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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  October 11, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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will be analyzed by the hazmat team and possibly explosive content or something else. take us back closer this morning and one of your officers notice backpack outside of your front doors come able to pan over and showed us a location with the backpack was found. so, the front of the police department, there are two parking signs and police vehicles the pack was initially placed at the base of one of those and around seven, 7:30 the officer came in for the start of the shift, when he found that packed. but again, that is pretty normal around here and people turned in lost items all the time and the officer initially so i lost pack. about the area where we are standing, the caribou village
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police department is in the shopping center as well as number of businesses. the device was taken into police department and subsequently removed from the police department by bomb squad robots. during prayer to the removal, the entire shopping mall and some of the residents close to the mall were evacuated for safety precautions. again, we are talking with town marshal paul carroll with carol with the netherlands police department. very good. will keep checking in with the police department and the bomb squad to let you know if you hear anything. greg nieto. fox 31. please looking for a driver who possibly fled the scene of three-car crash in hampton tonight with resulting from sears injuries. the road shut down early this evening but it has since been reopened but still a lot of
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about that. a lot going on for the weather department so let's jump into it we start with rainfall humbling plenty of areas north denver to welcome you. look at this giant moderate to heavy rain come, the yellows and oranges through well county, scattered showers extended these term planes and we have light rain on the north side but as you get back to high country, the scattered rainfall and the highest peak along that divide palmer divide winter weather and everybody inevitably will feel the cold air. cold enough to support snowfall around the metro but the chilly air creeping into parts of northern colorado. see the blue over the border? fort collins down to 48 degrees an hour ago 55. 70 degrees drop off in akron 44. fifty south of that but all the cold air come at the inching southbound through out the night tonight and look how far to the north it goes.
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specially northern wyoming and montana do. 20s and 30s, certainly drop into the upper 30s but then highs tomorrow this cold pocket taking to the south riding on the northwesterly winds only upper 50s dropping off about 20 degrees from where we finished earlier this afternoon. weather headlines, and heavy and some spots to the north of town, the cold front ready to push on through with a big temperature drop too much of colorado. we will let you know how long that will hold around for coming up in the pinpoint weather. get a job, get a gun, promising a freak firepower for employees, colorado springs to catch up with the man behind the controversial plan, a appraised to new workers. the big prize is a our 15 and a lot of people will be interested in
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expensive. on the lower end $600 but some people pay thousands. james webb on a job in colorado springs, in the thick of it is busy sears -- season. and after his summer get a roof, get a gun campaign sales have indeed been through the roof. we just don't have the staff to keep up with it so now, we are giving it another shot get a job, get people are not sure what to make of this one. definitely different. james says those who qualify must pass background checks and new associates roofing jobs on the books before they get their weapons. i keep strapped up. and that right, frank? but not everybody is on board. the coalition to stop gun
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be armed with his a nail gun. the gun lobbies, gun everywhere mentality reached a new low with employers to offer firearms as part of their benefits package but to that james says no one should be alarmed. well armed population is the best defense against tyranny. controversial commit doesn't matter he insist it's all about patriotism and the second amendment reporting and colorado springs fox 31. presidential debate and tuned in on sunday 69 miller jim people to see hillary and donald trump go head to head, to 84 modicon who watched to watch the first debate, twitter says with and 17 million debate related comments that is a record. it should be interesting to see the third and final debate scheduled for next wednesday but meanwhile both candidates spend time ben time in florida today.
