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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  November 5, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm MDT

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i alone can fix it! bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i'd like to punch him in the face. i like people that weren't captured, okay? he's a mexican! she ate like a pig... i moved on her like a [bleep] i did not say that... i love war. yes, including with nukes. blood coming out of her... they're rapists... wrong. there has to be some form of punishment. such a nasty woman. i wanna be unpredictable. ...on 5th avenue and shoot somebody... she's a slob... i don't remember! and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves! priorities usa action is responsible
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a former nurse at university hospital is in federal custody. >> please tell us she took files that contain fentanyl and hydromorphone. thirty -year-old kacye unruh is accused of taking the files and replacing them with tempered materials. she only worked at the hospital for three months. according to the indictment -- six different patients may have been affected. there is evidence of any patients being harmed by her actions but to be on the safe side, close to 50 patients have been recommended for hepatitis c testing. she is due back in court next week. >> police are searching for a man who sexually assaulted a student inside a dorm on the cu boulder campus this morning.
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police say the suspect is a college aged white man, about 5-foot nine, with medium build. he has short, dark curly hair and flight wearing tan pants and a white t-shirt. >> boulder police are investigating a car crash last night that took the life of a 50 -year-old woman who was crossing the street. please tell us she was with her husband. he had already crossed the street. that's when the driver of a ford fusion struck e was still crossing. the driver claims he only saw the husband and assumes there were no pedestrians in the crosswalk. the das office will determine if any charges should be filed. >> following the presidential election in denver tonight. donald trump is in denver, holding a rally at the national western complex right now. let's take a live look. >> trump has yet to take the stage. he is a little late arriving in
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he had a campaign event in reno earlier today. the secret service had to rush him off the stage. we are still trying to learn more details about what happening. we have our political reporter joe st. george out at that rally. he will be doing a report for us a little later on tonight. >> trump has had a busy day. he has visited for states today. >> the final days of the campaign, we're seeing both sides -- a lot of people have been campaigning for hillary as well in denver today. >> you can continue watching the coverage online or on our facebook page. >> denver police say a man is now in custody for throwing a rock through donald trump's campaign headquarters. >> denver police sent out this picture of 33 -year-old michael ferrara. his schedule to make a court appearance tomorrow morning.
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through the front window of the headquarters on 18th avenue. a security guard was able to chase the suspect down and hold him until officers arrived. >> as not just here, and mississippi -- three teenagers are behind bars tonight for allegedly spray painting, calorie, on the side of a hotel -- just days ago until the election, there are growing fears in a new report about a possible al qaeda terror plot in e potential threats from russian hackers. the department of homeland security cyber command center is hard at work, monitoring multiple threads. this concern more happy documents and e-mails targeting campaigns could be released in the coming days. the us has also detected the probing of state voter registration systems, propping the dhs to coordinate efforts with 48 states to prevent hacks. >> these machines are mostly off-line, there are paper
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>> experts say it's impossible to hack the election, but it's certainly possible for someone to claim its hacked and try to influence the public that way. >> i wish this was true for all of us -- tuesday's election day is actually a paid holiday for thousands of workers across the country. general motors is one of many companies to make election day a paid holiday. other motor company, patagonia and digital media company throw us. for fourth in an e-mail to workers saying, every vote counts. patagonia is closing all its retail stores. there is no federal law requiring workers to get time off to vote and state laws vary. >> coverage on fox begins tuesday at 5:00 p.m. we will be covering national and
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if you are mostly interested in colorado's local issues, our sister station colorado zone channel two, will focus on those during a special edition from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. if you're away from your tv, get the results on both katie br .com and our facebook page. new information on a deadly fire crash. >> a young bride to be in her entrepreneur boss were killed when the driving slammed into a tree and burst into flames. police have suspected the autopilot feature in the vehicle may be to blame. teflon officials say the car was traveling too fast for her to be on autopilot. according to witnesses, the car was traveling at a high speed before the crash. >> the body found on a south carolina property were a woman was fine chained inside a storage container has been identified tonight as the woman's boyfriend. kala brown and charles carver had been missing since late august.
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found chained inside a metal storage container. prosecutors told investigators that brown saw her captor, todd kohlhepp, shook her boyfriend. >> and audible when down and knocked on the door at the two-car garage -- she witnessed the defendant shoot charles carver. >> yesterday, todd kohlhepp appeared before a .-dot judge read he was denied bond. what a horrific story. >> one new york city police officer was shot during a shoot out in the bronx has been released from the hospital tonight. the officer was shot in the late friday afternoon in recent responded to home invasion a second officer was also shot during the exchange and was pronounced dead at the strange toronto two police officers are recovering tonight after being shot in the face in missouri.
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a family disturbance in a trailer park. the suspect fired a shotgun loaded with bird shots at the officers. both officers are expected to make a full recovery. meantime, the suspect who is now in custody, is facing three counts of assault on a law enforcement officer. >> protesters clashing with police in the streets of florence, italy tonight. according to writers, they are upset about a constitutional referendum that would reduce the role of the italian senate and cu governments. protesters have demonstrated against the referendum several times in recent weeks. this is the first in the protesters have turned violent. >> dense fog forced the closure of several expressways in china tonight. the meteorological department launched an orange warning for heavy fog over the next couple days. china uses a three tier,
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>> we can't complain about an extra hour of sleep. we are talking about daylight savings time happening this weekend. next after the break. >> the raiders are doing their part -- the countdown to kick off continues sports. i'm michael bennet, and i approve this message. narrator: what do you really know about darryl glenn, the fringe republican candidate for senate? darryl glenn doesn't believe in climate change. he's for eliminating the department of education. and glenn wants to outlaw abortion even in cases of rape and incest. reporter: glenn says if he's fortunate enough to go to capitol hill,
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darryl glenn: i'm running against democrats. i'm running against evil.
