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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  November 8, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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back live. our coverage of election 2016 continues. tonight. the presidential election is still a toss up. at this late hour. it's a close one. >> . trump in the lead. this point it's all eyes on michigan. and it looks like at this point. could be the spoilers there. it could be the difference here. keeping clinton from claiming a victory in the state. >> . what we can say is trump certainly having a better than expected evening. thus far. >> . standing by with the two political analyst -ts right now.
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clinton is still alive. right now, let's face it. it looks pretty good for trump. and it's not just the
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a message has been sent. they want something different. >> . th-p is clinton headquarters. you may see people crying. we have been seeing a lot of that.
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millions of tweets. all over the country. all over the world really. what are you seeing right now. >> millions. you can see them stacking up behind me. just the emotion. people some people say they are sick to their stomach. other people are saying the silent majority is rising up. and is speaking now. which we can see. clinton has a lot of work to do.
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mark. let's go ahead and take a look. >> . one of the local issues. of course one of the big ones. proposition 106. organizations both for and against prop 106.
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election night. that has been the case. you see it there in the trump tweet. >> . a lot of shock. a lot of excitement. depending on where you stand. >> . previously never held office. wasn't a veteran. clearly america wants change. >> . the reality show host. >> it could be an interesting night
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we are trying our west breast to bring you both sides tonight. >> . live at the democratic headquarters tonight. >> . what's the mood there.
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they can be happy the fact she carried colorado. a crucial state. we knew it was a battleground. tonight we learn how crucial it was. >> . two extremes -fpls bush.
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though. right now. >> taking us to the electoral college. a discrepancy we'reunderstanding. >> . the mother ship in new york. fox news. very comfortable keeping wisconsin in the ret red state college. crucial to getting him to the 254. 16 away from the presidency. let's just have some fun. and just see what happens if you did take the state of wisconsin away from trump.
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once he won it. they said he had no chance of winning the presidency. as we are on the air right now. at this hour. he's closer to it than clinton. stkphr yeah. just from hear you see a lot of red. >> . with jubilant gop members. a lot of ill lit ration. says there's an under lying
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everyone when trump said drain the swamp? r-atty: most said that's what we're talking about. time to drain the swamp. here. in washington. and so i don't think there's a lot of surprise among this crowd. probably among the media. a lot of surprise. drain the swamp was the theme that trump put out. that he himself said he was surprised. at the beginning. he didn't even like the message. when he said it boom. that was the message that sat with. it bught the closure here. >> i would not want to be a fly on the wall. in clintons green room tonight. because people are watching this. and people who voted for trump are thinking listen. if even yo beat us by one point.
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we're tired of the corruption. she's been a part of. we're tired of the corruption of washington dc. and time for it to come to a conclusion. and that's what the excitement is about. >> . lock her up is what they
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down election night. so many people said he wouldn't make this this far. a map shows a lot of red tonight. stkwhr. sure does. >> . we like to talk about this. this is if you love politics. this is a night is why you love politics. it is unpredictable. so much is at stake.
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reality of having to go knock on mr. trumps door. and let him know that they apologize. and quite frankly want to find ways to work with him. that's important. >> . gardener will have to work with president trump. to get things done. >> . trump has said. publicly. that he holds people accountable that revenge is something that people. he hits back.
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>> i have to step in. this is not a man if he's elected president elect. who is going to be easy to work with. and who is frankly going to accept that door knocking from gardener. this is a guy who has shown his massive immaturity. on a massive scale. and if we do elect him president of the united states. we have a lot to work towards. >> . still possible for clinton to win. if she is elected. what type of political capitol would she have. this is. an election way closer than obama ever had. >> that's right. that's critical. if i may say. she's going to go in. should she win this evening. and there's still a viable hope. that she'll go in a w-z oupb of she'll go in as one of the weakest presidents
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that's considerable. when you're going in less than 40 percent. aremoval rating. as a new president. you have a lot to work on. particularly it looks like we'll have a republican led united states senate. and house. you have a lot of work to do. i may say as new york as a senator from new york. she was known to be by partisan. >> . i have good news. greg just told me nevada has been called for clinton. >> . this was a must win. >> she will limp into office.
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following news that trump was leading
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all right. joining us now. with the democratic hq. with the new denver district attorney. a small win. for them. certainly hanging onto the small battles. >> the new district had to be a good night for for you. >> it was great night. i'm thrilled. >> one of the platforms was police accountability. do we have a problem here in denver with that. and how can you improve that. >> so. by and large the denver police do a great job. they have they are now making some real changes. to improve their response on the streets. and they are changing their use of fort policy. using body cameras.
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deescalation techniques. if however they break the law. they do need to be held accountability. and we will do that. we will be fair. and look at all the facts of any situation that happens. >> i'm very interested in juvenile justice. to keep young people out of the system. so that they can make better choices. i'm also very interested in working with people with men substance abuse issues.
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new president is. is really going to need to work hard. to mend some of the bridges. and bring us more together. as a country. there's a lot of hatred. a lot of anger. >> see the crowd thin out. we're still waiting results. people holding out hope. and only time will tell.
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wisconsin. for trump. we go with their numbers. no other net work has called wisconsin for trump. just yet. >> . there's still gray a*eur with that one. >> . clintons numbers increasing in both those states. she could use a win in both. has to have michigan.
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skwao nevada did go to clinton. >> . a crucial win. that she needed. >> crucial. to the democratic party tonight. nevada a hijack pick up for her a huge pick up for her. trump at 254 still. the numbers of the
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this. 90 thousand votes lead. for trump. in wisconsin. a 30 thousand vote lead for trump. in michigan. >> both of these numbers shrinking. clinton rising. >> . everything is in play. everything so crucial. nevada a must win for clinton. she pulled it off. >> . it's really that macro gee ol tpeu. down geography. down to counties -fplgts.
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americas it toughest sheriff. in arizona. he's been in office for two decades. big antiimmigration guy. he lost tonight. that's huge news. in that area. >> . he's had legal problems lately. and went down in defeat. after two decades in office. >> . so many important local races going on tonight. social media on fire with it all. >> people even say -lg they need a stiff drink. most people shocked clinton is having such a hard time reaching the 270 mark. >> a canada immigration web site had been over


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