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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  October 20, 2016 9:30pm-10:01pm MDT

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>> i very politely relied. let me talk to you about that. after i get into office.
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that awkward moment when the two candidates did actually talk to each other. briefly. leaning over new yorks cardinal. a departure from the cold face offs. >> the cardinal is saying i'm not eligible for saint hood. >> . getting through 3 debates with donald has to count as a miracle. >> . there were plenty of jokes that fell flat. most polls have clinton winning last night. trump continues to make >> do you make the same commitment that you will accept the result of this election. >> i will look at it at the time. i'm not looking at any anything now. >> . that statement left many stunned and today's trump campaign was left on damage control. trying to clarify his comment before trump himself doubled down. >> . i will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election. >>
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>> . many including several republican leaders are now criticizing trump. senator mccane a former nominee himself released a statement. >> . nearly 70 million people tuned in. that doesn't include ratings for pbs. or the people online. >> . which means the total number is actually higher. and even peopl ground were watching closely. a woman on board a virgin america flight to san francisco. tweeted this photograph. >> . have you received your ballot yet. if you haven't you will soon. make sure your name is on it.
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wanted us to know she got a ballot for someone who doesn't even live here. >> . greg nieto joins us live. >> . >> last time the census was tae taken. state of colorado has about 5.4 million people. city of denver closer to 7 hundred thousand. of course a document for all the folks who live here. and a few who no longer do. >> . she opened her mail and saw a ballot for her sister. her sister hasn't lived at this address in brighton for years. >> i have heard all this about voter fraud. and thought maybe there's more to this. >> she debate didn't know who whom to turn to. we went to the source. the secretary of state. >> we found the answers to all sorts of ballot questions. including hers. a spokesperson saying there are safeguards in place. to match voter records and avoid
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where voter no longer lives. >> we have done a number of things to flag those. to make sure if we believe a voter returned a ballot. that the other record would be flagged. so that if somebody returned a ballot under that name. they would look at the two. to make sure it wasn't by the same person. >> . she's a legal analyst. for the election division. >> . we have all the things in place.
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and i have a ball hot downstairs that says otherwise. >> . if you haven't received your ballot by the 25. which is tuesday. contact your county clerks office. or you can go to our web site. two more things to remember. when you mail in the ballot. proper postage. as well as sign it. before you mail it.
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low cost. and kwraousz using low energy. the plant was 43 years in the make making. after several design flaws and budget over run. >> a health crisis in america. >> the concerning numbers the cdc released today when it comes to some of the fastest growing diseases.
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a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun.
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kicking off your health headlines. main maybe bad for your bones. people who are heavy pot users. had more than twice the risk of suffering a broken bone. heavy users were defined as someone who smoked pot five times a day. over 25 year period. that is heavy use. study authors reviewed medical history for fractures and measured current bone density. using specialized x-rays. >> . a record high in the u.s. the combined rates of stds are
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people at the greatest risk were between 15 and 24 years old. >> . all new tonight. for children being treated for cancer. losing their hair can be a traumatic experience. fortunately there are several organizations that collect hair. to make wigs for them. always looking for volunteers who are willing to donate. and volunteers just like this one. our very own producer. >> .
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>> . just who is doing this. and why. >> bill's war started in 1968 when he fought in vietnam. wounded by a round in the delta. >> it's a bad place. i stepped into a pit and got shrapnel in my chest and shot in the back. >> . he received the purple heart. today his fight connu not on a battlefield. but at home. disabled for life. and living on a military pension. he moved back to his old southwest denver neighborhood. for a little comfort. after his wife died of brain cancer. then his daughter. >> actually passed away 3 months ago. it was a freak accident. >> .
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tlc. enter the national nonprofit, purple heart homes. >> they didn't get treated very well. or vietnam veterans. and they're like family. we want to help. >> with the help of the home doe poe celebration of service program. that's exactly what they're doing. >> . landscape. new patio. new fence. flower box. mulch. doors. pain. kitchen. bathroom and living room. >> . material and labor. on the h >> . it's long over due. but not a bad way to say thank you. >> to a vetter rab of the
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to kick off the annual boo at the zoo event. featuring 20 trick or treat stations. and other family friendly entertainment. this weekend and next weekend. i think i speak for you. when i say what a po ten potential waste of pumpkin pie. right there. >> . doing down without >> . no spoon needed. a large trunk. >> . check it out. here's denver. here's colorado. got a few high clouds taking a turn. towards us. i put that out. they'll act like a blanket and keep us from crashing into the
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mountains. and points west. so. over the city tonight here come the high clouds. we'll wake up in the morning. with temperatures in the low 40s. after bottoming out about 36. and then just a few clouds passing us by. otherwise plenty of sunshine. 69 at lunch. 75 will be the high in the city. and then the sunsets. cooler off spao the into the 50s. good looking day. >> . light jacket possible in the morning. they'll be carrying it home. temperature of 70 degrees. and your drive to and from work. grab the shades. there will b glare early in the morning. if you're heading out topping at 74. officially that's my forecast high. i'll be back at ten o'clock. with a look at the complete 7-day forecast. show you which day is the warmest and when we might get a little bit of rain in the 7-day forecast. >> . coming up next. what avalanche head coach has to say about the teams bounce back effort in tampa.
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>> colorado avalanche. trying to bounce back after being up ended. by the capitols on tuesday. first year head coach. emphasizing to his team. it's all about how to get back on the ice. after a tough loss. of course trying to bounce back from the first loss of the season. against the capitols. and into the first. matt duchene. nets his own first goal of the season. a lead early. second frame. from the point. matt duchene once again. puts on the finishing touch. two to nothing at the end of two. avalanche add a couple more. dutch breaks out of the slump. goalie semyon varlamov 27 saves in his 21 career shut out. colorado wins 4 to nothing
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games after you hraousz are extremely games after you lose are extremely important. >> . all right the broncos hope to finds similar momentum on mono. after losing two straight -fpl specifically in the running game. a*frpbging less than one game >> he always remembers what former bronco safety mike adams told him. >> . pops told me my rookie year. you can go out there and make ten great plays and one bad play. and you were un-drafted. other guys they can go make ten bad plays. and one amazing play and that's why they were drafted. i have nothing to lose. >> .
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waiting for game day is getting a little old. >> . short week long week roller coaster will continue. next week the broncos will have a short week. leading up to sunday's game. against the chargers. >> .
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this is weird. hosting the bears. the chicago defense forced a fumble. took the lead. but rogers responds. five yard toss. >> packers rally to win. final 26 to ten. good thing. the bears have the cubs in town. everyone is talking about the cubs. >> . national league championship series. game five. series tied at two. dodgers cubs working to meet the eupbd kwraeupbs in the world series. tied at going, going gone. >> . 3 to one. that was what made it. chicago rocking and rolling right now. it is five to one. in the eighth. >> . and the buffs are getting ready to meet stanford. 1 p.m. kick off saturday. working to make cu great again. they have the lids to prove it.
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just outside the top 25. five wins on the season. just one away from being bowl eligible.
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defending property is a much harder case to sell. twice in the last two months here. teens have been shot. while trespassing. in one case the district attorney says the homeowners life was in danger. >> the uncle of 15 year-old. >> there's a child. that people love. >> he was shot and killed nearly two ek police say by this man. 48 year-old ken tph*et hammock. >> he was intending to do harm and kill. >> according to to court documents. they jumped the fence to get into his marijuana filled backyard. before they made it out. >> he had visual. eye contact. he held that gun. >> police say hammock fired rounds from the second story window. hitting both kids.


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