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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  November 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm MST

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the nation pays tribute. >> paying tribute to the 22 million living veterans and millions of men and women who gave their lives in the service of our country. >> such an important day. live in denver in our continuing tribute to veterans. a veteran himself we might add. dave thanks for your service. >> you bet. it's always overwhelming for me to come out here. and see the thousands and
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here. at fort logan. we had a steady stream in and out today. many told us it's more important than ever that our country unify. behind our veterans. >> early silent they stretch on row after row. homage to the 96 thousand buried here. at fort logan national cemetery. >> they're just regular men and women. with one crucial distinction. when the nation needed them. they put aside their and answered the call to serve. >> holding this memorial service at the nearby vfw. renovation work is done on fort logan. remembering those who didn't come home. like kharpls carter. 19 year-old brother. >> . on the third day there. over run by forces. and honor him and all the other veterans. i'm here. >>
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that didn't make it. >> honor for those about to serve. >> i want to join the marine core. so i can give back to the country that's given so much to me. all the gentlemen here today that served. very honorable. >> i love veterans i love honoring them. i love what they do for the country. >> this ground marks that honor. >> . there are older guys like me. that still hold very dear the seic have done. >> . back here live. they say they'll have a brand new ceremony site for the veterans day next year. these headstones that are such symbolic and imposing site. >> . dave thank you. >> gives me the chills. we want to that i can this opportunity to tell you about our new commitment to the military.
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we are thinking about them all yearlong. we're calling it serving those who serve. it's part of our problem solvers initiative. >> goal is help military members. families and vets. and the people who sport support them. we want to tell their stories. bring to light any issues impacting their lives. partners with several organizations and of course we want to kick it off right now. tomorrow at 4 p.m. we'll air a special. americans vet raren puts name and face to the millions of men and fight. as they share their struggles navigating life after service. join us for denver veterans day. a big parade and festival tomorrow at civic center park. >> starts at ten a.m. the fox 31 team will be there. >> join us.
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a symbol of love someone in colorado is walking around without this one. after dropping it. in elizabeth. >> it's worn. so somebody must have been wearing it for sometime. >> she discovered the ring after a yard sale. she had back in august. >> i just happened to be walking along here. and saw this sparkle. and picked it up. and went oh my gosh. it's somebody's wedding ring. >> . as you can see. this is a rural area. so trying to track down some 30 people.
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can be a real challenge. >> that's why she contacted the problem solvers. to get the word out. >> it broke my heart. to think somebody had lost this. >> here's another close look at the ring. >> it to think that fake news about both candidates on face facebook actually influenced the president elect decision. denying many people made up their minds based on fake news that went viral before the election. some people say the site seemed to do too little to filter out inaccurate content. he said at at conference yesterday that facebooks internal research suggests the filters are not a problem.
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to reconsider the ban on marijuana use. tennessee titans like backer is worried year tenure in the league is having on his body. 71 percent of players who use narcotic painkiller develop depend seu issues. >> . it is the real deal. plastic surgeons in china. regrew an ear. on a man's arm. so they can reattach it to his
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accident last year. so he turned to plastic surgery. doctors buried a die later in his arm and injected it with water every day over 3 months and carved a lump into the shape of an ear. using cartilage from the chest. now they're waiting for it to grow a little more. before they remove it and attach it to his head. it looks really odd. >> it's odd. >> . shows you the miracle of science
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no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later. oh...
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work. making its apaoerps appearance today. veterans day america's parade. in manhattan. the art work made of pieces of a medical evacuation chopper. used in the vietnam war. shot down on valentines day in 1969. the goal of the sculpture is honor those that served in the vietnam war. >> some third graders in denver using music to pay tribute to the heros of world war ii. >> they are the stars of a new
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that honors the survivors of the pearl harbor attack. which happened 75 years ago. >> a performance unlike any. they have ever given. >> the third graders have spent weeks learns the lyrics from a song 75 years old. let's remember pearl harbor. paying tribute to guys that were actually there that day. >> after a week they didn't knee need the copy anymore. >> they are very special. and i think that it's just really cool.
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students and veterans to be the. thought up by a denver base charity. called the greatest generation foundation. >> it's great. they might remember what happened many years ago. they're meeting history. a 90s. i'm pretty sure the oldest is 97. and the youngest is 92. >> a video of their performance posted on a foundation facebook page. earlier today. is bound to go viral. the kids even invited one of the survivors who was on the u.s. pennsylvania that day. to sing along. >> history class is one thing.
