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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 11AM  FOX  November 15, 2016 11:00am-11:30am MST

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the country waiting to see who would work alongside president elect of donald trump and today we're just learning a man who is a close advisor to our next president doesn't want to be in his cabinet as popular restaurant is in the middle of a controversy after a meal was taken away from a former on veterans day of all day is why the manager didn't think the veteran should have the faintest. >> plus google diving into the phone business but a much bigger the way bigger than before we take a new work at the pixel if it measures up and can you tell who this man is he's going viral because people say he's just so handsome but he looks a little different now. >> good to have you with us on
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we just learned that former gop candidate ben carson has actually turned down a position and donald trumps cap next reportedly carson was offered the job as secretary of health and human services a lot of people said he was a shoe and spokesperson said he won't take the job or he will advise carson as you probably remember ran for the republican nomination but ended up supporting the term
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party still reeling from a loss of the election they're planning to choose as their leadership on november 30 to president-elect trump took to twitter in response to hillary clinton having a slim lead in the popular vote while he won
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have been unhappy about the electoral colleges and said the election he will today the electoral college is genius and that it brings all 50 states including the smaller ones into play campaigning is much different and we are learning president-elect trump will start changing the way america does trade with other countries starting on day one of his administration according to a memo drafted by the transition team that's been obtained by cnn and the memo talks about or withdrawing from the north american free trade agreement or nassau something that trump has talked about on the campaign trail and today president obama is in the middle of his last overseas trip right now the president is an brief his first stop on the trip you will also visit germany and peru during the press conference at this morning and at the ends of president obama said he considers breese a reliable ally some worried that he
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level of international commitment but president obama said today trump has expressed a commitment to overseas ties with little to met last week the city of denver is meeting and on a second round of homeless week's controversial the first ever happen and doing it again to facing a lawsuit over that first round of sweet right now camps of homeless people are being told that they have to leave it all been waiting there all morning amanda zisman has been there since 430 this morning and load out where it's happening so amanda sectioned off about a block worth of belongings here a number of items some clothing link at the bicycle other personal effects it's unclear who would all belongs to but city workers are collecting them in recycling bins at their putting them in storage as they can tell is it sad for them to see that there been a group of protesters here they objected no justice in no
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quote and the sweep the homeless say they don't have anywhere else to go the city says that's not true the denver rescue mission and samaritan house has spaced that many choose to stay outside of the city has been warning that this would happen for days now the city says that the public health hazard having these people sleep out here they mention that are input reports of harassment drug use on the other side the homeless say they need affordable housing that sweeps are not the answer will still just move on to another location here it's an ongoing issue in denver one that does not seem to be going away anytime soon the relatively peaceful here the homeless have said they will march into the capital building that is not happened yet in the crowd has been doubted that you guys did mention that lawsuit that is a class-action lawsuit that is still pending. >> showing his support will have continuing coverage to me the hell is on her way here
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>> today csp troopers marked the one-year anniversary of the death of one of their own dreamy juice of x was getting killed by a drunk driver when you're a go today about an hour ago colorado state police in castle rock honored him by paying a special tribute and holding a flag ceremony if you remember she stopped her patrol vehicle on the shoulder by 25 in castle rock to protect the scene of a previous waters if you will end at 73 degrees good gravy it does not feel like november 1 bit that exactly what i said when i walked outside and standing in the shade it's the middle of the month and here we are trying to wake up record high temperatures of 80 degrees are record high i think if we had 77 this afternoon and definitely encores it was warm
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sloping winds helped that that and look at these temperatures up and on the front range 66 fort collins is a cooler temperature and that's only about 10 degrees warmer than normal 70s and lafayette and northglenn and fort lupton almost 7 degrees and hudson right now 67 it is sunday in edgewater as you slide things off to the south temperatures are warm along the minor high city 72 downtown 74 week bridge and already in the mid- 70s in highlands ranch at least one of the town centers and 71 castle pines what to expect it to the will get to 77 were at 75 tomorrow but big changes are on the way for the late week and that we are talking snow possibly doing your evening commute is a huge turnaround a lot of details coming up. >> thank you greg will check back in 1107 on your tuesday morning a former soldier says he was trying to enjoy a meal when his food was taken away and it happened on veterans day weather manager decided to take the vets meal a weight later there's been a lot of talk about the new iphone
