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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  October 16, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm MDT

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>> >> firefighters get a handle on a wild fire burning north of aspen. thanks for joining us tonight i'm tammy vigil. >> . the fire is now 15 percent
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that's because parts of colorado are really feeling the winds out there tonight. >> . freeman fire burned about 3 hundred acres so far. no homes have burned. none are currently being threatened. 3 helicopters about 80 firefighters continue to battle the blaze. about 15 miles north of aspen. the fire continues to burn to the north. away from any towns. >> . certainly good news out there. i guess the bad news is it sounds like the winds are going to pick >> they will. it's going to be another high wild fire danger day tomorrow. maybe not as warm. as today. but the air still dry. we'll be above average. the winds are really going to pick up. now it's not too bad across the state at this hour. we take a look at the statewide map. sustained winds. any where between five and 15. this is normal. gusts up to 20 in the mountains. really we're expecting these numbers to really ramp up. over the next few hours.
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tomorrow morning. parts of the mountains could be looking at 50. even 60 miles per hour wind gusts. and then tomorrow afternoon. parts of the metro area the front range. and the eastern plains could see gusts as high as 50. there the wind advisories. that are out for the mountains th-fplt will go all the way through tomorrow morning. into the early parts of the afternoon. for some spots. gusts on the we know slope could get as high as 50. once you get into the divide. we really start to pick those numbers up. especial that's where the high wind warning is in effect. gusts could reach 80 miles per hour. >> winds should die down late day tomorrow evening and towards tuesday morning. before we get there, winds will pick up. especially during the afternoon. around the front range. and the eastern plains. gusts up to 50 tomorrow. which means a fire weather warnings. the one from today expired at 7 p.m. lasting through the afternoon. that dry air will stay locked
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over night and through the day tomorrow. yes it will stay sunny and warm. big changes are headed our way. temperatures will begin to fall. all the details coming up. >> . right now police in denver are searching for a suspect in a motel shooting. that left a pregnant woman dead saturday night. >> a warrant has been issued for this man. brent kelly. he will face first degree murder charges in the death of 23 year-old rus sell. >> live from the denver police family are remembering her tonight. >> . police main focus tonight is to find the suspect. a sentiment echoed by the family. tonight a vigil was held. as well as that's right in front of the air way motel. they held candles and prayed for a reduction of sraoeubls in violence in the community. her mother was too upset to speak. another family member did. and asked for anyone with
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>> anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers. >> . the road to the white house cutting through colorado once again. not the last stop we will see. today senator sanders and warren made the way to denver. >> . behind me for tonight's evans. sanders sanders was so dominant in the primaries in colorado. he's trying to use that momentum to now sway undecided voters towards clinton. >> . senators sanders and warren are
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her. >> this is the first time these two have campaigned together. for clinton. >> maybe decide where they want to go in the long run. >> colorado is a good place to do that. because we're a swing state. that could make or break a candidates chances of becoming president. >> approximate if we do not get our act together, this country is going to slide into. where a happenedful of billionaires. >> . sanders rallied the crowd with his progressive platform.
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only takes place when millions of people are prepared to stand up. and fight. for that change. >> warren reminded voters how they believe democrats can get that done. >> and when we send clinton to the white house. it will make a america a stronger country. >> . a message is res in this casing with some of the 17 hundred people who turned out. >> when i heard she was fulling for clinton. that was really exciting. she wasn't just going to say she's a woman i'm a woman. i'll support her. she said here's the issues here's what we care about. >> in 3 weeks we'll know if that's what the country gets.
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earlier this month. trump held rallies in both love land and pueblo. that's not the only trump weapon will see in the mile high. tomorrow donald trump jr. will be in colorado. to meet with voters. in centennial right around eleven a.m. and then in boulder in the afternoon at 4:30. >> . two new national polls put clinton in the lead. ahead of wednesday's final presidential debate. >> . she has an eleven point lead in a new wall street journal poll. at 48 percent. compared to trump at 37. >> but a new abc news and washington post poll has her lead within the margin of error. by 4 points. clinton47 points while trump trails with had 3. >> . as we mention. trump and clinton face off for the final debate on wednesday. watch right here on fox. the debate starts at 7 p.m. >> .
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responsible for srapbd hraoeudzing hraoeuzing the van hraoeuz just look at this damage. police say someone fire bombed the building. charring much of the interior. the vandals spray painted a on the outside of the building. along with the word nazi republicans get out of town or else. north carolina republican party released a statement today calls the incident a vicious attack and a hate crime. saying in part. >> . that are increasing security. >> . how passionate and crazed people are. >> scary to see what this has come to. on both sides. >> it will be over soon. >> . we are feeling -lt winds tonight. it's nothing compared to what they're dealing with on the west coast. >> after the break. a look at the damage we are seeing from this powerful storm in places like washington and
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a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here.
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if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun. donald trump supports my right to own a gun. if you live in pwoultder starting tomorrow you might notice a change in the drinking water.
