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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  November 13, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm MST

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towering high above colfax on capitol hill -- a more than century-old denver landmark is receiving a facelift. space bar sing with us tonight at 9:30 p.m. >> delta work is underway to ensure the structure will be around for another hundred years. michael takes us inside cathedral basilica of the immaculate conception. >> from the altar of this gothic revival cathedral you can see the original structure of marble from the early 19 hundreds. it's considered by many as denver's most famous church. now is in desperate need of repair.
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years ago, music has filled this grand space, witnessing denver history -- including a papal visit in 1993. >> this has been at the spot since 1912. so as a result colorado endeavor was less than 50 years old. this is really a landmark. >> father ron cattany walks us through this landmark's storied past. >> things have been recycled. the original history continues here. >> is as construction took nearly a decade and a cost of repair work is nothing new here. just the new year old, the cathedrals was fire was struck by lightning. >> that the lightning strike from the lightning strike in 1998 that struck the east spier. >> at the time, repairs are made from wood is recently routine upkeep revealed damage from many years of wear and tear. the outside was so weak, that pieces of heavy limestone started falling. >> there just pieces of the fa?ade --
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property, they found these pieces. it was a grace because no one was hurt. >> below ground, and area off-limits, there are clear signs of severe aging that can also be seen on the outside. where scaffolding now soars new line twitter feed allowing workers to reinforce the exterior. >> there is $985,000 of scaffolding. >> the archdiocese of estimates the project will cost $3.5 million and could take more than half a year to complete. when finished, father ron cattany says the look the same but be stronger and safer. it's on effort to keep colorado history alive. sitting one of denver's treasured landmarks for generations to come. the church's fundraising to pay for the repairs. information-help on >> developing an grand junction tonight. a man turned himself in and is charged with murdering an 11 -year-old boy. according to the mesa county
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charges of manslaughter, attempting to influence a public servant and illegal use of a weapon. investigators say father ron cattany mushrush shot the boy sometime yesterday. , city police are investigating a stabbing. officers were called out to the holly park apartments. investigators say they found two people leaving the area, both had stab wound and were taken to the hospital other suspects. >> and early-morning fire quickly spread from one home to the other. investigators say they are not sure how the fire started. but as fox 31 dave young shows us, everyone got out safely. >> cap don and florence peck take us inside the fire damage like what home. the couple in their 80s was
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midnight. >> right at 12:00 o'clock -- there was a big boom. >> i looked over and there were flames. >> this is what is left of a tool shed. it spread to the next line neighbors homes. three people escaped unharmed. a nearby nurse who did not want to be identified said she feared the worst. >> i came outside and i saw flames up above the house. i immediately ran down to see if anybody needed help. >> people were pounding on doors to see if they were in their. >> they just said is there anyone in the house -- i said my husband. they said you got a get out your house on fire. >> cruise from nearby westminster fire station were athena minutes. managing to keep the place from spreading throughout both homes. >> there were 40 guys fighting the fire. >> xcel energy crews say the meter connection to the edges a
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source of the explosion. >> lazy wonder if somebody came in and started it -- >> i wish we did no. >> they say they're just great for everyone got out okay. >> that's why we went to church. we just said we are grateful -- lets just cap and and go to church. >> fire investigators say have a knock on here so quickly a neighbor's opposition to help, this would have been much worse. does in the soldiers are now back in colorado. here you can see them getting off the plane. these are soldiers from the second infantry brigade combat team, fourth infantry division. for carson officials say the soldiers deployed to afghanistan in february to help with security and stability operations. >> after six decades on his deathbed, her father finally received the honors he was due
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this is the certificate they presented to him. >> for more than 60 years, no one knew what a hero cornelius jones really was. >> and ashes part of the story of african-american soldier. >> it was the color have his skin, his daughter norma says, that kept him from being recognized for his bravery. >> back then they just were treated the same. >> cornelius was drafted into the army 1951. farm the korean war. he talked about the war sometimes, but never bragged. which is why his daughter never knew the whole story. >> he put his life on the line. he was a war hero. >> it wasn't until he was on his deathbed, two years ago, here at denver hospice that the staff noticed something. they look at his discharge papers didn't realize he'd earned three medals, two bronze stars for bravery, and the united nations medal for distinguished service.
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soldiers. that is when black hawk as well as the servers went to work. on behalf of president obama, cornelius jones had a ceremony and was awarded the metals as country owed him. >> we are all tenacious to make sure they get the benefits that they need and that they get the honors they receive. >> maria kallas chordate veterans programs at the hospice. she says there are a lot of stories by cornelius is -- heroes who are worthy of respect and honor who don't get it until it's too late. >> just two days after receiving those metals, cornelius died. he was 85. for most of his life, the world never knew about his bravery, including his own family. now, they will never forget. the denver hospice has a special program for all veterans
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each veteran is getting everybody that they should, before they die. >> a reminder tonight -- about this in the weekend. we're talking about making sure you tune into fox 31 for the "america salutes you" concert. honoring those who serve in the military, veterans and their families. we wire the concert at four on saturday, november 26. and again on sunday, november 27 at 5 offered some hope and comfort for the homeless. >> with help, he went from living on the streets to owning his own restaurant. now he's paying for it. >> mariesse "mo" jones held a community outreach event in sheridan, outside of his barbecue restaurant. he gave away donated clothes and invited local shelters a mental health care counselors to share information about the programs they offer.
