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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  November 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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greg nieto live along the 16 street mall. police are investigating a deadly shooting in broad daylight. >> i want to show you how close we are. there it is behind us. tprorbd the shooting didn't take place there. it took place over here. we'll walk along the sidewalk. show you the parking lot of the renaissance hotel in the 16 hundred block of champ a. according to to police. what you're seeing there. there was a shooting inside that parking lot. at about 2:20 this afternoon. more ground video to of the investigation. denver police say there was some sort of fight. between group of individuals. two people were shot. they were taken to a local hospital. one of the victims ends up dying. as for the suspect. they try to get away. on an rtd bus. that was stopped shortly there thereafter. and they were arrested. police have this message for folks who live and work on the 16 street mall. >> we have to determine what led up to this. to better understand why it
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here. i really don't want to speculate. as to what may have been the cause or why this happened down in this particular area. >> . denver police credit a witness for seeing the suspects get on the bus. they were able to stop the bus and bring the guys off. they believe they have the folks they're looking for in custody. 16 here. remains closed. for the investigation. >> the presidential election stunner. tkopbltd donald trump winning big across america. to become the 45 commander in chief. >> . u.s. electoral map tractically a sea of red. after trump broke down the blue wall of states that traditionally vote democrat. >> like michigan wisconsin and pa
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transition. we begin with washington. >> . this is a town that is in shock this morning. even republicans can't believe exactly what happened. last night in this election. it was historic on many levels. and this morning president elect donald trump. we have to get used to that. met with some of the closest advisors at trump tower. meanwhile just across town. in new york. supporters and staff members o clinton gathered to hear her speak. it is not how they expected to end the campaign of 2016. >> . an emotional hilary clinton stood before supporters and con seeded the election. >> . i know how disappointed you feel. because i feel it too. this is painful. and it will be for a long time. >> our campaign was never about one person. or even one election.
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>> clinton privately con seeded the race last night to president elect donald trump. but didn't speak publicly until this morning. in that late night call she congratulated him. and offered to work together. going forward. >> the white house. at the invitation of president obama.
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now donald trump comes in to washington. with a distinct advantage. control of both the house and the senate. republican party will. he's going to need to repair some relationships. including with the house speaker paul ryan. now ryan spoke on the phone today. with the president elect. he said he's ready to hit the ground running and work with president trump. he also said he's prepared stand for the speaker ship once again. when the new congress convenes in january. >> we'll all be watching. >> trumps transition team advisors will soon announce key cabinet positions. as well as policies for his first one hundred days in office. >> sod tkopbldz trump receive his first full intelligence
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received today. make no mistake about it. donald trumps white house will look different. than president obama's. >> . i love this country. >> change america wanted. change america gets. president elect donald trump on day one of his transition. laying low. not speaking since his victory speech. early this morning. >> it is time for us. to come together. >> now the question is who does trump surround himself with. come january. may possible attorney general pick. so is new jersey governor christy. gop chair could be chief of staff. ben carson possible health and human service -ts secretary. newt gingrich perhaps secretary of state. during a recent visit to denver last week. he asked. if he wanted the job. >> . i would be happen to work with donald tphr some appropriate way. i don't want to suggest any one place. >> as for the biggest impact on
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balance will likely remain the same. it's been missing a justice since earlier this year. trump will likely appoint someone just as conservative. in regards to mass deportation of hispanics or ban on muslims. both positions he held. it remains unclear. however the prospect of a massive wall along our southern border. and repeal of obama care likely. since congress is in republican hands too. and speaker paul >> we all need to rededicate ourselves to making america great and making it a more perfect union.
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it is worth recalling. and reaffirming that unity and diversity of the united states. is one of the country's strength. >> now leaders of many europeen countries including france. germany and italy. pledge to work with trump. despite stock futures taking a big dip over night. after the election results. wall street made big gains today. dow finished up nearly 257 points. nasdaq gained 57. >> . trump will begin with a republican controlled congress. they easily held the house.
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gop incumbents holding onto their seats. on the senate side. the balance of power tipped in their favor. republicans appear to be heading into the 2018 midterms with a filibuster proof 60 street majority. that's within reach. also no change in the colorado house of representatives. all the candidates up for reelection. also held onto their seats. >> . prop 106 medical aid in dying passed. the measure will allow terminally ill patients to t a doctor prescribed life ending prescription. two physicians must agree the patient is ill with less than 6 months to live. >> . voters also said yes to raising the minimum wage. the states min wupl wage jumps to 9 dollars 30 cents starting in january. increases 90 cents a year until 2020. reaching 12 dollars an hour. every year after after that wages increase by the cost of living.
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both presidential candy candidates spent a lot of time and money in colorado. treating it like a battlegrounds state. the end the state went blue. for clinton. but how blue. and why. >> more on the political state of our state. >> that's right. was certainly leaning blue. when it comes to the top of the ticket national races. a little more colorful to other races like those here at the state capitol. a mix of red, blue and purple. >> . colorado voters went for democrat hilary clinton over donald trump. >> colorado didn't follow the rest of the country. last night. >> david is a republican leaning polling group. thinks it's because the colorado economy is doing better. than some other states.
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about things. they're not going to choose the alternative. >> . this is the third time colorado has chosen the democratic presidential candidate. a sign he says the state is leaning blue. and getting bluer. >> 34 percent republican. 33 percent democrat. and 32 percent unaffiliated. almost identical to the 2012 turn out. he notes more voters are choosing to be unaffiliated these days and republicans
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>> in protest. of the election results. here's video from berkeley california. walk outs happening in arizona. texas and boulder colorado. sky fox over the scene up in boulder high school. during the walk out this morning. one student tells us about a hundred people were part of the protest. against donald trump's values. >> developing now. denver fire crews investigating what caused a building to collapse. this afternoon.
