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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  October 30, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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hardest hit of the game 69-year-old wade philip on the sideline, no shoulder pad the, no equipment and it happen second quarter. this is on the field beautiful defensive play. 51-yard pick six, gave the broncos the lead at the time 10-7 but on the sidelines, here is what occurred melvyn gordon partially blocked on the play, into coaches, takes out phillips and the game delayed ten minutes as huddled around the injured coach, carefully put on a stretcher, loaded into the car and there you see he didn't wiggle his finger to let everyone know we had movement in his extremities. the team responded and also rallied after wade's departure candy carman has more. obviously some good news for bronco defense of court nader wade but when he was down, the players certainly with but the range of emotions. man, what was
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wade's like my dad. so you get a little sentimental a little bit. . [inaudible] it was crazy but we know he's a tough guy. immediately come it was pretty bad. i'm glad everything is okay. you are worried about it. and so, rainy about their health and once we figure out, we try to get a win at home. if i were to tell you, the players certainly do not expect lack of fire when wade returns to work tomorrow. kami carmann, fox 31. football very emotional come a roller coaster, too, the broncos 10-7 lead and you see quiet looking on the sidelines come a weird moment. i really haven't heard mile high stadium because it of a sold-out
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ravens come it eerily similar but of course tonight with big play. last year on the sidelines after a playoff game? same thing happened? i hate to bring that up but actually there were some situations, might be a thought some coach's move up to the booth. i don't think wade has that in his personality but the guy who likes the sideline and demand to be on the side. you realize you are watching the game. definitely emotional for the players, and for the fans come of course fox 31 caught up with them and live from death valley. hi, guys come absolutely a great ending to what started and alarming day. the stadium went completely silent after the collision happened. just minutes later, all fans across the country so
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watch the team's defensive coordinator 69-year-old wade phillips with a nasty hit. the impact sent phillips feet from the standing. medics quickly surround of the coach for nearly ten minutes before strapping to a stretcher in securing in that brace. fans stood in silence while players took a knee. take a glimpse of hope with his pointy finger after wheeled off the field. and began showing support for the coach on twitter. cj anderson rope praying for wade. the fans that watched say shifted during that moment. the coach, more than a game. hearing about the people. everyone cheered when thought was able to move his hands. officials from the team,
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the hospital but came back normal. so very lucky. also expected to be right back here tomorrow morning, expected back at work and hopefully feeling good. i can only imagine take a little bit more time off. but ready to head back here. fox 31. that says a lot about who he is. got to keep the winning streak going and the the broncos did win, keeping pace with the raiders at the top of the afc west division. they needed this win and how able to get it done, neck. defense, defense, more defense, the broncos forced the chargers three costly turnovers but also big defensive stands late in the game. halloween costumes out in force. payton on
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their the broncos offense trying to get something going. look at that catch 37-yard game to make a big play. it with me -- yield no points, the covered by the chargers, denver and content they have 10-7 second-half more broncos defense, wait for it, crashing -- the ball deflected up in the air, picked off by darian stewart 25-yard return for stewart, to ponte booker delivers 3-yard touchdown run, not much on the ground game 190 yards rushing to 57 yards rushing tonight. tj ward late in the game fourth and goal, it touchdown two-point conversion eight points but a play to reserve the win 2719 far from pretty but the
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good thing style points don't count for anything in this lake is the broncos road another and yielding defensive performance in a game that they won in spite of themselves. he fumbles the ball and recovered by san diego. probably lose two or three games but we found a way to win. we were challenged today, missing some pieces, battling her tail air tail off so a lot of things going on. to get a victory in this lake. . [cheers and applause] and trying to win games a lot of help from the defense but we found a way to get that done. across the board. and i think i got a lot of for them to get better. but found a way to win which is nice. simply put the broncos could have frappe this up midway
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of the game to celebrate. the offense of issues self apparent but so, too, the 6-2 record to take a share of the afc west week. bruce, fox 31. they share but the raiders commit and gave an advantage 23 penalties an nfl record and still one typical oakland raiders but it is raider wait for the broncos to open in the black hole this sunday night. 24 penalties this week against the broncos. in other news tonight, boulder place looking for a gunman after bar fight ask the leads in a parking lot university help. to man cut into a fight around 1:30, right across the street from the university of colorado boulder. investigator say the fight, in the parking lot and that's where one of the men fired several
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not clear if the intended target. he is expected to recover. happening right now the police investigating possible drowning after a body was found south platte river and found and in the water spear boulevard this morning a wrong -- along cherry creek, have not released the name -- the name of the man but we will let you know. 2 people killed in one critically wounded what is described as a family halloween party north. southeast of i-70. fox 31 shows us why the police are trying to figure out what led up to the deadly shootings. crime scene investigators mark more than 19 pieces of evidence outside this duplex 4300 block of columbine. numerous cars outside when three men shot just before midnight. one died on the scene, one of the hospital, one left in critical condition but the neighbor told us he woke -- woke
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that, came outside the window and a couple of people in the street, i was like what's going on? woman who didn't want to be identified a peaceful halloween party underway when outside group of people showed up. the woman who said and identified one of the victims killed as parents ashley incredibly for because he is the family's peacemaker. by midday terrence ashley facebook from people praising personality and numeral and mourning the loss. people condemning cut violence but the neighbor said he had a friend who lives in the duplex. she told me that shot his house or something like that ten i was like i would do that and why? it is just terrible. please interviewing numerous people on the scene but they have little to go want including how many them fault in the shooting asking the public for information that might lead to
