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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  November 13, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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i hope you're having a good week. thank you for staying with us that 6:30 p.m. it is now facing a class-action lawsuit. >> it was filed this past week in federal court by a deaf woman who says they are violating the
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for most of the atmosphere inside downtown denver's pepsi center is both electric in sight and sound. but imagine watching a game like this -- you can see, but you can't hear anything that's going on around you. for for kirstin kurlander that's what's going on. i can't hear anything that's going on. i can hear the announcement that are going on. i can hit entertainment portion. so you're missing a lot of information. >> information she says and others who are deaf and hard of hearing shouldn't have to miss. >> the law is really clear that they need to make it accessible
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patient. >> under the americans with disabilities act, kurlander says the pepsi center is required to provide captioning but it's going to do so. >> we should have the same rights and be able to go and enjoy the experience. >> civil rights attorney amy robertson says in 2013 the pepsi center installed one of the world's largest jumbotron in the captioning on the big screen is not there. >> .-dot products which is the company that supplied the jumbotron advertises that it's very simple to provide captioning on her technology. >> she points around the country -- at the university of oregon football stadium, citi field in new york and even coors field -- we've been talking to them for over year about a solution and we just don't seem to build him up with an agreed approach. >> this week robertson and kurlander filed a class-action lawsuit. they say what they are asking a simple. >> i don't think were asking for a lot. we just one act equal access.
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we did reach out to the sport center for, but they did not return a call. >> dozens of fort carson soldiers are now back home. >> we can see him getting off the plane early this spring. these are all soldiers from the second infantry were great combat team, fourth infantry division. for carson officials say the soldiers deployed to afghanistan back in february to help with security and stability operations. >> france marked the one-year anniversary of the paris attacks with a serious somber event. next that included a silent tour of the sites were 130 people were killed by islamic extremists. for a lot of folks in paris, it feels like it was only yesterday that these horrific terrorist attacks devastated the city. today, french president francois hollande visited the sites
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attacks one year ago. 130 people were killed in a series of highly coordinated attacks targeting bars, restaurants, music venues and a sports stadium. this morning, at each location, survivors and family members of the victim stood in silence as the names of those who lost their lives were recited and what don as francois hollande laid wreaths and unbilled plaques honoring those who lost their lives. >> the most terrible was when there was some exchange between the terrorist in the police. some of the bullets went into the wall and i was just on the other side of the wall. >> today's ceremonies follow last night's reopening of the article on concert hall, which was the bloodiest and longest of the paris attacks. tickets for the reopening quickly sold out in british pop legend sting opened his performance with a moment of silence.
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remains under a state of emergency. only one of the terrorist is behind -- is believed to be alive. when year later, salah abdeslam is still in jail awaiting trial in france. >> the us embassy in kabul will be closed today as a precaution after four americans were killed in a suicide bombing at the bagram airfield. bagram is the largest us military base in afghanistan. a social state to servicemembers into us contractors died in the blast. the cr explosion injured 16 us service members in a polish soldier. the taliban and released at week claiming responsibility for the "strong attack". >> engineers and ukraine are preparing to contain the destroyed reactor at the chernobyl nuclear power plant. if a 31,000-ton steel structure they are going to move into place over both the reactor and the crumbling encasement builds quickly after the 1986 disaster. the containment shield was originally intended to be
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but the project went through several delays. >> being on the sending strong message to illegal wildlife traffickers. nearly 5,000 pounds of these elephant ivory and ran a warrants were destroyed their yesterday. the horns were worth more than $7 million on the black market. >> there are many populations that are going to go extinct in vietnam is playing a role in that. which is why i think they are doing this today to show that they are taking steps to educate the public year in vietnam to please don't buy ivory. >> vietnam will host a conference on illegal wildlife trade next week. it will be attended by officials and experts including britain's prince william, who's been a vocal critic of the illegal wildlife trade. >> from incredible video call camera in illinois -- a stolen pickup truck plows into a subway restaurant. it happened in the suburbs northwest of chicago earlier this month. police just released surveillance video of the
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in the video, you can see two men were in sight after the crash is still numerous items including cash. officers found the stolen pickup but they are still looking for suspects. >> a train to rome and kentucky sent 22 cars off the rails. amazingly no one was hurt. investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong. >> right now work is underway to remove the derailed train cars. here's a closer look at the damage. the train derailed in hardin county which is southwest of louisville. carrying lumber and automobiles. a spokesperson says only plastic pellets spelled out. >> we have some hazmat tank cars that did the rail but they were effectively empty cars. we call them residual cars because they are not entirely cleaned out of the product. but none of the product from this conflict onto the ground. >> crews work to find the cause of the derailment, the damaged cars are being moved to a staging area so crews can
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>> she made history as the first female blue angels pilot after two years captain kate higgins is now hanging up her flight suit. >> heggen's made her fight this weekend. her two-year tour has officially come to an end and the 29 -year-old marine will now go back to active duty. which means the possibility of being deployed. higgins said she hopes she paved the way for younger generation of growth. >> i would hope that i have shown people that there is, in the marine corps, 7 percent women services as much larger. women do have these opportunities in the armed services whether it's being a pilot or a mechanic or whatever. >> the blue angels celebrate 70 years in the air since -- it is the second oldest formal finding aerobatic team in the world. >> coming up -- a shopper looking for a good deal ends up losing something valuable. >> palms over separate to find
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this evening. we are now beginning to approach the latest snowfall measure the dia -- we will let you know when the opportunities will arrive and how much we may beginning.
