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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  October 13, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm MDT

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problem solve alert. nationwide hunt under way for a colorado man. convicted of sexually assaulting a child. >> the repeat offender who never showed up to his sentencing hearing could strike again. >> . details on you can help police. >> this is tim th*eu right a man with a long criminal past. now looking at a prison sentence. someone who police say has nothing to lose.
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a 28 year-old man with ties to the metro. accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl. in west minister last year. >> the charges are extremely serious. he does have prior charges that are serious as well. >> west minister police say he was wearing a court ordered ankle bracelet for a previous sex crime. while working here in january of 2015. >> prosecutors say he targeted one of his coworkers taking her behind the restaurant. his victim a 16 year-old girl. >> he forcibly pushed into a secluded area. in the alley way. and assaulted her there. >> . his victim eventually got away. police say he went after her. running right passed this hooters restaurant. security camera picking it all up. now police are releasing that video. the footage being shown tonight. it's hard to see. but police say it shows him pursuing the girl. key evidence leading to multiple convictions. he never showed up for
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>> . we're worried about him. offending again. perhaps another child or someone else. >> . already a sex offender from a previous conviction. is facing punishment for kidnapping. sexual assault. by force. and harassment. police say he has family and friends in west minister. but could be any where. a nationwide extradition warrant has been issued. >> do not approach him. just call 911. you can remain anonymous and
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in the 4 hundred block of south no word yet on whether police have any information. on this suspect. >> . aurora police searching for two men. accused of stealing 80 thousand dollars from a victim. september 7 at the branch on east arizona. police say the victim with drew the cash for his check cashing business. when the two men knocked him to the ground. took off in a white lincoln. with the money. if you have information call aurora police. >> . let's turn to the presidential election. a new poll released showing clintons lead over trump. has increased. to 7 points nationwide.
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qualified to be president. >> . he took the staeupbl earlier today. he said this is manufactured by the clintons. and their liberal media. to distract her e-mail problem. trump promising to sue the new york sometime times. tkh which quoted one woman
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octopus. because his hands were so frisky. >> . one of trumps biggest supporters. new jersey governor christy. has been issued a criminal summons. after the judge found probable cause. involving involving the bridge gate scandal. >> . new tonight a poop hrar metro bar. closed. surprising to many. >> . we have more from denver.
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identifying the establishment. a public nuisance. when means cold crush could put the publics health and safety at
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ordering it to close for 15 days. investigators from denver. police department. look into disruptive and illegal activity. associated with the business. >> . denver police cannot comment on this action. because it is an ongoing investigation. >> .
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shows the ignition team making their way down the access road. engines follow closely mind to make sure the fire stays contained. smoke will be seen west of north foothills highway. >> . people in longmont experience quite a startling wake up call. all the cities emergency sirens just start going off. some were blaring as early as 3 a.m. the city says somehow the sirens were disconnected from the cities remote system. so. workers had to manually shut off each individually. residents were worried of real emergency was happening. city managers tell us that's not what the system is used for.
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all new at nine. two days from the wedding a denver couple desperate for help. a key member of the bridal party is missing. he's an english bulldog named romeo. >> . live with what you can do to bring him home. >> . as any couple knows this is supposed to be the happiest week of their life. instead. they are spending their days in tears over the lost dog. he went missing from their west denver neighborhood a weeks ago. he has a micro chip. it only works if somebody turns him in. >> . where art thou romeo. his tail is a love story. >> we're planning the wedding. >> with a tragedy.
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they even culted two psychics. >> . they even consulted two psychics. they said a man has romeo. living in white house. with a black dog. >> . because he gets along with his black dog so wel he doesn't want to give him back. >> whether that's true or not. they need him back. >> . our family member. our little son. we just want him back.
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the family is asking that you please drop him off. at a vets office. or shelter. no questions asked. we put a more detailed description. and photographs on our web site.
