discarded everything right, he wrecked his car and a well lit area, locked the doors, took the keys inside and his car was still stolen. now he says yes to. to get his life back. for the past three nights try has been busy building his halloween haunted house over the weekend he witnessed a shocking scene not in the script.
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saturday with my cup of coffee and look towards my car and i noticed that my honda was stolen. eventually called wheat ridge police he sent out a description of his 97 honda accord similar to this one. he about the car for his son. canada's special thing like here's your first car. late yesterday boulder county scheppers deputy said his honda had been found we have highway 36 and into coal creek canyon. i didn't really think the vehicle was the first place so i was happy to hear that it was found. great and easy thought until she felt like she was holding my car hostage or ran some until i had a paid up. he was told he would have to pay hundreds of dollars. $290 to get it out of recovery. and towing and storage fees. the longer it takes me to get the car out, the more expensive it will be. the problem solvers that we could help out so we drove up to
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show proof of ownership that these would be waived. the 97 honda accord will be his, once again. good news for troy, which hopefully turns this nightmare into a hollowing happy ending. i don't want to lose my car, i definitely need to get that back. even though the car was found in boulder county we'd checked in with the city of the rates they say the next time the contract is up with her daughter company, they will review the process and policy. greg nieto, fox developing tonight in denver, the investigation into a deadly shooting outside a bar. in critical condition tonight after being shot by: pressure 270 miramar. witnesses tweeted the two victims were shot after a fight broke out. no word on any arrest in the case. students at platz about 17 -year-old derek prescott died when his car collided with a saddled force on u.s. 34.
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another 400 feet before coming to a stop against a tree. three other vehicles also hit that horse. its not know what the horse was doing right there in the middle of the highway. in a glenwood springs man and in what authorities described as a case of extreme domestic violence. the grand junction swat team did gestapo into custody saturday morning and taken to the garfield county jail is accused of killing at 24 -year-old woman inside an apartment last friday night. the victims identify has not been released. denver police looking for to vandals who defaced a mural in capitol hill. investigators say based on the ninth in pennsylvania on two separate occasions on the second and 18th causing they believe that tags are a jeep for ages and fl and fa for flora. they say the same tigers have cause close to $10,000 in damage that the city. if you have any information, tra denver crime stoppers. the big news with gage kure
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what they call at complex migraine condition. for more on the qb x availability for this weeks game. >> gary kubiak will not coach this thursday's game in san diego. john outweighs direct orders was for kerry to worry about gary this week. kubiak will take this entire week off and perhaps return to his job next monday. in the meantime the broncos they have a game to prepare for the team out of practice at the valley, obviously a little out there. in his place this week they have appointed special teams coordinator jody camillus to act as the broncos interim head coach. >> tube set the tempo for us. it is in lease because he's not a micromanager. he does so many good things for us and he lets a lot of our guys do their job to the utmost anyway. we won't see a big change this fate. low self work so well together
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be a seamless transition with joe stepping in. we did this evening received a statement from coach kubiak. he says in part i'm feeling much better and i'm in thing for fervor one thoughts and well wishes. it's tough not being there with our team this week. he goes on to say i have great confidence in all of our players. how repetitive are these migraines, but everything we gather today john elway said it's not i certainly hope that is the case. until the offense though i think this is going to be we kept hearing out there a seamless transition. and his red-hot real estate market showing no signs of cooling off period home prices is risen by more than 10 percent
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bent outside that major area. a place where you could buy a really nice house for half the price so long as you were willing to commute an hour or more. that no longer holds, true. longmont may be a bit of a drive from denver, but many will tell you the because homes here are cheaper. >> it was a nice financial alternative. he says he's seen housing prices here just about double over the last. it was our pricing people out.
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started in boulder migrating to mont longmont. now it seems. >> and that's only 49 homes and longmont are currently listed for less than $400,000 bird only 18 below. not exactly the news michael novice wanted to hear. but even rent is more than double what they were being in pennsylvania purchasing a home not something they could even fathom. it's beautiful around here.
