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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  October 29, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm MDT

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high drive into right, back at the wall, this game is tied! bryant, save! here comes a run to the plate! 2-1, cleveland! high, drive into right, at the wall, it is gone! kipnis, a three-run shot. the indians are now up three games to one. >> that's what it looked like and sounded like on social media tonight. welcome back to our set outside of the center field gate at wrigley field. well, one of our favorite segments with come across is called from the vault. i'm told it is the best one yet.
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wait a minute! wait a minute, that pete rose! >> no, it can't be! >> that's pete rose! can you remember last year at wrestlemania? >> what is he doing? >> revenge backfired >> what was that, pete? >> wait, wait, wait. you know what i've learned about you? you will do anything for money! >> i was a chicken.
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thing i've ever seen, pete. >> pete rose! >> oh, man. >> pete isn't the only one who's been in the wrestling world. alex rodriguez also. >> from cleveland, ohio, he wasn't no chic. >> lec didn't wear a chicken outfit. oh, my gosh. stay tuned for your see you tomorrow night.
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>> the broncos back at mile high looking to avenge their loss to the chargers just two weeks ago. a look ahead at tomorrow's game tonight sports. it is unprecedented troubling. this is the biggest political scandal since watergate. donald trump in colorado capitalizing on the clintons e-mails and new information we are learning about why the fbi reopen the private server investigation months after it was completed. push harder class, stolen got a business owner to pick up the pieces in town -- thousands of dollars in weapon stolen from a
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weapons on the streets but think you for joining us. we know three rifles and a shotgun stolen in parker early this morning fox 31 but the latest developments. when i got here this morning the police said this was the window broken. but immediately, the police say thousands of dollars worth of weapons are in the hands criminals. a normal saturday the strip mall south parker road typically buckling. four, $5,000 -- what is not normal baseballs thing ends -- these bars being installed. will look like someone through a coupler -- couple of river rock and actually didn't come into the shop but just not their arm in far enough to steal for guns off of the wall. ar-15 and
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happen shortly before one this morning. did not cause a lot of damage but broke a window and 4 long guns from this particular store. the police are getting the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms explosives involved. you have for dangerous weapons in the hands of people that should not have weapons come obviously but in the hands of criminals right now. we don't want guns that are not registered o hopefully upgraded security to stop that type in the future but if crooks want and they will find another way. they can drive a truck right through the doors, the windows and do it at in a shop. they do have surveillance footage of what happened, but all they can see is from arm reaching in the window. right now, the boulder county sheriff's office looking for them and they say broke into the
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30s come a long brown hair, brown beard and glasses. several cuts from broken glass on his legs and feet. we are told the man broke through glass doors at the school 1:40 this morning. also broke into three cars in the parking lot in anyone with information asked to call the sheriff's office. denver police found the car involved in a hit-and-run crash and now question several people, please motorcycle in the car collided around five o'clock sixth avenue and i 25. one person taken to the hospital with serious injuries, medina alert 2008 honda involved in that car has been found. south metro firefighters worked quickly to get rv fire under control, and south metro tweeted out this picture but you can see some smoke south metro said no one was hurt.
