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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  November 3, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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it is a very dangerous situation. >> the light from a laser pointer so bright. it temporarily blinded traffic reporter. >> it was very bright. and when it hit the windshield. it just. >> . multiple fla light. coming from a parking lot. below. police were called to locate the suspect. ken tph*et kenneth carol. who admits he's the one to blame. >> . carol insists he had no idea he was breaking federal law. >> . i didn't know the repercussions of what i was doing.
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and maybe use judgment next time. >> they're happy with a public apology. but that may not be good enough for the fbi. agents have told him he can expect a subpoena.
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crash happened. they don't know where he is now. if you have any information that may help. call metro denver crime stoppers. >> . some new information tonight. high school will stay closed for a second day. no class tomorrow. classes were canceled today after a body of a teen boy was found inside the school. >> sheriff office says the teens parents called them saying their son had left home. and they were concerned for his safety. parents also said he may have gone to the high school. they found an and his body inside the building. deputies are investigating. >> the handling of sexual assault cases takes center stage in next weeks political match up for denver
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will they treat sexual assault victims. differently. >> . this isn't a toss up. this isn't something that you just throw up to the wall. and see what the jury does. district attorney office stuck in the dark ages when it comes to date rape. this survivor thinks so. >> she filed a tphro*pbny spault after being attacked on a first date. by a man she liked on tinder. >> the detectives said she had a great case. she told him no and a rape exam documented a
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bruises. and other physical injury. >> that didn't sway the district attorney. who stamped the file along with hundred of others. refused. no likelihood of conviction.
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above all else. listen to the victim. >> . morgans opponent. she has deep experience. as a state lawmakers. prosecutor. and trial attorney. >> . i don't know the facts of the cases. i can assure you in my administration we will very seriously. >> she will also focus on prosecuting of child abuse. human trafficking. and elder abuse cases. while looking at sentencing reform.
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tuesdays election. will be taking over as the cities top prosecutor. at the first of the year. i have told both candidates. that i'll be watching and monitoring. how many sexual sexual assault cases they refuse or dismiss. in 2017. >> more are in route. >> . all hands on deck.
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>> we will make america great again. >> . trump in north carolina tonight. >> . clinton in the tar heel state too. a brutal campaign now coming down to a popularity contest. 30 million people. have already voted. many more haven't.
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the president. >> . so far they haven't scheduled any events themselves. in colorado. between now and the election. but that could still change. >> . we have learned where the candidates will be on election night. both will be in new york city. in fact they'll only be about a mile away from
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>> seeing a lot of these pregame. i need tickets. haven't seen these type of signs in probably close to a deck decade. we're here outside the camp. you can see folks already leaving. too bad. very close game. traffic here in boulder. of course directing folks perhaps back down to denver. >> the hope is the buffs will hold on. and beat the ucla. >> .
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you get this feeling. this year the buffs are building something big. >> the real thing loaded up and ready to go. so is woody wood son. when we were kids. born into the cu brotherhood. >> he was an usher. he took tickets inside. we would come up and take the girls they thought it was fun. >> . now shares the tradition. with his son. >> tphotd many people are staying home now that cu is seeing more wins.
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now. >> the hope is. the rise is real. >> hopefully the buffs will hold on. and win. a live look outside of the cu boulder cam campus. traffic cops wels folks already leaving. hopefully they leave in the buffs again will be buffs are leading right now. 13 to ten.
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woman: after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig... you can do anything. i moved on her like a b***h! woman: trump's just so disgusting and degrading. he's bragged about assaulting women, and he's the republican nominee for president! and congressman mike coffman said he didn't know
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come on. look, we just can't vote for coffman or trump. house majority pac is responsible
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a so. the timing of their unexpected visitor. pho*efs peculiar. >> . was most peculiar. >> . he just showed up one
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the turkey. >> . that was two weeks ago. now they're on a first name basis. >> . why would a turkey want to take off. >> moist pwra*es. breast. with mashed potatoes and gray gravy. >> that's one good reason. >> . after a quick turkey tutorial. and a good-bye to my fine feathered friend.
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>> . denver only off the 70 degrees mark. by one degree.
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get to the we should be in those cooler upper 50s. i don't have anything in the 50s for highs for the next week. 45 and 44 your official numbers. humidity is low. wind out of the south.
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tomorrow late and saturday. that's when they could get the up to five maybe 6 inches. lows tonight 37 steam boat. 5 craig. staying in the 40s for the western valley. here in the east a mix of 30s and 40s. certainly a chilly night. 39234 denver. 34 up in greeley. highs tomorrow pretty much the same. with the increase in clouds here. we'll hold the temperatures and cap them in the low to mid from telluride to durango. to the 4 corners. into the central mountains head north of steam boat. and southeast plains. and including the front range. upper 60s. and low 70s. as we stay on the warm side. i have my forecast high in the 70s. 71 downtown. everybody else knocking on the door. in the upper # 60s. when you wake up in the morning. we'll have a few high clouds around and 39. a few more from the storm in the afternoon. sunshine should
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friday. 72 degrees.
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says customerring will get one mile for every dollar spent on qualifying stays. reservations must be booked through a special web site. >> . avs and nuggets the road tonight. >> . cu looking to protect the lead in the pack 12 south. details coming up.
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>> well. one of the fact and marks of a good football team is
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win when they're not playing at their best. that was certainly the case for cu tonight. against ucla. this is not quite yet in the bag. one of the few things that went right early on for the buffs. after turning over with an pwer interception on the first drive. cu turns the tables. with the protection. sets them up deep. really nice play. >> . short little toss and sets up a short score. for a 7 nothing lead. ucla responds on the next drive. >> finding a wide open andrews from 39 yards. out to tie it. so lonely he almost dropped it. cu with 4 turn overs in a sloppy first half. also featured 7 penalties. for 78 yards. they have been penalized eleven times for the game over all. still only down 3 at half. now they needed something good to
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and it didn't look like it was coming from the offense. special teams with the great play there. sets them up deep. they get the tieing field goal. 13 to ten in the fourth. when oliver comes up big again. >> . the play of the game. you look for other ways to win. this was the way they did it. 19 to ten in the waning moments. trying to you've to 7 and 2. >> . nuggets down 6 at the break in minnesota. tonight. they had an out standing third quarter. out scoring by 19 before holding on in the fourth. >> . the nuggets shoot 48 percent. out scored the wolves by 32 off the bench. minnesota had 3 chances to tie. in the final 30 seconds. but come up empty. tphubgts even their record. two and two. they are in detroit
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and finally the avs. dropped 3 out of 4. heading to chicago tonight. really having issues getting going. no such issue for chicago. nice rush up the ice. >> . one alaska boy is just
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and contacts shouldn't help his condition. >> . he puts it on first thing he does is zoom in on my face. really clear. >> coming up the new
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i see the ball coming down and stick my hands out. >> . born with an under
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can't fix. a new piece of technology helping him see much more. called e sight. they have a camera and two small screens. with a remote. he can zoom in and focus on what he wants to see. now at 15 thousand dollars per pair. his dad wasn't sure he'd be able to afford it. thanks to a go funds me account. the glasses are now his. >> . amazing. >> . update the score. buffs up 20 to ten still. about 2:30 left in the game. >> game is moving along. at a glacial pace. the good news coming up at eleven.
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it's no secret. donald trump isn't for us. and unfortunately, congressman coffman isn't, either. just listen. and as families struggle to make ends meet, coffman voted against equal pay for equal work 11 times. it gets worse.
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