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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  November 5, 2016 1:05am-1:35am MDT

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>> in the turner's is in federal custody. the accusations she's facing while working at the university of all carter hospital. activists tonight over the retrial of a man released from prison last year. a metro nurse is in federal custody tonight, facing several
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>> our great nieto has been going through the court document all evening. he joins us live outside the hospital. >> she had only worked a university hospital for three months. her alleged actions could have affected patients for a lifetime. >> casey unruh only worked a university hospital for three months for her alleged actions could have affected patients for a lifetime. in the newly released 29 county indictment the 30 -year-old is containing that knows titrate or hydromorphone from the university hospital dialysis area. in replacing the medication with other substances to cover that. she is been accused of lying to investigators when questioned. >> unruh was asked by food and drug administration agents, what substance was returned to the vials? >> just sailing, sterile filling. >> the fda says --
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contents of the vials with substance of other assailing. and later questioning, the fda says unruh states -- to never cross contaminate anything. agent they -- truth in fact, unruh cross contaminated the contents of the vials with benadryl and substances consistent with water and sailing. >> indictment lists six different patients. university hospital says in july, self identified unruh in the dialysis unit as someone who is mishandling and possibly taking iv meds. unruh was immediately let go before any more patient contact. the hospital as -- there is no evidence of any patients being harmed by unruh's actions. close to 50 patients were recommended for hepatitis c testing.
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>> ace b3 high school student teacher has been arrested for us on a student. dylan thomas hollingsworth is accused of assaulting a 17 -year-old after warning that student of their use of profanity in class. hollingsworth allegedly upon light pressure to the students wrote, causing them to struggle to breathe. the teacher then allegedly needed that student in the groin. hollingsworth faces a secretary assault charge spirits. >> them are police say a man suspected in a deadly hit-and-run is a custody. norlan estrada-reyes is in the photo. he was driving when karina pulec was hit at 13th and broadway. twenty-seven -year-old estrada-reyes turned himself in last night. and immigrations and customs enforcement spokesman says he was deported from the us in 2,007, charges for the hit-and-run on pending. >> police want to know if you organize this man. officers say he's a suspect in a robbery at a dispensary.
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three suspects robbed kind mad on santa fe drive. if you know anything, call metro-area crimestoppers. >> a man is not charged with first-degree murder for stabbing and brain. according to police, officers found antonio torres waiting outside a home at the ec mobile home park on tuesday. four is a ticket to the hospital, he died during surgery. investigators say torres and jason lee trevino got into a fight earlier that night. trevino is charged with one count of first-degree murder. >> we are learning new about a deadly hit and run at colorado and i 70 last month. twenty-five euro tyler white is accused of driving over the speed limit, causing a four car crash. according to court records, data from his car shows he was going 134 miles per hour in a 35-mile per hour zone. in light of the new data recorded information, the cases refiled and added a murder charge to the original charges. twenty-eight -year-old ariel berryman was killed in the crash.
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later, swimming naked in city park. he is now being held without bond. >> a deadly shooting happened in panic set in and night. police have given us a description of the vehicle -- they believe the suspects were driving when john field was shot and killed as he walks his dog. if they late-model black chevy camaro with dark tinted windows, black rims -- the police believe the car may also have damage to the body. if you know anything about this case or has in his car, call crimestoppers. p police tonight. police believe these to install a credit card and then use it to purchase several items before the death of even knew it was happening. you're asked to take a close look at the two suspects and if you recognize them, give arvada police a call. >> turning to election 2016 -- you numbers released tonight that show colorado republicans have an 80 ballot lead over democrat that early voting. while the 80 ballot lead a small, it does mean something
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more democrats will vote on election day. >> where with portal corporate joe st. george -- republicans need a much bigger lead than 80 ballot that they're going to to make an election on -- trumps independent voters -- he helps one more stop your will be a break. >> trenton returns the gop nominee and has the a9:30 a.m. campaign rally tomorrow. part of a mission to turn the vote. >> that's what doctor ben carson was a caps on rock, aurora and el paso county today. we caught up with him at plum creek golf course where he said, trump isn't listening to what analysts are saying about colorado. >> his analytical person.