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up stokols, grass -- obstacles, highway 74 meadows and right in the middle based on a beehive. evergreen fire show these pictures online but also got creative with their fire danger warning saying the grass fire today is a good reminder to always be vigilant with these dry conditions. in investigators determine what sparked the fire near the reservoir yesterday forced the evacuati o south central fire no functional power on power pulled sparking the planes. skyfox with a view over which fire may have originated and you can see screws inspecting the electrical pole five o'clock last night. the fire spread at the state park getting close to neighborhoods there. a total of 205 acres any hundred 50 people had to evacuate. the good news thankfully no one was injured and no buildings
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return home after five o'clock last night. we are approaching november and yet to subside still warm out there. and other debris temperatures between 15 to 20 degrees above average. above-average for nine straight days. we haven't had rainfall officially dia since october 12. i can't believe the records we have broke. to records thursday, friday, and quite to that level today, check out the 77 low '80s show up southeast corner and boy was it warm but beautiful and the mountains today with temperatures in the 60s. since we haven't had rain in weeks, in many locations you can see much of colorado and two thirds including all of these term planes, front range imparts of the mountain on the drought monitor map and beige colors up and down the front range including parts of the mountains
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moderate drought. we still club was in ringless skies out there, very quiet, dry night across the city and the entire state, as a matter affect pretty mild this time of night and year. it's already november 56 degrees 10:11. foothills today, and tomorrow morning, moisture in the air and pop up patchy fog earl morning visibility with temperatures around the mid-40s as we get things going but another beautiful day. cooler air waiting in the wings. let you know how much cooler coming up in a few minutes. halloween looks good, too, donald trump in colorado for he challenge the states mail and ballot system to get to the polls. on the latest chapter of the e-mail scandal, fox 31
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county come arriving from nebraska to 30:00 a.m.. , get ot to vote criticizing the ballot system. we have a lot of people watching you ballots. if a lot of people watching the people collecting the ballots. a long speech and the fbi renewing clinton e-mail investigation. this is the biggest political scandals since watergate. trump said it has but national security at risk. i bet you without any knowledge there was a revolt in the fbi. trump says it will help them close the gap over clinton in battleground states like
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higher a vote for hillary is a vote to surrender the government to public corruption. open the door to terrorism to overturn . i'm going to keep radical islamic terrorists the hell out of our country. winning in colorado and we will trump scheduled to be back in colorado tomorrow afternoon with a rally. trump to clinton, learning tonight that chelsea clinton in colorado campaigning for her mother. chelsea clinton tuesday night launching phone banks and campuses in the area. then in boulder wednesday morning discussing the position for the country and urging supporters to cast their
10:14 pm news at the fbi reopening e-mail probe so close to election day but friday fbi director james comey sent a letter to the judiciary committee and learned about e-mails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation. according to law enforcement female in question up from hillary clinton, but found on a device examined as anthony weiner sexting clinton addressed the investigation and rally in daytona. voters deserve to get full and complete fax. and so we called director comey to explain everything right away, put it all out on the table. the new e-mail probe comes three months, the investigation into the clinton's private server is complete. ten days to go before election
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off and represents the congressional districts since 2007. the e-mail issue could have been handled differently but in the end does not make a much different in the polls. clearly a could have been handled differently by the fbi but the message from the fbi chief unrelated case, doesn't involve e-mails from or to hillary clinton and it just is a lot of noise and really substance. in the meantime colorado's republican party chairman party chairman is calling the latest e-mail investigation stunning saying obvious the fbi put not make such an announcement list e-mails contained extremely serious information. 600,000 coloradans have voted. planning on voting me important dates monday is the last day to request a mail ballot and if you have not received one, tuesday is the last day voters can
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put 2 stance on the envelope starting wednesday november, all ballots returned to one of the many drop-off locations around town. remember and all the information you need for election 2016. the problem solvers colorado voter guide and laid out all the information for you from voting, the ballot deadlines and also great links to all the county election offices in the state. also find the complete bre propositions with all the local ones. certainly one of the most interesting elections i remember. i'm ready for it to be over at this point to move onto something else. new details and the death investigation pitcher jos? fernandez, drugs and alcohol played a factor in the crash that killed fernandez and to others last month. arrest piling up in the protest
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and native american leaders
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mike coffman, endorsed by the denver post. he's "a consistent warrior" who "took action against his party's presidential nominee," donald trump, and has "urged republicans to stop stalling on immigration reform." mike coffman. "reliable." a "leader." unlike morgan carroll, who the post calls "disingenuous" and "partisan." "if we're ever to see gridlock reduced in congress, we need more representatives like coffman." mike coffman.
