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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  November 2, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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for the cubs, with somebody not named aroldis chapman on the mound trying to close down the game. meanwhile on the other side, terry francona has bryan shaw. the rain all but stopped here. i hope they go play. terry francona is dying to get bryan shaw back out there. doesn't want him to have to sit after finishing off the top of the ninth. >> joe: >> john: no doubt. when you see this and then a three-run lead. innocently the inning where they scored two runs on the wild pitch, that was huge because that set up this whole scenario to get to the point where three runs in the big leagues, we've seen people come back from that. >> joe: that's the point when joe maddon took his starter out of the ball game, kyle hendricks. went to lester, was great. but there was an error by ross on a really tough play, throwing
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that scored two runs. that's what you are talking about. hendricks looked like he had the indians hitters really off-balance all night. he had thrown 63 pitches pretty comes out of the game and now that starts the clock and little bit earlier to aroldis chapman. chapman's pitching in the eighth inning. after that work last night and game five, it's a lot. >> john: i said we were going to see and talk about a moment. i didn't know there were going to >> joe: let's look at the bottom of the eighth inning, remind you why we are sitting here. tied to start the tenth. this was a two-out single by jose ramirez against jon lester. brandon guyer against chapman. rbi double its rights in the field. that was a big swing but this is the biggest. two out, two-run shot by rajai
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has found the fountain of youth here in cleveland. he ties the game with a home run. now with heyward running in the top of the ninth inning, a throwing error by yan gomes. three have been to count. they tell baez to bunt. you weren't surprised. i was. fowler hits kind of a soft liner that lindor is somehow they are to make the play. that's how good that kid is. we have seen flashes of brilliance. we've seen youth served, clutch hits, great pitching, mistakes, errors, wild pitches. let's go to tom verducci. >> tom: this game, this month really pushes guys to the limits. perhaps the breaking point. aroldis chapman with upwards of 100 pitches in the last three games. i can tell you he was the last one to leave this dugout during the rain delay and he was in tears. on the other side, think about
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rotation, pitching their starters on short rest the last three games. those pitchers have given up 13 runs in 10 1/3 innings. right now this month, this night, is a war of attrition. >> joe: makes you think about 2011. with a pitcher in tears reportedly in game 6 of that great world series between the rangers and the cardinals. well, let's hope this is the begi ripping this tarp off the field and us going back to work in the top of the tenth with bryan shaw getting ready to deal with schwarber, bryant, and rizzo. big bats coming up. here is kevin burkhardt. >> joe: craziness. frank thomas, pete rose, alex rodriguez. we are about to walk into the cubs clubhouse.
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we talked about it last met, the usage of aroldis chapman. do you think it was a factor? >> alex: no question. he looked like a boxer on the ropes. as a manager and a leader, you are supposed to put your pitchers and players in a position to succeed. i didn't see it. coming from last night, . >> pete: no way could i criticize chapman. he's overworked. trying to get him out, made a ballpark. line drive. first home and he's given up as a cub. that's how significant that was. what do they want from this guy? i don't understand it. i don't get it. >> alex: if there's any question, if there was any question about his toughness in his ability to compete, those questions have been answered. >> kevin: 97 pitches.
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overworked, over tax. we side with kluber tonight. 6-6. we had two fatigued pitchers. >> alex: two pivotal moves, you could see it coming a mile away. chapman and the game. that's why i thought the indians won the last three innings. the kyle hendricks move, removing him. he looked like a guy facing a freshman team. he was dominating them. santana was the home plate umpire did not call it and then i was shocked that he would remove him so early. >> pete: i was too. we've got to talk about cleveland tonight. get a guy picked off. they don't make it double play. they have a bad throw from a short fly ball which bryant really made a good baserunning move. when the guy caught it, he didn't catch it like he thought the guy was going to go. he goes in the throw is high and he's safe.
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ball game. >> kevin: the lester thing was interesting. joe maddon pointed out he wasn't going to bring him in in the middle of an inning. he brought him in with a runner on when hendricks was pitching just fine. they get to runs, they were lifeless at that point. >> alex: he was pitching better than just fine. he was dominating. he had these guys off-balance. the only ball they hit hard was the one napoli hit the kris bryant. >> pete: couldn' about the wild pitch. hit him in the mask. you've got a 39-year-old guy coming in their fresh but he couldn't do anything about it. ross' home run is why we are still here. >> frank: this is a great ball game. two resilient teams. it's going to come down to who wanted the most. seems like the indians have the momentum but you never know. we are in a rain delay right now. both teams still in a position
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this is why these two teams are in this position. >> kevin: rain delay coverage brought to you by t-mobile here on fox. good news. they are going to start this at 12:15. eight and a half minutes, they expect to resume. we are going to be in the top of the tenth. my question, frank, is this. how do the cubs get off the mat? an emotional thing for the indians. how do the cubs get the second burst of a >> frank: they have to believe they can score some runs. getting deeper in the cleveland indian bullpen. they have to try to find a way to push runs over. the momentum is with cleveland and they are going to do everything possible to score a run. >> pete: i don't know if the momentum is with cleveland or not. chicago has two, three, four coming up. cleveland is going to start off with four, five, six.
