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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  November 9, 2016 1:35am-2:00am MST

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category is commonwealth countries -- obviously, the british commonwealth. here's the clue, players... you have 30 seconds. good luck.
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all right, we will start with you, allon. you were in third place with $4,200. let's see what you put down. you wrote down, "what is northern ireland?" sorry. not good enough. it'll cost you $3,202, dropping you down to $998. let's go to stephanie now. she had $7,000. what was her response? scotland. no. that's not an independent commonwealth country. it'll cost you $3,000, leaving you with $4,000. over to georjean now. she had the lead with $7,400. and her response? she wasn't able to come up with a correct response. she wasn't able to come up with south africa after the fall of apartheid. it's going to cost you how much? oh, a big wager. that drops you down into third place.
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so you can relax for the next two weeks, because tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen, we will be coming to you from constitution hall in washington, d.c., for our teen tournament. join us then.
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from sony pictures studios, it's america's game. wheel... of... fortune! ladies and gentlemen, here are the stars of our show -- pat sajak and vanna white! thank you, jim. this is vanna, and i'm pat... for those of you new to the show. thank you. appreciate that. see you later. hello! good to see you all.
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"on the map" is the category for our first "toss up" puzzle of the night. it's worth $1,000. off we go. ?? [ bell chimes ] cari. buffalo colorado. uh, nope. everybody... [ chuckles ] [ bell chimes ] beth? durango colorado? yeah, there you go. whoo! just dropped my buzzer. [ laughs ] [ laughs ] this is beth abramowitz, right? yes. is from san diego. a third grade teacher down there, huh? yes. i'm a third grade teacher at alvin dunn elementary school. go, dragons. there you go. and a spin instructor. yes. you're just teaching everybody. yes, i teach indoor cycling, lots of loud music, fun, endorphins, and it's a great side job after being with kids all day. i love a good endorphin. [ laughter ] musical theater is in your background? yes. i lived in new york city for a while pursuing a dream of musical theater, and, um, just couldn't escape the sunshine, so made it back to southern california to be with my amazing boyfriend, tim.
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so much. congratulations. cari pittleman. yes. from arlington, virginia. you're a teacher as well, huh? i am. i'm a fourth grade teacher, and i absolutely love it. yeah? and what do you like to do when you're not hard at work in the classroom? well, i like to dig in the dirt. i have a humble garden with... oh... humble garden with herbs and -- there's a reason to be digging. you're not -- yeah. [ laughs ] yes, not just for fun. but for food, for lettuces and vegetables, so then i like to cook with that food as well. yeah? oh, good. well, i'm glad you're here and i hope you win some money tonight. thanks, pat. goes for you, too, shane. shane triano, right? yes. is from staten island, new york. talk about your family first. , i have my wonderful wife, dinah, here with me, and i have a son, alex, and a daughter, noelle, and a grandson, nathan. yeah, and now you were an engineer for a good while. i was an engineer for 25 years, then i decided to turn to becoming a math teacher. wow. and i teach 6th grade math now at anning s. prall academy on staten island. that's an interesting switch in careers, and it looks like you're enjoying your work, which is great. mm-hmm. anyway, glad to have you all here, and ask you now to get ready for another "toss up." this one is worth $2,000.
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it's "things." ?? [ bell chimes ] cari. vowels & consonants. yeah, that's it. alive, alive-oh. [ applause ] yay. got $2,000. great! and we're gonna start the first round by asking you to spin. the category is "phrase." go ahead. t. there are some t's. how many? vanna will show you. one, two, three... that's it. i'll buy a vowel -- an o. yes, five o's. whoo! well, that'll put a halt to it for now, anyway. sorry.
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n. three n's. i'd like to buy an a. i think we can do that as well. four of them, actually. i'd also like to buy a u. and we have a couple of u's for you. a make it? yeah. an f, please. yes, one f. i'd like to buy the i. two i's. and i'll buy the e. two e's. yeah. bought all the vowels. they're gone. an m, please.
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like to solve. uh, okay, go ahead. don't make a mountain out of a molehill. yeah, that's it. yeah, whoo! congratulations. thank you. made that look easy. good job. by the way, i know people are very sensitive about language these days. we mean no disrespect to moles at all. [ laughter ] uh, $4,100. congratulations. everybody has some money, and we have commercials. aren't you the lucky ones?
