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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  November 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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pictures from the scene show the bus on its side with the tree right to through the middle of the hall. we will continue to follow that story and bring you any new information as we get it. a tsunami warning up to 10 feet waves after a quick struck off the fukushima area home of the power plant with her was a tsunami. people are being warned to move to higher ground. it did shake buildings in about 150 miles southwest of its epicenter. so far no immediate report of injuries thanks for joining us tonight at 5 p.m. >> this latest round of snow as people are getting ready to head out for the holiday holidays at thanksgiving. what's opening for the 2016 happening for the 20,162,017th season.
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but this next system will change all of that. you begin within fraser. connect the thing up and out of the south and west south and west here's colorado here's denver as well cut across mountains. as he could you get closer to the thanksgiving holiday a lot of people can see it's coming through here than it to hear them quickly off to the north. it's going to the eastern plains that our focus is moisture in the form of rain and the blue is in the form of snow. the mountains are once again underwent under winter storm warnings in the magenta and a winter winter weather advisory, which means traveling late tonight and early tomorrow morning could be difficult if you're heading into the mountains especially over the passes. for us if you are looking off to the west you are seeing these clouds of rain and snow but everything he here is kind of
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we have a chance for rain shower and i will let you know when the next best chance is for rain of in of the metro. tonight another shot of heavy snow may be over a foot in the mountains. you could see some of the eastern plains and living in denver and i will walk you through that but what's different between the storm and the one we had last week as is when we cut got the cold temperatures this one is not backing a cold punch. we are in the forties and fifties right now so it will be in the form of rain. mostly mountains and smile it changes over tomorrow it changes over to snow. coming up i will walk you through the changeover from rain to snow, talk about how much is coming up a denver and of course have a look ahead at thanksgiving and the weekend beyond in the forecast. >> you can get your travel forecast to rent from your and from your destination in colorado or any return of the country right in the palm of your hand. if you don't have it you can
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store met today a tanker started leaking fluid around 11 a.m. on southbound i 25 new dl exit. you can see how bad the backup got up after that. please had to drop iraq several lanes to police had to block several lanes. headquarters police headquarters. >> police say they have seen a disturbing trend of human and sex trafficking. they want to send a strong message to anyone associated with these crimes. >> fort collins police posted ads on popular websites like craigslist and back page advertising sexual services for
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inaudible. >> to meet up for specific sexual services in a series of hotels on the fringe of fort collins but when the would-be clients showed up to the assigned rooms and they found no one inside and when we went back outside there they went back outside there were arrested but undercover offices officers who documented their visit. >> prostitution is not a victimless crime. it affects the men and women involved and the community. prostitution is often linked to sex usage in sales and violent crimes. >> these are the faces of the six men arrested in this latest statement ranging from 54 to 20 years old. police say they will continue to target the underground marketplace in all areas of this the city. >> all areas of society income that kind of thinking to say they that sometimes receive complaints from other businesses around prostitution activity
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>> it's a problem for the business and a problem for the community and we want help minimize to help minimize that. >> tool for men peter for men taken into custody. police say they want to send a strong message here in the fort collins area to anyone operating businesses and all of the associated crimes. new line new information on the man found stabbed to death inside an abandoned building in fort collins over the weekend. he's been identified as 44 -year-old benjamin mckinley who was found lease which halted used for shelter by transients. police have charged two men in connection with that case. in that tragedy strike will know our family for me know our family for the second time and friends of janel vargas say her son gabriel has died as well. the fire destroyed the home on east seventh avenue. the it could not have they did not have homeowners insurance. if you would like to help we have a go find me page at
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police officer north glen police officer last december was sentenced today to 32 years in prison first he started shooting as he tried to make a run for it. he was hit multiple times. >> the danger facing police officers is in the spotlight again tonight after four officers were shot within 24 hours over the weekend. florida st. louis gladstone in that case officer was killed. from a police of these police of these are targeted attacks and they are on the rise. this morning police officers were ambushed without being provoked. one of the suspect was is a 31 -year-old man want wanted for filling officer killing officer in san antonio. san antonio police detective benjamin marconi was inside his vehicle right in writing routine traffic ticket when someone approached his window, shot him
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>> it started yesterday afternoon and has not stopped all night and to this point it will not stop until this person is in custody. >> marconi was 50 years old and had spent almost half of life on his life on the force. the suspect was briefly inside police headquarters before the shooting, barely long enough to ask the clerk a question and walk out. it is unclear what you want to but the local police chief says it is clear who the target was. >> i think anyone in uniform with the target. back in st. louis and officer was shot twice in the face by a suspect wanted for a string of crimes. the officer will survive but the suspect was killed by police. >> the officer was not involved in the traffic stop. this officer was driving down the road and was ambushed. >> that is not all. in florida and officer was shot and injured during a traffic stop.