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coast and hillary clinton makes her way west. democratic nominee and pueblo where the supporters make sure registered to vote and vote early with mail-in ballots in six days on october 17. colorado a state for both candidates and democratic analyst the city they need to old. those folks blue blue-collar typically, white, males my trump has had a lead on for a while. after the visit and pueblo tomorrow hillary clinton heads to las vegas for another early voting rally. donald trump had a lot of people scratching their heads that this tweet this morning, it is so nice to see the shackles taken off of me and i canal -- i canal much talking about going alone republican leaders are abandoning him. and another tweet day, the very foulmouthed
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support during his primary. a cave, he won and then dropped me over locker room remarks. trump is referring to sparking a lot of conversation of what really is acceptable talk in the locker room. reaction for athletes. locker room talk seems to feel the talk going on after donald trump used it is a way to explain his comment. , in athletic director about what exactly locker room ta locker rooms can be a messy place. but the spree of champagne or dirty laundry but the talk is what is recently coming into question after around the world. said to the apology around the world. this was locker room talk. i'm not proud of it. locker room talk's product like never before. many professional athletes and it -- denouncing on twitter and pro basketball player said psa
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without consent is not locker room talk and sean doolittle said as an athlete locker rooms my entire adult life and that is not locker room talk. one of the broncos brayden. admitting there is such a thing. locker room talk to mining, yeah it exists. but there is also a line. there is a lot of things you should not be saying. many offended by what they call unfair unfair characterization what goes on in the locker rooms. ignorant. meanwhile top supporters defended locker room top to cnn. that kind of banter goes around all the time. is at the right kind of thing to do? absolutely not. and the athletic anthony grant. there is a line you don't cross. locker room talk is a discussion they do have but ultimately up to the people inside the locker
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the conversation but also hearing it to step in and say, that is not how we operate. terrific -- anthony mentioned if made aware of a student athletes hang what was caught in the video, the player would certainly be disciplined, fox 31. thank you, drew new developments filed against the police department and former officer convicted of murder. tonight the are hearing from the family of the says the city knew officer james ashley was violent but still put them on the street. if you live to serve and protect, do so. don't just take matters into your own hands. i believe jealousy and insecurity killed my son. in the 37 page, lawsuit filed by the family, he would be alive right now if "rocky" fork never
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firing and training within the department. happening tomorrow the first hearing in a class-action suit temper file by the homeless will take place 8:00 a.m.. that attorney the attorney representing timbers homeless jason floyd williams said lawsuit ames to stop the march that took them homeless camps. the lawsuit as for money to compensate people after place to their belongings. be sure to tune into good day colorado f story. news across america hartford, connecticut working to figure out what caused the small plane to crash on its way to the airport. the city captured moments after the crash and you can see the huge flames, 2 people on board twin-engine plane. one died and one in critical condition. the plane clipped several utility lines knocking out power to hundreds of customers. like it or not creepy clown -- creepy clowns not just for halloween anymore.
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are hurting their business but costume retailers, the strange fat doing just the opposite. plus don't let food allergies run trick-or-treating. the new way you can think your kids collect candy and stay safe. rain showers, gusty winds and cooler air pushing in all the changes brewing. and tomorrow afternoon will feel quite different over the past few days and we will walk you through that plus the warm-up
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creepy clowns popping up everywhere on school buses, the words and causing concerns in multiple states. clown advocates say these impersonators getting traditional clowns those names. not stopping people to dress up as close -- clowns for halloween and sales for clown masks up more than 300 percent from a year ago. halloween stores around the country recording strong sales
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costumes. the majority of them are evil clown masks, and people being threatened by clowns reported in 32 states. one other businesses cereal sales falling hot and cold cereals combine expected to total $10.6 billion this year. 17 percent decrease from 2009. many customers the food that can actually be eaten on the go. breakfast, craft timesec now and him in american cheese cracker stackers this branded an undeclared allergies. the allergens are week and the package lunch is produced from september 21 used by date december 2016. if you have any he turned them to the store where you bought them. the time appear conditions really could put a denver on the
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collect candy, you will have to take away but there may be a solution for you. , you can find at the local bookstore where she comes from, can't eat candy but they do use to power their broomstick. the switch which ones to make a meal with your kids. the switch which has magical powers and she has the ability to switch out candy for toys. halloween night the kids are done trick-or-treating with a bag full of candy and the note from the switch which and wills 's witchcraft it for a toy. now pinpoint weather with meteorologist mark monstrola. for the last few days command the process of northern colorado as we speak but the precursor to the cold air that will plunge in the rain showers that are drenching a number of communities especially north denver all the way to the
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term planes. high country, little bit more widely scattered but the highest peaks yes snowfall coming down, the blues on the map, it actually extends back to the west from there, the highest peak and high elevation cold enough to support it winter weather so passes tomorrow morning to be slick. watch out for that but meanwhile hammered with rain over parts of well county. look at the red pocket central well county to the northeast of showers late to moderate spreads down to north denver little bit of brain activity and some in the eastern plains as well. the bulk of what you are seeing on the map the next few hours but still a chance for scattered light rain to carry us all the way through tomorrow morning's drive. by that point we will notice quite the change across the metro area and all of colorado for that matter 56 outside right
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this point but it's been quite breezy at times with wind gust 20, 25 miles an hour. that will be the case throughout the night. the winds whipping around with highs today. it was a beautiful afternoon tonight degrees, par average high this time of year and a big drop off. well below average through the day tomorrow and maybe dropping as much as 20 degrees. tomorrow afternoon highs may not get out of the warmer than currently experiencing outside through the metro area. fiftys and 60s in the southeast corner but as the minutes have been ticking by over the last few hours we have watch this cold air slowly dragged down to the south. starting to come through for college an hour and a half ago in the 50s there but now 45. as this cold air continues to drift to the south, everybody will start to feel the change.