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there's only one egg that just tastes better, with more vitamins and less saturated fat. only eggland's best... announcer: life's too great to be stuck with stomach issues. get back to living. kaopectate multi-symptom relief quickly relieves seven types of stomach problems so you can get back to life. kaopectate. tonight's mystery round is brought to you by... gold bond diabetic skin relief. the important things is keeping your skin hydrated, announcer: gold bond diabetics' dry skin relief. 9 out of 10 saw noticeable improvement in one hour. gold bond really works. "before & after" is the category for this round, players, and the player who will spin first is shane. go, shane.
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i'd like to buy an e, please. do we have some e's up there, vanna? yeah, looks that way. i'd like to buy an a, please. and one a. i'd like to buy an i, please. two i's. n. two n's. i'd like to buy the o, please. there are two o's. anything else? and the u. there you go. bought 'em all. a v. no, afraid not. beth. come on, get out of there. ohh. boy, you gotta stop that. [ laughs ]
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whoo! b. yes, one b. [ horn honks ] r. two r's. pick up the car. it's a ford fiesta tonight. all right. spin. s. one s. m. uh-huh, one m. you're getting there. x. there is an x. you have $4,000. you gonna keep going? sure. [ laughs ] well, it's not -- i wasn't twisting your arm or anything. i'll bet you're glad you did now. [ laughs ] p, please. there is a p. pick up that shopping spree, worth $6,000. i'd like to solve, please. yeah.
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yeah! hey! nice going, kiddo. thank you. congratulations. wow. uh... yeah. is shopping okay with you? you like doing that? i love to shop. well, jim thornton will tell you more about this. congratulations, cari. now, this is fun. score incredible savings at save on thousands of everyday electronics, apparel, home, and lifestyle products. start shopping and saving today. visit uh, $4,500 that round plus -- she's up to $12,500. whoo! and has another round to try to pick up that 1/2 car. we'll see after this. come on back. that was good. yeah. thank you. thank you, yeah.
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hey, "what are you doing?" -- that's the category for this next round. and it's a "prize puzzle." go ahead, beth. there, that's more like it. $900. g. yes, one g. i'd like to buy a vowel. mm-hmm. i. two i's. [ vehicles pass ] i don't know what to say about this, but let's start with a letter, and we'll go from there. n.
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cide to hop on the express, you'll just start calling letters. you can call consonants. you get $1,000 for each one. you can buy vowels. you miss any along the way, it's a bankrupt. what are you gonna do? toot, toot! i'm going on the train. [ laughs ] i like the way you toot. all right, what letter you wanna start with? r. one r. you have $1,000 for that. now what? s. there's one s. t. two t's. there are vowels. you can call more consonants. what do you wanna do next? e. four e's. she buys a vowel. [ exhales deeply ] okay. ?? m. no m. oh. sorry.
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okay. h. no h. oh. shane, your turn. l. one l. i'd like to buy a vowel. okay. an a. uh-huh. one a. oh, boy. the "lose a turn" got you, and that means, beth, it's your turn. okay. [ horn honks ] okay. d. one d. pick up that "1/2 car." you've got one. two of our players do. last round to find the other half. and you have $500 if you wanna buy anything. i'd like to buy a vowel -- a u. yes, three u's. you have 250 bucks. i'd like to buy the o. okay, and that'll wipe out the cash, but you get some more information.
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e. okay. feeling quite adventurous! that's it. [ screaming and laughing ] a prize! i'm so excited. [ laughs ] oh, my gosh. wow, that's all right. i believe that might have been a record for lift here. that was very good. uh, we're sending you on a central american vacation, and here's jimmy to tell you about it. beth, get ready for the time of your life. explore the history and culture of guatemala and honduras on your fully escorted tour courtesy of delight in the natural splendor of central america, ancient mayan pyramids, and archaeological sites with expert guides. relax by scenic mountain lakes and breathe in this vibrant culture. visit she's very happy. $6,000 that round. you're up to $7,000. we have some very nice totals going on here,
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l know before too long. come back, see what happens. hooray! yay! vanna: closed captioning sponsored by... announcer: did you know pain is caused by aggravated nerves? aspercreme with lidocaine patch desensitizes aggravated nerves with no odor.
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from the "wheel of fortune" collectible cookbook, tonight's features recipe is an all-american favorite -- country berry patch pie. go to and get your cookbook today.


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