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arrested but not before trading gunfire with police and the kansas city suburb the suspect shot a police officer after he took off running from a traffic stop. he pulled a gun when police tried to arrest him. the officer was shot and injured. the suspect was killed. the statement reading in part the denver police department constantly reminds our officers to be extra vigilant as we serve our community. ask everyone to keep our fallen offices they officers their loved ones our thoughts and prayers. the manhunt now ended with police making an arrest in the murder of that officer in mecca duty two days for president-elect donald trump has been meeting with an array of cap next potentials including democrats and critics of his campaign. he met with denver congresswoman and and former texas governor rick perry. over the weekend he also met with some of his biggest biggest
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who once labeled trompe phony but now may be a pick for secretary of state. an announcement involving announcement about an important thing now all priests are able to forgive the women who made that decision in their lifetime and we are following the reaction tonight for mac it's one of those controversial topics the church church and deals with deals with, abortion and while the early fathers holy father's fundamental stance did not change today, he did make it easier to be forgiven. >> transformative pope made making news again. pope francis announcing a major change to catholic church teaching all priests able to forgive women for having an abortion. in some places only bishops could because it's deemed so serious. >> our reaction today is welcoming this letter to do this person is with the archdiocese of denver and says the news is significant because often a woman's decision is widely the
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abortion identify as christian. only 7 percent say they have quite the claim that discuss it with anyone in the church. >> having an abortion doesn't mean that you're out of the church forever. the church has open arms for you. >> pope francis' ruling does not change the church's antiabortion stance, the proprietor now wish to status state as firmly as i can but abortion is a grave sin. it puts an end to an innocent life. in the same and must say there is no sin that god's mercy cannot reach. >> what this does is open to the arms of the church. >> the latest news continues the holy father's people shake shakeup in recent years, including making annulments easier, being more welcoming to gays and lesbians and appointing more non-european cardinals. >> people that have free choice can be offered forgiveness. >> catholics praising the music
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>> he is the pope of the people. >> worldwide for the past year priests have been able to forgive during the year for mercy. that ended over the weekend. the archdiocese of denver is hoping a permanent change will bring more people back to the faith. >> that will be an interesting thing to see. good news. these tried to >> how far some work workers went to try to capture some cooks and desperate the seams were to get away but first. >> i felt like protein was my friend and they the archenemy carbohydrates. >> in report you need to see before you sit down to a thanksgiving meal. why the key to a successful dieter may be wrapped up in your
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human. an update on the breaking news. authorities say the least six students have started school bus crash in chattanooga tennessee. five children died at the scene and were sent to was sent to the hospital. 45 kindergarten through fifth grade students were involved in the crash is crashes afternoon crash of the afternoon. totals 23 people went to the hospital. no word yet on how happened but pictures from the scene show the bus on its a bus on its side with a treat for the middle. we will continue to evolve the follow the story throughout the newscast, online and on our fox 31 news that. staying in shape during the holidays is possible. a little science could be the key to doing that. scholl turner shows us how your dna can actually show you what you should feel free to enjoy.
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coming up. >> i will be 50 this year. >> and that is about the time many women realize that nights of diets that work in your twenties and thirties are just not cutting it anymore. she is trying a new type of weight management plan based on genotyping, using your dna to determine how you process carbohydrates protein and fat because not everyone is the same. >> is's customized just for me and that made a lot of sense. >> health experts do the testing here in denver. you metabolize different nutrients and whether or not you tend to store fat, self-defeating view genotype there is some evidence that it can present certain diseases. >> she shows her self problem solvers how housework. the nutritionists take a nutritionist takes a quick spot for cheek to collect saliva with your dna. central lab for analysis and
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gets a dna -based meal plan. >> based on her genotype, we found that her results show she would you best of the 40 percent carbohydrate carbohydrate 30 percent protein and 30 percent fat breakdown. >> i was a little surprised that at the results because i thought protein was my friend more so than carbohydrates. >> but she tried it, getting a good dose of healthy carbs from foods also high in cutting back on stark's starches and fats. within a couple of months she lost 10 pounds and the weight is still coming out. >> and my daughter hates the short speech class clause and my mom shorts on what good get rid of these. >> is peak it also allowed her to get rid of the skirt that's not her size anymore. >> it feels great. i want to be as healthy and look as good in my close as i possibly can. >> you know once i saw that i also had to try it.