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this is the building that came down in the 3 thousand block. it was on north gill pen. nobody hurt. we now know the building was under construction. >> they were trying to do roof work there and didn't work out as planned. >> . election results also causing tonight anxiety among minority students. >> one school is working to calm their fears about what the future is in the face of a trump
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heart attack, stroke or dementia.
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presidential election results have proven disappointing for about half the american public. for some metro area students.
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fear. especially hrapb tin o waking up with anxiety. about what trump presidency means for their future. tammy vigil here with how their school is helping them get through it. >> . in montbello about 70 percent of the students are latin o. teachers notice the students were visibly upset. some crying. others angry. so they started talking about it. teachers learn the election of donald trump is so much more concerning to them. because they feel targeted. >> they're here illegally. take them they have to go back. >> all the tough trump talk. has led to a lot of trouble talk. >> at first i was very shocked and distraught about it. i expected the tears. i expected the sorrow. i remember waking up and like crying in bed. saying what am i tkpwoeubg going to say to my kids. >> minority students scared about trump as president.
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deportation. >> he proposed this to be his main goal. and for his political career. he's going to get it done. >> this school which is largely latin o shared their frightened feelings during an assembly. then in classes. >> it hurts me. i know some people's family. might be deported. >> those feelings put on paper. >> we are still in shock. >> and read as a letter to the community. the first thing i said. i get to go home. and maybe my life won't be affected by this. but it breaks my heart to see that your lives could change. >> in the end. students go from shock to understanding. that a single man can't change all their lives. only they control being their
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we start with weather. what they have been fighting is this big blocking dome of high pressure. normally. when we have high pressure over colorado. we tell you how great the weather is going to be. and yes. it has been sunny. but this thing is quickly becoming our foe. you can see the flow around it. all the way up into canada. and down akroz across the great lakes on the north side and south side. nice showers down in text. but this thing is protecting most of the west. and leaving us very warm. so i put the numbers down. these are all the recorded high temperatures. 6 of them in the 60s. and 3 days in the 70s. including today. this line is where we should be. beginning of the month we started an average high of 59. and that average is now down to 55. we're dealing with temperatures that is are 15 to in some cases 20 degrees warmer than where we should be. that includes the 60s and 70s with e posted here in the east. and the 60s over the mountains.
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year. tough to make snow with the readings. denver 74. two away from the record high of 76 in 1927. your evening after a warm day. even with the setting sun. socialit's going to slowly drop. in the 40s by ten o'clock. tonight. outside right now. there is that setting sun. pretty picture. 65 downtown. 58 autoat the airport. northeast wind. look at the readings. still 70 broom field. 61 ar srard. down arvada. 63 brighton. and 58 down in to the centennial area. even those are higher than where we should be this time of the year. temperatures are in the 60s and fort collins. upper 50s down in castle rock. parker. look at ben net sitting at 64 degrees. now the winds today has been a little bit out of the south. hasn't been that strong.
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weupd wind is there. 70s drop into the south and east. uppe60 6to 7 degrees from where we were today. looking warm. 60s continue in the mountains. here's a closer view in to metro denver. again dealing with mid and upper 60s. tomorrow. not the 70s we had today. but still well above our normal of 55. clear skies in 40. with a light wind tonight. a little more wind tomorrow. and it's in the north direction. you'll notice it. comfortable sunny 67 degrees. and again. everybody everything here is
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so the cooler air mass really dropping in. but then back up to 70. 65 and pleasant on sunday. back up to 67 on monday. tuesday at 70. and wednesday still hanging way above where we should be. the forecast continues to look dry. >> . way up there. >> . crazy. >> . everyone has something to say about the out come of the election. just check your facebook. >> the broncos no exception. >> . i have stayed off facebook.
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broncos back to work today. prepares for the new orleans saints. before they got to work on the field. plenty of conversation. about president elect donald
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as many players pointed out today the broncos locker room is a workplace that knows how to bridge the gap much. >> . more from team head headquarters. >> . >> like any good cocktail party. typically discussions in locker rooms steer clear of religion and politics. of course this election was a little different. the broncos are divided but say their locker room is an example of why we can all get along. >> stop all the crying. let's just be great. >> i wanted clinton to win. >> on the and o. football isn't the only thing the broncos talk about. >> mentally he has one view i have another view. it's america. we're allowed to think differently. >> . defensive line man. simply been taking it all in. >> it's all crazy. >> the australian is only concerned about one potential issue. >> i don't get to vote.
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it doesn't matter what happens. as long as i can stay in the country and play football. >> there's a valuable lesson inside team head headquarters. despite the different ballots. business is business. football is football. >> . we can come in and talk about politics. and talk about what we think this person is going to do for the country. and what this person will do. at the end of the day i'm not mad at you for the decision you made. >> we're all from different homes and areas of the country. different races. ethnicities and we have to go out and win a football game. @ doesn' for. >> gary kubiak steered clear of election comments. just saying the only buzz they're worried about is from the new orleans saints. >> . they said it. they know a little bit about team work. over coming. >> we can learn something from those broncos. >> colorado now facing more competition in the legal cannabis industry.
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>> we pass this. what i understand. broken all records.


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