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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  November 3, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm MDT

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forcing big trucks to navigate through narrow town roads. >> take a look. crews are working on colorado boulevard. through idaho springs. where many truckers get off on i 70. and tonight the problem solvers learn that's trouble for some property owners. who asked us for help. >> . thismountain town is pw-z seu getting a face getting a facelift. >> . construction on state highway 40. known in idaho springs as colorado boulevard. started back in march. and won't be finished until next summer. the town says it's a much needed upgrade to their antique structure. it's making the drive through the west side of town. difficult. >> construction is a pain. we have to go through the pain to get the end result. i'm sure they have
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>> i don't know what to do. i really don't. >> . since the main road is closed. this detour sends all traffic down local roads instead. the problem is when commercial trucks come down this road. they're too big to make this tight turn. and last week. one ended uptaking out there fence. instead. >> . he's worried it will happen again. because it's already happened.
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look at this. sunflower system uses in grounds smart likes with artificial intelligence to distinguish between normal activity around your home and something out of ordinary. if is it detects something suspicious. you'll get a push alert. asking if you'd like to it investigate. if you say yes the drone located outside your home will lift off and launch from the perch. fly to where the suspicious person is located and stay there. until you tell it to return to
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also an option for the homeowner to call police. >> . that is high-tech. >> . another problem solvers investigation. >> taking a close look at why frontier airlines on time performance ranks worst in the industry. why the airlines own employees say frontier is making money. at the expense of workers and
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stuck on the tarmac for 90 minutes with his 12 year-old daughter. who has autism. >> . frontier was eleventh out of 12 for mishandled baggage. seventh for over sale. when airline bumps a p-sz skwrer for the plane is over booked. and finally.
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eleventh out of is 12. >> . i don't know if i'd ever fly with them again. >> . it's not just passengers complaining. many of the airlines own employees are frustrated. >> . flight attendants joined by pilots. plan today's picket.
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employees say it was a bumpy transiti. evidenced by these photographs of corporate staff. including himself. pitch tph-g to work the ramp at dia. >> if we weren't there i would have heard the opposite. where were you. >> . >> >> frontier now ranks third best when it comes to fewest cancellations. proof he says it's committed to customer service. >> on time performance is better this yore than in years. we have lower cost.
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employees in the picket line say it's because of low fuel cost. and low wages. but both sides do agree on one thing. frontier is finally make -lg money. the private equity improve phaoupb contamination can pass and its on time performance continues to improve from the summer. official stats for november won't be available for two more months. >> . thank you. new tonight. denver international airport. has been ranked the eighth worst airport. in the united states. the people over at pored over statistics. crunched numbers and dia is among the most inconvenient. for one. dia is far away. it is the second longest drive just to get there.
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new york on that. once you're there you have a one in five chance of having your flight delayed or canceled. >> . ii like it. >> . panda express. there's a taco bell. all of that. >> . health alert for heavy drinkers. >> the new study that shows some alarming concerns for young adults.
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to keep our communities safe, we need a district attorney like jake lilly -- tough, smart, and determined to keep us safe. as a former special assistant u.s. attorney jake lilly is an experienced prosecutor who will be tough on violent crime, including murder and domestic abuse. and he has a smart plan to provide treatment for non-violent offenders, including veterans suffering from mental illness or addiction. jake lilly for district attorney -- tough, smart, and fair. i'm michael bennet, and i approve this message. narrator: what do you really know about darryl glenn, the fringe republican candidate for senate? darryl glenn doesn't believe
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he's for eliminating the department of education. and glenn wants to outlaw abortion even in cases of rape and incest. reporter: glenn says if he's fortunate enough to go to capitol hill, he has no interest in working across the aisle. darryl glenn: i'm running against democrats. i'm running against evil. narrator: darryl glenn is wrong for colorado. young adults tend to suffer from more health problems later this life. than nondrinkers. reviewed the long term health records of more than 6 hundred male veteransment about half had a drinking problem in their youth. men who experienced alcoholism
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adulthood scored lower on physical and mental health. once they reached their 60s. this held true whether the person still drank or had quit drinking by age 30. >> . it is almost time to cast your vote. for many of us the end of the presidential race cannot come soon enough. >> election stress disorder. this type of fatigue is hardly new. and not even it can cause trouble if you let
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struggling young mother. after she was taken advantage of by two men who ruined her car. >> shaul turner shows us the incredible moment when she received this unexpected ask generous gift. >> >> she is raising 3 beautiful children. on her own. >> able to provide for them. >> when i met her. it was clear she was doing a great job of shielding them from the major issue she's been dealing with. just as she started a new job to provide a better life for her kids. she needed help and trusted to men. who said they could fix it for less than the shop. it turns out they didn't know anything about cars. and let her mazda like this. >> .
