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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  November 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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>> graduated from one of the best law schools in the nation. and had a bright career ahead of her. and careless drive took it all away. >> . normally a during halloween weekend. was shut down sunday morning. as first responders rushed to help. a white truck barreled through the interaction. striking her. they later found the truck near the intersection. the two people inside ran away. and disappeared. she graduated from kor tphel law school in 2013. and work #-d as an associate. at a law firm which issued this statement saying.
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was a talented lawyer. a great colleague. and the wonderful presence. >> she was a lovely person. great energy. she was ambitious. >> i spoke with managing partner. who said she was someone who could have made a difference. >> just a very sad and tragic situation. >> she was with another person. when this all happened. that person was injured but is rofring. anyone with information should contact denver police. immediately. >> . involving a school bus and transit bus in maryland. you can see in the video the school bus wedged into the side of the commuter bus. police describing the damage as catastrophic. authorities say at least 6 people dead. five on the transit bus.
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no children were on the school bus at the time. ten other people were taken to the hospital. police say the school bus rear ended a car. hit a pillar and continued for another block. before climbing into the other bus. >> gas prices on the east coast. have soared to the highest level in 8 years. after a major gas hraoeub explosion. prompted a state of emergency. a worker accidently hit the line while doing excavation work. that killed one man. hospitalized 4 others. >> a detour in place because a water main break. that sent a huge geyser shooting into the air. boulder police tweeting out this photograph. from the scene. 41 hundred block of east aurora avenue. the water has been shut off. eastbound traffic in the area is being rerouted now. on. >> . just one week left to go. until election day. one-third of colorado registered
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secretary of state office says one million 67 thousand ballots have been returned. here's a break down. >> . >> we're on our election set. this poll. we must be close to the election. it's tightening. the next few days bill clinton. chelsea clinton. newt gingrich and mike pence. all in town. >> . 7 days to go in the final sprint is on. donald trump and wisconsin and pennsylvania today. >> she wants to put the government totally in charge. >> clinton in florida. campaigning with the former mis. who trump reportly called miss big.
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campaigns also not forgetting about colorado. chelsea clinton in denver tonight. boulder tomorrow. bill clinton here friday. newt gingrich and mike pence campaigning in colorado wednesday. the clinton campaign also back on the air here. announcing a 6 figure add buy. >> . democratic analyst says clintons return to the air. means she' closely. republican analyst says trumps message res tphaeuzing within striking distance here. down just five points. >> . clinton deploying perhaps her top surrogate.
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she has enough votes to be president. >> . obama did well. in ohio. in 2012. >> the president will help improve her numbers out east. but says using obama has draw backs. bringing focus to obama care. and the rising cost. >> we have been doing the electoral map still in clintons favor for now. that could change. everything could change. >> no doubt about it. >> remember and the news app. have all the information you need for election 2016. right there we have posted the problem solvers colorado voter guide. and laid out all the information for you. from repbg registering to vote. ballot deadlines and links to the county election offices. also a break down of the statewide amendments. >> . all right. we're getting our first look into the colorado state budget. for next year. governor hickenlooper releases
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assembly. the break down of how your money will be spent under the governors proposal. >> . >> 6 days out.
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woman: after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig... you can do anything. i moved on her like a b***h! woman: trump's just so disgusting and degrading. he's bragged about assaulting women, and he's the republican nominee for president! and congressman mike coffman said he didn't know if donald trump's a sexual predator. come on. look, we just can't vote for coffman or trump. house majority pac is responsible
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consumer alert to help you get a head start. amazon lunched its black friday deals store. yes. today. the site features new discounts every day on clothing. electronics toys and other items. sales are offered at different times. some can disappear every five minutes. and extra perk for prime members. they get extra 20 percent on preorder and new release video games as well as the ablgt ability to shop lightening deals with a 30 minute head start. >> it is time. home prices in the metro rising
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average. here's the confirmation. according to to new data just released. home prices in denver aurora and lake wood jumped by nine.4 percent in september. compared to the same time last year. during the same period national home prices rose about 6.3 percent. >> . affordable housing units is on the rise. completion of the brand new 223 unit come complex in the five points area. >> rental units range from studio to 3 bedroom. available to households earning 60 percent or less of the areas median income. 43 thousand a year. for a family of 3. >> . they along nice. >> 1246789 they look nice. that is star wars. new tonight at five. we have a preview of the new power of costume exhibit. at the denver art museum.
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but also allow visitors to get really up close. to see the incredible detail. >> . over 70 original costumes from all 7 star wars films. will be on display. >> original costumes. before the exhibit is open to the public. all the costumes are pain stakingly unpacked. inspected. groomed.
