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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  November 17, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm MST

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before making his way to south america for summit in peru. launches see this for disfigured a misdiagnosed a nightmare one general mandate for five years before finding help the problems i was explain why this man in 10,000,000 other americans continue to suffer from a disease most people can't even pronounce.
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i had one doctor tell me you might use your leg with her about as easy likely never heard of but odds are someone you know is suffering because the city's used a widely misunderstood they may not even know it the problem solvers introduce you to one colorado woman is made our mission to relieve the she's joining forces with hollywood star you will recognize. is something chris got didn't know if he be able to do again. that might not seem like a big deal but it is more than a hobby chris is putting up the fight of his life for his life.
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at its worst there we're 10 gallons of fluid in just his left leg. i remember one friday getting off work when got my jeep and they we're so huge i exiting close the door doctors literally taking it back. doctors tried talk to me from across the room. after meeting with nearly five dozen five dozen therapist he still had no answers. is just wait think no explanation. i one docket tell me you might lose your leg with no help and his leg on the growing chris can no longer walk. the medical bed in my living room looking out the sliding glass door it's a beautiful sunny day and you can't go out there. for five years chris my untreated. hiding behind closed doors in behind his sanity. it was a year ago when he stumbled upon senior
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within seconds a diagnosis. first 30 minutes i met vicki i learn more about in the fainted in it and i have in five years in less than a minute the first real explanation for why he was in pain. as a result a result both his left leg and left abdomen collected fluid. so why does this happen? ourselves get water every single body tissue can only handle so much that's why we have a training session the drains takes axis food and transport it right back into the bloodstream when the trains break down breakdown fluid builds up causing pain and swelling. now that chris had a diagnosis his next fight was treating it. once a week chris gets deep tissue massage. therapist work to push the fluid flood back toward the limp
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patients also undergo multilayer compression wrapping. don't you dare come out here float filled in for and half months of therapy chris lost a hundred and 50 pounds. two months after that chris was blocking again. i get calls and emails from patients e-mails from patients all over the place saying give me the name of a doctor. this is a disease affecting more than 10,000,000 americans that's more more than ms muscular dystrophy party content and eight can bind doctor spend less than 30 minutes before you medical education devoted to lymphedema education.
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is not those in denver awareness for this disease be travel to chicago where someone you would recognize decided to do something extreme for a cause close to her heart. 90 percent of my time playing to be at what people this is a way for me to be in the real world and hopefully affect some change academy award-winning actress kathy bates was diagnosed in 2012 underwent a double mastectomy after doctors removed 20 lymph nodes she immediately noticed her right arm swelling result of lymphedema. she'd to decide to do something about it. she came here to chicago to see a face to face with the director of the american medical association and plead that doctors might be able to spend more time on the lymphedema education. i resist the urge to tell him i like him to imagine having smm block tied to his leg.
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i think if they did then they would understand through that they just characteristically fiery spirit she says she's not stopping in chicago. she'll go state-by-state doctor by doctor to make sure this disease take center stage. i have an rv just can't give them a warning i may be knocking on the door she's fighting for herself and for millions of others. continue to move their lies despite this. that in so inspiring to me keeps me in the fight. a fight chris continued. he hasn't won the war. is the small battles is overcoming. that make people like his
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just a long series of small. the occupational therapist is looking to make university of colorado hospital destination for lymphedema treatment say certainly do this this disease is a cause that's close to our hearts here because the fox 31 family. our news directors brother a certainly we appreciate her sharing her brother with us we appreciate chris this is something that can be embarrassing. takes a lot of courage to show those photos and visa honest and compelling. he's got her same spirit we can talk within talk that's helping through the whole process. think of all the people that are watching this. this motivated the as i was writing it there thinking there in a wreck and i something big in and know this is what i have
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far threat all tate its out there we have more information on our website. you can bet will be there. a metro could could be america's next mega millionaire the paid she's behind that sets him had
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of broomfield board twins a desire to buy a legos dust are toilet into business michigan thousands of dollars a look as far market after a couple weeks
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the age of ten is a ceo of his own company even says he has own employees all over the city. i'm in park meadows flat iron and southwest cause mall with cosmo with our stance on the weekend. 's appeal the tv show shark tank receiving of 50,000 dollar loan for his business. caught on camera red cyan california 11 oh boy shot this video fishing with mount muggers went for a a swimmer in front of him. they got pretty close the lines for the do not pay did not pay attention. that's a good thing. the snow was here which mean those hollering decorations are going up the iconic a light revealed today just in time for our first snow fall. meteorologist dave fraser a
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serving those getting the word out against our soldiers local real estate brokers correcting black sock conditions for service men women been to florida from sport car sensors parent me a shortage of these. market grizzlies program decided to them campaign sunny 500 pairs 7500 pairs of socks is renowned december 22. just as important new black shorts. it is a zebra strip that that 60 it 6280 south gun club road. on new at 930 mecca hancock 930 maker hancock and mentors and group visits denver kicking off the mile high holiday. running from thanksgiving weekend the middle of january-mile high holiday.