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tomorrow that warm up continues. up to 84. at three and still see high clouds. that's about all we'll see in the sky. over the coming days. some areas have low clouds. otherover the eastern plains. and tomorrow morning. up and down i 25. mostly clear tonight. couple mountain wave clouds. possible tomorrow. that's the future cast line here. >> warm down sloping wind. that's what we'll have tonight and tomorrow.
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plenty of 80s. over the eastern plains. nearly 90 across the southeast. 80 for fort collins. that's a good 15 degrees above your average. 81 greeley. from eerie. through mead. to the south. i 25. mostly 80 and above. 84 downtown tomorrow. staple ton not far behind at 83. the 81 for golden. on the west side. and plenty of 70s and 8 0s continue across the south.
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chill in the air. that's for sure. >> . that's about it. >> . marijuana caught by police. and burned.
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collected the illegal pot in pen rose. in order for to destroy it they burned it all. no one was arrested. because the owner of the illegal grow had already passed away. >> . pot shops sold 126 million dollars worth of medical and recreational cannabis in august alone. setting a new monthly record. the previously monthly high. was set a month before. with 122 million in sales. the increase is due to a new law which allows ounce a day. up from a quarter ounce last year. >> . now in custody. the cocaine is worth about 1
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taking a look now at news effecting your health. the fda sending another warning about home owe pathic teeth teething tablets. there have been ten child deaths. 4 hundred adverse effects linked to the tablets. >> . >> speaking of your kids. a new study out of the university of colorado. shows preschoolers eat more calories than normal. sleep. sleep deprived 3 and 4 year-olds could consumed about 20 percent more calories than usual. 25 percent more carbs. sugar. and. hope the findings help in future childhood obesity studies. two people who have done the over night shift. anchored morning shows. it's so easy to eat. you don't know what time it is. >> . kids want to snack before bed. anything to stay awake.
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>> before donald trump, there was mike coffman. women should be punished for having an abortion, coffman wrote a bill to redefine rape, which could exclude women who were drugged. before trump called for a ban of muslims, coffman pushed for a religious test of u.s. soldiers. and on president obama? trump: he could have been born in kenya. coffman: he's just not an american. stop mike coffman now before he gives trump more ideas. house majority pac is responsible
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>> excuse after excuse. that he just couldn't get the job completed. >> . metro homeowner turning to the problem solvers. after she says a contractor turned her home into a danger zone. a family living in a horrendous situation. a contractor turned the home into the danger zone. but taking months to finish the job. >> . >> she ended up trusting the wrong contractor. to do what should have been a basic job. so she's reaching out to the problem solvers. for help. and you won't believe what the company left behind. what this family is dealing with
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annoying. knowing that i have a bathroom. and i can't use it. >> . construction permits. still sit on her front door. nearly a year after she expected contracting to be finished with the work on her home. >> it was excuse after excuse. >> very expensive work. >> i need more money. in order to finish. that's unacceptable. we already paid you 18 thousand. of the agreed 23. >>. >> >> what is that. >> that's the lek treu tkal that's the wiring. >> . so if someone touches that. >> it's live. >> . that can kill somebody. >> . upstairs. this mess is supposed to be a finished bathroom.
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times. but no response. >> . for now they'll have to put up with this. and this. and even this. >> i don't know what to do. >> now nchs is registered. problem solvers will continue though to try to track them down. to find a solution as soon as possible. >> . terrible situation. >> . update. the wait is over for a parker woman. who spent 6 thousand dollars on a and got nothing. she says the money went to the company honey won't do as a down payment. and didn't return her calls. she called us and another company built her room. beautiful. at cost. with no down payment. the owner of honey won't do was arrested on 19 charges of theft.
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continuing coverage tonight. of the nether land bomb scare: breaking news we brought you here at nine. you might remember an ied found in a backpack. outside the police and sheriff substation tuesday morning. the fbi today searched the car of a tip ster. who showed up at the sheriff office. >> . in our little boulder bubble. >> the search related to the homemade bomb placed outside the


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