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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  November 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MST

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philadelphia. new york. chicago. arizona. all protesting donald trumps win today. thousands taking to the streets tonight. many chanting not my president. others carrying signs. >> thanks for joining us here at ten i'm mike bars. >> i'm deborah takahara. we're seeing antitrump demonstrations her net metro area. >> now just wrapping up at the state capitol. ashly michaels spoke with protestors this evening. >> mike the last few protestors here cleared out. so. there was one point tonight. where this entire sidewalk in front of the state capitol was filled with protestors. end en. doing the exact same thing people are doing all over the country tonight. they say this is the only way they feel they can move passed the election. >> . when i left my house. i saw on the news thousands in the streets. in portland. in new york.
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all over the country. >> now they're in denver too. more than a hundred people lined up outside the state capitol. signs up. arms linked. their goal, to send the next president a strong message. >> i am so upset. we are not a racist nation. we are not. if our president elect wants to go in that direction, we will fight him every step of the way. >> this group wanted their voices heard loud and a group on the other side of denver did things differently. university of denver campus. where students held a peace rally. >> last night was a disappointment. some it was a huge success. it's important to bring those together. so we can figure out what to do next. >> figuring it out face to face. instead of online. one message. >> we will defend the
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>> now at one point out here a few of the protestors at this location did try and go into the street. maybe to block off traffic. they decided that probably wasn't the best idea. and came up on the sidewalk. with the rest of the group. and things did stay peaceful throughout the rest of the night. >> all right. thankthank you. meantime. president elect getting ready for the new job with a big meeting expected tomorrow. >> erika gonzalez has more on what we can expect from trump. an days. >> trumps team said if he won the presidency he would hit the ground running and so far it seems they're doing just that. trump met with his top advisors this afternoon. and focus was what they need to get done in the next 72 hours. now in that time. agencies will start giving trump top secret national security briefings. his team will work on hammering down an agenda for the first one hundred days in office and pick
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4 thousand presidential appointees to fill. we also know the president elect will meet with obama in the white house tomorrow. today the president talked about supporting trump. in the next phase. >> raeldz quickly in the job. that the presidency and the vice president. is big bigger than any of us. i have instructed my team to follow the example. that president bush set 8 years ago. and work as hard as we can. to make sure that this is a successful transition. >> reporting vice president elect mike pence. will meet with the current vice president joe biden. and house speaker paul ryan in dc tomorrow. and trumps team did launch a web site today. transition web site. where they promise to keep the public up to date. about their work. over the next couple months. >> well it can you doesn't matto you voted for. probably just glad the election is over. >> everyone is has been stressed
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psychological association is unofficially calling what you maybe feeling, post election stress disorder. >> all new at ten. we set out to learn who is suffering. >> let's go finds some sick people. >> it's been five minutes many a park with a marker board. everybody is sick. you'll learn just about all us and i mean all of us, have got some to sort out. >> how's it going with the family. >> we're doing okay. >> post election stress disorder. really is a thing. >> most of us have deleted anyone who doesn't agree with us. >> you lost a few facebook friends. >> don't just take it from me. >> absolutely yes.
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psychologist. >> it's really been interfering with peoples normal functioning. >> it's something you simply can't out run. especially knowing what lies ahead. >> the hardest part is we have to thanksgiving coming. >> america. it's time to mend those fences. >> sooner rather than later. >> have you thought about thanks tk*eufing dinner. >> i have. it's going to be real fun. >> listen to them. without your own judgment. it might actually help. >> remember. life will go on. might as well find some peace. >> come together and just show that love can still win. >> before we do this all over again. 4 years from now. >> . everybody has it. >> . i don't have it. >> . the american psychology association has post election coping tips. many people are stressed out.
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>> we post -td them with the story on our web site. >> more than 2.7 million coloradoens participated in the election yesterday. either through mail in. early voting. or polling place. that's a new record for the state. we spoke to colorado secretary of state. wayne williams. about the voter turn out. he says this year more people actually waited until election day. and voted in person. >> probably about 7 to 8 percent of the total vote was cast in person. two years ago using the same model. h the people voting in person. >> of that 2.7 million plus. who voted. secretary says about 2 hundred thousand cast ballots in person. >> . developing tonight. denver police taking two possible suspects into custody after a deadly shooting near the 16 street mall. officer shut down 15 to 19 street. around 3 p.m. they say two victims were taken to the hospital. one of them died. we don't have an update on the
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hour. police haven't said whether they are still looking for suspects. >> correction to an apology as well. about a story of an officer involved shooting that left one officer wounded and a suspect dead. we incorrectly identified antonio norwood as the suspect. tonight we spoke with his fiancee. who informed us of the mistake. he was actually the victim. and police say he was killed by the suspect. that opened fire on officers. the suspect identified as 23 year-old juan ramos. police. aurora officer was shot in the face. and he is in stable condition. >> . right now the fbi safe streets task force asking for your help identifying two robbery suspects. tonight we have new surveillance video of the robbers in action. in this video you can see the suspects run up to the counter. guns drawn. threatening the bank tellers. then one hops over counter. investigators say they robbed a key bank on colorado buena boul.
