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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  October 15, 2016 1:05am-1:36am MDT

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our former police officer
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tonight tell fox 31 is as part of going after two women in aurora fox 31 joining us live with the latest. suspected serial rapist is off the streets thanks to the courage of a young aurora woman she fought off would-be attacker and calls 911 police we're called to this report apartment complex yesterday afternoon the woman pulled the man just knocked on our door asked for a drink of water and try to force his wife and she managed to play free and called for help tracked the suspect they arrested 25-yard ricardo he was carrying a a bag third of clastic subtilis they also found close on a large kitchen knife and debated behind a bank investigators realized the ammo and description mass the suspect to attack another woman at the same apartment complex earlier this month according to police
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police say he motioned to put her baby down and repeatedly sexually assaulted her. as she pleaded please no report says he then told her she called the police he would kill her and her son and people we're watching her. investigators learned the former police officer and mexico and wanted for multiple sexual assaults their media accounts call him the motorist rapist is accused of using a motorcycle and while sexually assaulting his victims. he told them he came to colorado three months ago and had a dual personality. please are concerned there might be other victims they ask anyone with information you might have had contact a please give them a call for investigation of sexual assault kidnapping a burglary is also a a home for immigration and customs enforcement think he may have entered the country
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they want to take a close look a close look at the sketch this man the suspect described as light meal 6 feet tall brown are dirty blonde hair last seen wearing a white a white shirt under the black shirt. contact crimestoppers new information tonight about the bomb investigation the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms involved in the investigation after the bomb was found today in a backpack chest of station. the device did not detonate but so far there's no word on a suspect are motive just yesterday fpa to search the car the tipster who should of the county shares office they had information in the case the agency said it's not commenting further on that development. the problem solvers helping a man who says these target a special bike he's been training with for more than a year. the showtimes is why this fall so much meaning out there can
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now mark feels so strongly about funding against cruel teed to animals he's going to ride his bike from denver all the way to new york city someone decide to steal his bike and we want to help him. from joy to disbelief. heavily depressed. mark spent months building a special road bike so he could ride from denver to new york city. to campaign for bet of animals. i try to fight animals homes doesn't matter what kind of animals. mated made it around this quarter while i was sleeping. pretty low. $500 on a special bike now he has nothing except a smaller one that harley's paper cross-country trip.
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to have some of the media offer some help they really helps. mark's friends tell us he will also ride his bike from a 12 people and the justice shame someone out there decide not to show him any compassion at all now to a a problem summer's consumer alert the faa t samsung galaxy note seven devices are banned on us aircraft passengers not bring the device on board our checkered and the reason the devices are catching on fire some exploding replacement devices that we're handed out have also been having the same troubles us airlines to file this new regulation following a rash of police shootings around the country are getting an extra layer of protection.
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happened and summit opens fire on typical patrol car when the bullets hit the windshield the officer has no time to react or protect themselves they showed us what happens with the new bulletproof when jugs i installed and many of the new police vehicles. what we are offering is piece of life. giving them time to shut out their windshields are armored they have time to stop and recalibrate. their armored when shut and other parts thing added to patrol cars wil of dollars the manufacturers hoping that apartment with the expenses to demonstrate its product that the chief says one injuries prevented and it will be worth the cost. don trump's love-hate relationship continues tonight for new numbers from foxnews say he is dry hillary clinton new poll numbers which he told about last night at nine has clinton out by 7 percent nationwide is still being hurt by the hot night in issue the axis hollywood tape they boast about
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a star another woman's come forward claiming unwanted sexual contact from trump but she has denied. today governor and colorado denounced the lewd comments about women made by trump the owner says the locker room talk has no place in the locker room or anywhere else i've been in a lot of locker rooms i played squash around the country and i had never heard anyone donald trump and any locker room i've ever been in. every person i know is an athlete. i never heard that. chums comments have led many other colorado leaders including republican senator and representative mike coffman to take back their support for the republican presidential nominee for trump is generally allegations of abuse teller clinton still dealing with her
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emails from her campaign fox news reporting the leak shows political calculations that went into hillary clinton's decision to back away from supporting controversial transpacific partnership and trade deal the eight save will certainly support clinton's campaign says they are not going to comment because they argued those e-mails we're hacked in the long run they could have been altered. as a get closer to election day be sure to check out our voter guide. the fight all the information you need on the voter registration process deadlines and i guide i guide to all of the ballots. is your favorite restaurant making the grades? several words closing this weekend for construction areas you need to avoid as word gets underway. helping homeless people fix up
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this event is growing every single time it's held. 1 degree a record high in the
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to reveal what is really going
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airfare west for making the grade erika gonzalez. this restaurant is called texas roadhouse the recent health inspection have you watches hit the road. denver restaurant fills with 14 violations in september and december surprise health inspection the critical violations include several large fries in the kitchen hot water was not hot enough in the men's restroom. the following statement which says texas roadhouse is committed to food safety and sanitation which is respected and actions of the replace i doubt i doubt inspection which was a 100 percent. next we visit thai gold gold restaurant. our second half this week. veterans and after 16 critical violations in his last two surprise inspections in september i county health inspector found employees using a print and calming cows to
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not sanitizing and a a flyswatter honey on the ball fiona did not respond to our questions we stop by. after we checked in the restaurant the owner says the following statement. items i redeem to be critical violations at the time we're remedied immediately to the satisfaction of inspected the inspector left the establishment there were no active critical and violations. no need for follow-up inspection. finally mines subs and greeley locations scored zero violations to inspections in a row the general manager says their own inspection process helps them to score so well. we have to do temperatures make sure stuff clean. the cultural queen pays off this is a third silver micelles featured as an a on our report to see all the violations listed