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with no surprise overages. on america's best network. about miami, jose fernandez killed in month in miami dade county medical examiner said fernandez had cocaine in his system when he died. he had a blood-alcohol level of .147. the medical examiner visited -- listed his cause, blunt force, injuries and two friends also died in the crash. investigators have not figured out who was a good driving the boat, continuing news across america tonight native american leaders accusing law enforcement
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people protesting dakota access pipeline. more than 140 people arrested this week at the construction site north dakota. protest block the highway set up a camp in "the path" and eventually police moved in using pepper spray, beanbag rounds in sirens to put protesters up the strip of land. when they sold us military force coming over commit took us back to the calvary and wiping out a village. block the pipeline, they say it will hurt the impairment, destroy some native american sites. the supporters of the project help the us reduce dependence on foreign oil but the multibillion-dollar pipeline project , in four states including north dakota. we have had several big storms along the coast but i can't believe this today marks ford years -- four years slammed the
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storm. came to shore october 29, 2012 dead us -- devastating new york and new jersey. the storm surge caused a lot of damage, killed dozens of people and also displace thousands. one in the harbor a weight of 32.5 feet high. hurricane season ends november 30. a couple of storms, both the west coast in the east coast, crazy weather. on average major hurricanes and the year. pretty much, we are starting to see things calm down and quiet skies overhead. they have been. the storm in colorado. we really need a good couple of days of steady, soaking rain fall. nothing as far as flooding but nice, steady snow. little bit a couple of weeks ago. excited. and just waiting and i
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the cold air to get the snow, but none of which arriving anytime really in the last two or three weeks. a cold blast of air and semi- cold blast coming through with temperatures again today well above average, a high this afternoon average high 60 degrees, and the last two days coming into this afternoon, record high. today not quite there but again, well above average. the record 1950. if you take all the high temperatures for this month, add them to gather with 57.6 degrees. that is the average temperature so far through october. we look back through history the warmest october we have seen around denver, this puts us if we stay at this level number 4, the fourth warmest october on record if we stays 57.6. the next few days are ten to be
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outside right now mainly clear skies come a few clouds pushing from the east, 51, little breeze in a few locations but the winds certainly calm down over the last ten, rather the last three or four hours i should say. numbers across the front range, low 50s mid-40s eastern plains, 30s and 40s to show high country so chillier their temperatures in the metro 54 thought you get back to the country towards black hawk and towards evergreen this evening. the big look at the big picture across the state and you can see a whole lot happening that clouds to migrate across the mountains but other than that the are dry and really anywhere close to colorado, much of the western half of the us, we can't find much rainfall until you go back
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montana. the rain will migrate our way anytime soon. overnight tonight through tomorrow morning could see some patchy fog across the plains in the front range as far south as north denver. you get to the southern suburbs and the afternoon, one or two fairweather clouds, sunny skies. low '70s, a touch cooler than today northern front range 70 degrees fort collins, 73 boulder, mid-70s across the city 77 interior sections of the city with mid-70s highlands ranch along the palmer divide. forty-four overnight so that is bit cooler than what we saw the spawning this money but mild this time of year an average low partly cloudy skies throughout the night and then tomorrow afternoon a beautiful day for the broncos but they -- halftime 76 and a couple of clouds for tailgating day beautiful overall.
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beautiful day there to come a great trick or treating 70 degrees, plenty of sun, quiet skies little breeze after the sun goes down and a cold front expected to move through sometimes on tonight into tuesday but check out what that does. drop off temperatures just a little bit the middle of the week but not that much, only mid 60s which is still, yes, well above average guys. looks like a perfect forecast. you know you've been looking forward year. it is national cat day. blowing up on twitter and e-mails like you wouldn't believe. a ten of you shared on the facebook page, and we want to show you a couple. angela, g does and cheddar, so cute, this adorable picture, all cuddled up to gather.
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and this is one from james, a very pretty picture. very artistic. we want to see your artistic photos keep it coming and chair on the facebook page and we will show them throughout the night. we might see your cap. in honor of halloween in a few days. never dress up a cat. and the backseat commit different options available depending on your age group and why -- the affordable care act not looking
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a trial underway john hopkins giving you hope tonight that


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