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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  October 20, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm MDT

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we'll start out the evergreen. two high school students facing criminal charges after deputies say they hazed other students. >> to so serious one of the students could face felony charges. more on the investigation. and reaction. from students tonight. >> . >> that's right. the suspects both minors arrested earlier this week. one facing a misdemeanor the other a felony. the school district tonight saying both of those students have been suspended.
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>> evergreen high school. law enforcement is easy to spot. this school at the focus of a tkphropbny. hazing investigation. >> . things happen. >> . two football players. 15 and 16 year-old. targeted 4 of the classmates. several times with threats and violence. the most recent happening monday. >> investigators are pursuing the 15 year-old for misdemeanor harassment. the 16 year-old accused of with a piece of broken glass. facing felony menacing. >> . it's shocking. to hear that someone was threatened with glass. >> . even with the school board member thursday night. officials wouldn't go on camera. or issue a statement. only saying the two students who were arrested have both been suspended. >> . parents we spoke with were surprised to learn of the arrest. from fox 31. >> aprils son is a student at evergreen high.
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great administration. and i would trust they do the best when faced with this. >> both suspects have been released and are waiting to be formally charged i by p-rts. >> prosecutors. >> . thank you. new information tonight. about a greeley man. charged with attempted murder. accused of bti girlfriends with dumbbells.
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protects rez who take action. when they feel their hraeuf is in danger. after someone has broken in. defending property is a much harder to sell. twice in the past two months raoeulgt here in the metro. teens have been shot while trespassing. in one case. the district attorney says the homeowner has a valid case of self-defense. >> . unfortunately. wrong time. doing the wrong thing. then again it was still a child. >> karl is the uncle of 15 year-old. >> there's a child. that people love. >> he was shot and killed nearly two weeks ago. police say by this man. 48 year-old ken hammock. >> intended to do hard. to kill. >> according to to court documents. he and his 14 year-old friend jumped the fence to get into the marijuana filled backyard. before they made it out.
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eye contact. as he held that gun. you know they were children. >> . police say ham hammock fired rounds from his second story window. hitting both kids. >> . his house was not in jeopardy. his life was not in jeopardy. he wasn't in jeopardy. >> . that's why the denver district attorney today filed 8 felony charges. against ham mock. including first degree murder. and 4 count of attempted murder. >> it would be difficult. to say that that person was in fear of their life. or serious which when they're in a second floor window. pointing a rifle down. >> . the district attorney in nearby adams county. this one isn't his case. but last month police handed him a similar investigation. involving a 17 year-old attempting to steal marijuana plants. from a home near 76. >> these are the most difficult decisions i have to make. >> the teen was shot and killed after a face to face confrontation. with the homeowner. >> i wanted to find a way to charge this man.
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i have to follow the law. >> . young says he didn't file charges. he can't disprove self-defense. beyond. >> kwr-pbd. >> beyond a reasonable doubt. >> . those facts are separate. and unique. and distinct from the facts in our case. >> . he had more than the 6 plants allowed by law.
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clip ton and trump breaking bread at the annual dinner in new york. a fundraiser there. this is a moment where the two were able to relax and poke fun at each other and themselves. they certainly did that. coming up i'll have a closer look at the jokes tonight. the ones that worked and the ones that didn't. >> . back here in colorado. the fox 31 problem solvers are asking questions about who is behind commercials for several ballot initiatives. like amendment 72. calling for a raise in cigarette
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tobacco group headquartered in virginia. which donated 16 million dollars. we also found that some out outf state groups are donating for a minimum wage increase. and this is not unusual. >> . you can find a on and on the news app. the problem solvers colorado voter guide. has filled with information from how to register to vote. to important deadlines and links to county election offices. >> . developing story from over seas tonight. we wait for the identity of a u.s. military member. the first killed in the battle
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injuries from an ied. this marks the fourth death of a u.s. service member. since the start of the operation in 2014. >> . we're following a federal investigation. into weather documents were falsified regarding the wait times at colorado va hospitals. this comes after the death of a colorado veteran. and aelss he had to wait too long for medical treatment he needed. a whistle blower made the claim to colorado senator. now all va facilities here in the state are investigated by a government watchdog agency. over claims they're keeping veterans are tweeted. >> . trinidad will pay 375 thousand dollars to settle a lawsuit. involving two women who were wrongly arrested and probation . in a 2013 case. the aclu filed the suit. back in january 2015. alleging detectives gave an informant incentive to make false accusations. over all 40 people were arrested. none of the arrests led to a drug relate -td conviction. >> . one woman living in an
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the problem solvers getting an answer for a tenant who says her apartment is just not lovable. >> . livable. >> . when i became governor, i knew we had to protect our colorado way of life. it's why i need a good team in the state senate. like rachel zenzinger, a former teacher who's fought for equal pay for equal work.