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really looks at the behind the scenes process. of actually creating these costumes. >> and you won't have to travel to a galaxy. far, far away. just broad way 14. >> . star wars and the power of costume will be open starting november 13. through april 2. 2017. >> . this ain't exactly cape wearing weather. the unseasonal pwhreu warm weather forcing keystone to delay opening day. >> .
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temperatures. this hasn't been conducive. >> the race was on. arapahoe opened luckily. love land hasn't been fortunate. the last two weeks the over night lows haven't been favorable. the next couple nights will be. they are behind. i think keystone reaching for next friday is a stretch. >> . last night we hit 58 degrees. position two. as you can clearly see. that 7 degrees took us all the
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two days below normal. only 6 day ins the 60s. which is closer to tphor normal. nine days at 80 degrees. or higher. that ties the record. for the last 20 years. nine days in october. at 80 degrees. today. first day of november. and it was still warm out there. in some spots.
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over denver again. might be best to get a sprinkle or two. 21 percent. humid outside. as far as temperatures go. slightly cooler 50s. and lower 60s on the west side. with the darker clouds. rolling over top of you. still in the mid and upper 60s out towards aurora. a little more sunshine. same thing of 60s on the eastern plains. and climb in elevation. drop off 50s. and the 40s. wind has been noticeable. up and out of the south. let's put your future cast wind speeds on here. the sunset the wind speed numbers will drop off. but here's what's important for tomorrow. while the wind speeds come back up. notice the direction. inst-d of out so*t southeast. we'll have a very cool wind out of the north. which will take the temperatures even lower.
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better chances of rain and snow ho*urs over the mountains. one or two north of denver. mostly cloudy skies. along the front range. clear skies early tomorrow morning. out east. and then we'll go partly sunny. kind of a mix of clouds and sunshine. more rain and snow showers from the central to the southern mountains. especially early on in the afternoon. lows tonight. going to have the cold 30s in the mountains. closer to freezing in as pefpblt 35 in aoeg eagle. 26 in dillen. we'll have chilly readings in the 30s 40s with to the south and east. highs tomorrow. back into the 50s and 60s. not much changing over the western half of the state. but i showed you the cool north wind. well. look what it's going to do. keep us in the 60s. warm 60s to the south. low 60s to the north. including here in denver. on the west side of town. maybe only in the upper 50s. tomorrow. remember. that's a drop from where we were today. it's actually where we should be. at this time of the year. sprinkle maybe a shower from now to 8 or nine o'clock.
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chilly 39. 60 degrees tomorrow. a more seasonal day. partly sup sunny you'll notice the cool wind. 70 thursday. upper 60s friday. both days look great. i'm throwing in a chance of a shower on saturday. ten percent is not a great chance. sunday looks very nice. 64. and mostly sunny. and rain chances return on monday. and possibly on tuesday. we get nice cold air: sliding our way. >> . canada air. >> . busy day for propb koes fans. >> why they were just fulfilling
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at mile high stadium. not to see their favorite team. they're actually tkpweuting giving blood. at drive for life. 19 *ts year. and broncos teamed up to collect donations from fans. all part of being a member of the broncos family. some players were on hand to cheer on the donors. everyone did get a goody bag and t shirt. plus bragging rights. >> . moving to college basketball. the du pioneers conducted practice this morning. and followed by hosting media day. >> they have the new coach this year. brother of former denver nugget star chauncey billups. with them they have a new style of play. the pioneers hard at work this morning. the 33 year-old denver native transitions his team from motion style half court offense to a up tempo full court style of play. >> . it's a tough collage. what i'm used today is playing fast. and scoring in transition. they weren't recruited to play that way. so when i ask them to play that way they shake their head and agree. they understand.
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>> . looks like his brother. the pioneers open the season a week from saturday at home. vs. jacksonville university. >> . speaking of sports. >> kind of a big event happening. right here on fox. >> world series. >> up next game 6. between the indians and cubs. cleveland could win it all tonight. a gorgeous look at the skyline. we'll see you after the game. >> .
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it's no secret. donald trump isn't for us. and unfortunately, congressman coffman isn't, either. just listen. and as families struggle to make ends meet, coffman voted against equal pay for equal work 11 times. it gets worse.
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>> home to the big world see big ten, the daytona 500, the u.s. open championship, the fifa world cup, and the world's biggest events are on fox sports. >> we are fox sports. >> what do you do when you are faced with a dilemma? do you shy away from the problem? do you back down from the adversity?


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