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if you're trying to member when the last time he saw the rain outside of your window was, you would have to think pretty hard. we are now over one month straight since we have seen
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thirty-two straight days where we have not had a drop in the gauges. look at this -- this is the united states drought monitor map. only 26 percent of the state is abnormally dry. right hand side. 98.4 percent of the state now abnormally dry. 30.8 percent is actually more so than not in a moderate drought. we need some sort of precipitation badly. there's nothing out there. starring and "supermoon" lit
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will wake up to a beautiful sunrise and we will keep the sun around throughout the rest of the day. we have to turn our temp gentoo is happening to the rest this could be a game changer for us. it may put an end to the 30 plus day consecutive streak without any measurable precipitation. later this week, sometime around thursday afternoon into thursday evening, that storm will be here. the big question is, where will it end up? there are two trajectories that the model is saying. mountain snow will be the case but only a few isolated rain
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a few models -- the second track, could mean mounts knows and plain snows which includes the metro area as well. most models are saying that we're going to see the northern truck. it will take a few more days before we can nail this down. meanwhile it was warm and sunny toda colonel against our disguise it tonight. it will be a breezy night. tomorrow afternoon -- upper 60s.
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of year is 53 degrees. your seven day forecast -- again the track of the storm will determine whether or not we see some snow in the metro on thursday. if we don't get us know, i think we will break the latest measurable snowfall in the metro area. november 21 is the day. the rockefeller christmas tree is now in new york city. it is enormous. kids and adults alike were bundled up to see the the 94-foot-norway spruce make its first appearance. it was cut down thursday in
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50,000 lights will be switched on, on wednesday, november 30. >> i would wonder what they do with the tree after it's all done. >> a yard sale in elizabeth turns up a rather valuable and sentimental item. it was left behind by someone who had visited a sale. the wedding ring -- the universal symbol of love and commitment. but somewhat in colad walking around without this one. after dropping it in ann evans' yard in elizabeth. >> it's pretty worn so someone must have been wearing it for some time. >> and said she discovered the ring after a yard sale back in august. >> that is happy to be walking along here and saw the sparkle. i picked it up and said -- at somebody's wedding ring. >> as you can see this as a whirl area so trying to track down some 30 people who stopped by a yard sale, can be a real
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>> she says that's why she contacted the fox 31 problem solvers to get the word out. >> it broke my heart to think someone had lost a. >> here's another close close look at the ring. if it looks familiar, contact us. so we can get it to its rightful owner. >> the wedding ring has a certain characteristic so if you think it's worth, contact us at and described it so we can get back to you. we're still taking stock of the broncos incredible win today. >> will head back to new orleans for the reaction as the broncos improve to 7-3. >> but can the ground in the tough afc west as the chiefs pull off the comeback of the weekend.
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>> we talked about it all week. more hopefully, perhaps, they realistically, if the broncos could win in new orleans, heading to the bye week, with the prospects of getting aqib talib and terrible back. wouldn't life be beautiful? for a team that been a chronically slow starter, broncos got off to a good one today. six and out on defense. then an 85-yard drive with six runs and six passes.
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taylor for the games per square. >> the broncos dominated the saints first five possessions. this is the first of three from darian stewart. it helps us set up a 50-yard boot from branded mcmanus. 10-nothing. but even two minutes into the second. trevor siemian was pretty solid throughout the half. he looked like he was going to get at least a field goal before the half. but he makes a poor read here. two interceptions. the saints go the length of the field to kick a field goal of their own. 10-3 at the break. then after the broncos couldn't pick up a foot -- drew breeze roles for 90 yards. the last three to willie's need to tie the game midway through the third. seventeen unanswered in the course. after another same turnover, deep in their own territory and
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on a nice third and goal tossed from trevor siemian to do married thomas. >> another nice drive and forth same turnover. just under three minutes left which is way too much time for drew brees and sure enough, he goes 75 yards in six plays. they would have to kick the.for the lead. and that's where justin simmons makes the play of his young career. a perfect ball and block. allowing will parks to scoop in school. any win is one win, but this one felt different. >> , they forced four turnovers in this game.
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and 85-yard drive. on china going to get a lead early. but our defense played with the lead. we feel pre- comp and. >> the broncos scored 13 more points off the turnover today. giving them a league-leading nine --
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the team has not week off. coming off the bye week. the team is highly optimistic. and new orleans, nick griffith. the chiefs look to dead in the water at trailing 17-3 into the fourth. but they got a huge play from marcus peters. who strips kelvin benjimin with 20 seconds left. to give cairo santos one last chance to win. which he does from 37 yards out. the chiefs with 17 unanswered in the fourth quarter. >> car to wins over arizona last night. has them up to 12 in the ap and coaches -- which is where they were in the
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the general consensus is that they will be number ten and not one. colorado faces washington state coming up. that's utah and maybe a trip to washington. this is a very upper-class group. a lot of seniors. they do have a lot of experience. the good thing is they have worked this program to the.where they should be able to reload a little bit more -- we will have to wait and see. will be right back here with
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