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sped off in a gold dodge. call metro denver crime stoppers if you know anything. you could earn a reward of up to two thousand dollars -fpls. >>. >> . larimer county. deputies searching for an attempted kidnapping suspect. he tried to snatch a 14 year-old girl last friday night. here's a sketch of the suspect. take a good look. he grabbed the victim by the arm. pulled her into the street. she got away and wasn't hurt. the sheriff office wants to hear from anyone with information on >> a building collapse gave people quite a scare in a denver neighborhood today. sky fox flew over the scene. where the roof of the brick building tkpwaeuf gave way. crushing the wall beneat it. it was under construction. at the time. neighbors say crews have been working for the past several weeks. no one was inside at the time of the collapse. one man who lives a few houses down says he thought the noise was a car crash. and rushed out to help. >> there was such a dust cloud.
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got in my eyes. i didn't know what happened. i thought maybe it was a dump truck and i saw the collapsed building. and people around. >> he believes investors purchased the building to renovate and lease it. police say no one was injured. >> some big decision making under way for families in colorado's largest school district. thousands of parents and children packed denver's mile high stadium. starting the process of choosing schools for next all 2 hundred denver schools were represented at the public school sixth annual great schools expo. the event gives parents and children an opportunity to find which school is the best fit for them. every year families with fifth and eighth grade students need to participate in order to have selection for the next year. parents are asked to make a list of desired schools in order of preference. because some schools fill up fast. >> i hope to find some that have theupgs he's interested in.
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not too far from my house. >> we're proud that last year 85 percent of families received their first choice. in the choice system. >> this selection process for the next school year formally opens on january 5. families have until the end of january to submit the school choice paper worb. >> -- paper work. >> . connecting pets with vets. >> not veterinarians. but veterans. how retired service members are get a new best friend. for free. >> and fraser. another warm november day.
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>> we are excited to announce serving nose those who serve. part of the problem solvers initiative. >> to help military members. and the people who support them. we hope you'll join us tomorrow night at 9:30. for a special. where heros rest. we travel to europe to tell stories of some colorado heros who never made it home. from the war. >> saturday at 4 p.m. we'll air a special called homeland diaries. the 60 minute puts a name and face to millions of men and women who fought for our country. as they tpa*euf navigate life
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join us for veterans day. a parade and festival this saturday at civic center park. sponsored by the veterans project and fox 31. our very own jeremy hubbard will emcee the parade. kicks off at ten a.m. >> we'll have a whole team of people there. come see us. dumb friends league will be saying thank you to veterans and active duty military. the best way they know how. giving pets to vets free of charge. >> the story of one retired marine. who is looking for a new battle buddy. >> marine core veteran. ken velasquez. served honorably in vietnam. from 1969 to 1972. >> we took stuff off the cargo ship. loaded it to convoys and sent it up to the fire bases. i was stationed in red beach. >> like any good marine. he knows the value of recon. and intell. >> .
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today. at the dumb friends league. his mission. to scout for a new companion. it's all part of the dumb friends league, vet rarer rans day special. >> on friday november 11. we'll be waiving all fees for current. active military members. as well as retired members. on every pet we have here in the shelter. >> sometime after the iraq war that he realized the connection. between dog and soldier. >> t handlers side. i'm trying to get a come tanon. be my friend. my companion. >> . he's the one that we should get. >> after an exhaustive search. more like a labor of love. he found a friend. and his name. is duke. >> he looks like he's mild tempered. make a good fit in our family. >> now. this marines next mission is to
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friday. and to say hello to his forever friend. >> i like this one too. blue. >> those eyes. free pets for vets will take place friday at the dumb friends league quebec facility. as well as the buddy center in castle rock. >> temperatures still remain warm. another nice day. let's toss it over to meteorologist dave fraser. >> . stole my thunder. it's been warm. it will stay i'll show you the 7-day forecast. everything so far this month has been above normal. and check this out. in short sleeves our own mark monstrola. taking the weather beast to fort collins. global village academy. up talking to the kids about climate and weather. and everything else. and kids love the beast. and love mark's presentation. he's getting into it. warm and cold. we have a tornado twister the whole nine. thanks to them. if you're looking for a school visit. mark goes out quite a bit.