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is an experience few other third gradeers will ever get. >> the best. we have a link to the entire video on >> . the greatest generation foundation leaves december 2. returning them to pearl harbor. for the 75 anniversary. >> >> those guys are treasures. win and all is well with the world. 7 and 3 with the buy week coming. life is beautiful. lose and new orleans well let's just say that break might not be as relaxing. good news is the gary kubiak seuz the trevor siemian is practiced very well this week. and that outside of talib and wolf. two important pieces. they are healthy. but they're also very young. especially in the offensive back
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siemian. booker. and andy have about half a season of playing experience. in this league.
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kami carmann at cherry creek. >> . we are here. at substitute hrer bowl. visiting the cherry creek. the 7 seed. valley the ten seed. trying to score here. this has been a tail of the the turn overs so far tonight. cherry creek holding onto a 14 to nothing lead. they made it to the semifinals last year. they want to get back there. beaten by eventual last season. we'll be here for it all. the next game coming up. grand view and legacy. of course grand view make t-g to the quarter finals. they want to go deep again. legacy an emotional system. after the bus crash. we'll be here for that game. i always under east estimate the weather. it's been so nice. and the nights are a little chilly. and the cherry creek sideline. i heard a distinct cheer. sounded like brady. it was something like that. i could be wrong.
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>> . actually we're calling her ari these days. >> . the buffs take their number 12 ra*rpbging on the road. tomorrow. for a late start at arizona. coming up a sloppy but winning effort. over ucla. cu is looking to khraoep clean up 4 turn overs. and 8 personal fouls. which they were fortunate to survive. >> . the buffs are wiz busy on the
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which opened last season with a win over arizona state. meanwhile closer to home. avs are home. trying to end a rough stretch. that's seem them drop of 4 of five. 6 of the last 8. nine goals in those last 8 starts. has made it difficult to win. winnipeg makes it second trip into denver. already this season. the jets beat the avs one to nothing. two weeks ago. off to a slow start. i like what jared is doing with the team. defensively. >> .
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their hopes and dreams for the future. one girl took a picture of a restaurant. >> when i grow up i want to own a restaurant. and raeldzing i can i was honored to be a mentor for one of the homeless kids. project is called peck picture of hope the you can buy the cards. the money goes to the shelter where they live. we have the information on
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from time to time. to break up a little bit of blue sky. that tended to dominate.
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the east. mountains posted temperatures in the 50s and 60s. where you have been all week. we dropped out of the 70s. as a week cold front came in last night. and trimmed the temperatures a good ten to 15 degrees. so. highs were generally in the 50s. until you got to denver. we did make it to 61 degrees. it is still above where we should be. which is now down. normal average to 54. look where we woke up this morning. people saying it was cold. you know what. that's where it should be. at 26 degrees. matching our normal l temperature. the lights are on. at east high school. you can see. it is friday night football. 54 and 52. the current readings. weupbtdz out of the southeast at 12 miles per hour. we have mainly mid to low 50s. out there. 55 now staple ton. matching that in brighton. 53 in lake wood. and 52 in the little ton area. wheat ridge 53. 47 towards golden. 40s on the eastern plains. as you make your way east of the
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in the boulder and 51 in keensburg. >> 40ings grand ( a lot of chilly 30s. close to but most p freezing. by a couple degrees. like 35 in denver. that's better than the 26 we woke up to. tomorrow we'll go back into the 50s. through the central mountains. 57 in steam boat. we'll have the same in gunnison. and alamosa. you'll be in the low 60s from montrose to grand junction. craig and meeker. we will have mainly mid and upper 60s. we bounce the temperatures back up. another ten degrees. which is what we fell off today. and that will put denver right about 70. here's a closer view into the metro. pleasant looking day.
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temperatures in the upper 60s. to near 70. >> a few high clouds around 9:00. down to 41. we'll wake up at 35. kp we'll stay mostly sunny. as we go for yet another warm november day. at 70. it's not the only day at 70. we'll bring it down just a hair. to 67. 69 on monday. you will notice a breeze. one or two clouds on sunday. and then look at this. we start to pick up warmer 70s. 74. 72. the breeze starts to pick up. we stay dry. and then we really start to get into some wind. a big storm system looks to roll across the colorado mountains of the north of denver. that will give the mountains snow. to thursday. great news there. storm gets closer. we'll be able to put numbers on it. anything will help the ski resorts trying to open by thanksgiving. what we'll feel here is wind. from 60 to 50. that won't happen until next
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month. we have been close to where we should be. forfor this time of the year. >> we'll watch the storm.
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from washington, d.c., this is the "jeopardy!" teen tournament. let's meet today's contestants -- a sophomore from cupertino, california... . and an eighth grader from ocala, florida... and now from dar constitution hall here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny gilbert. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. i can always rely on you to give me a good welcome here.


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