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>> here are my results from the lab complete with greater meal ideas and great meal ideas and even recipes. i'm totally stoked that i can have more carbohydrates and i thought and one when i look at the meal plan that gave me i think i can do it. >> health experts in the coming weeks relax and enjoy the holidays, but make healthy choices and keep indulgences to a minimum. >> it doesn't mean that i can't have it, it just means i had to have have to have less of it. >> d also reveal the best exercise program for you. for more information on the story check it out on the homepage at a reminder that a lot of calories will be consumed this weekend and we will be having the turkey trot. >> that's a mental thing. i've done my work. >> burn off a few hundred calories. >> people come out at that
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fantastic. the good news is there's another chance of snow not only in denver but in the colorado mountains. bunch of other resorts jumping online here. wednesday before the holiday all coming online on thanksgiving day crested butte wolf creek and in the south southwest corner and available they all will finally open up on friday. here is that good news. we have more snow coming to will see some of that in the denver area. we are seeing dark clouds off to the west. a lot of them are evaporating. deeper moisture and yellow to the southwest but we will have some rain showers here you during the evening. we zoom in closer to denver and we are starting to see the snow line come down the base of the
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elevation. southwest rain at lower elevations the blue as the snow it continues as rain in grand junction past montrose and you get down to the san juan mountains and there is some snow in and around the telluride area. you see the deep blue down toward telluride and in some places close to a foot of snow. temperatures today fifties in the mountains cooler 40 39 in the spring and another warm day was sixties and seventies, montauk. denver coming calming and down at 65 degrees today that number has gone down to record 73 and they other end was . right now outside 5051.
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you can see the temperatures well into the sixties so anything falling out of the clouds into this warm air will be in the form of rain. up to vail pass is a little bit of snow. we've got to talk about the wind. just like we saw last week for the first round of snow we don't see much but by tomorrow morning that wind is turning coming out of the north and colder air over if you rain showers this evening a little rain early small morning. this is that at 4 a.m. end the switch in the wind brings cold air and thus the snow will last until 7 a.m.. it will be 11 before it moves out and then everything shifts off to the east. we are thinking an inch or maybe two on the south side of town. i like the inch or two out there
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storm system. we could see it slip tomorrow with the snow but you will see his is rolling right in there for the early morning commute. i don't think it will get out of here as quickly as the last one did but you can never count for accidents. lows tonight in the thirties and forties statewide. highs tomorrow much cooler, forties, lower fifties and chile forties and the in the colorado mountains. denver showers pic it will be snow we when you get up in the morning for maybe 10 or 11 and for five hours you can enter two of accumulation. more mountain snow for those of you traveling at high controversy saying in denver to dry, 53, 48 for thanksgiving, 57 for shopping, 58 saturday and for the broncos game sunday it could be their first gold game of the season. to dry and dry and 48 monday. peek at was thinking about how we really have not had any
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>> no. >> it's coming back in the broncos back on the practice field after their bye week.
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the that seems about as good as it gets the broncos a healthy and fresh fruits or call started the season's stretch drive. >> it was a high energy return to work the broncos that was fueled by the added bonus of an unexpected walk through kansas city yesterday conventional wisdom has them a minimum minimum of 11 and five to win the division so 73 kubiak says i will take my chances. >> during the season you're going going going and trying to keep up with us on a weekly
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chance to stop and hopefully do a little better job heading into the last six weeks. >> talk about what a difference a week makes, especially one you've had off. >> we had little nagging injuries that seven extra days of rest definitely helps. we got those seven extra days of rest man and there's a lot of guys back on the field. >> home at home with kansas city oakland and the patriots in denver and jacksonville and tennessee on the road. it certainly won't be easy. >> is on us. we've cut got a chance to win it. we've got to go and take it. we want our own destiny. it's like that every year. it's a tight race. >> now it's just a question of finding a way to get better. always easier said than done. >> i think we can get better all the way around. >> nobody is perfect. we can improve in every aspect. i think we can be right where we
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i think going forward we can't get an emphasis on certain things that i feel like we can get that are asked. >> that is the key and the rest of the week will be used to implement whatever changes the evaluation indicates. it may not be dramatic or dramatically the noticeable but it is sure to be effective. >> that is for sure. did you 50 cc hit a highland shop and the employees highs fight back. >> surveillance cameras rolling as they the clerks
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