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they will not depend on molchon opting instead to develop his political energy to maintaining control of the house. this all following the second debate in a weekend could truly need to refocus the moment. trump deflecting criticism on his rival and her husband. if they want to release more tapes, things, will continue to talk about bill and hillary clinton doing inappropriate things. there are so many of them. the new nbc wsa poll taken over the weekend just clinton leading to now by double digits among likely voters. after last nights presidential debate the talk isn't so much the candidate that one of the audience members. ken bone caught everybody's eye with his power output that included a red cardigan. he told wesley wearing this
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that i love a great deal and my mother would've been very proud to see me wearing on television. apparently i've gained about 30 pounds i went to get my car the morning of the debate i split the seat of my pants all the way open. the red sweater is plan b and i'm glad it worked out. if only the candidates were that promised. he later got hundreds of twitter followers and someone created a facebook page on his behalf. i should say thousands per at 64,000 followers on twitter right now. lovely olive suit. to get that red cardigan is never going to be forgotten. with the debate in the book the question tonight is he was telling the truth. fox 31 turns to our body language experts coming up to see who was being honest of the nation last night. plus some big recalls to tell you about tonight the products that may be in your freezer that
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dave matthews campaigning for hillary clinton here in denver after a quick concert he welcomed clinton's running mate to the stage at the national weather and complex. donald trumps sent also in town in support of his fathers white house bid. after lessons debate body language expert breaks down the candidates actions which could
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intentions of their elected to the oval office. mike barnes joins us now. some of the statements they made last night were, in fact, not truthful. at least according to our body language expert she says there's telltale signs and someone is in telling the truth and both trump and clinton have shown those types of behaviors and both debate so far. the venue made for a battle. they said that stage of just two otherwise encourage up fights, they might as well have been in a boxing ring. the most notable difference me candidates didn't shake hands. not only did they not take hands, either of them tried to shake hands. so there was some pre- agreement either they were told not to or they were so angry with each other for this open format a lot for a bit of intimidation from tom. he was trying to control her control her every move. it was like my has been when he stared me down for parking the
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bit wrong. and telling reaction, but not uncommon says tracy. this myth behavior it seem very consistent to me. it was right before he was going to go on the attack so that's really of what we see from mike let cops will look for when someone is about to attack they will look for a flare and the nostril. and hillary clinton and also certain superiority. she would roll her eyes or you see the crooked and contempt is more superiority. as for who handled the stage better, tracy gives it to clinton based on her body language with the audience. she stood up immediately when she was asked questions. she walked toward the person that was asking a question and that says i'm not backing down from your question however tough they were buried while trump was stand there and not even acknowledge the person that asking it. as for ciampi displayed which he called the fig leaf position when it comes to answering
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comfortable with. he holds his hands in front of his belly a little bit and that shows trying to hide. whether this debate swayed any voters, she says probably not since it is pretty good at covering up her liberal signs that make you not believe them. they both absolutely are great players, and they believe their own lies in their rehearsal, they're practiced, and they are pretty good at writing out most of the signs. i love interviewing, case goes on to say they may be so good at covering up the virus because they actually believe their true, therefore there's no body language involved. mike burns, fox 31. now, pinpoint weather with meteorologist mark juan strollo. what a day it was from early to mid october, highs today closed about 10 degrees past our average numbers thanks to a nice clip from the southwest office
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long was just gorgeous to start off the workweek and we have a quiet night as we speak. over the capitol grounds, everything is calm and quiet wins have even settled down after a breezy afternoon across the metro area. temperatures to mild 63 degrees. for this time of year that's definitely warm out there. our average high 68 degrees so we bested that by 11. i think we'll do it again tomorrow before the finally arrived. we'll go from all above average today and tomorrow to well below average by the time we get through the day on wednesday. in the meantime plenty of 50s and '60s out there. i think that the misread in the thermometer. nonetheless it's a nice evening with upper 40s, the 50s and the martins and still some 60s hanging on in grand junction on the western slope at 66 degrees. wear matching that in broomfield 66 also in wheat ridge.
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couple of upper 50 starting to show up on the east side of down. i don't think temperatures follow up to much more tonight. lows around the mid- 50s. a little mild nights. winds are dying down. earlier today, this map was covered in now that starting to shrink down as wins have really settled in
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still in the mountains from jill georgetown belfast, pretty gusty out there with winds anywhere between ten, 15, and 20 miles an hour. also as we continue to go through the overnights, i think things continue to settle down. non- rain and snow possibilities tonight. widely scattered stuff. that's no will be confined to the highest peaks. otherwise partly cloudy across the city, 57 at midnight tonight down by tomorrow morning into those low mid 50s again. mild start to the day. a makeshift buttons and ten overhead. will warm up quickly as we get the day started. well on our way to her about the average highs. there is a really good batch of showers starting to move into the western slope as we speak. a lot of thunder and lightning activity associated with that. that will continue to march is bound across the mountains. late in the day a chance of an isolated shower. that will all die out as a start of the day on wednesday. we will get some patchy fog. the noticeable difference.