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inspections posted on click on the news tab that restaurant report card if you have restaurant you like to is us to investigate sent us an e-mail. erika gonzalez fox 31. fox 31 denver's pinpoint weather. we have significant weather had in the pacific northwest portland is 40 in many areas as we speak earlier today across the coastal areas otranto came through crated this damage near man's. i went back since 1950 they been maybe three to four additional during re-tornadoes along the coast than 10 miles to 20 miles of that same area. and damaging weather continues to not not only important for the rest of organ closer to seattle all were sing is a high clouds from the same store system bigger and back to calm no coolness today 84 degrees with an 1 degree of the record
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sixtys and the airport downtown right now 69 out of the airport breezy are out of the airport a touch warmer tomorrow on your sunday 81 the record high is 82 high cloud cover coming yet in that's from that storm system. for your sunday 83 your weekend over all great for any and all your outdoor plans. even i camping adventure. temperatures not to cold we're tracking continued throughout the weekend that's about it. may look dark time to time in the cloud cover does look like much of a chance for moisture and later and no week. temperatures cool off in the '30s and 40s relatively mild air. fortys to 50 on the blaze denver starts at 52 that's very comfortable for this time of year. even warmer close to 90 and above. down to the mark and the high
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warm that reason snow we had a few days ago mostly melting off must there making snow are one of the resorts 78 degrees. up-and-down i 257 upper 70s to those lower 80s downtown pretty warm 82 82 warmer spot will have. is going to be downtown evening: 81 black cock 67 perko. jefferson county likely stay in the 60s into douglas county 70s to 80s for the day the primary parker highlands ranch all make it to 80s if that warmer on sunday 83 monday the wind kicks in close down a little bit that wanes a bit of a new uses for a few days strong and is a house is blowing in the colder temperatures highs in the 50s for a couple of days early morning down close to freezing for a couple of mornings hopeful chances for moisture lot of it is falling out on the pacific
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as shows i watch the first trotta go cross the waterway i would have been seasick. just wait till january. how many negatives are on that graphic. portion of e4 70 we're closed crews from parker road to just west of a cherry creek bridge until tomorrow morning be aware if you see shapes in merging traffic part of the e4 70 widening project which is expected to be some that and 20180 foreclosure begins with remote stretch of us 34 they closure will last several months and tell memorial day next year crews are working to prepare roadways in the 2013 flood axes to the highway will
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of gobbles roof the north us 36 released or the peak to peak highway from south. thousands of people get ready to lace up those running shoes. taking place this week in a reminder that means there will be several road closures in place here's a map for a map for you the race will go through downtown around city park eventually make its way back to civic center park road closures are in place the rest early tomorrow morning the race at five. ten k sunday morning. likely the latter. preparing bikes read those who cannot afford them. how one man small good details are more of a one part of the fort collins kennedy. what his actions made for the cigar market and the us.
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to one driver what the driver did that experts say tainted
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something as muslims take for granite reliable transportation way to get around to be hard to find a local group helping the homeless. the way to better life more reliably than other has a store you'll see on night. every friday disappeared many years. and sister mary alice murphy better for hope no hear the same sounds as much is on friday don't know. is always seem maintenance bicycle sounds. the sound of them getting sick. i hurt it's lot. today i know i can get that fixed this is scott spike and it's convenient where i can put a great on it didn't ease maintenance much like his life we lost his home. because of transportation needs now is how it's how he gets a
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the volunteers here are fixing it for free. might be someone that comes on the fire tyra not sure how to do that someone who has a bike that really isn't working at all of this on medium build it ten months ago. since then and it's really picked up. we fix anywhere between ten and 15 bikes every week. the biggest need volunteers 50 percent the work done today was either on tires or damaged tubes likely things to nation there able to feel all that need. the parts come from local bike shops bike mechanic donate their time to. to give the homeless a reliable way a reliable way to give them back on their feet. happening today the obama ministration says travelers will
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doesn't mean the can now buy them online or at your favorite local reseller cigar shop tell why about being kind custom with contraband and having them conscious to. a look at a price of giving a source anyone else in the world there so much that's a compared to most of the selections we can get united states. these girls gone affect a monday you cannot buy them online our local retail shops take a look at what's trending take a at this incredible video not by your tv come close. i cage diver a great white shark when the shark broke through going after tonight apparently tied to the cage had popping out that top diver minister man, the shark swam back outside the cage to give angela moment too soon to the top and client out
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take a look at this and downtown boulder earlier this week daily camera allowing us to use this picture officers we're able to get the bear into boulder creek when it ran away and off in the mountains. if you're heading out tonight for a late dinner don't forget to splurge with a little dessert because today is national dessert day. no one is claiming respon holiday's creation candies pies ice cream cupcakes and more today is the day to end dirge. a confession those gigantic pumpkin pies at cosco the love those. over the course of the week at eight the whole thing. they are the best and they are huge.
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to be exact and scheduled for us
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of an twice last year that turned out no wondering aloud in the zone with coach kubiak the interim condition. kicks off right now. while come into in the zone with
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for them to get that figured out off the top. we do have to get that fixed. an incredibly difficult week actually five days and emotional week loss to the falcons coach medical emergency. then the quick turnaround all of the things that go with it all of which sound a little bit like an excuse i know you i know you're not having any of a bet. i think if you feel sorry for yourself you're the only one miss is a lead that they don't do that. we gabby last night got beat last night it was a shame but the preparation is good at think we made some mistakes. in the broad overview 4-2 with 11 days and tell you next home
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point because when he count preseason and there are talking about the season right now i think it's been real good a little strength you need to get out of thing started poorly last night in san diego the offense was danny early in the defense can get off. like to avoid a little bit. now given out points and opening drives what gives lindsay we're tj has to say. personally at think it's a lack


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