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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  November 10, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MST

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and demonstrators have stopped they have saved here but i stopped and rtv bus point industries the protest has been mostly peaceful here now getting of that i 25. ms. is a scene at the scene at that time the producers move through downtown protest. like down tromp thanks for joining us i'm mike barnes. bargaining go now to michael live in downtown denver where another protest has popped up. right now one the northbound lanes of i 25 go ahead and take a look protesters have kimberly be taken over the northbound lanes of i 25 this is near mile
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here yet they are still try to get up to our location before when protesters we're on the surface streets near the university please had a pretty good handle on everything but now police are still trying to get to this location is you looking at protesters going across the median barrier right now heading to the southbound lanes of i 25. i would say hundreds of protesters here a lot of people very upset. about the election of donald trump. you also smell a lot of marijuana. lots of signs we cannot show you. keep a lot of these off-camera the northbound lanes here of i 25 are starting to move a little bit more you can turn the camera around and show the traffic is
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they continue to go. with their lights on attended give you to control the situation and move the professors out of the way so traffic can resume. will keep tabs on this throughout the much more reporting live on i 25. the can years we want to stay with you for a minute and the developing situation with protesters actually on the freeway. please can get them off. how did they get onto the freeway to begin with. there are too many votes out for denver police to handle. there a lot of cops out here as
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downtown you saw see our bread sea of bread and flashing white lights. please will be able to hit of this they have the protesters pretty much surrounded in a certain area. at one point protesters we're actually crossing over the attack. they we're able to get onto i 25. they can see how far away they are we're just walking with the protesters to be we're able to stay up with them. police are having a hard a hard time doing that i don't see any police officers on that whatsoever. i do i do see their squad cars off in the distance. obviously some gestures you want to see on tv as well that
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police usually can get them before we get onto the highway we continue to the monitor this. in the meantime president-elect donald trump responding to the approaches that are going on across the country went on twitter saying we had a very open and accessible presidential election now fresh of protesters inside the media protesting very unfair according to down trout. visited the one who 90 minute one-on-one meeting trump had great respect for the president obama said in the country of a vested interest in the president-elect's. we now are going i want to do everything we can to help. i look forward to meeting with you many more times.
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that is an vice president met today tromp and vp elect mike pence met with republican leaders including house speaker paul ryan they go back to that shot of i 25 sky fox is over the scene i do believe the protest has currently taken place on i 25 demonstrators have stop a bus is they pour into the street then described as mostly peaceful i i know is that the one earlier today that went started at city hall. went down the 16th street mall. i know that one was a lot of young people out there as well. a couple hundred and that one. we don't know if they've moved over to this location right now in front of mile high stadium on i 25 you see several police cars responding to situation there a couple hundred protesters on i 25 the northbound trains blocking traffic camp leavy.
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you. and jefferson county a high school principal arrested accuse of domestic violence tony edwards was arrested yesterday he is a principal at the above high school and jefferson county but now on administrative leave fox 31 explains what's behind the arrest. edwards was arrested and is charged with two counts of third-degree assault we also know that email was sent out to parents that said they arrest had nothing to do with edwards parents are surprised to hear the news. @456 thursday afternoon the parents of students are picking up their kids from sports practice. some already hurt. others have it there principal was arrested and charged with assault. 36-year-old tony edwards was arrested wednesday the records indicate it was domestic violence incident at which is accused of knowingly cause injury to another person he sent
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was arrested due to matters unrelated to his duties as the jeff close schools employee. also says the schools quaffing with law enforcement edwards it on ministry of leave and tell her school completes its own investigation. parents understandably surprised. i've met him several times. somewhat superficial. he was generally complimentary of our son. and i was generally complimentary of the school he does whatever happens it won't change his opinion of the school. i also talk to other parents today the echo the same sentiment they've never had any problems with that school reporting live fox 31. back to the protest going on on i 25 the police are out there we've seen people and swat gear
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the protesters. this is going on at mile high stadium and front of mile high on i 25 about fear boulevard we have a shot from the grout are michael is on the ground watching the protesters who are actually on the freeway right now on the northbound lanes they are being confronted by denver police swat team in right gear and they are trying to remove the protesters from this location right now and get traffic back to normal. you we're out there earlier at the different location. covering protest. at about 745. you mentioned in swat gear. they are having a standoff with the protesters right now before you take our shot live. there was a tussle between a police officer and the other officers moved in and one of the protesters try to get the
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25. they did give violent they are bringing out canisters right now that we presume would be some sort of teargas asking the media to move out to a certain area. this is getting tense very quickly. these protesters are not giving out. right now they are moving in as we speak on live tv they are yelling move back they have the batons out backup thisom protesters. forcibly being moved off of the interstate down this. it is angering them tensions are high. now you have an aerial shot from the chopper to give you a birds eye view of how large this demonstration is it is no longer peaceful they're saying move
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no longer moving forward you have led to protesters here of front up front move oracle point in the officers faces lecturing them. a sergeant a sergeant saying push them back. the offers continue to move back we are on the hill a lot of these protesters are moving backwards you want to get your shot back right now we want to take your shop the ground to see was going on and set the stage for us exactly where you are right now. right now you guys cannot see my shot let me know what shot you're looking at. we are right by sky fox. we are by sports authority field we are on the side closer.