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but what we're expecting tomorrow. here's the warmer tomorrow afternoon. it also keeps to the southeast. cold air rushes him behind it. we get into the day tomorrow 76. we'll call it a mixture of clouds and sun with the tentatively -- ever. nice and warm beautiful across-the-board your seven-day forecast is a big cool the day wednesday before we recover wednesday you never know about october so that's good to see. we like it. >> classic october weather in colorado. a popular ice cream cone recalled. >> the reason nestl? want you to check your freezers for one of their most popular products. new details coming up with him because a relationship between soda companies and health
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not to problem solvers consumer its drumstick ice cream guns after listeria was found in a factory in california. the fda says no one has gotten sick, the 16 to variety pack and the 24 count that vanilla back you can return them to the store for a refund. the sage gardens recalling 2-ounce packages of micro greens polled at. it stores in colorado because of possible salmonella contamination. no reports of sicknesses from the micro greens, but salmonella
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pretty can return the product for whole foods for a refund. researchers say they're shocked to find out that several major health organizations get funding from the nations top soda companies. a boston university study from the coca-cola company and pepsico sponsored at least 96 health groups between 2011 and 2015. the studies go out there says that could have skewed the group support for public health measures aimed at cutting suit soda consumption. soda has been blamedor america's growing epidemic with obesity also associate with an you probably noticed gas prices in denver going up again, gas buddy says prices have risen 1.7 cents in the past week an average of $2.12 a gallon. when opulence pay more at the pump since crude low prices rant over prices went up across the board. the national average of 3.3 cents to 225 a gallon.
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mentor community. >> coming up, the neighborhood that says they've had enough with their garbage issues. another train goes off the tracks back east. the problem that caused this
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the thing that's been so annoying as that were on our seventh month now. >> for months now one mentor community has been dealing with trash piling up in their yards. a scenic part of jefferson county that has people turning to the problem solvers for help. the people in evergreen have been calling on the county to do something. >> this is the center at evergreen it's home to a u.s. bank location, law office, fitnessen that's been littering mountainside neighborhoods and light wildlife areas. to see all the stress right here? the neighbors are fed up. >> the thing that's been so annoying is that it's been while we're on our seventh month now. trash piling high behind his businesses on a windy mountain side, not a good combination. just a few hours ago it was piled up this high with material
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morning. trash has been literally their yards leaving the middle issues when it rains. last year flood waters filled with debris knocked out a bridge leading to a neighborhood of 40 homes. directly related to debris and/and logs all kinds of material coming downstream. all kinds of stuff. these two say they've made lots of phone calls trying to get all of this resolved. we've gone to the county into zoning violation there supposed to have a privacy fence. there is still no fence they see jefferson county is issued fines and notices but notng done the zoning and planning
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aware of the issue. we went to the county looking for issues, but we're told anyone who might know anything about this mess is not authorized to talk on camera. they're always seems to be some new hangout. for jesse it's more than a simple violation, this is something she expects thicker county and property unit to take seriously littering is a crime and i think what they're doing right now is a crime because they're not doing anything about it. i just don't think that animals need to be mixing with all the trash. one of the main tenets here did not return our calls in the meantime people who live here are hoping the county and property owner step up their game by making sure proper fencing or perhaps larger dumpsters are in place. we still don't have a resolution for a simple trash problem. counties spokesperson promises the problems offers that she
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have been told that the property owners have until mid-november to comply with county ordinances. we will keep you posted. a problems offers update. we first told you about comrade kevin edgy, but no doors, someone was caught on camera stealing him. he says replacing them with a he says replacing them with a was especially disappointed to see the thief was another jeep driver. after the bus stop company stepped in, he says his faith and his fellow jeepers has been restored. we heard about your little mishap. his thoughts as a fellow deeper we should take great care of you. i hope that this wealth through a cold winter here in colorado. this will get me really through. he didn't just get new doors, the bus stop company also threw in a brand-new top to make sure everything matches and that he stays nice and warm all winter. new details as denver police tell us they have arrested a suspect in a deadly shooting near a manual high morning. forty-eight euros keep him it is being held on first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder charges according to the medical examiner 14 -year-old died from a gunshot wound, his death determined to be a homicide. according to statement of probable cause one of the victims called 911 saying he'd been shot and his friend was dead. that other victim was taken to the hospital and is in critical condition right now bird is not
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spotter rebecca lewis and her accused kidnapper this morning. two days after she disappeared investigators believe she wasn't injured, but is being evaluated by doctors before going home. her parents are relieved and grateful. you see it all the time kids coming up missing. please do the same that you guys did for us, put it out there. media, facebook, get your friends to create pages, amber children as you guys did a press. investigators say rebecca is kidnapper was a friend of the family he is now in police custody. a service in long island up and running after a drill meant over the weekend that injured 33 people. the first three cars of the trinket methotrexate to 20 miles east of manhattan on saturday night after crashing into part of another train on an adjacent track. federal officials are


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