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fun game that you will take a look at the new google pixel and how it measures up in the
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planned parenthood are way up on behalf of vice president elect mike pence what he isn't the one actually sending the money than just calling for cutting federal funds to the organization and impose a toss of her restrictions on abortions in is currently governor because planned parenthood sends the certificates to sing donors people are donating and pens his name so that means that mike pence will get theirs thank you's will chiles is apologizing today after a manager took a free meal away from an army veteran on
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texas said he showed the manager his military idaho but apparently the manager heard the man might not actually be a better rent so he took away his meal in response of choice" we fell short on a day we strive to honor our veterans the manager got a lot of backlash because of this on the internet he is now meeting with his attorney we had a video that went viral it was interesting because there was some argument about the actual clothing he was wearing he had his military uniform on the summer saying it's fake and he was saying well i did serve but i bought this uniform afterwards it's definitely a lot more complicated and controversial at the end of the day took take a meal away from someone crazy. >> 1111 right now more than 400 million people who use a dating website have had accounts hacked and exposed to the site adult friend finder is a dating service and swing your community website the information being released dates back to 1996 in that site first launched this is the second data breach in the past two years for that site the company says it's in the process of notifying affected users and how they can better protect themselves twitter trying to crack down on hate speech used on its site over
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cap's. >> coroners says is expanding its mute feature to let people filter out words and phrases they don't want to see and i mentioned the company also revamping its abuse reporting system so that people can
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1114 welcome back starting today you will now be able to track your luggage when you fly with delta he can take a look at where your bag is with maps on the fly delta app scanners and track the bags of movement and set the location directly to the app and then onto your phone the tracking technology is being used at 84 airports in the us including right here at dia meanwhile it'll be harder to take luggage on certain united flights according to the chicago tribune united will start selling basic economy fares early next year and they'll be cheaper but you will only be able to bring a carry on that fits under your seat you will also won't be able to change or refine your
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to select the seat experts say it's to compete with budget airlines alike spirit with the denver-based frontier airlines those are the exact parameters when you book a flight with both of these discount air carriers against the united try to get this price is down to get customers and this isn't the newest google android phone and it's made by google it's the first time google has designed and sold a phone on its own typically companies like samsung lg htc they make android phones protest of the pixel xl is the larger of two new google pixel phones it does what you would expect with a fast processor and a 500 half inch screen and 60 webpages and apps in many ways that your typical android phone but here's what's different i like the fingerprint sensor on the brackets and a great spot for
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can swipe down on it to bring down your notifications on the screen for the first time it includes google assistance. >> kind of like a seal your the theory or google now for smarter it follows more of a conversation and a string of questioning compared to other voice services they say it's the best in the bill is it better than the iphone i'll let you be you're watching right now the audio you're hearing right your hearing right now is entirely recorded on the pixel xl what you think. >> there are a couple other pictures i snapped to the pixel xl to sharp break to easily some of the best for from any smartphone i've done. >> , right so the question is how much the pixel xl i tested was on the rise and the only soulful company that's
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if you want to injure on a different carrier you have to go to google or best buy and buy it and you can put it on that network of course you'll break the price off in two payments but it will cost is $700 or more for the xl a little bit cheaper for the smaller version the regular pixel just a hair smaller the battery smaller is hard to save your life and personnel go with the end phone iphone. >> i will say this i think it is as good as the iphone if not better the thing is definitely awesome the screen is nice it's a good solid phone for those who are looking for an android phone. >> is like they're always going out with something new. >> and they all start looking the same to you think starting today people who use the dating app tender will have more options when selecting a gender tender was criticized for not accepting transgender users a previously offered only two options when selecting a gender man or
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organization god and in the us uk and canada there will now be nearly 40 auto filled gender options this is none of those fit a user can then type in a customized label with the holidays coming up a lot of people will look for nice jewelry either as a gift or two where the holiday party there is a new trend this year some to jewelry there is a new six piece collection from rocket and healthy eating choose from a bracelet pendant necklace or ring and may contain a small chamber and you can actually spray with the perfume or cologne of your choice and then the chamber will retain the smell like what kind of smell has been met with the perfume you want to put in there or cologne. >> and my cologne on the go. >> it's weird looks like those little rings you had when your kids have a little ball in your hand in the square people in the face with it it's like