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water treatment facility will be increasing production for a time. to accommodate work at the water treatment facility. so the city says you might notice a change in the taste or smell of the water. because of the chemistry between the two plants. they don't expect any water service interruption. >> also happening tomorrow. a road closure may impact how you get to estes park. the stretch will be off limits to drivers tph-lg memorial day. next year. crews will work on the road that floods. only residents who have a permit will be allowed to access the highway. other routes to involve devils gulch from the north. peek to peek scenic highway from the south. >> . we want to make it clear the public can still access the lower part of the canyon. for fishing and hiking. visiting stores like the dam store. sandy. and the cherry store that sells the delicious cherry pie. >> .
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oregon. the american red cross is helping residents effected by tornadoes and winds there. >> . two tornadoes hit the oregon coast friday morning. this weekend they experienced winds up to 80 miles per hour. you can see the mess they're dealing with now. downed power lines. broken trees. one hundred buildings damaged. >> washington also was dealing with the after math. of the remnants of the typhoon. look at this house that had a tree pierce right through the ceiling. and check out the video of an experienced wind surfer in seattle. who had to be rescued from the waters. so far we aren't hearing of any injuries from the storm. >> . that's still a developing
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a soon the blue areas which represent the gus locations. will really spread out. this entire map. then the pump -l will start to show up. tomorrow. which are even gustier locations. we could see numbers as high as 40. 50 miles per hour. from the front range. to plains and even higher in the mountains. we'll start off future cast here at two o'clock in the morning. that's when the model really starts to ramp up the winds. in the mountains. 30, 40 miles per hour gusts at that point.
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georgetown. 64 miles per hour. here on the model. still not too bad across the front range. by that point. watch what happens into the afternoon. those numbers really begin to fan out. the color starts to spread in. we're talking 20, 30. maybe 50 miles per hour gusts. across the plains. and up and down i 25. tkh which will lead to high fire weather danger. thanks to all of the dry air we're expected to be locked into place. relative humidity levels have improved from the teens in which we e experience earlier this afternoon. once the heating kicks in tomorrow the numbers will drop again. down into the teens. which means dry air windy conditions. high wild fire danger. plus the winds in the mountains. will ramp up the fire danger there. with high wind warnings and wind advisory. in effect tonight. through the day tomorrow. from mountain communities. a lot going on. on top of that. we had record warmth here today. a beautiful afternoon. although we're keeling off a bit here tonight. down to 58. in the city. 55 around dia.
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especially into the day tomorrow. look at these numbers. 86. for the high today. didn't quite get to the record of 89. set in 91. we crushed the average high. which is 65. for the time of the year. we did 20 better than today. we'll still stay well above average. as the cooler air starting to lock in now across the area. 54 greeley. 52 in fort collins. still comfortable night. for mid october. 50s and 40s country. grand junction still at 71 degrees. here this evening. we have clear skies across the board. a couple fair weather clouds. down to the southwest. to our southeast. southeast plains. but other than that. the skies stay quiet. through the over night period.
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entire day. slightly cooler tomorrow. not by much. it will be windy. highs back to 78 degrees. in the city. upper 60s low 70s. some 80s in the plains. maybe 90s in the southeast corner. 50s 60s there. in the mountains. there it is closer to the mt. row area. upper 70s. going to be another warm not quite as warp as today. >> . 1246789 7-day forecast. 7-day forecast. numbers will go from the 70s tomorrow. into the 60s by tuesday. 50s on wednesday.
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tuesday night. might bring scattered rain showers. which we need. >> . we. i can't remember the last time we saw significant rainfall. >> my lawn is yellow. >> . of course the sunshine it was perfect weather for the rock and roll marathon series. in the mile high. >> . live bands. cheer teams and high energy volunteers. lining the streets of denver. cheering on all the runners. >> usually it's the rock and this year the race was shortened to a half marathon. started at civic center park. a ten k race. the rock and roll that marathon series started in 1998. 18 years ago. we have some pictures of the the
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the fall sky lighting up the fall sky with thousand of hrapb lanterns. >> . why the event was canceled. and why neighbors say they're
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she says they look stunning. until close to two hundred lanterns landed on farmland. >> i was extremely concerned and angry. >> . they kpaeused after the de-pwraoes. also trying to also trying to calm the spooked animals. >> terrified. >> she says the lanterns must have traveled nearly five miles to get to her back backyard. they were worried about patches of dry grass. >> . we contacted officials from the
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hit the ground hot. several people who work for the festival visited plain view farm to help pick up the left overs this morning. they say the clean up is protocol. and the event is designed to be a safe and fun atmosphere. lantern fest deeply values our relationship with the community and the fire departments we work with. and closely with the community departments to ensure our event is safe. and sustainable.
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>> you fear the worst. the hole. from the edge. so i had to grab onto a tree. and lean over. >> they are the hidden hazards in the forest. not dozens or hundreds but thousands. of abandoned mines injuring pets and people. all across colorado. thanks for staying with us. >> there are actually more than 23 thousand abandoned mines in colorado. today we have a closer look at what's being done to protect you from accidently falling in one
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>> it's a dangerous and exhausting job. and it literally begins with a trek over the river. and through the woods. >> to an abandoned gold mine hidden deep within thefor forest. one misstep. could mean serious injury. or even death. >> it's a daunting task. >> it doesn't get easier at the job site. colorado prison inmates are working with the division of mining. to well the grate over this gold mine. near james town. >> . it's big. most people don't recognize that. >> . all the dots are mines we have found. >> .


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