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look for a mistake to maybe be the key. >> kevin: francisco lindor, how about that play? >> alex: unbelievable. >> kevin: game 7, in position for something exciting. may be a off. >> pete: what about the two strike squeezed bunt? before i was watching. i have no idea. >> frank: i was hoping you weren't going to bring that up. >> alex: 3-2 safety squeeze. that's what it's called. >> pete: heyward was on third. he started anticipating like he was going to bunt. it was a safety squeeze i don't think he did that on his
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bench. you never bunt when you have two strikes. bryan shaw, everything cuts and it's coming around 95 miles an hour, that's a tough baseball to bunt. >> frank: we have seen this kid have some bad at-bats. he had a fastball, cut fastball over the middle of the plate. >> kevin: drama. ga 7 cubs, 108 108 years. indians in 68 years. of course we have a rain delay and we are going extra innings. let's go to ken rosenthal. standing by with terry francona. >> ken: okay, kenny can. if anybody, who has an advantage? does man get to reset? we are going to play in about
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>> frank: might not be an advantage for the field is wet. might come down to an error. in game 2, we saw a big error that opened up the game for the cubs. who knows? this is a situation that any team can win this game and the world is watching. >> pete: they are talking rain. >> alex: any time you are earning extra innings, the home field has an advantage. you have a chance to come back. if they score, you have a chance to this is shaw warming up. that there is the hero, at least right now, rajai davis. not a home run hitter. 12 during the home run season. >> frank: he hits the fastball. he can hit a fastball with the best of them. when i saw him choking up, i said look out. looking for nothing but a fastball. great pitch hit out of the ballpark.
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>> frank: he was a little tired. it got down to 98. became hittable for rajai davis. >> pete: are we not going to see chapman anymore? >> alex: when you are fatigued, you don't lose miles per hour will you do lose and movement. the other thing that was strange, seven pitches to rajai davis, all fastball. >> kevin: and then he throws almost all sliders. we tenth. we are tied up. more drama. middle of the order coming up, schwarber leading off against shaw. your guy schwarber. you like drama? how about game 7, win or go home. here we go. back up to the booth. joe buck and john smoltz. take it away. as the one to finish on aroldis chapman. he was in tears, you heard from
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chapman, 97 pitches in the last three games. his most ever before in a four day span, 83 back with the reds in july of 2015. i agree with alex rodriguez. you saw how tough he was. to pitch a 1-2-3 ninth after the heartbreak of the eighth. we are underway in the tenth. it's kyle schwarber. tonight he's 2 for 4. he has five career postseason home runs. all five last year in his rookie year. we know what he's thinking. hard hit, base hit. leadoff man is on, schwarber pumping his fist on the first base line. he's on to start the tent. after the long layoff, bryan
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and schwarber now will be lifted for a pinch runner, alberto moore. how about a three-hit night for kyle schwarber? >> john: the ball down. shaw makes a mistake there. one of the sweetest swings. >> joe: there is run. albert almora and the batter is kris bryant. he has a hit, walk, two runs scored tonight. ball one missing. you're asking for a lot out of bryan shaw, who came on in the ninth, had to sit during the bottom of the ninth and then a 17 minute delay. >> john: indians will have all the resources going, whatever terry thinks are better matchups
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>> joe: that pitch dangerous the up. bryant fouls it back. strike one. one ball, one straight. >> john: at this point, shaw is trying to will a ground ball. when i say will it's, you are talking about a great hitter who lifts the ball in bryant. you have to make a great pitch that he reaches to hit on the ground. otherwise he could gap >> joe: fought it off. good pitch in on the handset 96. bryant checks his bat to make sure there are no cracks. strike two. bryant has gone back-to-back games with the home run last
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2-2. >> john: we said earlier the team that handles emotionally the ups and downs will be better suited to win a game. you spent so much energy. cubs got off to a great start counting outs, they got their closer in. the energy gets zapped and shifted to the other side. that rain delay kind of puts it more in neutral. now to create stress for the indians here on the road in extra innings. >> joe: bryant on 2-2. high fly ball into center. that is davis. one step from the wall. tagging is almora with great
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one out. good heads up baserunning off the bench for albert almora. >> john: that was. somebody else a little less experienced would have thought of rounding second. he saw the height of the ball. he saw davis under it. a and a lot of people would be standing at second base, getting ready to turn. now he is at second. >> joe: a hit could put the cubs back on top with rizzo and the rest coming up. a meeting on the mound. home plate umpire sam holbrook goes out to break it up. >> john: they are choosing their poison. which one do they want? of base open, they are not going to pitch to both of them.
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and get him out and walk zobrist, in my opinion, and face russell. figure out what terry francona wants to do. >> joe: rizzo tonight hit by a pitch, rbi single. he will be intentionally walked. the man who is trying to win rings in back-to-back seasons with two different teams, now. he will be up with two on, one out. rizzo has gone 2 for 2 against bryan shaw, his career numbers. that i'm sure made the decision that much easier.