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from the north, the leading edge of it with a cold front ushering the cold air hour way. watch what happens with the winds as we look closer at the wind map. we look at 10:15 the winds pulling from the northeast but tomorrow morning, that is when everything across the states traced to drive-in. that will drag the northerly flow, the cold air down into parts of colorado. upper 30s wake up early tomorrow morning. gusty winds, spotty light wins and 10:00 a.m. the morning drive with spotty showers. the future cast, we walk you through around the metro tomorrow does not last long cloudy skies but otherwise they break out the afternoon sun. it will not be enough to warm us up highs. trapped in the upper 50s. may be close to the lower 60s in one or two locations.
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sections of the city 55, wheatridge, look at that change 55 as well in arvada. you will not last long seven-day forecast shows one day the cold air sticks around right back to the warm stuff well above average, similar to the day by the time we get to friday with a high of 80 degrees. the we can looks good, too. this next tory getting a lot of response on facebook tonight. cover cover boy. seventeen-year-old social media, james "trolls" introduced today as companies first male ambassador. cover girl said "trolls" will be the first of what they call boundary breaking representatives. do see more pictures, just check out the website the latest on the status for thursday night's game against
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try to force a game five and
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now, the large casino sports zone with nick griffith. it turns out, we are going to dedicate this game to has meant so much to this team and you know, the reason he won a super bowl is because of him so we are going to do something for him to them play this game. that sounds like wade phillips with the best in the next couple of days for a.k.a., when one for coach kubiak to rest up complex migraines. taking the week off. the broncos return to interim
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trevor, the status not official and questionable as he continues to heal up from the sprain shoulder. one flying around the team headquarters today, hopeful to make the start on thursday. >> and i think today, the last couple of days, and strides one day at a time. and everybody can play fast and we don't want to have communication problems. we are on the we try to do what we thought was best for us to be, you know n-sync and everybody on the same page. the baseball now highly speculated the former padres manager bud black on the eventual shortlist as possible replacements. according to rape report by the denver post nfl manager of the year 2010 has come from his interest in the rockies they can see and the rockies have not commented publicly on any other
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cubs and the giants, the giants 5-2 lead in the ninth but here come the cubbies. really decked to tie it at five, pack up the box base hit jason hayward a big name comes into score go-ahead run cup 6-5 but now the bottom of the ninth, trade to pick them up middle of the season this year. electric 170 miles an hour. straight through the cubs moving on take on the winner of dodgers and nationals. they stand it to gain thanks to la, top of the tenth inning. the veteran delivers a knock to center. coming with the go-ahead run, la knocks off the final score 6-5. rounds out weekly and that will do it there.
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finally, take a look, bright orange uniforms that is. the broncos, used to have a bright orange or light blue, break them back out and the only difference they will have navy in the colors. the color rush of the nfl and the players think what they will be wearing thursday night against san diego. here pretty good, the more orange, the better. i don't know without san diego. but hours cool, blue, orange and it's nice. did you see it? i saw it. i put it together in my head. . >> it took me all night to figure out what he was talking about. outfits. . [overlapping voices] . >> i can't wait to see it. it may look a little bit like a
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thanks. after the break heading over to the denver. stick around to see how they keep warm on from a rancher's perspective, we feel that often washington is removed from what we need. senator bennet is different. michael bennet has been at the ready and always willing to listen. when the federal government wanted to increase grazing fees, senator bennet stepped up and helped put a stop that. he commits to his word,
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but i know that michael bennet trusts us and we trust him. i'm michael bennet and i approve this message. i'm jamie foxx for verizon. in the nation's largest independent study by
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stimulation for the animals. hunted see those young animals get out and play but what about these guys? getting out in their old aged all night at nine -- the michael's behind the scene to show us how they care for these beautiful creatures as they get older. i always thinking looney tunes cartoons every time i hear about a hyena. santa claus. 58 for the height tomorrow so dropping off a little bit but it doesn't last long with a brief call down. morning cloud cover come afternoon sunshine and son carries as the rest of the weekend the weekend. temperatures moderate 70 degrees
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