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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  October 18, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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also for construction crews blocking this alley way. now the construction company is hitting back with this sign. to neighbors. that many are calling passive aggressive. >> . victorian brick fills the neighborhood. >> a normal line of houses. and then suddenly get to this. towers over the rest of the house. >> the new condo building and the construction process. have been and many of the neighbors. for the last year. >> it's been a nightmare. the workers have been a little hostile. >> . they block the driveway. leave trash on the sidewalk. >> neighbors have complained about construction over and over. but say their calls and e-mails to city officials.
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>> tons of people access in a statement. lawyers says after discussion with the city. determined that it had no choice. but to obtain a full right-of-way permit. to end the constant challenges and drain on city and project resources. neighbors take the message a side of disrespect. and feel the city is only concerned about money and development. >> . no response. from the mayors office. or fro to help us with the kind of project that's going on. >> . others say the issue is not just limited to this corner. they support a growing denver. but say they want to make sure it's done. in a way that compliments the diverse neighborhood. and what's already here. >> . having is 12 apartments here. in the slot format. makes it a little bit congested. for the area. >> . tough when they expect this to be done. we have posted toughs complete
10:02 pm >> . a couple trying to help a man who was being atracked winds up becoming victim themselves. >> . the 3 attackers are still on the loose tonight. it was the end of date tphaoeulgt night. and his fiancee. the pair walking back to their car. around two o'clock saturday morning. when they say 3 men actually throw another man through a hotel window. when he spoke up to help. thett and his fiancee. throwing him to ground and kicking him. they turned on her. knocking her out. >> . >> then i blacked out. >> . police are investigating the 3 attackers still on the loose.
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early 20s. between 6 foot 2. and 6 foot 4. two men are white the other is black. >> . we want to let you know about a man police are looking for. accused of trying to lure young girls in thornton. this is a look at where two separate incidents happen. near hunters glen elementary school. a first victim, 12 year-old. says the man pulled up to her. near 134 and high street. motioned for her to come over. he was naked performing a lewd act. and 8 days later. alongside her. asked her if she needed a ride. and made lewd comments. this happened at franklin and high street. both cases the girls immediately ran for help. police are worried the man is still out there. and could be getting more bold.
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i can pick and choose a person i want to exploit. >> . denver police addressing the growing trend for sex trafficker to sell children through social
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now say a massive fire in custer county. started when winds knocked a medal building to the nearby power lines. that forced hundreds to evacuate. in custer county. now the fire has burned more than 16 thousand acres so far. forced hundred of people to evacuate. it's consumed two homes. five of the buildings still 0 percent contained. >> .
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disappeared in the area of knox court. and just southwest of ham den and federal. if you see denny or have information. please call police. >> . counting down to the presidential election. 3 weeks away. we are hours away from the financial debate. tomorrow night. which means the campaign
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>> on the democratic side. clintons campaign was ready for trump in the speupbgs springs today. the forward together bus rolled in to the city. holding a press conference nearby. with several local democratic leaders. >> . now looking to the latest fox news poll. clinton remains ahead of trump. 45 to 39 percent. favor -blt. among likely voters. a one point drop from 7 point lead -fpt just last week. as the polls are in clintons favor. more leeked mails certainly are not. the campaign working to clean up another e-mail mess. with the state department fighting off attacks tonight. it tried to cut a deal with the fbi to have an e-mail unclassified.
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state department says there was no deal made. >> no. not only no proof. it it's not true. completely false. allegation. >> at a press conference today. president obama weighed in. saying there's nothing here. >> the accounts that have been put out there. are just not true. >> . this is a bigger event. than water gate. >> republican presidential nominee donald trump seized on the document released. tweeting pay to play. cover up. and now bribery.
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>> the real question. now may not be what really happened. but rather how it was further impact voters trust in clinton. the latest twist in the never ending e-mail controversy. will unquestionably be among the questions she faces. in tomorrow nights debate. >> . the stage is set for the final face off in las vegas. >> you can catch all the action right here on fox 31 or stream it live on >> you should see something sometime this week. if you have questions about what you'll find. problem solvers are here to help. log onto or the news app. check out our colorado voter guide. we played out all the information for you. from registering to vote. ballot deadline. and links to election offices in the state. you can find a break down of the statewide amendments and the propositions. along with the local ones. >> . city of denver also making it easier than ever to answer
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offering a text message system. allowing voters to text any question they may have. to customer service. questions would be answered during regular business hours outside of those hours you can get autoresponses to the most common questions. all you have to do is text 3036539668. >> . >> that includes retire as you make your holiday travel plan. skorgt to a blog post. the site will now show you when prices are expected to increase for a specific stphraoeugt and routes. if you're not ready to book yet.
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route. and get e-mail notices. letting you know when prices are expected to change. >> . happening tomorrow. 8 metro area stores will open doors as new safe way locations come to morning. stores are re-branding part of the an effort to focus marketing efforts under one brand. in the area. the company investing more than 15 million dollars to remodel and update the 8 denver area albertsons locations. banners will be swapped on the stores over night. in to tonight. >> the google app. pretty cool. >> . why hasn't it been invented already.