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>> john: zobrist can handle a cutter from the left-hand side. >> joe: he knows how to handle these spots. came in red-hot. tonight he's 0 for 4 with a run scored. to deliver here in the tenth.
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strike one. the eyes of the world on ben zobrist. strike two. >> john: ball catches the bottom right corner. >> joe: zobrist spoils it. they walk rizzo, go-ahead run at second.
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russell on deck. leadoff hitter by schwarber. lifted for a pinch runner. zobrist. base hit eczema cubs will zobrist delivers. >> john: stays on the ball so
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tremendous bat control. there is a man, i don't know i thought he would play a role in tonight's seventh game. >> joe: he scores the go-ahead run. it was heads up baserunning that changed the complexion of this inning and led to the intentional walk to rizzo and led to the opportunity for zobrist. >> john: i am telling you of ten guys were on the base, i don't know if seven of them would have done what he did. he deserves a thinking about the scenario, reading the center fielder and not getting carried away with the moment and wanting to get into a position to score earlier than it was called for. >> joe: second intentional walk. there is the cutter. he stays on it, slaps it the other way.
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whew. what a reaction by rizzo. and now miguel montero. montero has only one hit this postseason. he's 1 for 11. game-winning grand slam in game 1 of the nlcs at wrigley. here he is with the bases loaded. one out, trying to add to the lead. rememb. odds are against chapman going back out there. that will be another decision for joe maddon. we have seen edwards up in the bullpen. who will be on the mound for chicago in the bottom of the tenth? >> john: montero, another guy who can handle the cutter. likes the ball coming in over the plate.
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>> john: that is exactly what cleveland is looking for. looks like that's the man right now that has chicago on his rather slim but electric -- >> joe: chapman is in line for the win. a long way to go. montero would like to take pressure off the rest of this tenth. that's a base hit. rizzo scores. zobrist is held.
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>> john: to left-handers who like the cutter. you see him stay on it again. two hits, two bases loaded situations. >> joe: listen to the cubs fans who have paid a dear price to be inside the stadium tonight. all the noise they are making. you can hear them at murphy's all the way in cleveland. pitching change.
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and now lead by 2 in tenth. bases still loaded and trevor bauer comes in and out of the bullpen. he started the season in the bullpen. this postseason, he's made four starts. a record of lost game 5 at wrigley. did you i think this matchup has a lot to do with the four-seam fastball against heyward. >> joe: bases loaded. infield in. heyward, after the first page. strike one. indians in the bottom of this temp will have napoli, ramirez, and guyer. getting into the area of the
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this game in the eighth. they are going to have to go to work again. how big will this lead be? >> john: schwarber getting the hit, putting a runner on. we saw the sax line. they weren't going to pitch to both rizzo and zobrist. they picked one. zobrist made them pay. >> joe: heyward swings at a terrible pitch that bounces in ther strike two. that bounced 3 feet in front of the plate. >> john: he made his mind up he was going to go after the fastball he thought he was getting. >> joe: good block feisty 14. keeping the ball at the plate. heyward at 0-2.
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teammates with three or more hits in and a world series g. dexter fowler and kyle schwarber join a list. george brett and darrell motley for the royals in '85. two players with the pirates n '79. uprising. a big strike out for the second out of the inning. >> john: the over-the-top curveball. heyward not recognizing it.
10:30 pm
>> joe: baez first pitch e the whole key. does bauer give him a first-pitch fastball to get ahead? >> joe: last time baez was up, heyward had stolen second, moved to third on a throwing error by the catcher. the count was they asked baez to get a bunt down and he fouled it for a strikeout. carl edwards still getting loose. baez. ball one inside from trevor bauer. >> john: i love the call. i thought it really was going to be a great element that could create a bunt in the right area and heyward would read it.
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>> joe: bases loaded, two outs. two runs home. 8-6 cubs. had a bowl. baez swung through it. >> john: that's what he would have seen against shaw. 3-2. >> joe: three catches on the active roster for joe maddon. each catcher has an rbi tonight. cubs have put including a home run by david ross in his final big league game. here's the 1-1. bauer came after him at 95. >> john: seems like the more runners that get on, the bigger the swing. trying to do way too much, trying to hit hit and eightn
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>> joe: bases loaded, two outs. the 1-2. this time, baez lays off the pitch that got heyward. 2-2. >> john: good pitch selection, good choice. the problem is he threw a fastball way up high, so now the variance between the height of the swing and where that pitch ended up is really a just a little bit higher on that curveball and he can't stay off of it. >> joe: how big is the lead for the cubs going to be? high fly ball into center for davis. great job by trevor bauer to limit the damage to 2.
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cubs celebrated in the top half. rizzo, zobrist with a big hit. back after this from your local
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coverage is brought to you by directv. if you call yourself a sports fan, you've got to get directv. call 1-800-directv. chicago cubs are three outs away. the cleveland indians are looking for more heroics like they got in the bottom of the eighth as they trailed by 2. bottom of the tenth, zobrist, go


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