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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  November 8, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm MST

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>> ton. joe st. george. joins us live tonight. from the electoral college the path to 270. how's it looking. >> well. this is what's happening. one more time. greg are you in my ear. we have just had another significant call. it's coming in. wisconsin. has gone for trump. so what you're seeing right now.
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this is cig significant news. wisconsin a state that democrats thought they had. they had it from the very beginning of the election. this news coming in again. just in my ear piece. going for trump. 232 votes. he is now just 38 votes away. from the presidency. so how does he do it. how does trump do it at this hour. he's got to win iowa. okay. he has to win he has to win georgia. these are all very realistic places. and then has to find something somewhere. most people think this might be michigan. >> >> she has to win pennsylvania.
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minnesota. she must win nevada. and they feel good about nevada. because of early vote in terms of latin. and then needs to spwaoep sweep up here. new hampshire. maine. 269. boy. this could be an interesting night. >> . it might come down to one electoral vote in nebraska.
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proposition 106. access to medical aid. in dying. it has passed this evening. >> . what can you tell us. >> supporters of proposition 106. delivered the first loud cheer of the night. here at the westen downtown. democratic headquarters. it was really the first amendment or proposition in which a result was announced. that result was a happy one here in this room.
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that patient is terminally ill. less than 6 months to live. a lot of cheers and emotion. when this was made tonight.
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we want to let everybody at home now that iowa has just gone to trump. we'll be updating you with a live map of the. iowa has just gone to trump. >> . more of that crumb -pblg blue wall. >> . paying close attention to local issues tonight. including amendment 72. that would have raised taxes on a pack of cigarettes to a dollar 75. per pack.
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t*rsz it's a major step back for colorado. to tobacco tax increases are the most effective ways to keep kids from where do you go from here. >> we stay the course. we revisit this. with voters. we were significantly out spent. and i think voters were indated with information about what this measure was and wasn't. to cut through that. was tkhapblg challenging this election season. >> . this tax was simply not about getting people to quit you guys say that's not true.
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that is the amendment that would have made it harder to make an amendment. here in colorado. to the state constitution. has passed. so it will be more difficult. more votes from more parts of the state. if they want to amend a constitution. they have to have 55 percent majority. >> . back at that electoral khrepbl map. clicking buttons there. trying to figure out the path. what are you finding out. >> . it's looking good for trump. at this hour. that wisconsin call. absolutely significant. so again with the news that we reported just before that last report. iowa going for trump. our count has him as 238.
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we're talking about alaska. if he's able to win alaska. as part of the strategy. arizona. as part of the strategy. georgia. he needs to find something somewhere. maybe it's the other electoral vote in nebraska. maybe it's the state of new hampshire. that puts him over the edge. >> . clinton must win pennsylvania. must hold michigan. michigan maybe another story as well. she has to hold it. >> . she needs to hold minnesota. she's won colorado. part of her firewall. shaoe she needed it. colorado mattering tonight. she needs all that and throw in a maine. and one more congress district
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throw in new hampshire. she's at 270. it's tough to find a formula right now. that gets clinton to 270 electoral votes without a essentially sweeping everything left. except the state of georgia. >> . just as i say that. georgia has been called for trump. >> . at this point. clinton needs to win out. or it's president elect trump. >> . thosepredicts a landslide for clinton. that did not happen.
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as you might imagine. social media has been on fire. for the last few hours. with what's been going on. we aretracking it all. >> . trump has been told to take it easy on the tweets tonight. >> . is it happening. >> . it is truly amazing. the amount of tweets we are seng
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clinton reminding voters if they are in line before the polls close. of course this would be primarily to the west coast voters. that they can still vote. even though polling locations close. if you're still in line. by that time. it's still not over. that trending on both facebook and twitter. >> . with the hash tag stay in line. >> the state senate race to watch is district 19. a tweet supporting democratic challenger. rachel zinger. >> . senator lauren woods. if woods lose this is race and all other democrat districts say
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democrats would take over the state senate and likely control all government in colorado. finally trump is leading clinton. in most states when it comes to facebook conversations. i tweeted this image showing facebook data results. with trump leading conversations. in north carolina. the all important ohio.
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it questions whether or not people were fed up with status quo. and making a statement tonight. the fact he pulled off wisconsin. is a stunner. that we're close still in michigan. she's got to pick she's got to be able to. >> i don't recall a state being such an upset like wisconsin. in several presidential cycles.
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everybody said he would have no chance. and here we are. he's defied odds. every step of the way. >> we're seeing that again tonight. we have made very well be in the mist of perhaps one of the biggest change elections in our lifetime. no matter how this plays out. whether trump wins or clinton. there's a clear message that's been sent. political elite. that is the americans are really tired. of what they have been getting they may very well send someone to washington who the rest of the world and perhaps many in the country thought would never be there. they want something different. than what they have been getting.
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we're watching nevada closely. i think she's going to win nevada. we'll see. she'll get closer. but we're watching every step. >> . you said earlier. watch michigan. it maybe a new miracle. >> . thanks so much. >> . we will know soon.
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live at the gop headquarters. a stunner. biggest change elect we can only imagine people out there. at headquarters. over joyed tonight. >> . that's exactly right the the mood here just keeps escalating. as this election heads on through the night. i want to show you we are joined right now. by the senior advisor. to the trump campaign here in colorado.
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he had to beat 16 opponents. and a very well experienced candidate in clinton.
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all right. jubilant gop headquarters tonight. we'll see if the celebrate continues. >> . we'll take a quick look of the electoral college. again. we are seeing a lot of red. here's a little side story. ther
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back live. amendment 70 is on its way to passage. let's show you the numbers here. yes 55 percent. no 45 percent.
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wage. and 12 dollars an hour by 2020. >> . while the employees are rejoicing tonight. maybe the business owners not so much. >> . tammy vigil joining us live. to discuss both sides. >> . raises the might minimum wage o4 years. to 12 dollars. i you may have already mentioned it .t goes to 9 dollars and 30 cents by 2017. ten dollars 20 cents in 2018. and 12 dollars in 2020. now. joining me now. you're a restaurant owner. you have spearhead this amendment. and all the restaurant owners say it will hurt them. cut jobs. raise prices reduce hours. why do you feel different. >> couple things.
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according to to a du study. it will help the local economy.
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bark r back back tphr 2006. 34 people many people predicted the end of the world. the fact is that we stand here ten years later. and we are one of the most vibrant economies. in all of the united states. and one of the most vibrant economies all the world. so think we'll be fine. >> . thank you very very -fpl. congratulations. we have a statement from the keep colorado working. the opponents. they said it's disappointing that five million from out of
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to break down some of the issues. >> absolutely. talking about issues here in colorado. this map contains a lot of issues too. the future of the supreme court rests with this map. obama care. rests with this map. there's a lot of big issues that will be decided over the course of the next couple hours. and some of the states. easiest thing i can do for you now, is show how easy it is for nominee trump. to become president elect trump at this hour.
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