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high holidays .com that's a resource to find all you need to know including hotel rate starting at $99 a great deal and lots of events from arts and culture to ice-skating to art exhibition board tours and denver and all the surrounding areas speaking of celebration is one going on now the anheuser-busch brewery. february lights festival runs in the end of december fox 31 erika gonzalez 31 erika gonzalez has a the storybook scene and visitors a warm reminder the holiday season has iraq. the general manager picked a perfect day to launch this year's budweiser light festival. this is a second year they welcome the community to
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way. crews have been setting up more than out thousand mike's. we had a lot of thing since last year. anastasia light display with music part of the display is a giant tree maze where kids can get lost in the fields of blue that evergreens the most popular attraction has nothing to do with the holidays not even really anything to do with the beer but it's right behind these doors. the budweiser clydesdale. the clydesdale stay cozy inside the stable those who came to the four-legged friend flames we're the fire pit was a place to be. can visit the brewery. so it out a little a little bit of beer and some holiday cheer and thousands of bright lights you end up with a beautiful night.
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solar color colorado will run thursday through sunday night from five intel attend they can take their kids out there check out the clydesdale there only be around on the weekend for more information check out the story. i think dave got bribed by anheuser-busch with lots of free beer to make it all work out the way did tonight. the guy who raised teenage boys take images to the the beer garden. take their show up there. check it out the snow is starting to diminish quickly out there a few leftover flurries all tate okay what this was an impressive storm. with the when was on target temperatures we're on target we always mentioned down south the roads could be dicey boy did that turn out to be they case at
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is coming to an end this is interstate 25. not back here if you're traveling in tomorrow morning from the south part douglas county coming up from castle rock i want to give yourself a few extra minutes. before that sun comes up and does melting it could be a crazy out there 25 and 27 25 and 27 humidity is up a little bit you can see the temperatures are in the 20s and 30s everything is below freezing as far as across the pretty much the same the entire state taken a nosedive as cold has embraced us really good cold for the first time this year our future cast the snow this out sunshine returns tomorrow in the wake of the storm system we don't bounce back. '30s and 40s in the mountains and 30s and 40s here in the evening is can a feel nice to have the sunshine back tomorrow is not going to warm up.
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in the 20s and implode 20 of sunshine as he had through and into the afternoon up and over the mountains kids make sure they bundle up tomorrow morning as things could be a little bit slick will update you with live radar updated snow totals and a look ahead to thanksgiving one
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the rise israel looking at the numbers give you a picture of where they're coming from it's been 14 years on saturday two teams ranked in the top 25 competed in appleton field car was last went over a a ran motivation our nerves and boulder these are good to go. to be able to play in a big game especially a home in front of our fans has been incredible this year to finally were aimed to and get over the hump and not losing all the time her playing for something in november games matter it's really important and
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kickoff is at 1:30 p.m. on fox 319 intent the post game coverage and to that graphic is on fox 31. they're also playing football for a cause this weekend it's a final game at hughes the rams moved to the new on-campus home next fall it's a fancy falling apart is been a fixture since 1968 if you played there like a couple broncos have you still there was stressing me out. on-campus might be a lot better. i'm happy they getting it. that new stadium is in the detriment of what see is used trying to become free want to be a powerhouse school want to be the school on top of everything you have to get on-campus stadium.
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deal right. they got burned early johnny one ? zero stars recruits to three goal lead early but in the third trying to rally name mckinnon fires he helps it and pulling with within one but you cannot get any closer they leave-3-2 and many on saturday. thursday night football panthers hosting the states tough picture. he's from nearby. second-quarter tied at three. go big or go home thank you very much. rows of 12 yards though the two-parent the touchdown carolina hangs on to win this one. fed week if you're a saints fan. the debit master hopes directors tomorrow night. his back insistence force in the starting lineup now he's back in
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finally we got a win. fox 31 news at ten starts right now. colorado g of winter. the road slick and what from the snow. tonight a c and treacherous. we have team weather coverage you know what to expect in you're heading out tonight and see can plan ahead for tomorrow. we start tonight in the high country here is a live look right now. one of our cruise.
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bart in our area as he take that live look outside joining us at 10:00 o'clock right now drivers are doing with icm slushy roads reports of stalled and struck called on i 25 any 470 even early as they travel around the metro i 70 we're shut down and both directions after 15 vehicle pile up stay patrol see a vehicles we're towed three driver cited three oths fact that snows arrived we need to take it slow on the roads. chief meteorologist dave fraser is tracking your weather mark keeping an eye on the roads from the weather. will get to that and a moment with mark first was toss it over today. it was a shock and the snow came in and when the sunset the road really became the big problem out there and there is a snow


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