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it needed to have more cologne on them anytime. >> loaded up with curbs. >> or you know when you get in an elevator after someone new line who i feel like i can make fun because i've been there i was the kind of guy was like you know you're a teenager you got so much a stuff bumping around you don't smell good i don't know where this is gone but we are going to stop at him and teenagers think i think we can all agre go out for a run today maybe bring the ex- belt along with you within us what today temperatures and they are in the 70s already we want all the way into the upper 70s this afternoon you never know what we are going to talk about going into whether each upper 60s out there on the plains of these temperatures are impressive because we started off the morning on the planes down near the freezing mark market 73 in denver already for high pressure and
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puts us in the upper 70s this afternoon i've got two little batches of cool air went out near pierce south dakota and billing them a second one in the pacific northwest i really don't care about the first one it'll slip up to our at least one affect our weather but it's a second one in the pacif northwest that is the driving force behind our next storm system so let's get at it when air is in place today to muster a record high 78 the record set back in the 1940s are going to hit about 77 or 78 we might pay possible that warm one amazon out as evil into thursday by thursday afternoon temperatures are already going to hit their highway bill had their hide thursday during midmorning and as a front comes on and they'll go down to the second half of today as opposed to still rising like they are right now at this time the cold air really takes over on friday highs will struggle to hit the 40s and lows will likely drop in the teens what's that temperatures below freezing and there may be some snow to because we
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front it seems like all the ingredients are finally coming together sometimes we got cooler air over the last month of the times we got moisture and this looks like finally is the perfect recipe they'll be decent snow on the palmer divide we can secure relations also on the western slope but even denver has snow accumulations of slated does it? on the other two and a second first i want to give an overview of the story comes out the pacific northwest it arrives on our doorstep by early thursday morning's wings on to the state of the day on that snowfall not only at i 25 but also on the planes it bears and more attention today we are warm tomorrow we are one because in sunshine let's get through those i knew a lot of attention is being given to our late snowfall it looks like it happens during thursday afternoon we will change early reign over two snowflakes it'll probably be snowing for you as you head on home thursday if you're driving on the five or six clocktower the problem here with accumulation is at the ground is someone that a lot of it will know them contact
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thursday before we collect call it down to 21 friday morning in the high on friday it only has 42 degrees so hello fall or even winter greg to listen up to this under your growing your scruff out but if you or someone you know is growing a big beard this november there could be something lurking inside to
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welcome back this is all over the internet today president-elect o'donnell comes granddaughter is a sensation in china it all started with a video that i bunkered trump posted of her daughter in at terra bella kushner is reciting chinese
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country of china and some citizens believe it shows president-elect trump has a hidden fondness for their country it was posted a few months ago the people in china are giving it a whole lot of attention now yvonne got told a chinese magazine years ago that her daughter was learning mandarin from a chinese nanny will trend in this morning people are marking the last few months of the obama administration a little fun some means a coachro clinton administration takes all the w's of the keyboard of the white house before george w. bush took office people are using pictures of vice president joe biden and imagining some pranks that he might pull on the trump administration he won the poster and imagine biting kicking the trump administration of the white house has is suggested last it
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picture here if this is actually bite him back in his college days and how they think he was so very handsome back in the day with a november in full swing there are a lot of guys out there everhe that appeared that guy's got a beard bearded this guy's got a beard now are you ready to hear about the so-called beard but they also found it much worse at least in one case e.
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the guy hey dude we find e. coli in your beard and throwing that out there. >> here's another thing if you've ever played hockey and greg and i both grew up in new york and/or colorado you're pretty spring stinky after you play hockey. >> hockey gloves have got to be the stinkiest of thing ever just a bag of hockey gear if you're a parent of a hockey kid you know what we are talking about. >> mun stays outside and not even allowed to bring indoors it airs out on stays in the garage if they did that swapping after these guys played hockey pour some sugar on it but have i.e. deep-fried that in lard hears that salad is just a stinky sport for some reason but as you head on outside you know part hockey usually we get the parts of panza belfries parts of our present around here image of the hockey conditions that doesn't happen until the end of the week with mid-november so far on a november so far on its head
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this is the "jeopardy!" tournament of champions. now let's meet today's semi-finalists -- a graduate student in mathematics from columbia, maryland... a software developer from malden, massachusetts... and a currency trader from chicago, illinois... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. at the end of this program, two of the three people we have just introduced


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