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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  October 20, 2016 1:05am-1:36am MDT

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no respect for this person. >> he'd rather have a puppet as president. >> . you're the puppet. no you are. one of the things trending tonight. >> . that was just one of the interruptions and heated exchanging. who talked more. who interrupted more. political reporter is back with a look. >> . news room had a counter out the stopwatch out tonight. we were watching it all. some of the phoepls you might
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who knows. the fact there was no handshake at the beginning. clear this election has been brutal. in fact they didn't even meet at the center of the stage. it didn't take long to start interrupting. and contradicting each other. lest let's take a look at the time break down. clinton spoke longer. for the for about 4 is 41 minutes. trufrpb trump about 35 minutes. trump interrupted a lot more. of course unscientific. but we counted around 12 interruptions by clinton. here are a few of the buzz words from the debate. trump used the wordy sa*ser ten times. disaster ten times. used the word tremendous 8 times. and we heard the word rigged five times. mostly used by clinton. when referencing what trump has been saying. >> of course cnn out with a poll. just a few momentsing moments ago. saying they believe clinton won
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another viral moment. >> twitter picked up a phrase. trending hash tag. >> . easily confusing. >> . coming up tonight at eleven. on our sister station. colorado's own channel two. we'll take a closer look at trump refusing to say he'll accept election results. and why the phrase nasty woman is trending. >> . that is a male nurse convicted of raping a coworkers and speaking with the problem solvers.
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to immediately lose his license. >> . the state admits his nursing license should have been suspended when he was arrested in january 2015. >> that's not what happened. >> . >> his license wasn't suspended until the day after the problem solvers e-mail state officials. that was more than a year and a half after the crime. and after finally convicted. so how did he fall through the cracks. easy. >> . we were not allowed to audio of the sentencing. but the 38 year-old told us plenty a few weeks earlier. about his conviction. for raping a coworker. >> . >> his victim. says there was nothing con sen
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he now accepts the jurors verdict in august. even though he claims he thought the sex was consensual. >> did you quit your as well. >> once he was air arrested. he was supposed to report himself. which maintains his license. >> . okay. so perhaps no surprise that he didn't report himself to the state. but his bosses here at the nursing center were also supposed to report him. and didn't. here's the crazy thing. under colorado law there's no enforcement mechanism. if the employer refuses to
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if they don't follow reporting requirements. there's no punishment. >> . do you think bad apples. >> . representative sponsors house bill eleven 60. a law passed last year. that now requires fingerprinting and background checks for surgical techs. she was motivated after rocky allen was fired from swedish medical. for stealing from the operating room. now dora plans to ask lawmakers in the next session. for the ability to perform similar back ground checks on nurses. >> . we should move to something to that effect. only to protect innocent people. >> it wasn't until the problem solvers contacted her in august. that a day later the state nursing held held an emergency 19 months after his arrest. the order reads.
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is raping a coworkers a mistake. >> . people make mistakes -fplts in life. >> . cherry creek eug tphoeured our a(eug igre >> it wants to create a system to regulate. when a nurse or doctor is arrested for a crime. so it doesn't have to rely on a tv news reporter or self-reporting. or a healthcare professional has gotten in trouble. >> .
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>> kicking off your health headline tonight. a local hospital has a new high-tech way to get rid of germs. and get the job done in seconds. now using the robot. emits uv light to quickly destroy bacteria. viruses phoeltd and other pathogens. in places where bleach wipes might not reach. >> . type of uv. and the power that's being put out. by this. is such that in five minutes we can sterilize the table top. or the top of the bed or the phone receiver. or the computer etc. >> . ro robots are 20 times more effective than standard cleaning and decreased infection rates by 20 to one hundred percent. >> . 7 of the hottest country music acts in denver last night. for the st. jude jam.
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we're told it was the fastest in the history of the grizzly rose. >> . >> raise money for st. jude. and always use music for good. can you>> this was the first tiy put on the event and hoping to make it an annual event. with sell outs like that i guess theyou >> . much needed expansion coming to a busy colorado interstate. >> . where c-dot says they will be adding a lane. to move things along faster.
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consumer alert. that could make your holiday travel a little less of a hassle. white house today announcing new rules for airlines. aimed at helping outd passengers when they buy tickets. >> . major airlines will refund
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wait more than 12 hours if bags. >> happening today. i 25 expanding in northern colorado. one step closer to happening. if you look at the map. the added lane from johns town to fort collins. new details where the much needed project begins. >> . this is the worst stretch. >> . love land native. there's nothing like grid gridlock on i 25. to fuel his tprus tpraeugs. >> . nonsto >> . someone with a flat tire and the whole thing is backed up. >> . same for bob. >> accidents are happening left and right. too many people for two lane roads going each way. need to widen it. >> now roadway relief is on the way. for the over loaded two lane highway. from fort collins. to johns town. >> a project critical to the region. >> c-dot says commitment from
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dollars. combined with ten million for neighboring towns. 25 million to snag matching federal funds to build a third tolled lane in each direction. of the interstate. which ford says worked wonders. in other parts of colorado. >> in fact in some instances we have seen travel times improve from 20 to 50 percent. not just for the people who choose to use the toll express lane. also for people who are traveling in the free general purpose lane. >> . some drivers say they welcome but others question if paying to drive faster. is fair. >> i protest against that. because where's my tax money going to. >> an option. >> project will also replace 4 aging bridges and widen additional bridges. construction starts in about a year and a half.