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contacted us. >> these are some of the responses. >> . including shawn. who ended up donating his car.
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i wrought >> . greg even brought a special gift bag filled with things she'll need for her new car. >> . everything that you do and i
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and there was just no way i couldn't come by. >> it looks like things will be looking up for her family. just in time for the holiday season. >> . i don't know what i would do without you guys. thank you so much. >> . >> if that face doesn't make you smile. retired football legend peyton manning getting a lot of laughs during last nights can you be cc awards. >> . after hosts came on the opening monologue.
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retirement certainly treating him well. manning later presented the cma pinnacle award to kenny crestny. >> . pretty cool. >> here's denver storm system throwing clouds our way. we're just tkpoeupbg to see cloud cover. out of that tomorrow. but the good news. some of this moisture not a lot. will be clipping the southwest corner of the state. introducing snow. some needed snow. temperatures today 60s and warm 70s. over the entire state. one of the cool spots up here to
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down to telluride. at 56 degrees. outside rite right now. clear skies 46 and 47. pleasant. humidity low. winds out of the south. nice breeze. 13 miles per hour. it's a mix of 40s and 50s. castle rock your temperature came up. to 50 degrees. 41 in the fort collins area. >> with the increase in clouds here. we're looking cooler 50s. still 60s in the mountains to
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and 60s and 70s. another very warm above normal day. coming here. in the east end of the workweek. wake up in the morning. from the 50s tonight. wake up in the low 40s tomorrow morning. on our way to the low 60s at lunchtime. and we will epd that out. near 70 degrees. tomorrow afternoon. >> . kids on the bus stop forecast. 44 cool start. warm finish. 7-day forecast coming up. one chance of rain. when to expect it.
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further tests on his back today. his status remaining day-to-day. snot not like given the broncos the available or viable back up to. the defensive player of the week. in the afc. then all the new byes starting to make names to be reckoned
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gary kubiak expects to have a better handle on availability. tomorrow. the broncos are pick them headed to oakland on sunday. >> . colorado can thump its chest first college football play off poll this week. it makes the target on their backs just a little bit bigger. >> can you imagine how good your ground game could be. if you can turn and hand it off to ral of r-atty: sets sets them up deep. really nice play. makes them pay. a short toss and catch. and run.
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sets up a short score. for a 7 to nothing lead. ucla responds. on the next drive. horrible first half. 8 penalties for 78 yards. 4 turn overs. >> . fortunate only down 3 at break. into the the buffs need a little something. anything. >> how about some special teams. after this interception. and those special teams come in oliver. really nice vision on this run. >> buffs have just taken the lead. to start the fourth quarter. both teams with a really lack of poise tonight.
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that have moved faster than the pace of this game. >> not much damage yet
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it is a very dangerous situation. >> the light from a laser pointer so bright. it temporarily blinded traffic reporter. >> it was very bright. and when it hit the windshield. it just. >> . multiple fla light. coming from a parking lot. below. police were called to locate the suspect. ken tph*et kenneth carol. who admits he's the one to blame. >> . carol insists he had no idea he was breaking federal law. >> . i didn't know the repercussions of what i was doing.


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