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fox 31. you are asked to call the denver police if you know anything about the double murder call crimestoppers and remain anonymous. republican nominee exist up in colorado but coming up what he said and what he didn't say to the crowd that might surprise you. later added benefits commit track -- a trip to the dentist may do more than improve your oral health. the tenth street day temperatures highs above 70 degrees and we have one more to go before a arrives on halloween evening and how far the numbers will follow afterwards coming up pinpoint
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to keep ou s s we need a district attorney like jake lilly -- tough, smart, and determined to keep us safe. as a former special assistant u.s. attorney and iraq war veteran, jake lilly is an experienced prosecutor who will be tough on violent crime, including murder and domestic abuse. and he has a smart plan to provide treatment for non-violent offenders, including veterans suffering from mental illness or addiction. jake lilly for district attorney --
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>> now the presidential election for the second time this week the presidential candidate making a stop in colorado. donald trump in golden yesterday and held another campaign event in greeley. ashley michaels was fair and joins us with a recap, ashley. donald trump takes the stage in greeley on the 2500 people cheers him on. you h team is playing right now. we started comparing football -- this politics is a much breath -- rough or game then football but elect me and we will stop the horrible hikes that you are seeing. not hiking a ball, tax hikes. will change begins with immediately repealing and replacing obama care of. each trump use this as an opportunity to take jeff that is
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days, four weeks, months about hillary's many crimes against his country -- now says he wants to campaign with a more positive message. my contract with american voters begins with a plan to end government corruption. while focusing on national security creating jobs and revamping the va system trump touched on issues close to the hearts of many coloradans. my administration will put the miners back to work and we amp power of -- they will suspend the syrian refugee program. and we will keep radical islamic terrorist the hell out of our country. and all part of his plan to put america first. and a little more than a week we will find out if he gets a chance, neither of the presidential candidates have any other event scheduled in colorado at of election day but
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rick important reminder to mail in a ballot tomorrow celeste they to request a mail ballot if you haven't received one and in tuesday's blast a voter ship returned by mail to ensure it arrives by election day to remember to sign your ballot and put 2 state's on it. all ballots turned in one of the many drop-off locations around him. new information out showing the fbi has known for weeks about the e-mail they failed on friday in connection clinton private server. law enforcement officials looking into former congressman anthony weiner's e-mail since late september and estranged wife was also clinton's aid. realized by early october the e-mails they relate to hillary clinton server investigation. the fbi discussed how to proceed before james comey centeno to congress friday but clinton said the timing is very suspicious.
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strange to but something like that out with such little information right before an election. donald trump says it is the latest of many reasons clinton unfit to be president but meanwhile chilly -- chelsea clinton in colorado to campaign for her mom aurora tuesday night, canvassing the area from former first daughter in boulder wednesday morning talking about virgin supporters there to cast votes. rsvp questions about the upcoming election kdvr website were fox 31 app and problems sir -- problem solvers plato all the information you need from registering the vote, link to all the county election offices in the state and also breakdown of all the statewide amendment and proposition with the local ones. we don't need to talk about election day, more for some of
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out there this morning. and really cool look and this morning, the abilities quite a bit so troublesome for some of us early today, but filtered out once the late morning come early afternoon although many neighborhoods across the metro area at the cloud cover stick around for the better part of the day but despite that temperature still need at well above average for the tenth street day. made effect it back to 77 this aftern below wet 60 -- 60 degrees, challenging this afternoon 80s is the record set back in 1950. check out the last four days, quite the streak as we got ready to enter the we can but now that we are through it temperatures mid-80s, broke the record thursday and another record friday. be did not break the record yesterday or today but still still 20 degrees above average,
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tomorrow afternoon before the cool down begins to kick can but in the meantime a quiet time across the metro area 40s, 50s, 60s a big spread across the board 46, fort collins but plenty mid-upper 40s to the state but then the front range a little bit and that's when you find the 50s and 60s around the metro area downtown 58 parker, castle rock 60 degrees, chillier 40s and 50s in the mountains tonight as we scattered clouds moving through the state. no wet weather, we need it almost two weeks if not more than we have had measurable rainfall at dia. we have not had a quite some time and it doesn't look like it will happen anytime soon. the low-pressure system and cold front to the south, a lot of rainfall associated to the northwest from california, northern utah, parts of wyoming but all of that is
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northeast. which means it will likely clear colorado and outside of a light shower or 2 in the northern mountains. not much rainfall at all. the big picture come all the rain went to the north anticipated but as the front flows through tomorrow evening into tuesday morning come it does not look like much will come along but that with breezy conditions, brief cool down area of orange and cold stuff to the in and finally the rockies by the time tuesday and wednesday. mid-70s again tomorrow, the mid-60s i wednesday afternoon and tuesday afternoon i should say. but is still above average this time of year. little breeze, tomorrow afternoon mid 70s approaching 80s, and the mountains across the metro area
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74 are bother, 73 lakewood, 76 downtown with plenty of sunshine throughout the day so as the kids get the day started nice, mild morning this time of year as they get off to the busstop early october 54 degrees out there at the bus and by the time they had a home after the halloween party 71 with more sunshine. here is the halloween forecast as they get ready to trick trick-or-treat tomorrow night. five o'clock, plenty of sun, little breeze, the wins winds pick up the neighborhood, little cooler heading home with temperatures back into the middle 50s by 9:00 p.m.. the call down behind the front on tuesday, 67 degrees and partly cloudy skies. wednesday, 64, cloudy, back to the 70s by thursday. that will carry us through the weekend. we need the wet weather. but is not happening, to dry and can't squeeze anything out.