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years after that. >> . now finishing up the design work. that will soon be hiring a contractor. >> . happening tonight. expect 30 minute delays on rtd iowa a line trains will operate on track. for both east and westbound service. at 38 and blake. colorado. and central park station. until two o'clock this morning. >> . skiers and snow borders. a basin will open for the season. this f sent us these photographs tonight. of them making snow. they have a lot out there too. skiers and snow borders can access the high noon trail. starting at nine a.m. on friday. tickets on sale right now. go to their web site. or buy them at the resort. 76 dollars for a full day pass.
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aurora at 40. we have other 30s out there. like in akron. and sterling. and fort morgan. ben net is at 38. as you'll see in a sec. below freezing in a the hrof places tonight. there's departing storm system. by midnight. most of the clouds are gone. sunshine early tomorrow. passed the lunch hour. nothing changes. a good looking sunny thursday. is coming your way.
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for denver the front range. northeast colorado. the same will be true for southeast colorado. southwest colorado. and northwest colorado. the clock rolls through. just a lot of sunshine. under clear skies tonight. perfect ingredient. to escape and space. and the temperatures to crash. like swao into the teens and a lot of mountain locations. which will help love land and a basin continue to run the snow guns. 30s a few 40s here to the east. and southeast. i have denver below freez warnings. we have another one coming tonight. in this light blue area. until eight o'clock tomorrow morning. couple days down to 32. we haven't gone below freezing. tonight is the night we do that. also on the eastern plains. in the this darker blue shade. a frost advisory. a highs tomorrow bounce back. with all the sunshine. phrez pleasant day -fpt once again a lot of 6
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uniform across the state. metro denver temperatures tomorrow. should range from the upper 50s to low 60s in the foothills. 64 golden. 63 wheat ridge. a lot of mid 60s from brighton. towards staple ton and the city itself. wake up tomorrow. sunshine. temperature at 30 degrees. 62 degrees the forecast high tomorrow. we keep it on the comfortable side. then. warmer weather. 74 warmest day is saturday 75. 74 as we get to sunday. and monday still in starting to take a cooler trend. that leads us to our 60s again. forfor tuesday and wepblz. wednesday both days with a chance of rain.
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one team is in. nose cleveland indians. kwaeupl game one is tuesday night in title town. cleveland ohio. who knew. more on the eupbd kwrapbds in toronto. but let's start with all the
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dodgers stadium. the site. it's game 4. cubs look for a win to even up the series at two games a piece. they have been shut out the last two ball games. not tonight. busting out of the slump. in a big way. >> . this guy has been struggling all post season. not anymore. taking him out of solo home run. the same part of the yard. cubs put a touch down and a field goal. all over the dodgers. final score. ten to two. again. series tied two to two. game five right back in la tomorrow. first pitch set for six o'clock. >> . toronto. indians can kick back and relax. wait until tuesday game one of the world series. tribe getting done today. with a couple long balls -fpls. >>
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3 to nothing cleveland. after ryan merit the starter started autothe shut out effort allen closes it down. gets troy tulowitzki to pop up for the final out. cleveland go crazy. 3 to nothing the final. first world series appearance since 1997. >> . all right. broncos we go. defending champs. enjoying a day. tomorrow go back to work. to practice. preparing for the next game. against brock osweiler. former teammate. after leaving the broncos. this off season. for more money to play in houston. let's say it's mixed feelings and emotions. they get set to take on the former teammate. >> . i'm cool with him. talking millions. you tpwet to talking millions we're not even talking. >> i'm looking forward to playing him.
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for him leaving. you have to do what you have to do for your family. >> i hope i'm the first to bring him down. >> nobody has ill will towards him. at the same time. it's a competition. we want to shut him down. >> . cu buffs five and two. ep enjoying the best season since 2010. that run o this year. it does feel different. with mike. and what he's built. certainly mike is a believer.
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what kind of year cu had up to this point. they are for real. >> . it's fun to watch. >> . kind of takes you back. >> . it's been a while. >> i truly believe it will stay
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eally only thinking of yourself. i am not. i'm thinking of us. well, i'm thinking of shooting myself because the suspense sure isn't killing me. what's going on? it's private. she went off the pill, and now i have to use condoms. when do we get to "private" on your word-of-the-day calendar? now, you said you wear condoms, plural. you do know it's one at a time, right? you do know that. yes, yes, i know. the thing is, it's just less fun. i make sure i'm always prepared. oh, that's considerate, to have slightly less of you actually touching her. yes, and i get the ribbed kind, for her pleasure... although i do wear them inside out. i have taken care of birth control since we met. since the night we met. yeah. yeah. way to make him work for it.
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um, being sober doesn't make you look any better in this story. hey, i have an idea for birth control-- i stop having sex with you. oh. but would you still-- no. yeah, but could i possibly-- nope. well, then that's a terrible idea. why is it always assumed that protection is the woman's responsibility? it's from the bible. corinthians. from now on, if you want to know me, thou shalt sheath thy sword. yeah. oh, hey, oh. hey. hey, guys. check out this photo i took last night of old man jeff. audrey, it's not that funny. aw, look at you with your bifocals down at the end of your nose. yeah, all snuggled under your afghan. she put that stuff on me last night. he kept falling asleep during a movie. i did not. uh, right,
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he's dead. look, i don't care what my age is. i haven't lost a step at home, work, or the battlefield. the battlefield? sadly, he's referring to his softball league. (jeff) hey, i tell you what-- why don't you come to my next game? you can see for yourself. yeah, no thanks. last game i went to, the team put me in charge of beer distribution. i was the beverage bimbo. hey, bevy bim is an important position. how about i start calling you "the bevy bim"? try it. see how it goes. die! die, you idiot! we haven't started the game yet. i know. you're taking so long. so die. die, you idiot. oh, hey. hey. what is that smell?


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