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to keep our communities safe, we need a district attorney like jake lilly -- tough, smart, and determined to keep us safe. as a former special assistant u.s. attorney and iraq war veteran, jake lilly is an experienced prosecutor who will be tough on violent crime, including murder and domestic abuse.
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including veterans suffering from mental illness or addiction. jake lilly for district attorney -- tough, smart, and fair. with the holidays right around the corner, denver broncos cheerleaders -- they are collecting basic needs to help boost morale. they need your help. the cheerleaders are cracking
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part of their cheer for troops campaign. they did everything from holiday gifts to nonperishable snacks. >> being able to get back to our military overseas -- is a great thing to be a part of. >> that saturday the cheerleaders will be at the fridays in fort collins. if you can't make it to fort collins, you can drop supplies off at mile high or at the broncos training center. >> don't forget to set those clocks back an hour this weekend. it's once again time to fall back. >> sunday morning at 2:00 a.m., daylight saving time and. falling back music and i shower sleep this weekend. doctors say this is a good time to check in on your personal sleep habits. most of us know that getting a good night's sleep is important but a few of us actually get it. doctor say sleep deprivation
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doctors say while it's good to get in that extra hour, be sure not to overdo it. sleeping in to lay on the weekend can wreak havoc on your body's sleep wake cycle and will make it more difficult to get up on monday. >> pinpoint weather with meteorologist mark munster all aspects changing of the clocks is a good reminder to also change the batteries in your smoke dete meanwhile, a beautiful afternoon today. although, even with the morning being pretty cloudy, temperatures again today we were well above average. marking the 16th straight day we have had above average highs. three of those days we have
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for november, we have been very warm. a lovely night outside right now. 45 degrees right now in greeley. 51 degrees in the city. 58 degrees in parker. speaking of the many locations are getting some snow over the last 24-36 hours. san juan -- you see the slopes in the backdrop starting to finally get that mother nature driven snow. we really needed and we are really looking for in to get
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this winter weather advisory you see here in purple goes until about midnight. what they are witnessing now is fairly quiet. notice on the western slope -- meanwhile, here is the bigger picture. the south. that is why we have had some scatter brain or around the planes and into the mountains. we will continue to see some spotty areas in a few locations. once we get through until tomorrow evening, more sunshine throughout the week.
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some scattered light rain possible tomorrow morning in the eastern plains. the mountains later on tomorrow could see some rain as well. 21 degrees overnight tonight. 41 degrees overnight tonight. tomorrow afternoon we are back up into the 60s. it will be a beautiful sunday. average height for this time of year it is around mid to upper
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weather shouldn't be a factor in getting her ballot in this year. will the avalanche come home for a little afternoon action today
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not sure fans are more fired up for, the raiders or being able to grab the division lead for themselves. kami carmann is out in east bay. >> not too much to get excited about. there is plenty of -- these two teams are both 6-2. in both fighting for the top spot. >> that much is clear. tomorrow is the first sunday night game in oakland in ten years. >> i've never played there but i have heard it is absolutely crazy. i'm excited. >> two teams going at it on sunday night in a tough place to play. the raiders hold a special place
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>> the chemistry is different. and we just don't like it. quarterback -- has a different role this time around. >> it feels like every game is today and now with our team. a lot of guys on our team, a fine sibley and defense lewdly, look to this. the denver defense will be battling without -- , i feel comparable. it's still a no-fly zone. an audible and audible
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[ inaudible ] kickoff starts at 6:30 p.m. mountain time. make sure you tune into fox 31 for complete postgame coverage. >> we look for to it. >> the broncos did make a roster move today. they had a quarterback's be they added quarterback tauren nixon. >> the rams wasted no time in this one -- tend to nothing at the start of the second. this time, it anthony hawkins -- solid play from 14 yards out for
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>> it was the first shutout for the rams since 1997. the win improved them to 5-4. >> along the blue line broke open a close game with the army in the second half. as they become bowl eligible with a 31-12 win. >> texas a&m is this the first -- promptly went out in loss to mississippi state today. they were never in it and on top of the loss, it looks as though they have lost their quarterback to a shoulder injury. there were rushed for 365 yards against the aggies who lose for
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the ads b minnesota this afternoon at home. the nuggets were world losers at detroit. how is coming up at in a half hour. see you lets get a final check of our weather. >> is going to be a beautiful week. temperatures tonight will be in the upper 30s. >> someone broke into a -- the fever left behind a note apologizing. saying he only took the talk was [ inaudible ] they filled his car with more
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6,000 kits cap [ inaudible ] stay with us.
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some tense moments on the campaign trail for donald trump tonight. good evening, i'm tammy vigil. and i'm keagan harsha. >> this is what we saw at that rally for the republican presidential nominee donald trump and reno just a few hours ago. he was rushed off the stage by secret service agents and then fights broke out in the crowd. we are still piecing together exactly what happened. security officials -- reporting a man with a gun.


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