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three months and he feels more passionate than ever about getting back. >> and shows them that there are still good people and people that care. to see a family smile, that's the benefit i get. mo plans to hold an outreach every year for the rest of his life. if only there were more people in the world like him. >> is now been 30 years since the worst nuclear disaster in history happened at the chernobyl nuclear power plant. >> now engineers are taking a big step forward towards keeping the destroyed reactor contains. the list to say we are in quite the likely stretch of warm, dry days. these days may be numbered. white is at the end of the tunnel with storms headed our
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orlando, florida holding its first pride parade since the pulse nightclub shooting five months ago. >> yesterday's parade celebrated the the lgbtq community community and honor the lives lost in the attack. before the parade, the city's first openly gay mayor -- gay elected official held a prayer circle, reflecting on the anniversary and calling for unity. the 12th annual parade pay tribute to the first the employees of polls in the victim. >> france is murky one year on the paris attacks with a series of somber events. >> a silent tour of the sites where 130 people were killed by islamic terrorists to commemorate the victims, plaques now stand where many of them were killed. the worst of the attacks unfold during a past concert at the bataclan. >> below, the state department says the us embassy in kabul
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for americans were killed in a suicide bombing at bagram airfield. bactrim is the largest us military base in afghanistan. to service members into us contractors tied in the blast. secretary of defense is the explosion injures 16 us service members and one polish soldier. the taliban released a tweak claiming responsibility for the strong attack. >> we turn out to ukraine were engineers are preparing to contain the destroyed reactor at the chernobyl nuclear power plant. >> it's a 31,000-ton steel structure they are going to move and place over both the reactor in the crumbling encasement built quickly after the 1986 disaster. that became his shield was originally intended to be completed in 2,005 but the project went through several delays. whether or not you have been enjoying the warmth as of late, usually by now we have some
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we need something here. we need some sort of precipitation. it has been so dry over the month that the drought is really starting to pick up across colorado. know as the yellow spots on the map representing abnormally dry locations. 98.4 percent of the map abnormal-drive.
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starry skies with a super moon tonight. it will be a beautiful on the evening no major changes. it will pave the way for a beautiful sunrise tomorrow. and set a stage for a beautiful rest of the day as well. we turn our attention back to the west. our dry streak may be coming to an end. a storm system with a cold front draped over the pacific northwest --
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low pressure will begin to dive in. many models have a good view of snow across the plains. but at this., most models keeping snow away from the metro. it is something we'll watch out for over the next few days. meanwhile, highs today made it
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mainly sunny skies, mid- 70s on tuesday. and wednesday. thursday night into friday, probably the best chance for snow. if it doesn't happen, we will break the record for latest measurable snowfall. >> i hope we do. >> we will have to wait and see. >> the broncos probably didn't
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the broncos started quickly with a nicely balanced opening drive that ended up with jordan taylor hall and one in from 14 yards from the game's first score. the broncos turned over the saints four times. up 10-3 at the half. denver couldn't stand the prosperity as the saints were twice in the third t the broncos trailed 17-10 when siemian found -- a couple of field goals and up by six. but breeze had time nearly three minutes and that was more than enough for him to find than done. all they would need now was the
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makes the hop and block, perfectly timed things to a tendency noted by special teams coach. replays on whether he stepped out or not one conclusive. the broncos with much more balanced in the offense and plenty of big-play ability on the defensive side. get to the bye week as 7-3. >> before the improbable game -- will parks marched march down the sideline for the two-point conversion. defense is also at their best. how about the offense -- weave been emphasizing that for a few weeks now. trying to go out and get it lead. but our defense played with the lead. we feel pretty confident we do
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>> the broncos scored 13 more points on the turnover. >> we played aggressive today. that's what we wanted to do. >> i did today was going to be special. i had a lot of family in the stands. a couple nieces that never got to see me play. it was good to do that for them. >> that sweet the team heads to the bye week. and orland, nick griffith. the chief looked at in the water in north carolina today. they got a huge play from marcus peters who strips --
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the chiefs with 17 unanswered in the fourth quarter to move to 8-2. one game ahead of the broncos. >> bravo and honorable. [ inaudible ] and honorable
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with at least mention the patriots lost tonight. tom brady actually fumbled the ball. and then tried to head krukowski --
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president-elect donald trump sits down with 60 minutes tonight in his first interview since winning the election. >> would hurt a lot for mr. trump tonight for how his meeting with president obama went to what his plans are for his first day in office. the elephant in the room was the protest that we have been seeing since election. speed a protest -- this is a live look at our civic


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