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the pundits are saying that our own intelligence -- >> but hillary clinton has not played any last-minute stopped in colorado yet. >> for husband, former president bill clinton, was up and down i 25 today, rowling and pablo, fort collins and here endeavor. >> up we want it bad enough to vote, she's going to be the next president of united states. >> while tomorrow and dumber, bernie sanders will be in the state to, in colorado springs and aurora. both campaigns trying to get those ballots in before election day, late tonight republicans taking the lead over democrats in return. >> once an hour, i will check on somebody to see if they voted -- x i think the margin of victory is way to be quite large. >> jeremy, also some latebreaking news tonight in a world of selfies --
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to prosecute anyone who takes a soapy picture of the ballot. so please feel free to take the self-respect. toronto don't forget, if you have any questions about the presidential election or the local issues on your ballot, we are here to help. the fox 31 problem solvers water that has the answers. just had to or check the fox 31 news mobile. >> we have you covered on election night. here on fox 31, our sister station and online. our coverage on fox begins at 5:00 p.m. we will be covering national and local races. if you're most interested on colorado's local issues, our sister station, colorado zone channel two, will focus on those during a special edition from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. >> you're in luck if you're away from your tv -- get results and reactions on both and on her facebook page. >> a developing story -- federal officials have warned authorities in new york city, texas and virginia about a
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putting local law enforcement on alert days before the boat. >> some federal agencies some bulletins to local and state officials fogging information. the threat was at a relatively low level. >> the port authority of new york and new jersey, which operates airports, tunnels and bridges around your city, continues high levels of patrol. officials say they are keeping an eye out for any and all threats. >> the american people need to know that the department of state and local enforcement -- review our security posture, review intelligence daily, if not hourly. we do this every day, we review our security posture every day. >> there is no word of any specific threat to happen colorado but as always, if you see any suspicious activity between now and election day, copley. >> the details tonight --
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man that was originally convicted of raping a man back in -- clarence moses-el spent 28 years behind bars until another man admitted the sexual fall. moses-el was released but never quit. now he will be retried for the same crime in dozens of activist groups are asking the da to cancel the trial. fox 31 julie leonardi has more forest x those spearheading the protesters gathered over 2,000 signatures >> after the da to cancel this recall. unfortunately, jury selection for the trial artie started today. but protesters say they still answer. >> we are standing here with a cry for justice. >> representatives from several activist groups stood downtown today protesting the retrial of the man they say is innocent he has shown worthiness.
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severely beaten in 1987 in denver's five points neighborhood. after having a dream that it was clarence moses-el who raped her, he was sentenced to 40 years behind bars. moses-el maintained his innocence and raise money for a dna test to prove it. please accidentally destroy the test. a judge eventually overturned the sens and he was released in december. we spoke with him that very day. >> i just don't really great. i'm kind of lost for words that fe >> (a year later, district attorney mitch morrissey has called for a second trial. thousands of community members disagree. >> i have to ask the question, wife's? >> they believe ba is innocent because of the lack of evidence. and because prosecutors failed to investigate another man that committed to the crime. >> as ever morrissey to let this go. to stop wasting our time and our money and let this man with his
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>> reps from the da's office say they have acknowledged the signatures but can't comment. >> there will be a public travel, citizens are welcome to stay in and listen to the trial unfolds firsthand. >> no caps on the das office say they can't comment because -- they don't want to put the current trial in jeopardy. jury selection started today. live endeavor, julie leonardi, fox 31. >> next line fox 21 -- the family of a disabled veteran turning to the problem solvers after they say they were being treated for some simple repair. >> have to borrow money from a family member to get it done. >> the local company, stepping up to the plate to get this family the help blizzard. >> plus, frustrations continue to mount@frontier -- the latest developments of fox 31 has learned about the company, just one day after our
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customer complaints. >> the local chef ribbons representing colorado in the world at a food competition
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home and storing built on the simple things in life. >> by husband is a disabled veteran.
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work. i had back surgery so i'm working on a part-time. >> and over the summer, the family of pipe was feeling the heat. >> this was august so we really needed the air-conditioning. it wasn't working. >> so a simple means, they did what they had to to fix it. >> i had to borrow the money from a family member. >> but it didn't last long. >> three to four days later it was working again. >> the company who said they fix it, that started getting the runaround -- >> so they charge me more money -- bring us up to $1,100 and we paid. >> but the problem only got worse. when in the dawn of winter, they realized the furnace was broken. >> when you have small kids getting out of bed in the morning and shivering -- enemy what another $900 -- >> the problem solvers wanted to help and so did done in public and heating. >> being a good community citizen is important to us. it's part of our core values and what to make sure that we are taking care of people in our community.