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visits at all one word. >> do our best to get there. we can't get everywhere. there's what mike was talking about. 60s and 70s here in the east. with 50s and 60s over in the west. warm is what we have beenenjoying out there. almost 20 degrees above where we should be. only two away from the record of 76. outside right now, still warm. 48. downtown and at the airport. southwest wind light now at nine miles per hour. that southwest wind comes up and over and down slopes. and heats on the west side of town. look at the 50 degree readings we have out there. and some have gone up in the last hour. you phaouf away from the foothills and east. you're in the 40s. even those readings are warm this time of the year. the rest of the front range obviously the cooler 30s. starting to show up. even 28 up in walden. 37 steam boat. edwards 28. so good temperatures up there
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down i 25. and we mix in a few cooler 30s. out on the to to the eastern plains. the wind is out of the south. tomorrow the wind takes a northwest turn. and then a northerly turn. into the afternoon. and notice the wind speeds. will be pushing up to near 20 miles per hour. you'll feel the wind because of the speed. and you'll notice it's going to be a cooler breeze. which is going to bring the warm 70s down a bit. our future cast is just as quiet as it can be. clock is if you look to the south. you might see one-over or two high clouds. that's it on the day tomorrow. under the clear skies tonight. lots of 30s in the mountains. places staying above freezing. we'll be in the 30s and 40s. colder readings to the south and east. highs tomorrow 70s drop into southeast colorado. out towards burlington. that cool northerly breeze brings the front range denver, greeley. down a bit. into the upper 60s. still way above where we should
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today. and mountains 50s and 60s. the cooler 50s will be to the south and east. closer view into metro denver. temperatures all very warm. from the low 60s on the west side. to the mid and upper 60s from the denver area. outoff to the east. we wake up tomorrow morning at 40. which is mild. for the this time of the year for a start. we'll bring in one or two clouds. sunshine dominates tomorrow at 67. to 60. cooler on friday. the same north wind will continue to usher in cooler temperatures. we'll start a freezing and 60. 35 and 70. this is the roller coaster ride. down a little bit. up a bit. again to 70. by tuesday and then we start to increase the clouds. and bring it back down to 68 degrees. remember, 55 is where we should be. and even those over night lows should be a lot closer to freezing. the only day freezing is friday morning. so we continue on a dry stretch. nine days into the month. not a single temperature in the
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in the near future. >> you can steal my thunder any time you want. with a forecast like that. >> i keep waiting for it to cool down. still in shorts. >> ahead in sports. now the cu football team is sitting on top of the conference standings. just how confident they are they can stay there. >> collage accepted. the mannequin challenge that is. how the broncos managed off the latest internet
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>> i'm buzzing on new orleans. that's what i'm trying to figure out. a little bit of talk. but it's time to move on.
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buzz. from last night. and this morning. coach gary kubiak was asked about. to which like a lot of us, coach is moving on. after all look the broncos have a huge game this sunday. in new orleans. because of that game being held at the always noisy super-dome. they took the practice inside. where they cranked the piped in fan noise over head. to try to prepare and mimic what will happen in new orleans on sunday. huge game for denver. just one week before the buy week. you look at the standing the broncos in third place. behind oakland and kansas city. every game is important. but this game at this point in the season truly is a quote on quote must win. for the defend -lg champs. >> -- defending champs. >> each week is so important. it's tough to think about it like that. each week you're going in the biggest game of the season. that's how the back stretch seems like it will play out.
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>> game time sunday from the big easy. early one. kick offset for eleven a.m. >> . to the cu buffs now. who play at arizona this week. not just a game they can win. a game they're expected to win. by more than two touch downs. big time favorites on the road. 7 and two right now. five and one in the conference. cu climbed to the top in the pack 12 standings. now the big question. what kind of staying power do they have. >> with success comes the responsibility of sustaining it. don't think the weight of expectation here at cu aren't getting heavier every week. >> in the past couple games. we weren't as hungry or just didn't show it as much. and what you do in practice shows eup on field. >> head coach doesn't agree. but the buffs have grinded to get wins in each of the last two weeks. but that's not all bad. >> our team crossed that hump now. we couldn't have won the last two games the previous years i
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of the hunter changes the dynamic in boulder .e creates more noise around the program. all of which can be distracting. for a group not yet used to it. >> as we keep going here. they'll be more and more on the line. and more comes on the line. more and more things are magnified and that way you have to keep growing closer as a team. not getting individual in the situations. >> the learning curve may not be as steep. but the only thing harder than 12. is staying there. with the buffs in boulder. >> . baseball now. if you missed it yesterday evening. quietly won a fourth straight gold glove award. recognized of course the best fielding third baseman in the national league. after that it reminded everyone just how crazy it is that he's not up for the nlmvp. the rockies official twitter
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>> really good point. finally here. back to the broncos. challenge accepted. nearly the entire broncos team pulled off the ever popular mannequin challenge. that's of course the big thing going around social media. they broke out all the stops. >> how do they do that. >> creative. >> really still. >> you think that's real. >> it is. you can't get that mannequins. >> . you have to wait until sanders. >>. >> he's the bottom of the screen. he got pushed over a locker. >> playing cards. connect four. good times. >> there's a filter on there. >> freeze it up. i watch it over and over again.
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>> >> thanks nick. can the simpsons see into the
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lisa is president after donald trump. in march a writer told a reporter it was pitched in the writers room. because they actually did make it seem like something that could happen. down the road. >> only in a cartoon. >> lots o of people twaoetding at tweeting ant about this today. does that mean lisa simpson will win the 2020 election. >> of course. it makes sense. >> . thanks so much for joining us tonight. join us over on channel 2. for our 11:00 news.
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