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s afford their utility bills. jenise may worked to cut taxes for 30,000 small businesses. and tom sullivan is a veteran who believes in an open and transparent government.
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>> water leaking from the laundry room. into her unit. there's no one on the premise who can help her.
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a denver student very first apartment. exciting but not the experience that she hoped for. this is why she said she's been dealing with maintenance problems at the apartments in denver. and basically getting the silent treatment from management. >> . problem solvers turns up the heat. here's the result. >> . the add for the apartments says, renters will find current, hip. sophistication. but she says she's not having that experience. >> a lot of weird you walk in. >> because when things go wrong. she's on her own. >> there's nothing hip about that. >> i have never been able to get a hold of management. in the kitchen. lots of water. brown water rises up. i'm not sure where it comes from. >> a hrolt there's a leak in the laundry room. >> the water will rise and leak all the way to my door. so i walk into a puddle. >> . wait until you get a load of this.
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>> this is where all the dogs go to the bathroom. this is my bedroom window. >> . we'll try to get you some help. >> management wasn't exactly willing to talk to us. >> . you know what. you can raoefpb reach out to cardinal group management. the only person allowed to speak to press. >> there's no one deal with any issues here. >> .
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problem solvers will follow up. when that happens. >> . right now. highway 133ment along the western slope. closed because of a it's closed at the north end. after the slide caused extensive damage to the road. you can see how big the boulders are. nobody was injured in the slide. so that's good news. crews hope to have the highway cleaned up and repaired by saturday. more than a thousand vehicles used this highway. every day. so the detours will include i 70 to the north. and u.s. 50 to the south. >> . the fire burning near rampart range in colorado springs. is now fully contained. the fire sparked on monday and 37 homes were evacuated.
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before crews were able to contain it over night. the forest service will monitor the fire over the next two days. the fire burning in custer and pueblo county. is 3 percent contained. some improvement there. >> . things are extremely dry. if you look closely down the front range. in to metro denver. a little deeper shading. we're not quite at the severe level. we're not heading in the right direction either. as we have only had a little above a quarter of an inch. of rain. so far this october. this is a month where we should have more than an inch.
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in either category. now today was another dry day. temperatures were comfortable. with 50s. 60s. out west. and 50s and 60s here in the east. as a matter of fact. the warm spot in the state was here in denver. it wasn't all that warm. 63. it was seasonal. we were only one degree off where we should be. 64 degrees.
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on the south side of town. same thing. certainly as you climb up in elevation. temperatures will be a little and we're looking good. sedalia 74. castle pines at 73. and 74 highlands ranch. >> . again not as cold tonight. few high clouds around. and 36. tomorrow 74 degrees. as we welcome in a great friday. and we'll follow that. with a wonderful weekend. saturday. 76. 74 on sunday. 71 on monday. temperatures start to kind of step down just a bit. all 4 days dry. the next chance for rain is on tuesday. it's not a great chance. a few spotty showers.
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69 tuesday to 68 wednesday. right back to 70 degrees.
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the movie is rated pg13. >> . now to a problem solvers consumer alert. honda recalling nearly 63 thousand. because the glass sunroof can come roof and fly into traffic. the recall effects the manufacture in 2015 and 2016. the automaker says want it wasn't bonded properly. to the car. so it can come off. they will sent out notice ins december with why not take to facebook. to order delivery. the social media announced a school of new features including the ability to order food. book movie tickets and make appointments with hair salons. from the facebook pages of
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a super-awkward dinner party
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trump and clinton facing off again. moments ago on national tv. tonight their break the two nominees putting their comedy skills to the test
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>> i very politely relied. let me talk to you about that. after i get into office.


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