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>> and quickly diagnose the issue, fixed it, all for free. >> they have been amazing. they have been so great. >> now the family plans on a comparable winner. >> and a happy holidays. >> i would have had to borrow money again from a family member, which then would have made for a very slim christmas. >> thanks once again to dunn plumbing and heating, a family business since 1999 from here in the denver area. >> and update to the problem solvers investigation we told you about yesterday. unions for the pilots and the flight attendants are the only workers in a contract dispute with management. flight dispatchers have asked the feds to release them from mediation with the airline, complaining that more than three years of mediation has led to nowhere. >> pinpoint weather was chief meteorologist dave fraser. >> this is a stronger want to be
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associated with it. here's ever, here's colorado. >> it doesn't move much over the weekend, which means that the closest rain and snow that we might get, we really won't feel a appear in in the denver area -- the good news is, for the southwest mountains, they are still under that winter weather advisory. temperatures today were in the 60s and 70s. except for in the southwest corner. because of the clouds associated with that storm system. denver came in at 72 degrees. we should be 14 degrees cooler. as i write --
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these temperatures are actually not far from where we should be which is 58 degrees at this time of year. as you can see -- borges colorado is still sitting in the 40s and 50s. >> there is the storm system coming up. good moisture streaming into the state but it is targeting the southwest border. some of the moisture could come as -- we will see an increase in clouds coming out of the south. spotty showers here, spotty showers and rain here. most tonight -- they will be in the 30s in the mountains.
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same thing. you can see the influence of the clouds coming in here. close to 60 degrees in grand junction. we'll be back into the 50s and low 70s -- a gentle breeze and 40 degrees overnight tonight. some of the moisture of denver to castle rock, parker -- you may get a sprinkle or a shower. most of us will not see it. here is your pinpoint weather seven day forecast. back to sunny and 70 degrees on sunday. 63 degrees on monday. the rest of the week will be all dry and sunny. do not forget to turn those clocks back this weekend.
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yourself a favor and change your batteries in your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector. >> it's not that if you forget to fall back, it's the spring ahead that's bad. then you will be late. [laughter] [ inaudible ] our warm weather making for a little late start at several colorado ski resorts. a-basin is the only resort that is open. loveland is expected to open next week. same with keystone, breckenridge and copper mountain. winter park hopes to open on november 16.
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>> the ultimate food fight -- happening in alabama next week. coming up, the chef from right here in the metro that will be representing not only colorado but our country. >> cubs fans -- :full force in the windy city.
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it is billed as the ultimate food fight. the world food championships take place next week in orange beach, alabama. >> a denver chef will be front and center. deborah takahara talks to him
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>> the show moves from the kitchen of denver southern hospitality restaurant, all the way to alabama next week for jeff gebott. >> is exciting, and first time in the competition. a lot of my friends have done it am looking for to it. competing on an international stage. >> teams from around the world will compete in nine different categories. ff although he won't reveal his recipe until next week. >> just as he is in cooking since he was a kid and cooks even when he's out of work. he's looking for to the competition. >> just in what's happening around the country -- we all get ideas from each other. when chef get-together magic happens, so to have that many chefs in one place, i'm going to pick up a couple new tricks. >> for jeff, cooking is about
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>> and so is the competition except, that gets out there are always more important than the judges. i look at it as a competition every day in the restaurant i am in. >> that siu, he has his eye on a $100,000 prize. deborah takahara, fox and one new. >> after gilda was turning tonight -- chicago cubs in their fans celebrating the world series win. >> have been waiting for such a long time. [ inaudible ] stance warming downtown chicago. this is the first championship for the cup since 1908. the victory parade made its way from wrigley field to grant park for a rally there. they even die the river blue. >> they even died at the river
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we it's greater week. toronto is greater week. how amped is your teen percent and i? >> i just got the field of them had told them, i don't think emotions will be a problem at all. we're really trying to stay
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historically, it's been one of the best rivalries in football. [ inaudible ] environment wife, it should be a fun one. environmental wife, it should be a fun one. is really -- they will be in an environment that they've never been in before.


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