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colder and colder. if you have a lawn ta take care of .u you the way we see it. you have two choices. one you can do it yourself. >> large powerful come presser. you need a screwdriver. >> . so how much is that going to cost. >> probably nine hundred
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>> that's the cheap way. >> okay. you have the gear. and a small loan. now you have to get the drive. >> you have to get the air from the compressor. to the unit. and connect the unit and purge the line. >> . great. but if you'd rather be doing anything else on your day off. then. hire someone to do it for you. >> number one is going to be done right. number two you have recourse if it's done wrong. number 3 it and headache for trying to figure out how to do something you have to interest in. >> . either way. all agree. get it done now. before the freeze. unless you want a brand new sprinkle system. in the spring.
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just a couple of weeks. we sent meteorologist up there. in t this afternoon. to take a closer look at just how close love land is to firing up the lifts. >> . i'm guessing we're probably 70 percent there. last night snow makers were able to make snow. starting at eleven 45. that i went until ten a.m. gearing up as we speak. and we're hoping to get a couple productive night of snow making. >> . >> all right. looking good up there. >> . check this out. live radar. we have rain and snow.
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corridor. we have seen a few snow showers. at love land. mother nature trying to help out. as we look north of denver. up i 25. fort collins. and well -lg wellington and car up to cheyenne. there's a few rain showers. >> running onto the eastern plains. it's not a lot of rain. it's nice to see it. then the snow you can see here. especially over the higher terrain. as we zoom in closer. we did have a few showers coming down to longmont. i can't rule one out. making its way into >> i hraoeupbg again. where mark was in the pinpoint weather beast. right in love land ski. they had a few snow showers around. there are some up and over the mountains. frisco. a couple snow coming in at 65 degrees.
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we had a pretty seasonal day. records a hot 84. thankfully we didn't touch the cold one at 19 degrees. outside right now. 52 and 47. humidity low. a south wind at 13 miles per hour. we're looking at 50 thornton. 52 wheat ridge. 53 lake wood. and back into the 50s. down into the area. thanks to the south wind. south wind sometimes brings the temperatures up across the metro. >> >> the wind out there is not that strong. it's in a south direction. ten, 15. stronger up towards fort collins. and greeley at 18 miles per hour. i point out the wind. because later on tonight and tomorrow. that wind here we are at six o'clock in the morning. will be a northwest wind. it will be a cool wind. not strong. these are the wind speeds. 15. maybe 20 miles per hour. >> t*gs it's the direction.
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a wider view across the state. kwr*us like the most of what we're seeing. northeast corner of the state. as we go through the day tomorrow. the best chance of seeing a few rain showers. southeast colorado. southwest colorado. and the western slope. looking quiet. lows tonight in the very cold 20s. that we run the snow guns up there. in the 30s 40s and a couple 50s to the south and highs tomorrow. mainly in the 50s. a few spots will be cooler. like steam boat at 47. 52 aspen. number two on the list. and 64 out in grand junction. we'll have 50s and 60s. these numbers here cooler. than today. thanks to that wind i was pointing out. out of the north. will really help to hold the temperatures down. >> . tomorrow.
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in most locations. so. seven o'clock tomorrow morning wake up with clouds. and 35. clear out the clouds and bring in sunshine late in the day. and 58. it will be a dry day. stay dry but cool again on thursday. at 62. we go into the 70s for your friday. saturday and sunday. and even monday. by monday the 70s are starting to come down a bit. to 71. and we're down to 69 degrees. for the next chance of rain. coming up on tuesday.
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we have been winning. and people say you spoil by that. you want to keep winning. how you keep winning is you work hard and get back to the basics of football. >> . winning is contagious. so is losing. right now the broncos try tog make sure they remain on the good side of the hard line. losers of two straight. denver with not a big but a huge game coming up mono. gary kubiak and the whereon broncos. not to do today. hard at work. trying to avoid the first 3 game losing skid since 2011. offense held a closed door meeting this week to iron out their issues. broncos have are still a 7 point favorite at home against brock osweiler and houston. kick off monday night set for you have 6:30. >> . it happens sometimes. had to. avs lose the first game of the season. might as well be on the road
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>> . a lot of fire power on the capitols team. >> . avs suffer the shut out. 3 to nothing. it came in the second of back to back road games. seems like a formidable excuse to me. coach. not so much. >> . we weren't good enough to start. we weren't hard enough. we weren't ready to skate. you know. they were. >> we knew it was a tough turn around. that can't happen. in my opinion. >> . >> all right. let's do play off baseball. game 3. sorry. >> dodgers hosting the cubs. jake on the mound for chicago. that's usually a good thing. right. not so much tonight.
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with man on. deep to right center field. up and out. two run shot. 3 to nothing la. dodgers are all kind of fired up. a shot of the dug out. cubs skipper joe madden. >> . first home run of the post season. huge. speaking of huge. big game the dodgers rich hill. this guy. what a story. 6 innings. no runs given up. he was the ace tonight. not so much jake. bottom of the turner there he goes again. solo shot to left. 4 runs tonight. they chased him out of the game. magic johnson part owner of the dodgers likes what he sees. they have a two to one series lead. blue jays got a wind against the indians. that series continues. >> .
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weather. >> . do you want to ask me.
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