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we are looking from sky fox. the please police officers are moving down. of peaceful protest. away from sports authority. protesters are young we can go anywhere. from on the ground when the middle of everything take a shot of sky fox. you have to see the police as well swat team out there trying to get these protesters off the highway and keep them safe you want to give an idea of why were staying on the chopper video as a part of our ground shot and there are both their designs that we don't want to show on tv right now we do want to tell you
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dangerous situation going on and i 25 right in front sports authority field northbound lane is completely shut down because the group of protesters are on the freeway right now being confronted by denver please officers and get the situation under control these protesters have been there within the last 15 to 20 minutes they move onto the highway from different parts of denver where they we're protesting earlier and that the situation going on right now. when i was out there and downtown denver obviously. smaller group.
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the green yellows we're another post has popped up this evening. actually the first time we've seen the trump. and quite the gathering here this is just outside boulder city hall loved trump's love trumps hate. is a rather started about 630 and was here for an hour and a half and made its way down broadway visualize a downtown boulder down broadway to the sea of boulder campus and made its
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temporarily shut down both on and off ramps for about 15 minutes before please we're able to get in there and really on clark rd clog the highway. they made their way back kids where they started you can hear right now. been quite a couple a couple dozen an hour saying several hundred. this started pretty small great. now it's even larger tonight. you can visualize that area. the boulder city courthouse. it started here with a couple dozen people than a started
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is over in terms of the gathering. we close in a thousand a be a small marge at least a short distance they made their way out probably which of broadway which is a major thoroughfare. and then decided to us 36 again stopping traffic at one point i think he saw the live rise. folks impede the progress. trying to get around the area for the most peaceful and pretty respectful there's been a course a couple exceptions. thanks for keeping an eye on the situation there doesn't look like they're going anywhere anytime soon. they went to the capitol building and then they dispersed of one went their own way the police left and everything this players up. denver please putting up the traffic northbound i 25 closed at sixth avenue due to the
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out and see who's on the ground out they with the very latest. will let michael gather some information for us this is the crowd that was on i 25 the police have managed to get them off i 25 now they are underneath the freeway there and they are marching along at looks like their remaining peaceful right now that at one point they we're on the freeway and northbound traffic was completely shocked. not a lot it seemed like onto the highway and seemed the swat team came out and corralled they jumped over that wall of coarse. now the back out on the streets we have michael here with us live on the ground with these protesters. we just crossed fifth street we're also off i 25 now a much better situation we did experience but it's earlier which we saw before the live
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now they're on a surface treat a surface street m back to the peaceful mode this could change at any moment. because even before we we're going live there was violence between police. before they are pushing protesters back from the interstate that happened after of course protesters we're moving. all senate back to you protesters coming up. were trying to be very careful about what we're putting on tv. but also cover the situation. a much different scene than the one earlier tonight. when i was out that it was peaceful and organized everyone was very polite they we're very hurt on what they're trying. a little more focused. shenanigans going on out there. is go to sky fox take a look a look at the scene once again denver police tweeting out
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due to demonstrations on the highway they been cents off the highway shut down while we make sure everything and everybody is safe out there.
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the latest was sky fox. reopen. new protesters are not just happening here in denver happening around the country around to organ we're protest have actually turned violent river report of 19 cars a toyota dealership with the glass broken protesters jumping on them. causing quite a bit of damage going on and portland oregon. hundreds of people out on the
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let's give back to boulder following demonstrators out there. the protest continues to grow. we are wrapping things up. outside the courthouse. opening for a second here. again this group has gathered about 630 and then several hundred. the scene from the boulder city courthouse today campus crisscrossing us 36 are blocking traffic. about 15 minutes and they make it a long while back through campus. where this is trumps hate rally
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continues to go. no real threats of violence you had minor it had minor skirmishes in fact we've had some folks with the president-elect side here show up. thank you. peaceful protest there a little bit more active in the downtown denver area back out live to our camera that's following this protesting group through the streets of denver right now this is only a rare of campus the protesters that we're blocking i 2510 minutes ago denver police able to get them off the freeway and traffic moving again through the area and front of mile high stadium this group not
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from above that to be on the ground please officers making sure that no one gets off the highway. those lanes are still closed right now. can't tell is dark down there to see if there's protesters blocking the lanes there but obviously they want to make sure there's no pedestrians on the freeway before they reopen it to traffic very dangerous situation there. as protes area police presence all across downtown the entire day because
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and i am the situation there protesters where this thing down tromp election and voicing their opinions about their displeasure. we do want to get you caught up just run you through quickly not a big change coming up a warm temperature we have in the east will be cooling down to file you can see the 60s 70s and into the mound stubborn coming in at 69 degrees be nice to get to that cooler level of 55 touches not going to happen 44 and 47 officially out at the airport you can see the mound 40s up-and-down i 25 into the heart
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cover spelling onto the eastern plains overnight but that quickly evaporates with the sunshine which will be strong through the day tomorrow with just a few high clouds around lows in the cold 20s and 30s in the mountains a lot of chilly 30s about 34 and denver i mention the cooler weather slipping onto the eastern plains set of 60s and 70s with 50s and 60s all the way out west. your sunny a cool 60s 70 on saturday 60s for sunday and monday very warm 70s on tuesday and wednesday back down to 60 degrees as a roller coaster dry ride continues the pinpoint weather cast. taking you back live to downtown denver protesters are continued to march through the streets. this is the group that's marching towards the state capital people that we're on i 25 a short time ago.
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you. i don't know if protest like this i don't remember so many. this is portland oregon as been a little bit more violent we've seen broken windows on buildings people turning their anger into violence instead of peacefully protesting. they are peacefully protesting that crowd is gathering at this hour growing at this hour they have remained relatively just voicing their opinions and displeasure with the results of the election. a shot of sky fox right here that crowd we are hearing is walking back to the state capital right now. they will continue to protest and see how long that will take. if anything does get out of hand will break into programming to bring that information to do in the meantime we have the very
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