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>> if you think about it a lot of ear summer to winter overnight. we've had a really good stretch of cool mornings and warm afternoons. beautiful. thank you. get ready for a week full of candy. halloween is a holiday that can say new and don't keep up on that brushing, we tell you not to lead to win problem. mood for a comedy or something
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checkups may have one benefit then keeping your smell bright, 26,000 people and they found that people who don't see a dentist 90 percent more likely to get bacterial pneumonia at the people who go to the dentist twice a year. even though your mouth will never be bacteria free, dental
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bacteria and work provides further evidence oral health to overall health. everyone is looking for a laugh on the big screen, the holiday we can, top the box we can -- box -- tom hanks new film inferno second place, but halloween scare, origin of evil rented out the that freaks me out, really freaks me out and my wife refuses to watch scary movies. tradition every halloween you have to watch a scary movie. it is a halloween staple to find him trick-or-treat bags tomorrow. national candy corn day. , corn kernels, the
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performed, 9 billion pieces with a b and circled the munir four times. the best part about this commit is healthy, the corn. three days of fun in the sun for hundreds of kids at the children's museum, check it out. that is right from please two princesses and everything in shortage for the 32nd annual trick-or-treat street. kicked off friday wrapped up a few hours ago 6:00 p.m. and collect candy each treat to make halloween crafts, play games and enjoy parades all weekend. such a tough -- a fun time of year except for the teachers with all the kids going back to school on monday. it will be awful a feel for all the teachers out there. halloween is full of frights.
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a truck in both happen within a minute of each other. investigators know and what officers are doing to keep the road safe. meteorologist mark monstrola with a we can forecast and the
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>> it's been a deadly halloween we can downtown denver. one person killed come another in the hospital after serious injuries two minutes apart. thanks for staying with us, on the hunt for a suspect fox 31 has more on the investigation. this person killed outside of the history museum but another person injured not too far from here. near coors field. downtown denver popular bars people celebrating halloween but others dealing with tragedy. i didn't see a lot of fights but hearing about this car accident is very concerning. i've got a handful of cars and apparently the party was hit.
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hit 19 thin layer murder. police say the suspect vehicle possibly white suv. i've got three more cars headed your way. ten minutes later another pedestrian hit and killed 13 them broadway this picture taken by ryan wightman the vehicle description a white pickup truck similar to the first hit and run. this is the party area and a lot of bars down that waycome a few over here. works nearby. the scary though i'm standing over here ready to cross the street, we have to look out for what's going on. this location of the first hit and run and the second one a mile south but the police cannot say if relate up at the detectives are investigating that is a possibility. there should be plenty of more, both areas busiest bars closing across the city. people should take responsibility when driving, no
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the duis, increase presence in downtown court. what is scary that people are running over people. no words of surveillance video send the area will help in this investigation. anyone with information should contact the denver police, reporting downtown denver, fox 31. american airlines flight diverted to the airport after the cap and filling up with smoke. toronto to los angeles landed at bia before noon. meanwhile place in lakewood searching for clues after stretch limo catches fire. the limo parked inside a barn cornell place, that building next to another barn with horses inside. the horses are fine and zero people hurt but the quickly put out the fire and now working to determine who are what started the fire. new tonight damages are
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powerful earthquake tonight. and completely covered and rubble 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck early this morning and called the strongest earthquake to hit the country more than three decades in a small town can be seen rushing out of their church and to the matriarchs. and the clock tower crumbles. some seriously but remarkably, -- for the first time in two years iraqi christians celebrated mass this morning. handful of people gathered at the church off of southeast of the muzzle and backed by us-led and owl -- they continued . and tensions to blow over early-morning fire set here the camp for dakota access pipeline. no one hurt and no property damaged in the blaze of the land but burned 400 acres they are.
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stop multibillion-dollar project in northern code up at the standoff heating up in just this past week over 100 people arrested as protesters their clash with the police. if you would but scope out social media, you would see on their the numerous death threats for law enforcement for being them fault simply for doing our job. the critics say the pipeline projected to run near tribal land would be an environmental threat and an assault. back in colorado, the douglas county sheriff's office spending time today training in the most rugged terrain. take a look. the douglas county to patrol east of i 25 and the team headed up the hill has apprehending suspect in that area and search and rescue teams training and .


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